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Big Dick Society II - Dicktimized

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/24/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Year: 2009

Directed By: Chris Steele


Marcus Steele, David Dakota, Trevor Knight, Rod Daily, Cort Donovan, Austin Grant, Cody Carter, Derrick Long, Cidd Pierce, Slade, and Jude Colton


"Big dicks are like crack. The more you take, the more you want and pretty soon you're under the spell willing to do anything anytime to service a big dick!"

Runtime N Rubbers: Movie (2 Hours and 53 Minutes), Bonus Disc: (1 Hour and 40 Minutes)

Scene One:

Shy 'n good-lookin' Rod Daily (brown buzz cut and toned/smooth body with tattoos) patronizes a porno store that's actually a front for the clandestine Big Dick Society. This "group" is run by Trevor Knight (good-looking with short dark and toned/smooth body) and his buddy Cort Donovan (good-looking with short dark brown hair, beard, and toned/smooth body). Rod is allowed entrance after he shows off his stiff clipped cock and strokes Trevor and Cort's hard cut pricks. Leaving the owners wanting more, Rod enters the back room and stands next to Derrick Long (good-looking with short black hair, and toned/smooth body) who has his large uncut cock out and stroking the foreskin back 'forth over the knob. Rod grabs that throbbing meat and starts jacking it while watching Cody Carter (cute with shaggy brown hair and a slender/smooth body) sucking Marcus Steele's (good-looking with short reddish-brown hair, beard, and muscular/ smooth body) cut tube steak giving some very good head.

Jude Colton (cute with dark hair, heavy beard stubble, and toned/hairy body) is busy sucking Slade's (good-looking with short blond/brown hair and a toned/smooth body) big uncut prick giving an excellent blowjob cramming his gullet full and sliding his mouth up 'n down. David Dakota (good-looking with short brown hair and a muscular/smooth body) kisses Slade with deep wet tongue while Austin Grant (good-looking with short dark hair and a toned/smooth body) is blows David's big fat cut tool giving some very hot head. Cidd Pierce (cute with black curly hair and slender/toned/smooth body) walks in and makes his way to the back wall next to Rod. He yanks clothing off exposing his shortly trimmed dark pubes and big clipped dick.

Rod reaches over and starts to give Cidd a hand job with his left hand while the right continues to stroke Derrick. Overseeing all the man sex is Trevor and Cort who pull their pork while watching all the cock sucking.  The horny dudes get down with some serious dick sucking 'n jerking switching back 'n forth by taking that throbbing meat down their hungry throats and receiving full oral pleasure. Jude Colton is a real hottie and ends up on his knees orally servicing each 'n every stiff pole. He hungrily works his way down and then back up the line of lusty men gorging on all the man-pork he can possibly handle. Giving top-notch head, Jude takes those throbbing poles one-by-one down his gullet like he's starved for meat. The guys dig the oral attention and end up beating off and shooting their thick wads drenching the floor with hot cum.

Scene Two:

David Dakota

David Dakota is totally naked and on his haunches next to a large glory whole when a look of lusty amazement fills his eyes as a big fat veiny uncut cock with a big purple knob slides thought. He licks the throbbing shaft, balls, and brown pubes before sliding that hot wet mouth up 'n down giving some very groovy head. That big dick belongs of Slade who obviously digs the blowjob and fills the room with loud moans 'n groans. In return, David sticks his stiff clipped member through the glory hole leading Slade to go hog wild on that piece of pork working his mouth up 'n down and deep throating while playing with his own tight hairy bunghole. Dude knows how to diddle his pucker teasing it into winking for the camera. Slade reaches through the two glory holes, grabs David's hot rump, spreads the cheeks exposing a tight hairy asshole, and rubs it.

Switching up the action, David leans his sexy ass against the large glory hole leading Slade to munch down licking 'n eating that pulsing pucker with plenty of excellent camera shots of the rimming. Both dudes are very into the action. "You're hole's twitching for me!" Slade slowly slides in from behind and fucks David fast, smooth, 'n hard doggy style though the glory hole. There are lots of hot penetration shots of that big uncut cock sliding in 'n out from below and from behind."You're tight hole id squeezing my shaft and I love it!" You're hole is so warm 'n tight!" David plays a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce riding that big thang quick 'n smooth with great penetration shots from behind. Slade wildly humps upward to fuck his new buddy nice 'n hard. David beats his meat and busts a large thick nut all over Slade's stomach. Slade pulls his pud cutting loose with lots of jizz on his own stomach. Dude is covered in cum!

Scene Three:

Marcus Steele

The society has a fake jail cell set up where guys can live out their lusty fantasies. Cody Carter stands outside the cell while jerking his big cut cock while Marcus Steele is inside the hoosegow watching and pulling his own clipped pork. Cody shoves his schlong though the cell bars leading Marcus to chow down on that bone and give some dandy head. Dude goes to town on that throbbing fucker. Austin Grant shows up, releases his stiff cut tool and Cody is more than happy to shake hands with it using his right fist. Marcus is more than happy for another cock and slobbers up 'n down on the shaft while Cody and Austin kiss with deep wet tongues. Cidd Pierce is the next horny guy to enter the scene and he immediately has his long clipped member out and ready for Marcus to make sweet delicious old-fashioned oral love to. Marcus goes hog wild slurping on those thee big dicks 'n cramming his gullet full.

Taking their good time to another room with a sling, Marcus relaxes back in the black leather contraption hanging from the ceiling by chains with his legs spread nice 'n wide. This is when the dudes really get into the action feeling Marcus' body, sucking his cock 'n balls, kissing with deep tongues and eating his tight lightly hairy bunghole. There are some nice camera shots of the rimming as Austin munches down on the quivering starfish. Austin is also the first to sink his turgid tube steak up Marcus' beautiful man-chute in the missionary position and fuck him fast 'n smooth with plenty of excellent penetration shots from above and below. Next up is Cody who kicks up the speed and bangs his buddy quick 'n lubed in the same position with plenty of hot camera shots of all the ol' in/out. Taking up the rear is Cidd who screws Marcus fast 'n hard making Marcus moan, groan, and fill the room with heavy breathing 'n panting. To finish up, the dudes gather round Marcus and beat their meat busting wet loads all over his chest. Marcus is the last to cum and doesn't disappoint with all sorts of lusty sounds and a groovy cum load.

Scene Four:

Jude Colton is already on his knees sucking Cort Donovan's big clipped pork as the scene opens. Dude gives excellent head hungrily gorging on that man meat. He then bends over allowing Cort to munch down on his tight hairy bunghole with excellent camera shots of the rimming. While Cort is busy eating Jude's quivering pucker, Trevor Knight fucks the heck outta Jude's throat. Switching up, Trevor munches down on Jude's asshole and there are some very tasty close-ups of the butt eating which leads to some finger fucking. Jude digs the anal attention and fills the room with loud moans, sighs, and heavy breathing. Cort comments, "I want that ass!" and fucks Jude long, deep, 'n lubed doggy-style with excellent penetration shots from behind and below.

Kicking up the speed, Cort bangs Jude quick 'n hard while Jude gobbles Trevor's big dick down his gullet. Wanting a piece of ass, Trevor screws Jude doggy-style and there are plenty of groovy penetration shots from behind. Switching up, Cort fucks Jude in the missionary position with additional penetration shots from behind of that large cock sliding in 'n out of that snug hairy man-twat. Trevor sprays a huge wet load all over Jude followed by Cort busting a huge thick load all over Jude. Both dudes are very loud as they cum filling the air with loud animalistic growls 'n grunts. Jude beats his stiff clipped prick shooting a thick load of jizz on his dark pubes and hairy stomach.

Scene Five:

Derrick Long is jerking his big uncut cock in an alley when Rod Daily exits the porn store and catches him. Rod sinks to his knees and takes that big fucker into his mouth proceeding to give some groovy head while jacking the shaft working that foreskin back 'n forth and cramming as much as possible down his throat. There are plenty of nice close-ups as Rod slobbers all over that throbbing piece of man-gristle. In return, Derrick chows down on Rod's stiff cut cock sliding his mouth up 'n down leading Rod to fuck his face. Rod soon bends over offering up his hot bum to Derrick to munch down on that tight shaved bunghole. There are some nice rimming camera shots but the previous scenes contain better shots. Derrick slides in and fucks Rod long, smooth, and lubed doggy-style with excellent penetration shots from behind of that big thang being worked in 'n out of that tight man-chute. Rod plays a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce riding that big black cock fast 'n hard with plenty of penetration shots from the front and behind. Rod beats his hard meat while stuffing his hole full and shoots a huge wet load all over the place. Rod then grabs Derrick's dick and jacks it until Derrick busts a nut all over his own stomach.


Big Dick Society II: Dicktimized is hot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The videography is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of close ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex penetration. The picture is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes speak as well as get down with all the lusty noises on man-sexin'.


Disc One: contains an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. Also included are three photo galleries: Glamour gallery, Action gallery, and Behind-the-Scenes gallery. These are slides shows chock full of high quality photographs with accompanying music. There is a cumshot review, trailers for: Big Dick Society, 5 Easy Ways to Fuck A Straight Guy, Screwed, Straight Edge, Brett Mycles Unseen, and Muscle Mountain. There is also information about the Jet Set Men website.

Disc Two: Behind-the-Scenes featurettes for each scene with a running time of 1 hour and 20 minutes and featured in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9, interviews with each model with an overall running time of one hour (the standout interview is with Jude Colton who plays a variety of musical instruments including the violin), a Fluff Real running 13 minutes, and video footage of the glamour photo sessions of Cort Donovan, Jude Colton, and Austin Grant with a run time of around seven minutes.


When I see that Chris Steele has directed the movie I'm about the review, I know I will be watching a high quality product. Mr. Steele (who used to be in front of the camera and is a hottie) gives this viewer exactly what he wants: strong direction, excellent videography, and hot dudes. All the guys are very appealing with my absolute favorite being Jude Colton. He's so darn cute and after watching his interview, I must reveal that I have a little crush on him. The sex is all very steam and the dudes give it their all with highly energetic/erotic performances. I Highly Recommend.

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