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Girls Playing With Girls

Studio: VCA » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 10/26/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex/all girl
Director: Andrea De Angelo
Cast: Alexis Love, Audrey Bitoni, Brittany Andrews, Brooke Haven, Cayton Cailey, Dianna Doll, Gianna Michaels, Mia Smiles, Shannon Kelly.
Length: Length
Condoms: None (all girl)
Bonus: One bonus star for the cast, which includes three of my Dr. Jay's Must See Girls: Brooke Haven (2007), Alexis Love (2008), and Gianna Michaels (2008).


Girls Playing With Girls is a five-scene all-sex and all-girl movie featuring some of the hottest pornstars of 2008. Among the stellar cast are three of my Dr. Jay's Must See Girls: Brooke Haven (2007), Alexis Love (2008), and Gianna Michaels (2008).

There's an awful lot to like about Girls Playing with Girls. Primarily, Scene One, featuring hot red-headed-MILF Shannon Kelly and Must-See Girl Gianna, is absolutely scorching. If you like girl-girl sex, you've simply got to see Gianna and Shannon go after each other like wild animals. This is certainly one of the top-ten best Sapphic Scenes released in 2008 and might even be the best!

I also really like the wide variety of locations and sets used in filming Girls Playing With Girls. For example, Scene One was shot in a stark white location with absolutely nothing to distract your eyes from focusing on the two magnificent bodies of Shannon Kelly and Gianna in heat. Scene Two, featuring Brittany Andrews and hard-bodied Audrey Bitoni, is set in an interestingly plush dungeon setting. And, Cayton Cailey and Dianna Doll fuck in a garage atop a motorcycle. This is a far cry from the all-so-common "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine.

Also to be commended is director Andrea Di Angelo's casting of the scenes. In some cases, girls with very different looks and proclivities are cast together. For example, ebony-haired goddess Gianna is coupled with redhead Shannon. And, Asian Mia Smiles gets it on with Latina Alexis Love.

On the other hand, in my opinion Girls Playing With Girls has one major drawback. None of the scenes have any setup whatsoever. When the scenes fade in, the girls are already going after each other. Personally, I prefer to get to know the girls a bit--through some sort of dialog or striptease--before she launches into sex. Sadly, the lack of scene set-up reflects poorly in my rating scale for Production Values. Do not prevent the resultant low PV scores prevent you from renting or buying this movie...the shear ferocity of the girl-on-girl sex is well worth a look!

Check out some photos of the girls in Girls Playing with Girls here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Audrey Bitoni suckling Brittany Andrews' clit and the portrait of sweet-looking--yet not so innocent--Alexis Love! Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Girls Playing With Girls can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2008.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.


Scene 1

Scene Type: Girl/girl
Performers: Gianna Michaels, Shannon Kelly 

Overview: Sometimes, a scene is so fucking hot that it simply doesn't need to be reviewed. That's what I think about this absolutely incendiary coupling by fiery-redhead Shannon and Must-See Girl Gianna. Believe me, no two girls in the history of creation have ever pleasured each other more. And, the chemistry that develops between them is explosive. If you like girl/girl sex, you really owe it to yourself to check out this scene. From my perspective, Shannon and Gianna's passion and pleasure is the reason I watch porn...pretty girls cumming hard (Shannon's whole body shakes!) and often. Damn! I could watch these two for hours. Enough said.

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.40

Scene 2

Scene Type: Girl/girl

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Performers: Audrey Bitoni, Brittany Andrews

Overview: When the scene fades in, sexy, erotic, and exotic Audrey Bitoni is already blowing Brittany's strap-on cock. Brittany, standing and dressed in a sexy black leather bustier, is obviously the dominant as stark naked Audrey kneels in supplication and worships Brittany's plastic dick with her hands, tongue, and mouth (Audrey shares her lust with us by looking into our eyes). Brittany shows her approval of Audrey's fellatio skills by tugging on her flowing black hair and by gently caressing her rock-hard body. Damn, Audrey looks fine, especially when she lies on her belly in complete submission while sucking her mistress' cock! Little-by-little, Audrey's lust escalates. So, she takes the toy deeper and deeper into her mouth until she swallows most of its length. Soon, dominatrix Brittany penetrates Audrey's gorgeous bald pussy with her strap-on penis while Audrey lies on her back in mish. Audrey, whose hard body is the stuff of wet dreams, enjoys the pounding and encourages her mistress with nasty commentary while squeezing both own voluptuous and bouncing boobs as well as Brittany's. As the scene continues to unfold, Brittany pounds Audrey's pussy from behind in spoon, a position that really shows off Audrey's drop-dead-gorgeous belly, her luscious pussy, and her shapely thighs. Meanwhile, Audrey jacks her own clit and plays with Brittany's nipples with her spit-soaked fingers. Later, its Audrey's turn to repay her mistress for the pleasure she has received. Brittany lies on her back and holds her thighs vertically with her knees close together. This, of course, causes her pussy to be very tight as Audrey slides a bright blue vibrator in and out of her (nice camera angles and close-ups). Meanwhile, Audrey spanks Brittany's meaty thighs and jacks her clit. For her part, Brittany encourages Audrey with groans of pleasure and naughty words. In due course, Brittany again takes control when she positions Audrey in kneeling doggie so that she can ream her pussy from behind using a bulbous clear glass toy. Brittany also massages Audrey's tight asshole with her spit-lubricated finger. Throughout this segment, Audrey's insatiable cunt looks absolutely stunning as it opens and closes to swallow the conical toy expertly wielded by Brittany using thrusting and twisting motions. Audrey loves it and begs Brittany, "Don't stop!" Later, after an abrupt edit, Brittany straddles Audrey's face and fucks it. During this sequence, Brittany, still dressed in her sexy bondage-look outfit, keeps her hands raised above her head and bound to a beam of wood that's suspended horizontally above the girls. The effect is quite interesting...in one regard, Brittany is submissive with her hands raised and bound. On the other hand, she's dominating Audrey by sitting on--and fucking--her face. During this segment, the footage of Audrey tongue-fucking her mistress's bald pussy and suckling her engorged clit is absolutely superb. Of course, Brittany cares much more about the "feel" of Audrey's ministrations than their appearance. So, Brittany groans ecstatically as her pleasure builds inexorably toward orgasm. After Brittany cums, the scene abruptly comes to an end. Compared to Scene One, in which the girls' lust is tangible and palpable, no real heat or chemistry develops between Brittany and Audrey even through the scene is very visually stimulating. Even though Brittany came at the very end of the scene, I think they more or less went through the motions instead of truly enjoying their "girl time." 

Sex rating: 4.65
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.80

Scene 3

Scene Type: Girl/girl
Performers: Brooke Haven, Angel Cassidy 

Overview: When the scene opens, 2007 Dr. Jay's Must See Girl Brooke Haven is seated with stunning blond Angel Cassidy atop a velvet-covered stool in a stark and dark room furnished only with the aforementioned stool and some columns that surround what appears to be a fireplace. Like Scene One, this stark set forces you to zero-in on the magnificent women who start the scene by caressing each others' naked bodies while kissing sweetly. Soon, bold Angel focuses her attention on Brooke's proud breasts as she suckles and squeezes them possessively. Brooke truly enjoys the feeling of Angel's hands, lips, and tongue and, in reaction, arches her back with pleasure. Brooke also caresses her own superb curves. And, both girls share their lust with us by looking into our eyes as they please each other. In due course, Brooke gets an opportunity to suckle and fondle Angel's fine breasts, lick and kiss her back, and caress her flesh. Then, as Angel kneels in doggie, Brooke shoves her face between Angel's sumptuous ass cheeks so she can kiss, lick, and stroke her tasty pussy. Later, without benefit of transitioning footage, Angels straddles and fucks Brooke's face with very sexy moves while simultaneously reaching down to firmly squeeze Brooke's erect nipples (great camera angles and close-ups show off both fine bodies as well as Angel's beautiful and insatiable vagina). After a while, it's Brooke's turn. So, she lies on her back and enjoys Angel's tongue as it licks her clit, penetrates her labia, and probes her pussy (very nice close-ups). Angel also uses her fingers to pleasure Brooke's vagina and her hands to spank Brooke's thighs. As you might expect, Brooke reacts by thrusting her body hack and forth against Angel's face, by arching her back, and by groaning with pleasure. After another abrupt edit, Angel lies on her back with her strap-on dick standing tall and vertical. Brooke, in reverse, energetically bounces up and down to force the toy in-and-out of her succulent cunt. Meanwhile, Brooke slaps and squeezes her own bouncing breasts and strokes her happy clit. Little-by-little, Brooke's pleasure builds and her moves, groans, and naughty commentary become more intense and powerful. Before Brooke gets a chance to cum, they move to missionary so that Angel can fuck Brooke's pussy with her strap-on cock. Brooke strokes her own clit, watches the in-and-out action intently and exclaims, "You look so good fucking me!" As the scene continues, Brooke kneels in doggie so that Angel can use a long glass dildo to first tease and then fuck her spit-lubricated and tight asshole. Meanwhile, Angel uses her pretty and nicely manicured fingernails to stroke and finger-fuck Brooke's vagina. Of course, Brooke squeals with delight! Later, Angel puts one end of the glass toy in her mouth and then uses the other end to fuck Brooke's asshole in piledriver. This footage is nasty, pleasurable, and very eye-appealing! Brooke agrees and shouts, "It's so fucking good!" After a while, the girls entwine their legs and grind each other's pussies while squeezing each other's breasts, kissing, and caressing each other's curves. This is hot stuff! Sadly, however, the scene ends during this sweet pussy grinding sequence...before either girl gets a chance to climax. 

Sex rating: 3.80
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.30

Scene 4

Scene Type: Girl/girl
Performers: Alexis Love, Mia Smiles

Overview: Dressed in cute schoolgirl outfits, Asian cutie Mia Smiles and Latina goddess Alexis Love (one of my 2008 Dr. Jay's Must See Girls) are locked in a passionate embrace, kissing deeply while caressing each other's still-clothed flesh. Mia quickly takes control and eagerly strips off Alexis' top and hikes up her own blouse so that the girls can rub their tits together. Mia also greedily sucks and squeezes Alexis' world-class breasts. Then, Mia helps Alexis out of her panties, shoves her back on a very elegant couch, spreads her legs wide, and voraciously gobbles Alexis tender pussy flesh. Mia also squeezes Alexis' breasts, tongue-fucks her vagina, bites her fleshy labia, strokes her clit, and multiple-finger-fucks her cunt (great close-ups of Alexis' gaping pink pussy). As you might expect, sweet Alexis giggles with joy and groans ecstatically as her pleasure builds quickly. Ladies and gentlemen, you can learn a tremendous amount about how to please a pussy by studying Mia's superb cunnilingus technique! After a while, Mia lets Alexis suck the pussy juice off her fingers. Then, Mia straddles and fucks Alexis' face, a face that beams with delight. As Alexis fingers, licks, and suckles Mia's bald-shaven vagina, Mia responds uses nasty commentary to inflame Alexis' lust, by rubbing her groin against Alexis' face, and by jacking her own clit. Mia cums, and then Alexis ups the ante by grabbing a long bright blue dildo which she uses, of course, to ream Mia's oh-so-happy pussy. Meanwhile, Mia tosses her horny body up and down to force the toy ever deeper into her vagina (her pretty small breasts dance joyfully) and exhorts Alexis to "Fuck me like a whore!" Alexis does Mia's bidding and even gives the toy to Mia to deep throat (damn, Mia's throat opens wide enough to swallow just about all the super-long toy!). Just as Mia is ramping up to another orgasm, the video inexplicably cuts to doggie: Alexis kneels on the couch with her ass held high so that Mia can fuck her pussy from behind with a thick red dildo. While Mia wields the dildo with very effective thrusting and twisting motions, she reaches down to rim Alexis' pretty asshole. And, Mia pleases herself by masturbating using very sexy moves (she makes herself cum twice). Alexis responds by jacking her own clit while screaming with joy as delight shines from her happy face. In due course, Mia makes Alexis cum hard and then Mia again becomes the center of attention as darling Alexis uses the pink dildo to ream Mia's spit-lubricated pussy in mish. Meanwhile, Mia increases her pleasure by rocking her hips (VERY sexy moves, Mia!), jacking her clit, and squeezing her own tits. Mia cums...even harder than before...but Alexis continues to pound her relentlessly while Mia squeals and screams uncontrollably. Eventually, Alexis slides the toy out of Mia's vagina and greedily sucks several coatings of cum off of it. Then, Alexis plunges the toy back into Mia and soon makes Mia cum again. Then, Alexis lets Mia suck the toy clean using deep-throat pussy-to-mouth. Once the toy's squeaky-clean, Alexis uses it--again--to fuck Mia's bejeweled pussy that, by this time, is literally dripping with girl juice. As the scene continues, Mia lies upside down on the couch--in piledriver--and Alexis straddles her face with her magnificent ass facing the camera. Using this highly unique and very attractive position, both girls fuck each other with toys and fingers. God, this is gorgeous footage...especially when amazing Mia fucks back! Later, after another transition-less edit, Mia lies on her back atop the couch and Alexis straddles Mia's vagina so that the two girls can grind their pussies together while French kissing. Damn, I wish I were in the middle of this amazing action...especially when both girls cum again immediately before the scene fades to black. Great scene and great chemistry, ladies! 

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 2.90

Scene 5

Scene Type: Girl/girl
Performers: Cayton Cailey, Diana Doll 

Overview: When the scene begins, brunette Cayton Cailey and blond Diana Doll are sitting face-to-face on the seat of a motorcycle parked in a garage. The girls, dressed in very sexy almost-there outfits, grope each other; squeeze, suckle, and spank each other's breasts; share open-mouthed kisses; stroke each other's hair; spank each other's butts; grind their pussies together; and help each other bare their breasts and vaginas. Soon, Diana zeroes-in on Cayton's naked pussy...as Cayton gyrates her hips wildly, Diana spanks her labia and jacks her clit. Of course, Cayton responds to the pleasure by stroking Diana's pussy and by slapping and suckling her tits. After a while, Cayton lies backward on the motorcycle so that Diana, straddling the bike's rear wheel, can worship her sometimes-gaping pussy with fingers and tongue. Cayton's vagina is definitely worth reverence...it's beautifully groomed with an inviting "landing strip" of pubic hair pointing to heaven. Meanwhile, Cayton grinds Diana's face using very sexy undulating moves, screams ecstatically, and encourages Diana with naughty commentary. Cayton's unmistakable pleasure soon culminates in her first orgasm of the scene. After Cayton climaxes, Diana keeps her pleasure flowing for a couple of minutes and then turns her attention to Cayton's breasts, which she suckles, squeezes, slaps, and licks. Diana also caresses Cayton's hard body and kisses her hot and wide-open mouth. The girls then sit face-to-face on the bike's seat and spend a couple of minutes caressing each other and rubbing their spit-soaked breasts. Next, it's Diana's turn to take center stage. So, she leans back on the motorcycle's seat and spreads her legs so that Cayton can fuck her pussy with a clear conical-shaped toy. Cayton plunges the toy in-and-out of Diana's slippery and accommodating hole using very pleasurable twisting motions. And, she voraciously licks Diana's clit while Diana squeezes her own fine large and very pretty tits. In addition, the two girls cooperatively stroke Diana's swollen clit. After a while, Diana takes control of the toy, licks it clean, and then uses it to masturbate briefly. Cayton soon gets jealous, grabs the toy, and then continues to ream Diana's gorgeous pink hole while occasionally licking her clit (great close-ups and camera angles). Eventually, Diana adds her fingers to the mix and strokes her own clit while Cayton continues to wield the toy. Result? Diana cums like a volcano! In fact, I thought her heaving body would fall off the bike! Next, Diana kneels on the bike's seat with her right leg and stands on her left leg so that Cayton can fuck her with the toy in the doggie position (this is a great position for us to savor Diana's fine ass and tailbone tattoo). Cayton wields the toy with, of course, her hand. But, she also uses her mouth to grasp and control it (this is very hot)! Meanwhile, Diana uses her fingers to expertly jack her own clit while her body undulates with pleasure and shouts of ecstasy escape her lips. In due course, Cayton leans against the motorcycle and balances her left leg on the engine. Then, while kneeling in front of Cayton, Diana uses the glass conical toy to frantically fuck Cayton's pussy from below (great close-ups). Cayton helps out by tossing her body up and down/back and forth (her tits bounce delightfully), by motivating Diana with naughty talk, and by roughly spanking/jacking her hugely engorged clit (pause your player and zoom in--if you can--to savor Cayton's gorgeous pleasure button). Cayton's body soon rewards the girls by giving her an orgasm. Diana keeps Cayton's pleasure flowing for a while and then the girls transition again. This time, Diana lies astride the motorcycle and enjoys Cayton's cunnilingus technique. Cayton nearly devours Diana's tasty twat (she even sucks Diana's labia and clit deep into her mouth!) and, in doing so, gives Diana untold pleasure. Meanwhile, Diana lovingly strokes Cayton's long and flowing brunette hair. Cayton gives Diana a body-quaking orgasm that causes her entire body to convulse repeatedly. Eminently grateful for the amazing orgasm she just received, Diana returns the favor by going down on Cayton's gorgeous vagina while she lies on the bike. Diana uses quick and rapid-fire tongue actions coupled with judicious use of her fingers to drive Cayton out of her fucking mind. In fact, Cayton becomes so wild that her entire body heaves up and down on the bike's seat. After Cayton screams through an earthquake-strong orgasm, the scene faces to black. Excellent!

Sex rating: 4.90
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.80


This DVD-9 disc contains a full-motion chapter index that identifies the performers by name, multiple chapters per scene, a "Star Index" that you can use to choose a couple and then select from a menu of aspects of the scene (Intro, oral, dildo, and so forth), a five-minute self-running slide show of hard and soft pictures featuring the girls in the movie, the trailer for Girls Playing with Girls, trailers for six Hustler releases, a short phone-sex ad, and an ad for Hustler's website. This selection of extras, which lacks even a ubiquitous behind-the-scenes feature, is below average in today's marketplace. Two and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Overall sex rating: 4.67
Overall video rating: 4.30
Overall audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.44


Dr. Jay

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