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Vogue Nasty

Studio: Taryn It Up » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/3/09

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Vogue Nasty

Antigua Pictures/Taryn It Up Entertainment

Genre: All Sex

Directors: Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan

Cast: Taryn Thomas, Derrick Pierce, Poppy Morgan, Ethan Cage, Veronica Jett, Bobbi Starr, Chris Charming

Length: 91:15 minutes

Taryn Thomas

Date of Production: 6/15/2009

Extras: Other than a photogallery, the only extra was a 16:36 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that was decidedly minimalist in terms of staying power.

Condoms: None

Poppy Morgan

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Audio/Video Quality: Vogue Nasty was presented in a somewhat stylish 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen release as envisioned by credited directors Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan for distribution by Antigua Pictures (with the video captured by Kevin Moore). The standard definition release was encoded in the usual MPEG-2 codec using a 480 resolution, a lot of special effects weakening the opening of each scene but thankfully downplayed once the scenes themselves started. The composition of the shots was not always optimal for making the ladies look their best, cropping off heads or showing way more of the male talent than needed, rarely using the widescreen as intended for home viewing. The editing by Johnny Five seemed choppy and rushed though, even if it reminded me of another well known editor with a different alias at another company. The fleshtones were accurate enough in most cases and the lighting, while flat and relatively even, did not seem too bad here though it was another area in need of some upgraded assistance. The bitrate for the video portion of the show seemed to hover pretty close to the 6.1 Mbps mark when I paid any attention to it but the amount of detail provided told me that the mastering of the show was not the most efficient use of the space on the disc, especially given the lack of solid extras. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 192 Kbps and 48 kHz sampling rate, the vocals often hollow just as the scenes were introduced by blaring music in an off key fashion. The walls of the sets also echoed the vocals too much for my tastes, my home theater set up sounding better turned way down as a result.

Veronica Jett

Body of Review: Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan have long been two of the nastiest gals when it came to performances, each showing a suitable amount of depravity to set their fans off in a host of wild scenes over their respective careers so it made sense that they team up with distributor Antigua Pictures to release their first venture as directors a few weeks ago. The title of the movie was Vogue Nasty and provided five scenes of lingerie clad gals getting boned by mopes in all but the first scene, Taryn and Poppy each joining the cast in half the scenes. The back cover described the movie like this: "From the deviant mind once voted "Dirtiest Girl In Porn" comes a luscious foray into fuckable fashion. Taryn Thomas teams up with British sensation Poppy Morgan to direct their ultimate fantasy: fashion plates who love a good nasty fuck - uptown babes with no boundaries and no taboos. Exquisite photography and stunning cum drenched girls with the raunchiest hardcore sex you'll ever see!!!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan

Scene One: New Work, New Ass: Taryn Thomas, the attractive brunette featured on the front cover, was up first to establish who is the main player at the company, the gal wearing an outfit like the cover just in neon blue. The tease was weak and minimal but she seemed enthusiastic about slobbing the knob of muscular Derrick Pierce, the music bad enough to warrant a second audio track with nails scratching down a blackboard as an improved choice. While she did maintain some eye contact with him, she also mugged for the camera at times, admittedly less frequently than in her later scenes but a noticeable amount all the same. The sloppy hummer led to Derrick giving her a tiny bit of oral too, the couple screwing vaginally on a mattress in low rent style so passively that I wondered if Taryn was ill until she bounced around a bit during one of the anal positions (that were so lamely labeled). Her dirty talk came across as mechanical and contrived too, a far cry from her best work of several years ago. The ending pop shot to her face launched his genetic juice with a degree of force, their modest personal chemistry decent but not outstanding at all.

Bobbi Starr and Chris Charming

Scene Two: Horror Between The Eyes: Poppy Morgan, another curvy brunette with an expansive fan base of followers, was up next as she teased and masturbated in lingerie, the editing process losing most of the strip tease that might have helped elevate the scene. This time, she was stuck working with moper Ethan Cage and it showed, the quality of the scene even less than the last one. Despite a degree of nastiness, Poppy appeared to be going through the motions too, looking at the camera a lot as she blew him, talked dirty, and took his modest rod and followed up with a variety of positions including vaginal as well as anal sex. Poppy took the load of population pudding from the pile driver position too, licking at it but hardly going out of her way to provide a reason why this scene should be viewed more favorably than dozens of better ones she has shot in the past.

Scene Three: I'll Make You Hot: Veronica Jett, a lean brunette that has always displayed a nasty disposition in terms of doing various sex acts in the past, was up next wearing a similar bit of lingerie as she teased minimally and then played with Chris Charming on a couch. I like tease so the scene got off to a bad start and despite her oral abilities with his expansive rod, his lack of rhythm did not help matters much as she took a small part of it inside her mouth. The rest of the scene consisted of vaginal penetration where she was hit or miss in terms of how active she was, the facial nothing special.

Scene Four: They Did The Mash: Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan were next up in matching pink & black lingerie, showing the kind of passion and energy I was expecting from them in the rest of the scenes when I heard about the title months ago. While just a lesbian scene, the two displayed a kinship and level of chemistry missing elsewhere here, the only issue I had with it being how much attention they paid to the camera. They used tongues and toys to bone each other too, making me wish one of their friends that enjoy tease would have shot this one (and provided a far longer bout of lesbian boning). For the most part, it was the best reason to pick up a copy as a rental, the gals getting each other off to the lame music.

Scene Five: Vagina: Bobbi Starr, a cute brunette that rarely disappoints in her scenes, was up last with Chris Charming, the gal all dressed up in lingerie that looked good on her. She teased with him, blew him, and bent over to get vaginally hammered by the guy, initially passive but picking up the pace a little as they moved about in terms of positions. This was not her best scene of the week and even the anal cowgirl position did not seem to suit her here, his pecker drilling her perfect pucker pretty hard from the looks of it. I admit to liking the way she milked him dry of his semen though, showing a need for seed rarely encompassed in the rest of the show.

Summary: Vogue Nasty by directors Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan for Antigua Pictures showed some potential but neither they nor their associates in the other scenes were showcased in such a fashion as to set this venture apart from the myriad of other scenes the couple have participated in over the years. The length of the flick was about half (or less) what the bigger gonzo companies are providing these days and the extremely annoying manner in which the scenes were broken down by act, stopping for a title card to tell what they were going to next every single time, was even more annoying than reading about it by some of the kiss ass reviewers online. The up side of the equation is that I have long found both ladies to be talented in their field of endeavor so I gave the show a rating of Rent It just because they were given so much screen time but whoever did the casting to include most scenes shot with Chris and Ethan really sunk the ship as far as I was concerned. In short, Vogue Nasty will be the kind of title slavering fanboys of Taryn and Poppy have been waiting for but as decadent as their collective vision might have been, it was not executed in a very competent manner, making me wonder if there might have been some drama holding the production back.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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