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Slice of Pie, A

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/5/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Andre Madness
Cast: Baby Jayne, Carmen Luvana, Clara G., Donny Long, Herschel Savage, Kylee King, Puma Swede, Seth Dickens,Trent Soluri.
Length: Length
Condoms: Yes
Bonus: One bonus point for Carmen Luvana, who won a 2008 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Award.


Carmen Luvana and Herschel Savage star as husband-and-wife pizzeria owners in A Slice of Pie.Their restaurant, called, as you might guess, "A Slice of Pie," has fallen on hard times. In fact, Herschel sadly considers closing the place down because he can't pay the rent and the owner, played by Slick Rhodes (in a non-sex role), wants Herschel and Carmen to either buy the place or get out. Herschel is devastated and only a good, affectionate, and passionate lovemaking session with lusty Carmen can pull him out of his doldrums.

Concerned about his job, Donny Long, one of the pizza delivery boys, confides his worries to his favorite customer, a MILF housewife played by Puma Swede. You see, Puma always requests that Donny deliver her pizzas because he gives her a little more than she bargains for...tasty pizza plus a strenuous pussy pounding with his hard sausage. After giving Donny a slice of hersweet and tasty pie, Puma suggests that the other delivery boys follow his lead and deliver to their customers a little in-and-out action in addition to pizza. Puma admits that she knows lots of sex-starved housewives who would be excellent customers for the pizzeria and its virile employees.

Donny shares Puma's idea with his fellow deliverers--Trent Soluri and Seth Dickens--and they readily agree that it's worth a try. Puma's girlfriends soon burn up the phone lines to "A Slice of Pie" with their generous orders.

Soon, business is hopping so much that Herschel is barely able to keep up in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Carmen becomes a little suspicious of their newfound fortune. So, she insists on doing delivery duty one afternoon. To her surprise, she arrives at the home of the pizzeria's landlord--and finds his wife (Clara G.) hot and horny for one of the guys. Happily, Clara goes both ways and soon has her faced buried between Carmen's luscious labia.

Just as Carmen and Clara are finishing up their hot-and-heavy Sapphic lovemaking, Clara's husband, Slick Rhodes, returns home. He finds his gorgeous wife in bed with another dazzling Carmen and is either so turned on or infuriated that he has a heart attack.

In the end, the pizzeria succeeds beyond Carmen and Herschel's expectations and everybody fucks happily ever after.

A Slice of Pie is a very appealing couple-friendly feature directed by industry stalwart Andre Madness. The story is pleasing, the characters are likable (especially Trent Soluri's bubble-headed and not-quite-grown-up character), the acting is effective, the locations are appropriate and attractive, and the sex is hot. Not a bad way to spend about two hours of your time!

This is the first time in a long time that I've reviewed Carmen Luvana in a non-epic (huge budget...i.e., Pirates, Lady Scarface, or The Story of O) release. I really like what I see. Carmen's really attractive in a light-hearted comedy like A Slice of Pie. I look forward to seeing much more of her in future releases.

Check out some photos of the girls in A Slice of Pie here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable and sweet-looking--yet not so innocent--Carmen Luvana! Enjoy! 


A Slice of Pie is composed of a traditional five scenes...four are boy/girl and one is girl/girl. Cover girl and contract superstar Carmen Luvana is featured in two scenes: a b/g with Herschel Savage and a g/g with Clara G.

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Here's an overview of the five scenes:

  1. Scene One is a boy/girl encounter between Puma Swede and Donny Long set indoors in a bathroom. Puma is a striking blue-eyed blond MILF with huge nicely-sculpted tits; a shapely, hard, and athletic body; a firm and shapely ass; a landing-strip of pubic hair pointing toward her pretty, pink, capacious, and juicy pussy that gapes beautifully; long and shapely legs; and pretty pedicured feet. Foreplay consists of fellatio and titty-fucking.Vaginal sex takes place in 1) missionary; 2) standing doggie; 3) reverse cowgirl; and 4) cowgirl. Pop: While fucking Puma in cowgirl, Donny pops inside Puma's pussy (nice close-ups). She stands up, licks his semen off his belly and rod, and sucks him dry. Girl's orgasm: Puma experiences a magnificent body-shaking orgasm during doggie. Four and one-half stars.
  2. Scene Two features Baby Jayne and Trent Soluri in a boy/girl twosome. It is set indoors in the entryway of Baby Jayne's house. Baby Jayne is a long-haired girl-next-door brunette with big, brown, and mesmerizing eyes. She has medium-sized breasts with hard and erect nipples, a welcoming body, and a landing-strip of pubic hair crowning her beautiful, inviting, and easily-gaping pussy. Foreplay includes tit-sucking, kissing, ass squeezing, deep-throat-intensive fellatio, and excellent cunnilingus (Trent also sucks and jacks Baby Jayne's clit in addition to licking and tongue-fucking her beautifully-gaping vagina). Vaginal sex begins in reverse cowgirl (Baby Jayne's juicy cunt soaks Trent's dick as soon as he slides in) and then progresses to 2) spoon, 3) kneeling doggie; 4) missionary; and 5) spoon again. Pop: Trent pounds Baby Jayne's cunt furiously in spoon until he plants his seed inside her welcoming pussy. The camera zooms in as his elixir slowly drips from her bright-red hole. "I don't let my husband cum inside of me. But, I'm not gonna stop you, though!" Of course, Trent smiles triumphantly. Girl's orgasm.Sadly, Baby Jayne doesn't appear to have climaxed during the scene. Three and one-half stars.
  3. Scene Three stars blond Latina box-cover-girl Carmen Luvana and the legendary Herschel Savage (damn, I wish my cock had his rod's experience!). The scene takes place in the couple's bedroom on their comfortable--and comforting--bed. Carmen is a drop-dead gorgeous woman with big brown eyes; perfect curves in all the right places; marvelously enhanced breasts; an ass so inviting and shapely that you'd swear it belongs to an African-American chick; a completely bald pussy; beautifully-manicured fingernails; a small tattoo of a devil on her abdomen above her pubic area; and an angelic face (just look at her picture on the box cover!) that can appear innocent and wicked at the same time. In addition to her superb physical characteristics, Carmen is a gifted actress.Foreplay is very loving and cathartic and begins with a stress-busting massage/lap dance. The foreplay that follows is so fucking hot that I dare you to watch it without your cock swelling or pussy dripping! Carmen can ignite anybody's lust! And, Herschel does a hell of a nice job pleasing Carmen's pussy with fingers and tongue, too! Condom-protectedvaginal sex begins in missionary and continues through 2) kneeling doggie; 3) reverse cowgirl; and 4) spoon. Pop: Herschel pounds Carmen's vagina in spoon until he's ready to explode. Then, he slips out, tears off his condom, and shoots his load all over Carmen's shapely ass as she turns her angelic face toward him and smiles sweetly. Girl's orgasm:Carmen's eye glaze over with lust as pleasure pushes her over the top during reverse cowgirl. Four and one-half stars.
  4. In Scene Four, pizza boy Seth Dickens makes more than one delivery to Kylee King. This boy/girl scene is set indoors on a couch in front of a picture window overlooking a lush green hillside. Kylee is a cute, brown-eyed, and long-haired brunette. She has a pretty face with an easy and quite electric smile; pretty all-natural medium-sized breasts with perky nipples; a hard and attractive body; tattoos on her tailbone, upper left arm, and wrist; a bald pussy; and a clit that grows large and erect when it's happy. In addition, her legs are very shapely and she has pretty feet. And, her finger- and toenails are beautifully painted. During foreplay, Kylee and Seth really please each other orally. They begin by sharing an open-mouthed kiss. Then, they progress through incendiary cunnilingus and scorching-hot fellatio (I've written more about this foreplay below in # 8 of my favorite things about A Slice of Pie). Sex begins after Kylee begs, "You wanna fuck my little pussy?" She then lays down in missionary and exclaims, "You gonna finally give me what I ordered?" After missionary, sex continues in: 2) cowgirl; 3) reverse cowgirl (Kylee's bouncing and grinding moves are awesome as she fucks him back during reverse. And, her tits bounce beautifully, too!); and 4) kneeling doggie. Pop: After fucking Kylee doggie style until he reaches the point of no return, Seth pulls out and sprays his load directly into her mouth. After she swallows, she exclaims, "I love my sausage pizza!" Girl's orgasm: Kylee explodes during cunnilingus and then her pleasure continues unabated throughout sex. Four and one half stars.
  5. Although A Slice of Pie doesn't have any bad scenes, I do think they saved the best for last. Perhaps that's because it's a girl/girl featuring Carmen Luvana and equally horny blond Clara G. I am addicted to girl/girl sex and I'm nuts for Carmen. How could the scene lose? This orgasm-intensive scene is set indoors atop a very elegant and ornate bed covered with simple and elegant blankets. I've already told you a bit about Carmen's luscious body (in Scene 3). So, here's the word on Clara...she's a statuesque blond with piercing blue eyes, a long and muscular torso supported by shapely and never-ending legs, beautiful all-natural medium-sized breasts with rock-hard proud nipples, an absolutely gorgeous pussy crowned with a landing strip of fine wispy hair (wait until you see Carmen spread its lips wide open), and pretty lickable feet. Yep, Clara's body is fucking fine and it makes a magnificent slate on which for Carmen to write her lust. Foreplay includes all-over body caressing and licking, tit squeezing and licking, nipple suckling, French kissing (lots of tongue-on-tongue action), pussy rubbing, foot licking and toe suckling. When it's time to penetrate pussy, Clara lies back missionary style and enjoys Carmen's multiple-finger-fucking and clit-licking and -slapping technique. While pulling Carmen's pretty blond hair, Clara grinds her cunt against Carmen's face to increase her pleasure. And, she grabs Carmen's hand to piston it ever faster in-and-out of her own pussy (this is hot stuff!). Needless to say, Clara's subsequent orgasm is body trembling. Afterward, Carmen and Clara share a passionate kiss, Clara tears off Carmen's panties, and then Carmen straddles Clara's face and fucks it! Wow! This footage is fucking gorgeous and Carmen's moves areamazing. Believe me, this segment is must see...especially when Clara shoves multiple fingers up Carmen's cunt and fucks her while Carmen jacks her own clit. Even better, Clara uses her other hand to fuck her own pussy! As the action continues, Clara sits on the headboard of the bed and Carmen kneels in front of her so she can rapidly jack and slap Clara's oh-so-sensitive clit and multiple-finger-fuck her cunt. Meanwhile, Clara squeezes her own boobs, rocks her hips to force Carmen's fingers deeper into her pussy, and frantically jacks her own clit. She also adds her own fingers to Carmen's to fill her cunt with at least four fingers. Clara so appreciates Carmen's actions that she whispers, "I wanna make you cum now!" So, Clara has Carmen stand at the head of the bed and raise her left foot to rest on the headboard. This gives Clara access to Carmen's scrumptuous pussy, which, of course, Carmen soon stuffs with multiple rapidly thrusting fingers. Meanwhile, Clara squeezes and spanks Carmen's delectable ass cheeks. To push Carmen "over the cliff" to orgasmic nirvana, Clara positions herself under Carmen's pussy so she can vigorously suck on her clit while continuing to multiple-finger-fuck her pussy. When Carmen's body rewards her with an orgasm, I literally shouted, "Way to go, Carmen," at my computer's screen. Afterward, Carmen sucks her cum off of Clara's fingers and the girls enjoy a kiss. Four and one-half stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Overall, the 16:9 letter-boxed video is quite good. For the most part, the exposure, color balance, and color saturation are right on. However, there are a few shots in which the action we want to see is partly hidden by shadows. The camera movements are fluid and are not jerky and the camera angles and close-ups effective. The editing is effective throughout the movie...especially during the dialog. During sex, edits don't leave the viewer with the impression something important was missed. The video, which I doubt was shot in HD, is crisp and clear at normal sized and only slightly soft and pixelized when blown up to fill my 24" computer monitor. Four and one-half stars. 

Audio (technical): The audio, presented in Dolby Digital, is generally OK. Some of the "sex chat" that the performers employ while fucking is not very audible at normal volume levels. However, the actual dialog during plot development and the sweet sounds of sex are always completely audible. There is a musical soundtrack, but the music never overpowers the on-screen action. Three and one-half stars. 

Extras: In addition to full-motion chapter selector and interactive menus, this DVD-9 disc contains a nearly 10-minute-long series of enlightening interviews with Carmen Luvana, Clara G., Puma Swede, and Kylee King; a nine-minute behind-the-scenes look at the making of A Slice of Pie (it contains bloopers and outtakes, glimpses of makeup, and rehearsals); a nine-minute self-running slide show; a 17-minute bonus threeway b/g/g/anal from Tailgunners that features Kylie Worthy, Mia Bangg, and Lexington Steele; previews of eight Adam & Eve releases; phone-sex ads; and ads for Adam & Eve products available through adameve.com. Four stars. 

Production Values: A great deal of effort went into the visual production of this movie...and I applaud that. The locations, sets, and costumes are all appropriate. I think some additional emphasis should have been placed on makeup, however. The musical soundtrack is not annoying, but it is rather trite (I've heard all the tracks during many other movies). The music doesn't sound as if it were chosen to specifically support the on-screen action of any given scene. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Here are some things I really liked about A Slice of Pie:

  1. Carmen Luvana is a superstar. Here are just a few of the things I adore about her in A Slice of Pie: 1) She uses every part of her body--from her hands, to her tits, to her butt, to her smile, to her voice--to prepare her partner for sex during foreplay. Believe me when I say, during foreplay Carmen will make your blood boil and your cock swell or pussy drip. 2) Carmen also really knows how to fuck...wait until you see her thrusting and grinding moves...especially during reverse cowgirl. 3) Carmen really knows how to use a combination of English and Spanish commentary to tease and please. 4) Finally, it goes without saying that Carmen is fucking gorgeous. I, being a tits and ass man, especially enjoy her bouncing big boobs and her meaty and shapely ass. However, every part of Carmen's body is definitely delectable.
  2. Carmen appears in two scenes: a boy/girl and a girl/girl.
  3. Two of the scenes end in cream pies. Truthfully, I'm a sucker for cream pies and personally hate to pop any other way. Sadly, I see far too few internal pops integrated into porn titles...unless the movie is a specific cream pie release. Frankly, I get oh-so-tired of seeing guys pop on girls' faces...especially if the girl doesn't like facials or doesn't swallow. I think that pops should vary from scene to scene in a movie and that cream pies should be regularly employed. Thanks to director Andre Madness for a slice of "cream" pie.
  4. The plot is quite pleasant. It's an amusing story line that doesn't overshadow the sex. The video and dialog that tell the story are well-acted and were nicely captured and edited.
  5. There's a whole "MILF" (mothers I'd like to fuck) sub context going on throughout the movie. The women who order pizzas to be delivered by the pizzeria's delivery boys are definitely sex-starved and horny as hell. However, they're also, for the most part, quite attractive yet slightly older than the average porn chick. That's not at all unpleasant given the quality of their bodies...especially Puma's and Clara's.
  6. I like the play on the word "pie." During A Slice of Pie, "pie" obviously refers to pizza. However, it also refers to the girls' pussies and to the scrumptious cream pies that end two of the scenes.
  7. Puma's tits are magnificent. They're huge, superbly sculpted, big enough to fuck and bounce during sex, and tempting enough to squeeze and suckle. Speaking of Puma, her entire body is stunning. And, she gives a high-energy and erotic performance...especially in reverse cowgirl.
  8. The oral sex that begins Scene Four is stupendous. First, Seth performs tongue-intensive cunnilingus on Kylee's pussy that drives her wild with lust. Kylee literally squeals with delight until she cums volcanically. Frankly, I think that Seth enjoyed burying his tongue inside Kylee's cunt as much as I would. To repay his ministrations, Kylee pulls down Seth's pants, exclaims, "Oh, WOW!" and gives him and enthusiastic and perfectly protracted blow/hand job that includes lots of eye contact with Seth, slobbery stringers, jaw breakers, throat fucking (Seth fucks her throat), and cock-swallowing deep-throat action.Never has a woman showed her love for cock more than Kylee!

Here are some things I didn't like about A Slice of Pie:

  1. I don't like condoms. I respect Carmen's need for safety. But, I still don't like condoms.

Here are some of my ideas about how A Slice of Pie could have been better:

  1. I think some more interesting positions could have been used. I like to see standing sex (when the guy carries the girl and tosses her up and down on his cock while she either faces him or away from him). I also really like 69 and standing 69 (when the guy holds the girl upside down so that can please each other orally).
  2. I think that Donny should have spent more time suckling and otherwise worshipping Puma's tits. My God, they're amazing and deserve reverence!
  3. The movie may have benefited from a better-known female cast. As it is, Carmen is definitely a draw. However, some of the other women are not as easily recognized (one of the girls has only been in five movies). Perhaps the movie would sell better had at least one more "big name" been featured.
  4. The musical soundtrack is boring. Well, if you'd only heard it once, it would be OK. However, I swear that I have heard each and every musical selection in movies from director Andre Madness and from other studios.
  5. I think a tad more emphasis should have been placed on make-up. Of course, we all get pimples on our butts. However, a dab of make-up would have concealed those temporary blemishes on the girls' cheeks.
  6. There should have been more emphasis on "motivating" commentary by the girls during sex. I love it when girls talk "dirty" during sex, don't you?
  7. There probably should have been at least one anal penetration--at least a finger or during the girl/girl scene.
  8. I think Carmen and Clara should have used toys during their girl/girl scene.

Dr. Jay

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