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Folsom Maneuvers

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/25/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Year: 2009

Directed By: Brian Mills


Adam Knox, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, JR Matthews, Ryan Russell, Tony Buff, Tyler Saint, and Will Parker

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours. Yes.

Scene One:

Adam Knox

Military dude Adam Knox (good-looking with brown military buzz cut, toned/smooth body with tattoos) is out in the wood shoveling dirt into a burlap bag. He takes a water break and relaxes on the ground which naturally leads to rubbing his basket, pulling out his stiff cut cock 'n plump balls and start jacking that meat. Military guy Tony Buff (good-looking with short brown military buzz cut, toned/lightly hairy body) spies on the horny solider nearby while yanking on his own big fat clipped dick. Adam soon takes his new buddy's meat into his mouth performing excellent head with plenty of deep throat. In return, Tony chows down on Adam's pork easily deep throating all the way down 'n providing plenty of oral pleasure.

The dudes fill the surrounding forest with loud moans, groans, and slurping sounds. Tony sprays a huge wet load all over Adam's neck 'n shoulder. Adam shoots a large thick load on his own stomach. "Get on your knees; I have something else for you." Tony takes a nice long piss all over Adam's chest completely soaking his tee shirt with hot yellow liquid. The dudes roughly wrestle for a short time with Tony being the more dominate. Adam bends over the sand bags offering his hot bum up for fun. Tony spread's those butt cheeks, exposes that tight shaved hole, spits on it, and munches down for some very hot ass eating. There are some groovy camera shots of the rimming as Tony really gets in there and eats that quivering fucker.

 He rolls a rubber on and slowly sinks his big fat meat up Adam's tight chute from behind and fucks him doggy-style. There are some nice penetration shots from the side and the viewer will easily be able to see that pork sliding in 'n out as Adam fills the air with loud moans and heavy breathing. Switching to the missionary position, Tony bangs Adam fast, smooth, 'n hard with excellent penetration shots from below. Adam's snug butthole actually clings to Tony's chubby prick. Tony pulls all the way out and sinks back into that gaping manhole. To finish up, Adam shoots a large thick load all over the ground and Tony sprays another huge wet load this time all over Adam's chest. Hot dudes and action!

Scene Two:

Dean Flynn

Dean Flynn (good-looking with a dark buzz cut, toned/lightly hairy body) and his pal JR Matthews (good-looking with a light reddish-brown buzz cut, heavy beard stubble, muscular/lightly hairy body) jog shirtless though the wood stopping for a red-hot make-out session with plenty of deep tongue kissing. JR sinks to his knees taking Dean's large hard clipped prick down his gullet while giving some excellent head. Dean digs the blowjob giving words of encouragement to his buddy and filling the air with heavy breathing. JR bends over allowing Dean to spread his butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved asshole. Dean spits on that hole and then munches down for some very hot ass eating with plenty of close-ups of the rimming.

 Dean diddles that pouting pucker with the tip of his pink tongue. He then stands up and takes a long piss all over JR's butt and bunghole. Dean fucks JR's tight hole doggy-style starting with long smooth strokes and then kicking the speed up to fast 'n hard. There are plenty of hot penetration shots from the side and then from behind. The viewer will be able to see Dean's tight lightly hairy asshole as he bangs the heck outta his buddy. "There you go....backup on it!" JR begins hunching back demanding more throbbing cock up his hungry manhole. Dean shoots a thick load on JR's back. JR lies back in Dean's capable arms beating off and shoots a huge thick load all over his own chest 'n stomach.

Scene Three:

Gio Forte

At the guard station, Will Parker (cute with short dark hair and a toned/smooth body) slings back plenty of water due to the heat. He soon has to relieve himself and is just about to do it when butch Gio Forte (good-looking with shaved head, heavy beard stubble, and a muscular/hairy body) drives up and catches him. Gio handcuffs Will to a tree, yanks Will's pants down exposing his full dark pubes, clipped cock, and hangy nuts ordering him to piss. Will follows the higher ranked stud's commands and cuts loose with a nice long stream. Gio holds Will's empty canteen under the yellow flow and fills it up. He then pours the contents of the canteen on Will's face and in his mouth. "Drink your piss, Parker. Yeah!" 

Gio stands before a kneeling and handcuffed Will, pulls out his own fat 'n hard cut cock and crams it down Will's throat. "Take my cock, Parker. Suck on my cock!" Will chows down on that fucker giving some very good "forced" head. Gio finally releases Will from the handcuffs leading will to jack his now hard cock while continuing to get down on Gio's meat. Gio beats off, grunts 'n groans, and busts a huge nut all over Will's chest. Will jacks off working his big purple knob and cuts loose with a thick load all over the ground. Gio forces Will to bend over and hold onto a tree.

He rolls a condom on his pulsing cock and slides it up Will's tight hairy bunghole. Dude fucks Will lubed 'n fast doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots while both guys fill the woods with lusty moans, groans, and heavy breathing. Gio plows that hole and shows no mercy! Will plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce frantically humping up 'n down cramming that boner up his asshole with lots of excellent penetration shots from the front. Dude is serious about getting as much cock up his butt as possible. Will dumps his thick cum all over Gio's hairy stomach. Gio yanks his cock and squirts a huge wet load that splatters all over his chest and stomach.

Scene Four:

Ryan Russell


Ryan Russell (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, and a toned/lightly hairy body) and Tyler Saint (handsome with short dark hair and a muscular/smooth body) are stomping through the woods looking for a cargo drop. As soon as Ryan bends over to check the cargo, horny Tyler begins rubbing his buddy's butt with his boot. Ryan turns around, hauls out Tyler's big fat cut cock, and goes to town sucking the heck outta that tasty pork. Dude gives excellent head taking as much as possible down his throat. Tyler fucks Ryan's face and dude has no trouble gobbling down that meat. Ryan hops up on the cargo box, drops his drawers, bends over, and offers up his bum.

 Tyler spreads those ass cheeks exposing Ryan's tight hole and munches down. While rimming that pucker, Tyler begins taking a long piss all over the cargo box as Ryan fills the air with constant moans of pleasure. Tyler beats off dumping his thick load of jizz on the forest floor. A cargo parachute hanging from the trees is now a makeshift sling and Tyler is more than happy to be lying in it with legs spread nice 'n wide. Tyler grabs a black sex toy and crams it in Tyler's willing mouth and then slides it up his butthole fucking him good 'n hard in the missionary position. There's plenty of tasty penetration shots as Tyler works that dildo in 'n outta that snug hole.

Tyler digs the action filling the air with moans while jacking his clipped cock. I also notice that his succulent little nipples are hard as rocks. For an extra surprise, Tyler takes a long piss all over Tyler. Dude sure has to "go" a lot. After a variety of toys, Tyler finally gives Ryan the real thing and slides his fat member up that chute and fucks him fast, hard, and lubed making Ryan cry out with lust. Again, there are lots of excellent penetration shots provided. Ryan shoots a nice thick load all over his stomach. Tyler yanks his pole and dumps a load on Ryan's full dark pubes. Tyler then cuts loose with a third stream of piss all over Ryan.

Scene Five:

JR Matthews

The horny duo from scene two Dean Flynn and JR Matthews are back. I guess they are still horny. Dean ties his buddy to a tree and then begins rubbing JR's obvious boner through the flimsy material of his jogging shorts. Dean sinks to his haunches and takes his buddy's big dick into his mouth sliding it up 'n down while giving some very good head. Dude easily deep throats that pulsing meat all the way down to JR's pubes. There are plenty of mouth-watering close-ups of the cock sucking. Tasty!! The guys then kiss with plenty of deep wet tongue action.

Dean pulls his own skimpy shorts down revealing his clipped prick and then starts pissing all over JR. Turned on, JR lets go with the yellow flow himself and now both studs are pissing on each other and filling the woods with moans. JR is now lying on the ground with his hands tied over his head. Dean fucks him in the missionary position with gusto and plenty of hot penetration shots from above of that large cock sliding in 'n out of that tight shaved butthole. Dean shoots a thick load all over JR's stomach. Now untied, JR chokes his chicken and squirts a large thick load all over his own chest and shoulder.


Folsom Maneuvers is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography by Paul Wilde and Jeff Slurry is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and hot camera shots of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they speak and then get down will all the erotic sounds of man-on-man sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops and a behind-the-scenes featurette with Patrick O'Connor (Production Coordinator), footage of Adam Knox receiving a military style buzz cut, bloopers from each scene, Tyler Saint showing off his award winning smile/laugh, and photo shoot footage (running time 4 minutes and 53 seconds).  


Titan Mean and Brian Mills do not disappoint with this release. The direction, videography, and editing are all strong and the dudes are all hot. The guys give energetic performances and look to really being into each other and the action. If you dig golden showers then this is the movie for you. Each scene contains pissing. I Highly Recommend.

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