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See Me In Public 2

Studio: Cezar Capone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/3/09

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See Me In Public 2

Cezar Capone.com

Genre: POV Gonzo, Public Sex, Web-to-DVD

Michelle "Krista" Peters

Director: JT Money

Cast: Michelle "Krista" Peters, JT Money, Laurie Vargas, Enzo Lorenzo, JC Taylor, Jayden Pierson, Marie McCray, Sergio, Peter Delmar

Length: 138:09 minutes

Laurie Vargas

Dates of Production: 5/29/2008, 8/4/2008, 10/2/2008, 12/2/2008, 12/8/2008

Extras: The only extras were a slideshow and some trailers.

Condoms: None

JC Taylor and JT Money

Audio/Video Quality: See Me In Public 2 was presented in a nice anamorphic widescreen color with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1, using the MPEG-2 codec as expected of a standard definition release, as shot by directors JT Money for Cezar Capone.com using 480p resolution. The lighting was okay and this helped make the fleshtones accurate, minimize the compression artifacts, and otherwise offer up the youthful ladies nicely enough for a series of scenes shot primarily for the internet (now released on DVD). The video bitrate hovered around the 3.7 Mbps area when I paid attention to it and despite some occasionally rough camera work (that helped keep it looking "real"), I found myself approving while watching what I'm sure some of you will consider the latest "digital viagra" provided by the company. There did not seem to be much editing this time and that also allowed the material to come across as more realistic than porn made in Southern California but it never struck me as looking as weak as some of the nearly home movie material some of the copycat websites/companies have been offering for so long. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 48 kHz sampling rate and the usual 192 Kbps audio bitrate, sufficient to convey the vocals and music but never straying too far from the norm offered by the majority of Cezar's peers. There were times when the vocals were not as easily heard, typically during the tease footage where the viewer gets to know the performers, but the usual moans were clearly in evidence (and the music was about average from what I heard).

Jayden Pierson

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Body of Review: JT Money is one of the most loyal directors for Cezar Capone.com, his website devotees telling me that he represents the "common man" that chases skirts and tries to get laid in any situation possible. Having seen a lot of his work on both sides of the camera, I was asked to check out his latest project, a DVD compiling some of his best work in the See Me In Public 2 series from the popular website by the same name. The scene dynamic is simple enough with JT cruising around the streets of Miami looking for available ladies that will talk to him, flash him, and then have sex with him (all for money) as he shoots the action in point of view (POV) style. As a fan of the entire line of Cezar Capone discs that have come out (I'm not into websites that much, preferring the physical medium much more), this one suited me too, the way it propelled the idea that guys looking for action could get some at the drop of a hat appealing to most men from my experience. Suffice it to say, the only limitation I felt the series had was the advertised "amateurs" were all professionals with at least a handful of credits to their names, though these could have been introductory scenes by the gals that were not credited as such by the marketing wizards at the company. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast, trailers, and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Marie McCray

Scene One: Michelle "Krista" Peters, a brunette in a purple shirt and white pants, was trying to open a real estate company despite the tough times, telling JT Money how good she was at her job. He used his lines to open her legs and it did not take long for the whiny liberal gal (complaining about our former president) to respond to his advances in the public bathroom. The scene included POV sex such as blowjobs and vaginal penetration in a few positions, but did not take place in the bathroom, the couple waiting to get to his home where she showed off first. She even helped jerk him off to her chest by holding his balls, draining his nuts of genetic juice before it was over. The company website described it like this: "Welcome back guys. Wait until you see this one! I was just sitting at some outdoor cafe and this smokin hot chick walks up to give me her business card and starts talking about her new real estate company she just opened. Even though she had a professional attitude and was all business like at first, I could tell she had a dirty side. Of course my documentary on 21st century sex was the perfect ice breaker to find out how frisky she was... And if you wanna know just how much she craves cock, listen to this: She loves givin blow jobs so much that she calls them blow joys! It didn't take any convincing to get her back to my place to check out my property, which was where I got to inspect her bangin body and show her my real selling points..." 5/29/2008

Scene Two: Laurie Vargas, a Latina that liked sex in public places, was up next with Enzo Lorenzo, the same basic dynamic employed as with the other scenes in terms of blowjobs and vaginal penetration, the population pudding aimed at her face instead of her pussy as he wanted. The company website said it like this: "Let me start by saying that this episode is a keeper and you'll soon find out why. Laurie is a girl right out of a National Geofucking documentary. Can you believe this girls? she has these piercing-black eyes, quite exotic and oh so sensual. I am no expert or have any knowledge of the characteristic features of indigenous groups, but this girl is for sure not out of Nebraska. She has a very hot body with long, lean legs. Face is cute but weird in a sexy way and all I wonder is how she'll look sucking my fat cock. I pictured her lifting her long, lean legs up in the air to stretch her pussy open and let the white guy take over. Anyways, I'm getting off track here. Laurie was a little bit confused when I was explaining that I am working on a documentary on 21st century sex but when I mentioned it was for a good cause and added 200 bucks to the equation she went all the way with it. At one point things got out of hand but I kept tellin her; trust me baby, every inch of this conqueror cock is going in there, you might enjoy it...or not but this is to educate the next generation. She probably thought her next generation, but I was referring to my kind of generation; the one that don't fool around and don't miss a minute. This video should become a national educational requirement for chicks to learn how to do take it with dignity." 8/4/2008

Scene Three: JC Taylor, a cute brunette out Christmas shopping in a major retail outlet, was up next with JT Money, the gal looking for stuff for her doggy. The two hit it off and were soon discussing sexual matters, her plaid muff buffer skirt barely holding her snatch safe from his advances. She had a perky ass and all natural body worth exploring but the two pussied out like most of these scenes (ultimately lowering the score) and went back to the house to have vaginal and oral sex. She was an active rider and took the facial of spew well, but not in public as advertised so your mileage may vary. The scene was described on the website like this: "Today I discovered that my documentary is actually can turn into conductive experiment on today's society, and could probably reveal some undiscovered sides of human bitches sexuality. I mean everyone around is talking about sex. Not just some regular boring fucking but some crazy ass hard core action like drilling anal and shit like that. Those chicks for example that I met in this store, they were all about it. Besides them I also met this girl named J.C. :) she was shopping for some dog stuff. So I offered her to answer some questions for my documentary and in exchange for that I could buy her some bones for her doggy since I already got a boner for her... Anyway she wasn't very interested in getting bones but would mind to get some cash... Yeah did I mention how hot she is? Nice beautiful ass, cute face and everything else? Wanna see how I convinced her to give me a BJ and bend over so I could fuck her pink pussy? Go ahead and watch the whole episode..." 10/2/2008

Scene Four: Jayden Pierson, the cute blond seen on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next as she worked with Enzo Lorenzo, her accent helping make her more appealing. They drove around and her nipples were erect from the wind, the couple going to the backyard of a house for sale to get frisky vaginally and orally. She was not an active rider but gave good head, the facial closing it out fairly well despite the problems. The company described the scene like this: "It was a nice sunny day here in Miami and I was driving my new convertible with a hot chick sitting right next to me. Yeah it was my ex gf Jayden. Why ex? Just because of this movie you are about to enjoy in a few seconds. We broke up cause I decided to put this episode online. She thought that it was meant to be kept in our private collection but I though why would you hide such a piece of art from people. By piece of art I mean her nice ass. Man this girl is fucking hot. She got so horny in the car and started blowing me right there. I almost crashed my car because of that. Imagine where my cock would end up. So in order to prevent that kind of irreparable loss I decided to start looking for some place where I can make a sweet love to Jayden's nice pinky pussy. Fortunately it didn't take me long to find this abandoned house. There was nobody there except this crazy looking friendly dog. Anyway let me just tell you that fucking Jayden is one of the greatest things that ever happen to me so don't you dare to miss this public episode... Enjoy" 12/2/2008

Scene Five: Marie McCray, the all natural redhead featured on the front cover, was an airhead when it came to cars, JT Money telling her she needed a flux capacitor to make it work again. Aside from the reference to the "Back to the Future" movie series starring Michael J. Fox, it was cute seeing how the mechanic took advantage of the dopey gal in an all too believable manner, the lady offering her sexual services in lieu of money with a hummer leading to vaginal penetration and a facial. In her favor, she gave him a decent knob slobbing but she needed to work on her riding skills. "The company said this of the scene: "There are 2 things I like in life. Girls and cars. To follow my second biggest passion in life I choose to be a mechanic and always was trying to catch up with the first but unfortunately u don't get that many opportunities to run into some hot chick in my garage. But today was my lucky day. I was working on this old piece of shit car and all of a sudden a new bimer drove into to the shop operated by this fucking hot young chick... Turned out that her transmission needed some work on it and it appeared to be that she didn't have enough money to pay for the service cause her rich daddy told her that she has to act like an adult and to go and get a job if she wanted to be successful in life. She took this message literally. Considering her physical appearance she was a perfect candidate for some "special offer" that I had. Fuck yeah, she was... She put my cock in her mouth a second after I finished cutting a deal... She sucked it like there is no tomorrow... I fucked her nice tiny young pussy hard... Her tits were so perfect I could stop grabbing them. The whole thing was off the chain,, so you better to watch the whole movie... Piece!!!" 12/8/2008

Summary: See Me In Public 2 by director JT Money for Cezar Capone.com was amusing and almost as much fun as the best efforts from the company sent my way but the quality of the ladies was not always the best and they fell short of the advertised "amateurs" that would have secured a rating better than Rent It. Still, while it did not have nearly as much fuck for the buck value as similar efforts by the Cezar crew, there was not as much non-sex material either, balancing out in other ways the kind of fun that was to be had. In short, See Me In Public 2 was still worth looking into, fans of the cast appreciating their earlier work before hitting Chatsworth production companies to make more polished looking movies. If you have any doubt though, check out the trailers attached to the pictures for a head sup on what might work for you individually.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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