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Fuck The World (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 10/25/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

After a year or so of delays, Jack The Zipper's latest, the anticipated Fuck The World, distributed by Club Jenna's Undrgrnd (so underground in fact that it has no need for vowels!), fits in nicely alongside the director's other films like, say, Blacklight Beauty. Shot in and around the hills of Southern California while the wildfires were a'blazin away, it's an interesting movie but it's not one that'll win over the uninitiated. If you don't like the style Mr. Zipper has employed in past projects - meaning lots of filters, post production tweaking, odd angles and plenty of edits - this one won't win you over. That said, it does feature a pretty impressive cast of hotties, all nicely shot with a careful eye for detail and some obvious care put into the picture's production values. This is unadulterated alt porn, let there be no mistake, but it's well done.

The structure of the film is odd in that it jumps around from part of one performer's scene to the next rather than following the traditional 'show it all at once' fashion that most pornos adhere to. It does, however, allow you to filter the film and watch each of the performers scenes from start to finish, which is the method we'll use for this review. A few of the girls in this movie were new to this reviewer, so apologies ahead of tie if I got a name or two mixed up...

Scene One - The Ocean: Faith Leon is hanging out in an auto scrap yard in a white wife beater flirting with the camera. The footage is in black and white and meant to look like old film stock. She sees a man in the forklift and he lifts her up. They head inside and the footage switches to color as she gets topless and he crams some fingers into her mouth. She sucks his balls and gives him head, getting fairly aggressive and getting into things nicely. After going down on him for a good long while she bends over and he fucks her from behind, ripping off her pants while she watches in the mirror in front of her. He plays with her tits and they head outside. He lies back and she rides him reverse cowgirl outside in the dark. She turns around for some cowgirl style action and then drops to her knees so that he can stroke off into her mouth and so that she can gargle his jizz for the camera. When the scene ends we see her leaning against a rock near the ocean.

Scene Two - Gimp Rock: Jezebelle Bond is sporting some nifty BDSM gear and stroking the cocks of two masked men in the room with her. After she hands out handjobs, she kisses them through their masks and then takes turns sucking their dicks one at a time. She bends over and the alternate, one fucking her from behind and then the other, as the orange lighting gets cranked up. She lays face down on a mattress in an otherwise empty room and encourages them to fuck her, and then she rides one guy cowgirl style so she can suck the other guy's cock. She gets fucked from behind some more and then takes it missionary style and as the guys finish by jerking off onto her face she relaxes with a cigarette.

Scene Three - Toys: Marie Luv, shot in black and white, is alone on the roof of an apartment building. We cut inside and she sucks off a guy with a mask on before riding him reverse cowgirl style with some crazy energy. A guy comes in and she rides him while the masked man gets some head. They alternate, taking turns on her pussy and her mouth, and then she gets on her back and takes it up the ass while she continues to suck the masked man's prick. Eventually the guy pulls out of her ass and she sucks him to a finish after swallowing the masked man's load.

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Scene Four - Poison Doll: Jayme Langford, looking great with red hair, is leaning against the wall of a small building while a gal in goofy 'Crow' inspired make up who I think is Natalie Minx plays with her pussy. She fingers her and eats her out and Jack shoots a lot of it from underneath to give us an all access pass. From there we watch Natalie masturbate inside, tassels hanging off of her nipples as she slips a few fingers into her box. She gets down on all fours and uses a glass toy on herself, and then after cutting through clips from all of the performers in action, we see her and Jayme in a lovely sixty-nine. A dark haired woman who might be Nikki Rhodes (it's hard to tell) shows up in a PVC suit with a strap-on and fucks Jayme from behind while she goes down on Natalie and once the three girls have had their fun they end things with a nice, passionate, three way tongue kiss. Bravo!

Scene Five - Bad Girlfriend: This starts with Jayme and Jaed on the roof playing again but then cuts indoors where Jayme is getting her pussy eaten and fingered by a guy with a beard. It cuts through a montage of bits from the other scenes and then we see her bent over and getting fucked from behind. He gets on his back and she rides him cowgirl style as we switch from colorful, slick glossy visuals to what looks like old film stock. From there, we switch back to the clarity that we started with as she gives that cock a good suck session, working it with her hand and tongue and really letting the camera get sucked in by her sexy eyes. The scene ends with a big old facial which seems to make her quite happy.

Scene Six - Gold Digger: Jayme Langford gives us a bit of a strip tease to start this scene off, which is set inside what looks like a room inside and old warehouse. She masturbates pretty furiously and gives herself a good work over first on her back and then with her ankles to her ears giving us a nice look at her ass. We see some cutting and then she's in bed with Natalie Minx who is really going down on her with a vengeance. Strap on girl from the Poison Doll scene shows up and her plastic cock gets gobbled while Natalie eats Jayme from behind. Natalie and Jayme switch places as Jayme lets Nikki get inside her with the strap on from behind as she eats Natalie out, ending with another three way kiss.

Scene Seven - Baby Jane: Sarah Vandella teases us before a guy walks in to the room with his pants down. She strokes him and gives him head and he chokes her and holds her hair a bit. She stands up and bends over and he fucks her from behind and then she goes down on him again. The footage alternates between crisp and clear and that faux-film stock that Zipper seems to like so much. She's bent over getting fucked again, and we get another nice underneath view, but for the big finish she's on her knees as he strokes off into her mouth and onto her pretty face.

Scene Eight - The Stripper: Jayme's back and sucking on Nikki's strap on. Natalie's eating her out from behind and fingering her pussy and then Nikki fucks Jayme from behind while she eats Natalie out again. Then there's that three way kiss. From there we see a curvy dark haired cutie shake her ass for the camera and give us a nice old school burlesque/strip tease show, briefly fingering herself.

With all of the cutting back and forth it can be a bit tough to follow the film if you're someone who likes to try and involve themselves in the action so to speak. On top of that, the incessant over editing and filtering is definitely going to annoy some viewers. That said, this reviewer dug Fuck The World quite a bit, even if at times it could be a bit dizzying (no small feat for a porno movie!). It's got style to spare and isn't in the least bit lacking in the sexiness department. The girls are all very attractive and there isn't too much in the way of surgical augmentation to complain about either. The sex is heated and well paced and while the fantasy element is definitely strong here, it's not so far removed from reality that it's hard to get into.



This shot on video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable AVC encoded 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen presentation though, again, it does need to be said that some intentional post production degradation has been done to the image to make it look dirty in spots, especially during the black and white bits. Compared to the standard definition release, there's considerably more detail present in the picture and the mpeg compression artifacts that were evident on the DVD are nowhere to be seen on the Blu-ray release. Colors pop a bit more, and the black and white footage looks smoother, cleaner and less blotchy. Skin tones look just a bit more natural here than on the SD release and the upgrade in video quality is fairly substantial.


Don't look for an HD audio mix here, however, as the Blu-ray release features the same Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround Sound that was on the SD release. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The soundtrack is mixed in properly at a respectable level most of them time but there are a few spots where the music is definitely louder than it needed to be and as such it slightly overshadows the speaking parts when they do occur. Bass response is nice and lively and overall, for a porno movie, this is a better than average effort. A less impressive but nice Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is also included.


First up, as far as the extras go, is Let It Burn: The Making Of FTW (7:34, 1.78.1, HD), a brief look behind the scenes of the production that features some interviews with the cast and crew as well as some fly on the wall footage, some of which is hardcore. It's shot in the same manner as the feature, so look for lots of odd filtering and the like, and it's too short to really offer up much substance but it's interesting enough to watch once. And good golly but Faith Leon sure is cute.

Also worth checking out is the Deleted Footage (23:53, 1.78.1, HD) section which offers up some nice footage of Ms. Love sucking cock and getting fucked before allowing us to enjoy footage of the other lovely ladies in the cast, each engaged in some solo finger play and shot in Zipper's inimitable style. There's some hot stuff in here, particularly if you dig watching girls get down and dirty without anyone else's help.

Aside from that, look for some trailers for the feature and a few other related and unrelated releases (all in HD), animated menus, chapter selection (or fetish filter if you prefer), and a decent sized still gallery.

Final Thoughts:

Fuck The World looks considerably better in high definition than it does on regular DVD, making this the preferred format to enjoy Jack The Zipper's twisted vision. Having the extras in HD is a nice touch as well, even if the standard 2.0 track should have been replaced with an HD audio mix. Regardless, if you dig Zipper's style, this one is well worth a look and it comes recommended.

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