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Pornstars Like it Big

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/5/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: None listed.
Cast: Andrew Andretti, Carmella Bing, Chris Strokes, Gianna Michaels, Gina Lynn, Johnny Sins, Lichelle Marie, Nikki Benz, Shyla Stylez, Sienna West.
Length: Length
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus stars: one for condom-free sex and a second for the cast that includes three of my Dr. Jay's Must See Girls (Carmella Bing, Shyla Stylez, and Gianna Michaels) all in the same volcanic scene!


Pornstars Like It Big is a five-scene vaginal-only movie featuring the busty girls of Brazzers.com and guys with humongous cocks. Four of the scenes are wall-to-wall (all-sex) scenes in which the guys and girls pay attention to each other, but not to us. The fifth scene, however, is gonzo and Sienna West, its star, keeps us in the loop throughout the scene. There's a sixth scene, included as a bonus, that's also gonzo. It's anal-intensive and features superslut Sandra Romain

I must admit that I'm starting to wait impatiently for new Brazzers movies to arrive in my inbox. Not only do they feature busty and beautiful girls, but they also revolve around highly inventive and nicely played-out scenarios. In fact, the scene set-ups rival those of Jules Jordan who, as you might know, distributes Brazzers titles! For example, the car wash girls scenario in Scene Two of Pornstars Like It Big is tremendous! I loved it so much that just thinking about Shyla Stylez, Gianna Michaels, and Carmella Bing getting a Lamborghini--and each other--wet and soapy makes my jeans feel VERY tight.

Another scenario that deserves a mention is played out in Scene Four. Nikki Benz, after a disappointing shoot with a small-dicked guy, has her dreams come true when "Officer Big Dick" pulls her over for a speeding violation and then fucks her then and there--outside on the side of the road!

You should also know about one of the newer girls featured in Pornstars Like It Big. Her name is Lichelle Marie and her body...and her performances...are incendiary. You really owe it to yourself to see her naked and in action.

Finally, I'd like to mention Johnny Sins. For some reason, Johnny hasn't appeared in many movies that I've reviewed. But, he is featured in several scenes in this movie and I must say I'm impressed. Not only is his astonishing cock worth a title role in a movie entitled Pornstars Like It Big, but his pops are extremely impressive, too. If you want to envy somebody, Johnny's your man!

Overall, Pornstars Like It Big is a very worthwhile watch. Although the production values are not quite up to "XCritic Pick" status, and the video leaves a little bit to be desired (interestingly, four scenes are convention 4:3 and one is presented in widescreen), the overall feel of the scenarios and the sex is worth a look.

Check out some photos of the girls in Porn Stars Like It Big here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the three-girl carwash scene, and the images of sweet-looking and busty Lichelle Marie! Enjoy! 


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Pornstars Like It Big can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2008.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.


Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Gina Lynn, Johnny Sins

Overview: Gina wants a "big fucking dick." So, she calls an agent and requests Johnny Sins...today...now. Johnny's already booked for another scene. But, Gina won't take "no" for an answer. Eventually, Gina finds out where Johnny is and heads out to track him down. When Gina finds Johnny in a park, she reminds him that he "owes" her and forcibly brings him back to her place. Once they arrive at Gina's house, she literally attacks his dick and gives him an amazingly-slobbery blowjob that is definitely world class. Later, he pleases Gina by suckling/squeezing her tits and eating her pretty and tasty pussy. Then, he plunges his dick inside her pussy and fucks her in mish. Later, they transition to reverse where Gina shows off her extremely sexy moves as she works Johnny's immense cock into her tight twat. Once she's swallowed him balls-deep, she fucks him for a short while and then turns around to continue vaginal sex in cowgirl. Gina really works Johnny's huge cock well as it stuffs her pussy balls-deep. Meanwhile, Johnny squeezes Gina's meaty ass cheeks. In due course, Johnny takes over the thrusting action as he pistons in and out of her dripping wet cunt at redline speed. Gina loves it and encourages Johnny's lust and passion by using well-chosen naughty words. After taking a break to suck Johnny's cock clean using deep-throat pussy-to-mouth, Gina lies on her side so that Johnny can fuck her spoon style from behind. This is a great position for us to savor Gina's bouncing boobs, toned abs, bald pussy, pretty face, and flowing blond hair. And, Johnny even gapes her pussy for us! During spoon, Johnny takes a break to taste Gina's pussy juice by licking her cunt. Later, after Gina begs Johnny to "Fuck me like a dog," Gina kneels on the couch for some hard and deep doggie that, as you might expect, causes her meaty ass cheeks to jiggle delightfully. During doggie, Gina takes repeated short respites for peep-throat pussy-to-mouth. Later, Gina lubes her tits and Johnny's cock with oil and then invites him to fuck her cleavage. First, however, she gives him another superb combination hand/blowjob. When Johnny does get his cock between Gina's tits, she squeezes her boobs tightly around his pistoning rod and even licks his tip as it emerges from her cleavage. Meanwhile, Johnny reaches around to multiple-finger-fuck Gina's vagina. Throughout this segment, Gina encourages Johnny with lots of nasty talk. Later, Johnny and Gina return to mish for more tit-bounce-inducing vaginal sex. Johnny fucks Gina until he's ready to pop. Then, at the last second, he pulls out and showers her face, tongue, tits, and belly with an incredibly forceful and voluminous spray of semen. Gina scrapes cum off her face and eats it and then sucks and milks his spasming cock until it's empty. "It always tastes good," she coos. This is a solid scene that, unfortunately, lacks a female orgasm. 

Sex rating: 3.95
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 3.00
Production values rating: 3.60

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl/girl/girl foursome
Performers: Gianna Michaels, Carmella Bing, Shyla Stylez, Johnny Sins

-- sponsored by --

Overview: Johnny Sins is back, this time playing the manager of an automotive accessories store. Johnny needs to have a customer's car (a Lamborghini, no less) washed. So, he calls "Brazzer's Carwash" and asks them to send three of their hottest big-boob girls over to wash the car. The action then cuts to a street where three of my Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls (Carmella Bing [2007], Shyla Stylez [2008], and Gianna Michaels [2008]), dressed in miniscule bikinis that cannot contain their immense tits, are dancing wildly and carrying a "car wash" sign in order to attract customers. Carmella soon tells her girlfriends that Johnny needs them to go to his place to wash a Lamborghini. So, they get their stuff together and head off to Johnny's shop. When they first see the car, parked outside the shop in a parking space, they are, needless to say, impressed. And, their enthusiasm shows as they lovingly bathe the gorgeous car. Believe me, you're gonna love watching the three stupendous, barely-clad, wet, soapy, and giggling women wash the lucky Lambo--and each other (even their tits and pussies)! I know I thought I was in heaven looking at three of my favorite angels! After several absolutely delicious minutes of one of the hottest sex-scene-setups you'll ever see, the car and the girls are squeaky clean. So, the girls go inside to collect their money. Johnny tries to pay with a check...and the girls balk: 'We don't take checks!" Johnny insists that he doesn't have any cash. But, dubious Gianna doesn't believe him. So, she thrusts her hands into his pants pockets. But, as you already guessed, all she finds is his cock, which she squeezes through his pants. "I don't know what to do!" exclaims Johnny. On the other hand, Gianna knows exactly what to do and holds her fingers about a foot apart so that the other girls get her meaning. Of course, Shyla's and Carmella's eyes light up immediately given Gianna's estimation of Johnny's immense cock size. The girls, however, want proof. So, they tug down his pants and are NOT disappointed in what they find: "How about you pay us in cock?" Who'd say no? The girls then take Johnny into the back room, toss a blanket onto the floor next to a sweet Mercedes coupe, and then cooperate to please his cock with their hands, tongues, and mouths. What could be better than three girls on one penis? How about multiple girls taking turn deep-throating? And, how about savoring six stupendous tits and taking turns kissing three hot and tasty mouths while the girls gobble your cock and balls. Or, how about watching the three girls please each other WHILE they please you? Believe me, no guy has ever had it better than Johnny! Carmella gets fucked first--in doggie. Carmella's girlfriends lick her pussy to lube it and make sure that Johnny's rod is slippery with spit. Then, he slides into Carmella and fucks her pussy while the other girls please her, each other, and Johnny with their hands, tongues, and mouths. And, they keep Johnny's cock clean with pussy-to-mouth, too. Of course, the girls also encourage each other with screams and torrents of naughty commentary. Meanwhile, Johnny pulls on the girls' hair. Next, Shyla lies on her back. After her girlfriends lube her pussy with their spit, Johnny slides into her slippery and perfectly groomed pussy and fucks it. Johnny's actions cause Shyla's pierced tits to bounce joyfully. Meanwhile, Shyla and Gianna jack Shyla's clit while Carmella eats Gianna's pussy. It doesn't take long for Shyla to experience an incendiary orgasm. After Shyla cums, Johnny continues to pound her hard--and doesn't let her down from her orgasmic high. So, she, of course, cums again. Then, the girls take turns sucking Shyla's cum off of Johnny's cock. Once Johnny's rod is clean, Gianna mounts and fucks Johnny in reverse while Carmella and Shyla eat each other out in 69. Believe me, you've never really lived until you've watched amazing Gianna fuck! Her moves would give the Pope a hard-on. And, her bouncing tits can raise the dead. I'm sure you'll agree that she definitely is one of the best--a true Must-See Girl! Anyway, Gianna fucks Johnny hard and with increasingly frenzied moves until she cums. Then, Shyla and Gianna suck Johnny's cock clean while Carmella fucks his face. Next, it's Carmella's turn again. This time, Carmella mounts him in cowgirl and, after Shyla guides his cock into her pussy, she fucks him fast, hard, and deep using extremely erotic moves as he lies on the floor and enjoys the ride, occasionally taking an opportunity to spank Carmella's meaty and shapely ass cheeks. Meanwhile, Gianna straddles and fucks Johnny's lucky face. After a while, Shyla and Gianna pull Johnny's dick from Carmella's vagina and suck it clean. Then, after reinserting his dick into Carmella's pussy so she can continue fucking Johnny, Shyla and Gianna go after each other like wild and giggling animals. After a while, the girls suck Carmella's pussy juice off of Johnny's cock and then all three girls bend over the hood of the sweet Mercedes coupe so Johnny can take turns fucking them in doggie. Is this every man's dream, or what? Of course, each girl sucks and licks her own girl-juice off Johnny's cock before he moves on to the next lucky cunt. And, while one girl is getting fucked, her girlfriends don't hesitate to rub their hands all over her flesh, squeeze her tits, or kiss her mouth. Talk about great cooperation and incendiary chemistry! Gianna's the last to get fucked in doggie. But, she's reluctant to give up Johnny's massive dick. So, she turns around to face him, slides his cock back into her pussy, and then they fuck while standing. What an insatiable slut! What a must-see girl Gianna is! After Gianna shudders through an orgasm, all three girls attack Johnny's cock and balls with their insatiable mouths, tongues, throats, and hands (nice POV footage). You're simply not going to believe how Shyla can deep throat Johnny's entire HUGE cock. To finish up this amazing scene, the three girls kneel on the floor tit-to-tit and then Johnny erupts onto their breasts. His pop is so generous that he sprays each girl's magnificent rack with at least two spasms of sperm! Then, Gianna sucks Johnny dry while Shyla and Carmella mash their cum-covered tits together. Shyla then licks the semen off of her girlfriends' tits. This scene is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable I've seen in 2008!

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 3.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.50

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Lichelle Marie, Andrew Andretti

Overview: Scrumptious Lichelle Marie walks into a locker room, opens her locker, strips off her clothes (her body is fucking amazing!), grabs a towel, and enters a large communal shower. Then, she adjusts the spray and temperature, soaps up, and washes her stunning curves. After a while, Andrew Andretti, walks into the locker room and is shocked to find Lichelle stark naked in the shower: "The gym is closed!" He further explains that he is the owner of the club, that he has to get cleaned up for a meeting, and that the men's shower is out-of-order. Lichelle accepts Andrew's explanation and agrees to let him shower alongside her...so long as they don't look at each other. Yeah, right. They both shower for a while (of course, Andrew spends a lot of time soaping-up his rod) and Lichelle can't help but take a peak at Andrew's huge cock: "Whoa! That's really big! I don't think I've ever seen a cock that big!" Of course, Lichelle simply must grab a handful--or two! Touching leads to stroking which, as you might expect, leads to fellatio and stringers. Meanwhile, both Lichelle and Andrew caress each other's flesh...Andrew particularly likes to squeeze Lichelle's stupendous and beautifully-sculpted boobs and stroke her pretty blond hair. In due course, they turn off the shower and towel off. At this point, Andrew goes wild, sucking, squeezing, caressing, groping, kissing, and stroking Lichelle's magnificent body...especially her breasts. Lichelle soon lies on her back atop a bench and then Andrew straddles her chest so that he can fuck her tits and her mouth. Meanwhile, Lichelle encourages Andrew with nasty commentary and giggles with delight as her face beams with delight. As foreplay continues, Andrew turns his attention to Lichelle's lovely bald-shaven vagina. He licks and suckles her labia and clit, strokes her clit with his fingers, and makes her groan ecstatically. Meanwhile, she shoves her hips back and forth to fuck his face and licks and squeezes her to-die-for tits. After Andrew makes Lichelle cum, he stands and slides his cock into her wet pussy for a little missionary action. While he pounds her, Andrew reaches down to squeeze her boobs while she, in turn, encourages him with well-chosen words and passionate screams. Next, Lichelle, using a very smooth transitioning move, simply sits up so that she can fuck Andrew in cowgirl for a short while until she lies back down again for more mish. Throughout this segment, during which they transition back-and-forth from mish to cowgirl and back, Lichelle's body looks absolutely stunning, her big tits bounce joyfully, her moves are hot and sexy, and her groans betray her obvious bliss. After a short time out for pussy-to-mouth, they resume their mish/cowgirl pattern and fuck each other crazy. While in cowgirl, Lichelle goes fucking nuts, bouncing up and down like a Jack-in-the-Box while squeezing her boobs and jacking her clit. Lichelle is not only gorgeous, but she's also a magnificent fuck! I could literally watch her all day! I particularly enjoy how she bends down during cowgirl to shove her big tits into Andrew's mouth. Of course, he responds by greedily sucking her nipples and squeezing her boobs. And, he grabs handfuls of her ass and belly to squeeze, too. As the scene continues to unfold, Lichelle kneels on a towel on the floor and presents her ass to Andrew so that he can fuck her pussy from above and behind in doggie as he crouches over her. While fucking her in doggie, Andrew not only gets to savor and spank Lichelle's perfectly-shaped and blemish-free ass cheeks, but also her bright red Playboy Bunny tailbone tattoo and sweat-glistening flesh. He also gets to enjoy her hot and sexy moves as she hurls her body back and forth to fuck him deep. And, he takes pleasure in her nasty vocabulary as their passions escalate. After a brief time-out for pussy-to-mouth, Andrew lies on the floor behind Lichelle so that they can fuck in spoon. Believe me, there's no better position than spoon for you to savor Lichelle's incredible sweaty body! Andrew continues to ream Lichelle's cunt until he nears orgasm. Then, she coos, "You gonna cum all over my face and tits? Give me a big fucking load!" Andrew does the lady's bidding. At the last possible second, he pulls out of Lichelle's pussy, stands, and then lets loose a generous load all over her face and tits and into her open mouth. She then scoops wayward semen into her mouth, gives him a quick vacuuming suck, and turns her pretty eyes and dazzling smile toward Andrew. Very nice scene...superb girl! 

Sex rating: 4.80
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.70

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Nikki Benz, Chris Strokes

Overview: While driving home from a disappointing shoot, busty Barbie-doll Nikki Benz talks on the phone with her friend about how the guy she worked with has a tiny penis. "I'm so freakin' pissed off!" Soon, she makes her real feelings known: "I need a BIG dick! Do you know what I mean?" Just then, she notices the cop in her rearview mirror and has to pull over. The cop, played by Chris Strokes, approaches Nikki's window and does the whole license and registration bit. While she hands over documents, Chris tells Nikki that she was speeding. Nikki tries to explain by telling Chris how she's had a horrible day, how she's nervous, and how she forgot the speed limit. Chris, of course, doesn't buy Nikki's story. Nikki, on the other hand, soon recognizes that Chris is a porn star: "Is this a joke? Am I being punked?" Even though Chris explains that porn is in his past and that he's now an officer of the law, Nikki confides that she got into the business because of him...that she's always wanted to work with him. "You are so gifted down there and that's just what I needed!" Chris tries to resist. But, Nikki won't take "no" for an answer. So, she reaches through her truck's window and squeezes his rod through his pants. Then, to get better access, Nikki gets out of the car, drops to her knees, strokes and licks Chris' huge cock through his uniform pants, opens his pants, pulls out his penis, rejoices in its size, slips her tits out of her top, and, right there on the side of the road, gives him an impassioned blowjob. Once Nikki has Chris fully erect, she compares his dick to his baton...and finds the baton woefully lacking. Nikki continues to give Chris slobbery stringer-intensive head (she even manages to deep-throat about half its incredible length) and then uses his rod to spank and fuck her glorious tits. Meanwhile, Chris strokes Nikki's flowing blond hair. After a while, Chris bends Nikki over, spreads her butt cheeks, and briefly licks her pussy. Then, he escorts her to the back of her truck, opens the tailgate, has her sit on a blanket that she uses to cover the truck's bed, removes her panties, spreads her legs and labia, and spits on her vagina. Then, both Nikki and Chris work together to please her pussy: she rubs her clit with perfectly manicured nails while he, in turn, strokes, licks, and suckles her spit-soaked labia, probes her vagina with his tongue, and licks her pretty thighs. Meanwhile, Nikki talks nasty, groans passionately, and plays with her tits. After a while, Chris rolls Nikki over into doggie, buries his lascivious tongue between her ass cheeks, and spanks and jiggles her butt. Meanwhile, Nikki finger-fucks herself and talks naughty: "I want your fuckin' cock in me SO bad!" After Nikki rolls over on the truck's bed into mish, Chris responds to Nikki's plea by slipping his considerable penis into her accommodating cunt. Of course, he reams her deeply...so deep that his cock bottoms out! Nikki loves it and exclaims, "Oh, my God. It's SO fucking big! HOLY FUCK! That dick feels fucking amazing!" From our perspective, Nikki's tight hard body, beautiful bald-shaven pussy, and big bouncing tits look damned amazing, too. Speaking of big tits, Nikki spits on them so that Chris can rub and squeeze their lubricated flesh. After a while, Nikki offers to strip down for Chris. Remember, this is outdoors on the side of the road. You've really got to admire the brazenness of porn stars! Then--dressed only in a bra that, while tucked underneath Nikki's boobs, nicely accentuates her best-in-the-business enhanced tits--Nikki shoves Chris onto his back atop the truck's bed (his cock looks like a fucking flagpole (it's that long and vertical!). She straddles him in cowgirl, lowers her body down so that his cock slips into her vagina, and then fucks him nearly balls-deep with high-energy and very sexy moves. Chris, too, gets into the in-and-out action and powerfully pistons in-and-out of Nikki's cunt while she straddles him. Of course, Nikki's big and bountiful boobs bounce joyfully in response to their thrusts. During this segment, Nikki tastes her sweet pussy juice by sucking--and deep-throating--Chris' cock. As the scene continues, Nikki stands, turns around, and mounts Chris in reverse for more vaginal sex. Once he's inside her, Nikki bounces up and down powerfully while Chris keeps the works lubricated with his spit and spanks her stupendous butt cheeks with his baton and cock: "I've been a naughty, NAUGHTY girl!" Extremely high-energy reverse cowgirl sex, punctuated with bouts of slobbery pussy-to-mouth, is followed by another cowgirl ride for Nikki as she leans down and enjoys Chris' redline-speed strokes--strokes she matches with her own. Later, Nikki grabs Chris by the cock and leads him off the tailgate and around to the front of her truck where she again worships his cock with her insatiable mouth, globs of her spit, and her hands (she "double-fists" his rod by stroking it with both hands at once). Then, Chris bends Nikki over the hood of her truck, raises her left leg vertically so that her body is perpendicular to the ground, and fucks her in standing doggie while she pants ecstatically and caresses her own body (the camera angles and close-ups of Nikki's stuffed pussy and bouncing tits are superb). "I love your big dick! Fuck my little pussy with your big dick!" she implores. In due course, Nikki again strokes and swallows Chris' dick during pussy-to-mouth (lots of jawbreakers). Then, they return to standing doggie where they continue to fuck until Nikki demands, "Blow your fuckin' load on my face, Officer Big Cock!" Chris and Nikki pound each other with increasing fervor until he's ready to explode. Then, she squats in front of Chris so that he can shoot his load into her wide-open mouth and onto her big breasts. Nikki then voraciously sucks and milks him dry and swallows his semen. "Officer big dick, that was awesome!" Although I've got to admire the courage and brazenness of Nikki and Chris who were, after all, willing to fuck outside on the side of the road, I am disappointed that Chris never made Nikki cum. It's a shame because this is an otherwise memorable scene. 

Sex rating: 3.85
Video rating: 3.00
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 4.00

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Sienna West, Johnny Sins

Overview: Busty MILF Sienna peers through Johnny's backyard fence to spy on him as he sunbathes in the nude poolside. She turns to us, confesses that she's peeping on Johnny, and admits that she wants his really huge cock. Realizing that Johnny's asleep, brazen Sienna struts across his yard (we follow at ass height) so she can get a closer look. Sienna, who can now see her prey up-close-and-personal, is very pleased to note that Johnny's penis is full mast (he must be having a very sweet dream!). Drawn to Johnny's dick like moths to a flame, Sienna bends down and licks his shaft and, thus, awakens him. Sienna quickly explains, "I just couldn't help myself. I'm sorry!" "I'm not mad at all," he replies. Encouraged, Sienna attacks Johnny's rod with her hands, tongue, lips, and mouth. Sienna, spellbound by his length and girth, is positive that she'll never get it all the way down: "This dick is way too big!" However, that doesn't stop her trying...she chokes on it, makes stringers to it, licks it, double-hands it, strokes it, compliments it, and, in essence, worships it in every way known to woman. Realizing it's too hot outside, they decide to go indoors. Sienna grabs Johnny's dick and pulls him into the house where she shoves him onto a bed. Of course, she again attacks his dick with her insatiable mouth and practiced hands. And, she looks into our eyes to share her pleasure with us as his penis stuffs her cheeks with jawbreakers. Meanwhile, Johnny lets his hands explore Sienna's voluptuous body. Eventually, Sienna tugs up her blouse to release her massive mams from confinement. Johnny takes advantage of the situation to do some very pleasurable titty fucking. Sienna wraps her boobs around his pistoning rod...and his cock completely disappears into her spit-lubricated cleavage. But, that doesn't stop her from licking his tip when it emerges from between her breasts. After enjoying Sienna's tits for a while, Johnny turns his attention to her pussy. He positions her in mish, spreads her legs, tugs aside her panties, and attacks her pretty pussy (she has a V-shaped patch of pubic hair pointing to her clit) with his tongue. He spits on and tongue-fucks her pussy, licks and fingers her clit, bites her labia, and makes her pant with pleasure. Meanwhile, she squeezes her mammoth boobs and erect nipples. Eventually, Sienna simply must go on. So, she whimpers, "Oh, my God. I want it so fucking bad!" Johnny wouldn't think of disappointing the lady. So, he strips off her panties, slides behind her on the bed, rams his cock into her juicy cunt, and fucks her balls-deep in spoon while she squeals with pleasure, fingers her clit, and squeezes her humongous bouncing tits. Sienna seems to be surprised that she can take Johnny balls deep and continuously exclaims, "It's too much cock for me!" Not. Sienna's accommodating pussy completely swallows him with ease! Even so, she makes Johnny think he's really special when she cries, "I can't take it any more! It's too fucking big! I've never taken cock this beg before in my life!" After a while, Sienna and Johnny separate and she takes an opportunity to bare more of her body. Then, after Johnny spends a while worshipping her tits with his hands, Sienna begs him to fuck her in doggie. So, he positions her kneeling at the edge of the bed, spits on her cunt, reinserts his cock, and then pistons in and out as she screams out nasty and motivating talk. Meanwhile, her mammoth tits bounce and gyrate and her ass flesh jiggles in reaction to his balls-deep thrusts (nice camera angles and close-ups). Throughout this segment, Johnny keeps Sienna under control by pulling on her hair and increases her pleasure by squeezing her ripe and erect nipples. After taking a short respite to remove the last of her clothing, Sienna mounts Johnny in reverse cowgirl as he lies atop the bed, guides his penis into her slippery wet hole, and then fucks him with very long strokes that cause her untold pleasure. Johnny soon begins to match Sienna's thrusting and grinding movements and the two fuck each other like a well-engineered machine. Meanwhile, Sienna jacks her own clit and fondles her bouncing boobs. In due course, Sienna lifts herself off of Johnny's dick, performs pussy-to-mouth, and then they transition to mish. Before Johnny slips back inside, he takes a moment to lick his pretty vagina. Then, he fucks her powerfully, deeply, and at redline speed as she exclaims how she can feel his dick in her back and rib cage. Damn, seldom do you see a woman SO HAPPY to be fucking! Eventually, Sienna rolls onto her side and Johnny continues to fuck her without missing a stroke. After a while, Sienna screams through an orgasm, rolls back into mish (again, Johnny missed not a stroke!) and coos, "I want your creamy load. I can't wait to see it shoot out of that big cock!" Johnny responds by pounding her pussy even harder and, at the very last second, pulls out and shoots a very sizable load of semen onto Sienna's belly and tits. His ejaculations are so strong that some of his sperm overshoots Sienna's head! Wow. Is this guy loaded up on testosterone or what? "Holy shit! That's SO much!" she screams. Indeed. As Sienna massages Johnny's cum into her flesh, she exclaims, "I can't believe I took that big fuckin' cock!" Great job, Sienna! 

Sex rating: 4.80
Video rating: 3.00
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.60 


This DVD-9 Disc contains a full-motion chapter selector that identifies the girl or girls in each scene by name; a five-minute self-running slide show; a five-minute cumshot compilation; and website access information. More importantly, however, is a 40-minute bonus scene featuring Sandra Romain and Johnny Sins. This five-star anal-intensive gonzo scene is definitely a very welcome bonus and is, in my opinion, more valuable than behind-the-scenes features that often accompany contemporary adult DVDs. For this reason, I'm rating this selection of extras slightly above average...3.5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Overall sex rating: 4.48
Overall video rating: 3.30
Overall audio rating: 3.60
Production values rating: 3.88

Dr. Jay

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