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Crash Pad Series 4

Studio: Blowfish Video » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 11/1/09

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Genre: Web-to-DVD compilation, Lesbian, Queer Porn 

Directors: Shine Louise Houston, Shae

Cast: Brooklyn Flaco, Carson, Jiz Lee, Dallas, Sadie Lane, Tricksie Treat, Cash, Stella, Ex, Muscle Beach

Length: 120 minutes

Dates of Production: 6/1/2008, 7/5/2008, 8/2/2008, 8/23/2008

Extras: There are six trailers. Those are Crash Pad Series, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 as well as Champion, The Crash Pad, and Superfreak. Note: The back of the DVD cover mentions that there is a Director's Commentary included in the movie. Unfortunately, there was none. There were short comments by the actors at the end of the movie though.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good.

Overview: Crash Pad Series is a web series that sprouted from Shine Louise Houston's magnificent directorial debut film The Crash Pad. As described on its' web site www.crashpadseries.com, Crash Pad Series, Volume 4: Rope Burn "...ups the kinkiness quotient..." In this package, the five scenes are selected episodes from the third and fourth seasons of this series. Of course, the main director remains Shine Louise Houston who is the leading indie feminist porn director around. Ms. Houston is a three-time winner of the Feminist Porn Awards. Crash Pad Series comes from the studio Blowfish Video.

Scene One: Brooklyn Flaco and Carson start to make out on the bed and to undress each other in a playful manner. In the meantime, the voyeur is watching them from another room. The two lovers' bodies look very enticing together. Miss Flaco is on top of her partner for the most part as she rubs her intimate plaything. There is a lot of movement between the pair. Moments later, they switch positions so that Carson can give her partner a personal finger fuck through her sex opening. Carson's facial expressions along with her grinding teeth shows the viewer the amount of dedication that she puts into her appliction and work. Nevertheless, the mood of the scene is more personal rather than intense and wild. Soon, Brooklyn is back fingering Carson's love mound. Her actions gain added energy, but it is still controlled. They have very good eye contact. Their heavy breathing and flushed faces are turn-ons. Their adorable smiles give off the genuineness of the couple's adoration for each other. Miss Flaco's lengthy manual activity on the woman's vaginal sexual plaything is extremely hot. I could feel my hand hurting and I was not doing anything. The close-up of Carson's face is cool. Finally, they embrace with broad smiles on their faces.

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Scene Two: Dallas and Jiz Lee enter the room as the always present looky-loo watches on from a different location. Soon, Jiz rips part of Dallas' pants and spanks her ass. Next, they kiss. After getting down to their underwear, they kiss and act rough a bit. Moments later, Jiz ties her lover's wrists to the bedposts. Dallas acts very playful while getting tied down. After some spanking, Jiz tickles her. Some ass and tit play occur. Jiz pounds on Dallas' breasts several times. There is more spanking that follows. When Jiz takes off her partner's underwear, she ties them around the lady's ankles. Then, they kiss again. Suddenly, Jiz sticks a dildo into her own slit and makes Dallas suck the other end of it. The camera shots are good. Afterwards, Jiz sticks the toy inside her pussy briefly. Moments later, Jiz sticks the toy inside Dallas' mouth and she prepares herself by putting on a glove to work over Dallas' sex spot. Jiz repeatedly pounds Dallas' breasts and inner thighs. Next, she uses her own gloved hand to good use by pleasuring the woman's pleasure spot. Jiz continues to spank Dallas' legs. Soon, the scene becomes more sensual and intimate while Jiz finger fucks her pal and have their faces close together. Later, Dallas gets loose and hits her lover's chest. Then, she rubs and fingers Jiz Lee's kitty with good passion. Dallas' manual behavior becomes more intense as the scene lingers on. Some forceful pussy slapping follows on Jiz Lee's plaything. Then, they kiss sensually.

Scene Three: Sadie Lane becomes upset with Tricksie Treat's smoking. She is going to teach the femme some manners. Suddenly, the punisher rips and cuts parts of Tricksie's clothing. She lays on top of her. Then, Sadie pets and kisses her. Although Miss Lane acts tough, her actions and behavior are gentle at times. Next, she cuts the lady's panties with the knife and slaps her. Soon, the enforcer is on top of her and they kiss. The two women are hot together. Sadie kisses her body. Afterwards, she puts on a glove and rubs her pretty lovebox. The woman also sucks her tits at times. Sadie's pussy rub-a-dub is sweet. It is very evident that Tricksie is enjoying the woman's actions. Then, Miss Lane places an electronic vibe on Tricksie's clit while still applying her manual treatment. The cool action lasts a while between the pair. Miss Treat's extremely loud moans sound incredible. Her pussy is very wet. The scene becomes more emotional during Sadie's finger fucking session. Then, she wipes Tricksie's face with the wet gloves. Suddenly, Sadie gets out a strap-on and Tricksie rides it with nice enthusiasm. Miss Lane's face is adorable with much fondness on it. Afterwards, they snuggle together as Tricksie lays on top of her. The voyeur continues to watch them.

Scene Four: Stella and Cash are kissing immediately unaware that someone is spying on them. Cash kisses her cute body and feels her nice breasts. More clothes are taken off. Once Cash removes the woman's panties, the butch concentrates on her beauty spot with adoration. Then, Stella gets on top of her partner and they kiss a bit. Then, she sits on Cash's face to get her pussy stimulated again briefly. More kissing follows and Stella slaps Cash in the face. Next, the lady does some straddling of her groin. Later on, she puts on a strap-on and eats her partner's sex mound with passion. Then, Cash sucks the toy cock with good effort. A nice looking screw follows. Afterwards, Stella eats her muffin again before fingering it. The action feels erotic. Stella slaps Cash's face again. More pussy play occurs. Later, Stella straddles Cash again. Then, they kiss intimately. Suddenly, Cash takes full control of the situation as she gets on top of her. Their sweet kissing activity continues. Cash orally pleasures Stella's snatch while she is laying on her stomach. Soon, Cash fucks her doggystyle with a strap-on. A sensual mish follows. Next, Cash eats the lady's snatch again with hunger. An energetic doggie occurs. The close-up of Stella's face is very effective in showcasing her emotional toll during this scene. Her cute smile that occurs later is priceless. They kiss as the scene ends.

Scene Five: Ex is upset that Muscle Beach is late for their love making session. When the lady shows up, her lover slaps her repeatedly. After the slap action dies down a bit, Muscle Beach kisses her boots. Later, Ex pounds on the woman's chest with her foot. The playful rough behavior continues. Later, she rips and cuts her shirt. Then, she cuts her wrap-around to expose her once hidden breasts. Ex slaps her tits repeatedly. They laugh during this rough session. Later, Ex puts some ashes on her tongue and nipples. At times, the slapping continues. Then, they kiss and Ex plays with Muscle Beach's tits a bit. Next, the woman ties some rope around the tardy lady's chest. More slapping action occurs. Next, Ex sucks Muscle Beach's rubbery cock in deliberate fashion. Later, Ex cuts Muscle Beach's underwear. Then, she spanks her ass. The rest of the scene is effective.

Final Thoughts: The impression that I got after viewing this movie is that there is a more rougher and edgier tone to the scenes as compared to the three previous volumes in this series. It is on this account that Crash Pad Series, Volume 4 receives a rental rating. However, those viewers who enjoy a lot of slapping and rough play in their sex scenes will think that this installment should had received a higher rating. The pairings are good. The highlight is the Sadie Lane-Tricksie Treat episode. It has a good amount of dominating action that does not overtake the more sensual and gentle fondness that the ladies have for each other. The viewer's perception of that scene when it begins is not the same when it ends. It's a pleasant surprise to have. On a different matter, having reviewed all four volumes of Crash Pad Series, it is evident that Shine Louise Houston has pulled off the wonderful task in trying to grow and make her series edgier while, at the same time, keep the main mystique and sensualness that Crash Pad Series had when it began as an indie movie years ago.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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