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LA Pink

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/26/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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LA Pink: A XXX Porn Parody

Burning Angel Entertainment/Vouyer Media

Genre: Sitcum, Porn Parody, Alt-Porn

Director: Joanna Angel

Cast: Joanna Angel, Draven Star, Andy San Dimas, Coco Velvet, Erik Everhard, Misti Dawn, James Deen, Sean Michaels, Brian Street Team
Non-sex roles: Robb Maple-Dick, Madison Mitchell, Slam Allen, Nate Liqour, Katrina Rad Ass, Igor, Reyna Slade, Oliwood, Andrew Warren, Scotty Fuckin Fields, Ssippi, Michaele Musel, Johnny White, Bethany Drewien, Daniel Metcalf, Gordon Mui, David Young

Length: 228:19 minutes (122:56 minutes & 105:23 minutes)

Joanna Angel

Date of Production: 2009

Extras: The extras were all included on the second disc, four trailers, a photogallery, and a 65:45 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. The BTS was insightful as the cast & crew discussed their roles and philosophies, Joanna wisely pointing out where the mainstream series misses the mark. The ladies all appeared driven to compare or show off their tattoos, intern Andrew Warren (brother of AVN's Peter, IIRC) seemed to be having fun as an intern making his mark and Sean Michaels was the serious one. In all then, it wasn't a comprehensive set of extras but it wasn't bad either.

Condoms: None

Draven Star and Joanna Angel

Audio/Video Quality: LA Pink: A XXX Porn Parody was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Joanna Angel for Burning Angel Entertainment, employing the services of the infamous Nate Liquor on camera. The movie was encoded with the usual MPEG-2 and had a corresponding resolution of 480, the video bitrate hovering around the 5.1 Mbps mark whenever I spot checked it. There was a lot of detail in most shots, some sly cultural references abounding for those that look closely enough, and admittedly some grain, video noise, and other visual issues that generally weren't enough to bug me too much. The lighting varied significantly and the camera shots relied too heavily on the single camera I believe was used for most (if not all) scenes, but the overall composition favored the ladies and their extensive tattoos, the "alt" sensibilities diminished in what came across as an attempt to look better for a broader audience. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English using a 192 Kbps bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate. The vocals were very basic but the music was nicely done, the credits to Randy Craftwood and groups "Men" (of the UK), and "Shiragirl" represented well. I could hear all the whispers, dialogue, and even some added sounds from behind the scenes but as this was a parody of a reality TV show, that was not as much an issue.

Andy San Dimas and Coco Velvet with Erik Everhard

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Body of Review: Joanna Angel and her company Burning Angel Entertainment have long been marginalized by many folks but the truth of the matter is, upon closer inspection you may find her works to be witty and full of the chutzpah Joanna weaves into her titles. Her latest movie making it my way is LA Pink: A XXX Porn Parody, a sitcum parody of the cable show "LA Ink", a show about a group of brazen tattoo artists that look about as excited being on television as I am in a women's focus group. Dwelling mainly on the dramas of running a tattoo shop in the big city, the mainstream show always manages to lack the one thing people care most about (outside of their ink of course), sex, so Joanna picked up the pieces and made her own way in this double disc title. My quick version of the sitcum is that it worked more often than not, the elements combined to provide an entertaining experience even if some scenes fell short sexually for me. The company website described the movie like this: "LA Pink is a hilarious sexy tale about tattoos, being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated world...and having an insatiable sex drive. It's a pornographic parody loosely based on TLC's reality TV show, "LA Ink", and is written and directed by award-winning starlet Joanna Angel - LA Pink's leading lady. LA Pink also features adult stars Andy San Dimas, Misti Dawn, Draven Star, CoCo Velvett, Brian Street Team, Erik Everhard, Sean Michaels and James Deen. Joanna Von Angel is a world-renowned tattoo artist, and the owner of her shop. She has hired some of the sexiest artists in the industry to be part of her staff; between Joanna and the girls at the shop, they give the best blowjobs - and the best tattoos - in town...well, other than the shop's only male tattoo artist, Brian Street Team, who can't seem to get a customer no matter how hard he tries. Things get a little crazy one day when Sean Michaels - CEO of Pizza Party Incorporated (the largest distributor of frozen pizza in the world) - walks into the shop and offers Joanna her own frozen pizza licensing deal. The contract is a dream come true; it offers fame, fortune and a whole lot of free pizza, but at the expense of giving up tattooing...AND sex. How far will Joanna go - or not go - for the sake of her business?" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Misti Dawn with James Deen

Scene One: Joanna Angel
, the gal featured on the right side of the front cover, was up first with her pink vibrator, needing a break from the world as she relieved some stress in a most personal way on a rooftop. She played with her nipples and removed clothing, soon digging at her pussy and massaging her clitoris into a juicy state for the toy to fit. The moans were realistic and she stuffed it in her ass, doing some ATM taste testing before she was totally satisfied and ready to face the world again.

Joanna Angel with Sean Michaels

Scene Two: Joanna Angel, already in a heightened state of friskiness thanks to her previous solo scene, was up next in a lesbian tryst with her gal pal Draven Star, the two going into a backroom to enjoy each other. The pop up video animations were curious but not needed in the slightest, the enthusiastic ladies going down on each other and otherwise fingering one another in a no-holes-barred slut-a-thon.

Joanna Angel with Sean Michaels and James Deen

Scene Three: Andy San Dimas, Coco Velvet, and studly Erik Everhard, were up next as the ladies came onto him on the couch as they discussed the kind of tattoo he was going to get. He showed them what he wanted (a parking ticket tattoo?!?) and the way it was handled made me bust out laughing, perhaps my own lack of sleep causing me to respond differently (you had to be there). He played with them while they undid his pants, the blowjob shared by the ladies and Erik doing some serious rug munching on the ladies. He then began aggressively boning them in his trance like state of mind, the gals pushing him aurally to go further and further, each giving the other some attention as he worked them over so soundly. The way they were sweating up a storm in the nasty encounter added some heat too, their chemistry as they got off splendid as they fed from his meat pipe his genetic juice. Thematically, I understood the pairings as the two bosses getting into one another while the subordinates did likewise but I prefer a more straightforward approach to scenes especially when they are both full of strokability as there were. James then went to the anal passage to ever so slowly work his dick inside of her ass, the intermittent oral each of them did enhancing the ending result somewhat. Misti was not always an active rider but they had some chemistry together, the two going back to vaginal sex before she jerked him off into her mouth.

Andy San Dimas, Coco Velvet, Draven Star, and Misti Dawn with James Deen

Scene Four: Misti Dawn, the shop bitch with neon red hair on the cover, was sent in to get James Deen away from the bathroom door, reveling that they included her in their plan. Using her feminine wiles, she got him to come with her as the two compared notes on how they are the bottom of the food chain in their respective fields, the attraction displayed translating into them kissing at the front counter. They helped each other undress and were soon all over each other, his paws grabbing her tits as she spread her legs to grant him greater access to her snatch. The following scene was interspersed with this one though, always a bad plan in my book, the rest of the first disc bouncing between the scenes. Misti then inhaled his pecker orally before he ate her from behind, soon vaginally plowing her fertile fields in a nasty manner with some taste testing between positions. Sean then finished up by rubbing out a nut of population pudding to her chest before she gave some commentary from the comment chair.

Joanna Angel, Andy San Dimas, Coco Velvet, Draven Star, and Misti Dawn

Scene Five: Joanna Angel, having worked out most of the details about her pizza franchise venture with Sean Michaels, sealed the deal with a squeal as they got naked in the midst of the previous scene running in another room at the same time. Sean went down on her extensively and she slobbed his knob with a flair for life, his cock tearing into her soundly as she laid out on the table.

The BTS page

Scene Six: Joanna Angel, up next in a large SUV limousine as part of her business arrangement with studly Sean Michaels and his flunky James Deen, was anxious to consummate the deal. She climbed in and started blowing Sean, James rimming her asshole and pussy before she grabbed his pecker and got him to start boning her pussy. The men took turns drilling her until it was time to give her a DP, James most actively hammering her perfect pucker as she aurally coaxed them on. There was taste testing and a lot of chemistry between the trio, Joanna less active when Sean was in her ass but the gal willingly slurping down their genetic juice from a champagne flute.

Scene Seven: Andy San Dimas, Coco Velvet, Draven Star, and Brian Street Team, were up next in a relatively short blowjob scene in the tattoo parlor. He sat back in the chair and the bored trio of tramps worked him over orally, taking turns and licking him as they inhaled his modest pecker until he let loose with his juice that they shared with each other (not Brian though), the erotic kissing by the gals a highlight for me.

Scene Eight: Andy San Dimas, Coco Velvet, Draven Star, Misti Dawn, Joanna Angel, and James Deen, were up last in a supermarket orgy. Initially, Andy, Coco, and Draven brought Misti into their fold, going down on her and fingering her in a lesbian tryst. It was by the numbers lesbian scene enhanced substantially by the chemistry they shared and the overall enthusiasm, a brief interlude allowing Joanna and James to jump in for some needed diversity (shame that Sean didn't stay but it was a plot point). Some of the ladies followed the cock while others stuck with the pussies they preferred but it was still a solid scene with some replay value, but each of the gals found him inside of their pussy at some point during the line up portion of the scene if nothing else. It was even funny when the ladies all closed in for the ending facial, sharing the semen he laid out for them as he rubbed out a small nut.

Summary: LA Pink: A XXX Porn Parody by director Joanna Angel for Burning Angel Entertainment might have been more of a parody than her previous Not Another Porn Movie but it showed a lot of ingenuity and creativity that is sometimes missing from the sitcum market so it rated a solid Recommended from me. The levels of strokability, amounts of fuck for the buck, and the truly twisted cast of ladies all made this a walk on the wild side for me, reminding me of the time I visited Joanna's party downtown earlier this year during the AEE. Yeah, I was out of place and stuck out like a sore thumb but it was one of the most "real" such parties I experienced even if my pick up lines were woefully inadequate. In short, LA Pink: A XXX Porn Parody makes me hope that the director sinks her teeth into bigger projects that allow her to shine without the spare baggage of the whole parody craze, the double disc set surely worth picking up for those sick of "glam porn" or generic comedies that miss the mark.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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