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Porn's Most Outrageous Outtakes #4

Studio: JM Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/2/09

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Porn's Most Outrageous Out Takes #4

JM Productions

Genre: Documentary

Director: Jim Powers

Cast: Tanner Mayes, Porno Dan Leal, The Colonel, Felony, Lacey Lane, Johnny "Bad Bob" Thrust, other cast & crew members from "Lesbian Bukkake #15"

Length: 67:46 minutes

Date of Production: 5/27/2008, 1/2/2008, 7/17/2009

Extras: The first extra was an edited version of Tanner Mayes' Lesbian Bukkake #15 lasting 22:26 minutes. I'm not a fan of ladies pissing on each other's faces so your mileage will almost certainly vary from mine, but it helped put the footage from the movie in better perspective. There was also another set of outtakes lasting 22:20 minutes, Jim introducing the material very nicely to fill in the back story, some hilarious comments like "I'm not retarded" by DeArmond when she couldn't handle the dialogue or Brooke Scott telling the world how she wasn't fat. There was also a bunch of trailers for those that care.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Porn's Most Outrageous Out Takes #4 was presented in a 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color under the direction of Jim Powers as shot by BTS superstar "The Colonel" for JM Productions earlier this year. Most of the footage was shot raw and left unedited in order to preserve what appears to be a truthful accounting of the manner in which female performer Tanner Mayes became upset with the cast & crew of "Lesbian Bukkake 15" over slights (perceived or real), with some reaction by those present. Previous versions that I have seen of this event, and it became a pseudo-event based on a lengthy back and forth exchange on several gossip websites, lasted around 5 minutes so this prolonged version even more fully demonstrates what happened, with the recognition that it was not continuous so your mileage may vary. An effort was made to make this version of the footage look a lot better though, cleaning it up with a video bitrate of around 6.8 Mbps when I spot checked it several times, so while it was not exactly the most polished show I've seen from the company, it was full of bizarre entertainment value. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English as recorded on the camera's microphone, lacking much depth or dynamic range but capturing most of the vocals just fine. There were outside noises and he was not always close enough to keep the vocals consistent, but the varied choice comments made were easy enough to understand.

Body of Review: JM Productions is best known for offering porn dedicated to a certain mindset, many scenes showing abuse porn or at least the chance for gals to act like they are getting taken advantage of. This sometimes results in the company going overboard but their sets are usually considered fun for those without a lot of personal restrictions or drama. One such set led to a special edition of their popular out take series (which I haven't seen in the past, sadly enough), called Porn's Most Outrageous Out Takes #4: The Meltdown of Tanner Mayes. By now, anyone following any of the porn industry gossip websites is aware of the issues involved around "Lesbian Bukkake 15" from the summer of 2009, but this release features an extended version of the BTS where The Colonel followed Tanner Mayes around on the day better than anything available to the public. Here's a brief look at what took place, no condoms or genetic juice were present.

Tanner Mayes is a cute, third tier brunette not generally known as a porn performer. She showed up between two and three hours late for the shoot after partying with her agent (Shy Love) the night before, initially denying it until she admitted to being out past 2 AM. Once on set, she began tearing into company New Sensations as being pieces of shit primarily because they had the audacity to want some softcore footage shot, a common practice, and Jim tried to elicit a deeper response (other than her claim to have a few felonies on her record). As the day proceeded, she was shown to makeup and displayed her crotch that had two unsightly blemishes, looking like they were ingrown hairs or healing zits (the big kind) which soon became an issue. The video froze a few times during this beginning section though, once when the talk turned to drinking on set (the cameraman clearly denying it with a wink) and the close up shot of the blemishes.

The scene cut away to Tanner hovering over Laci Lanie on a couch, Laci concerned over the blemishes since they looked like staph infections. Tanner trying to convince everyone on set that they were the result of chaffing and blowing out over "girls like that", not needing the money, and belittling her former partner over it endlessly (suggesting STDs are an acceptable risk, her tests were valid, and one of the crew "looked like her"). Jim assured her that she was the star of the day and that seemed to assuage her, the gal needing to confront the other ladies but Johnny Thrust helping her calm down (with stories of a hornet attack the night before). Eventually, after a great deal more drama, Tanner was about to finish the big lesbian bukkake squirting scene when she started getting antsy about what time it was, only a few more gals needed to end things up.

As Jim pointed out, when a gal starts asking what time it is, the rest of the day turns to shit, a common practice by some of the lower tier performers being to book multiple appointments a day (or escort appointments). By this time, it is around 4:30 PM and Tanner continually mentions that this was already her second shoot of the day (this addressed that she was confusing it for the five hours she was on the New Sensations shoot the day before). Jim continually whined at her to finish up, trying to coax her into finishing so the day would not be shot altogether, the gal quitting dozens of times but then wanting a kill free for her time (antagonizing producer Johnny Thrust into a shouting match).

Tanner was frustrated and a bit weird as though drugged up throughout the production, speaking nicely to the BTS cameraman before leaving the building for the first time. She then returned and wanted her sunglasses, then phone, the beginning of a new drama because she had earlier dropped it in the toilet and someone promised her that Johnny would fix it. The flippant promise made to keep her happy and keep shooting. By this time, the production resumed without her and she started trashing the offices after looking lost, trying to convince herself that she didn't need the money (though she sure wanted it enough). She broke someone else's computer monitor and began dredging up past issues for a photoshoot with Johnny, chasing the Colonel and hitting him as she finally left. For Tanner's admittedly backtracking version of what happened, go read http://www.lukeisback.com/?p=8299

Summary: Porn's Most Outrageous Out Takes #4 by director Jim Powers for JM Productions was definitely a deeper look into the company version of what took place that day, the comments made on a variety of forums proven quite accurate regarding who was at fault. I hesitate to find any of the parties blameless though since the company should have just fired her when she was so late, should not have put up with her drunken antics, and should not have encouraged her negative behavior but as displayed, she was really a piece of work that I wouldn't advise anyone of hiring. In terms of stroke value, despite the myriad of naked women shown here, the buzz kill provided by Tanner's childish antics was enough to eliminate that idea but frankly, I have to rate this as a Rent It worth checking out for the train wreck properties it had. I simply couldn't turn away at how massive a blowout this whole adventure was (though I believe they captured enough footage for the other movie, it was not likely quite what they had in mind). Tanner's words echoed in my mind too, providing phrases such as: "Don't do porn, choose school", "I'll leave any set..." and "I hope I quit porn because of you." In short, don't pick up Porn's Most Outrageous Out Takes #4 in hopes of seeing anything worth beating off to, check it out to give some closure on one of the strangest females in porn displaying delusions of grandeur on a stressful day.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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