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Eye Contact

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/14/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: 2009

Directed By: Brian Mills


Christopher Saint, David Anthony, David Dakota, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, Jay Roberts, Marco Blaze, and Tony Buff

Runtime N Rubbers: 3 Hours. Yes.

Scene One:

Marco Blaze

Marco Blaze(handsome with short black hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body) is hiking though the woods enjoying mother nature when he happens upon Dean Flynn (good-looking with brown hair, beard, and a toned/hairy body) taking a long ol' piss while wagging his clipped cock and what looks to be trying to write his name! Well, "when in Rome...."Marco quickly joins in hauling out his uncut junk and takes a nice long slash of his own. The dudes seem mesmerized by one another's yellow streams splashing on the earth's floor. Once finished "watering the lilies", the guys get down with some highly erotic deep tongue kissing 'n body rubbin'. Finding a dry spot, Dean sinks to his knees and chows down on his new pal's big fat dick cramming it into his mouth and giving it a complete oral workout. Naturally, Marco digs the blowjob and fills the forest with low moans and heavy breathing. Dean is quite talented and deep throats that thang all the way down to brown pubes followed by some tasty foreskin sucking.

 Marco turns around, hold onto a tree, and offers up his beautiful butt. Wanting a taste of man-tang, Dean spreads those cheeks, exposes Marco's tight shaved hole, and munches down on that tight pucker with plenty of tasty camera close-ups of the rimming. Dean spits on that hole, pats it, and teases it with his digits that lead Marco to reach around and finger fuck himself. Wanting to pleasure his new buddy, Marco blows Dean's dong giving one heck of a jaw job leading Dean to fuck that hot wet mouth. Overcome with carnal desire, Dean beats off and shoots a large thick load all over Marco's chest then laps it up like a hungry kitten to a bowl of milk. Marco jacks his meat 'n dumps a large thick offering of jizz on Dean's neck, chest, 'n stomach.  He plays copy cat and licks that cum off of Dean.  The dudes move their party indoors to a plush wooded summer house complete with great view, fire place, and comfy bed.

After more deep soul kissing, Dean eats Marco's asshole again with groovy camera shots of the munch-down and eventual finger fuck. Dean slowly sinks in from behind allowing his friend to grow accustomed to his tool and then fucks him nice 'n fast doggy style with excellent penetration shots from all angles: above, side, and below. This turns into some steamy good old-fashioned man-fuckin'! Having an itch to scratch, Dean lowers himself down on Marco's chubby boner for a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce where he goes hog wild cramming that meat up his asshole with lots of penetration shots from behind. Switching positions, Marco fucks the hell outta Dean missionary style and again there are plenty of close-ups of the in-out. "Fuck my ass! Come on!" Marco pulls all the way out and slide right back into Dean's gaping hairy man-cunt! Marco pulls his pork wildly working that foreskin back 'n forth and shoots a thick load of cum on Dean's six-pack abs. Dean is no slouch and produces a nice hot lava load on his stomach. Both dudes are totally into the action and each other making the entire scene a joy to watch.  

Scene Two:

Christopher Saint

After helping Tony Buff (handsome with closely-cropped black hair, light beard, and toned/smooth build) carry packages up to his apartment, Christopher Saint (good-looking with very short brown/ hint of gray hair, light beard, and toned/smooth body) tells his new pal that he seems "a little tense" and offers to help him "relax a little bit." Of course, "relaxing" for these two horny dudes includes deep tongue kissing and exploring one another's hot bods. Christopher's uncut tool is soon out and then he gets down on his haunches taking Tony's fat clipped cock down his throat. Dude gives excellent head deep throating that chubby pork with ease 'n sucking on those plump balls. Tony even spits on Christopher's mouth for extra lube. Christopher, now fully naked, hops up on a stool so that his stiff unclipped rod is mouth-level to Tony. Tony swirls his tongue around the covered knob and enjoys that tasty foreskin (including pulling on it with his lips and sliding his fingers under the flesh hood) before sliding his mouth up 'n down with some very good head.

Christopher digs the blowjob and begins fucking Tony's face fast 'n smooth. The foreskin play is very hot! The guys slide into a traditional sixty-nine with Christopher on top continuing the plug his pal's face while he slides that slab of beef in 'n out of his mouth. The viewer will also be able to see Christopher's tight hairy butthole as he services Tony. The guys get so worked up that Christopher squirts a large load that flies all over the floor and his ultra-tones stomach. Tony pulls his pud cutting loose with a big wet load all over Christopher's chest. Tony gets a naughty grin on his face and then pisses all over his bud's body. Christopher is highly turned-on by the golden shower and begins rubbing the warm liquid into his skin and even drinks some. Tony forces a very willing Christopher to bend over a table and then munches down on his tight hairy asshole. There's lots of groovy camera shots of Tony's pink tongue lapping away at that tasty man-hole.

Tony spits on the quivering starfish and continues to eat it while jacking his own meaty love muscles. Christopher loves having his bunghole licked and fills the room with low moans 'n heavy breathing. Tony slaps his cock against his bud's back and then slides a condom on. He slowly works his thang up Christopher's man-chute from behind and begins fucking him fast, smooth, 'n hard doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots from below. Once again, Christopher really digs the action 'n loudly moaning. Switching up, Christopher plays a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce riding that boner like a pro while his hard cock bounces around (and his foreskin completely covering his purple knob! Hot!).  Now in the missionary position, Tony fucks the heck outta his new friend with lots of penetration shots while Christopher beats his pork working that foreskin back 'n forth. "Oh fuck yeah, take it!" The dudes slide into short of a side/missionary where Tony bangs with long slow strokes. Tony Busts a thick nut on Christopher leading Christopher to squirt a large wet load all over his stomach.

Scene Three:

Gio Forte

Gio Forte (good-looking with a shaved head, beard, and muscular/hairy body) takes a break from his yard work and decides to seduce home owner Jay Roberts (good-looking with dark hair and a toned/smooth body). Jay is "busy" relaxing on his deck, listening to music while wearing his orange swim trunks 'n slowing rubbing the inside of this thigh. Jay sinks to his knees, opens Gio's pants revealing full dark pubes and a hard cut cock 'n chows down giving some mighty tasty head. Gio digs the blowjob so much that he holds the back of Jay's head and fucks his willing mouth long 'n smooth. Jay pulls his own swim trunks down exposing is dark bush and hard veiny unclipped dick. Gio gets on that thang sliding his mouth up 'n down which leads to a nice face fuck with excellent head. The dudes beat off with Gio squirting a huge wet load that sprays all over Jay's chest. Hot! Jay shoots a large thick load all over his pubes and stomach.

Both have powerful orgasms and then relax with some deep tongue kissing/sucking. The guys move their good times indoors where they make out with more soul kissing and body rubbing. Jay bends over on his bed leading Gio to munch down on his employer's tight hairy hole with some nice camera shots of the ass eating. Jay sure seems to love having his sensitive pucker licked. Gio rolls a rubber on and then sinks in nice 'n slow from behind and fucks Jay doggy-style. There's plenty of tasty penetration shots from behind as dude porks Jay fast 'n smooth making both guys fill the room with loud moans, groans, sighs, and heavy breathing. Gio switches to the missionary position where he continues to fuck Jay quick 'n lubed with nice penetration shots from above and below. Gio squirts another big wet load all over Jay followed by Jay cutting loose with another thick load on his stomach. Both dudes are clearly having a good time during this scene. Facial expressions do not lie.

Scene Four:

David Anthony

After sawing wood, David Anthony (handsome with dark brown hair, goatee and a toned/smooth body) catches David Dakota (good-looking with short brown hair, toned/lightly hairy body) in his garage stealing cash outta his wallet. Naturally, this doesn't sit too well with Anthony so he teaches the sexy thief a hot sexual lesson by man-handling him and demanding "Blow me!" Anthony unzips his tight blue jeans revealing dark pubes and a hard fat cut cock. Dakota finally gives in and chows down on that fucker leading to a good face fucking. Dakota gives it the good ol' college try and crams as much of that thick tool down his gullet as possible. Anthony eventually gets down on his haunches and takes care of Dakota's oral need buy sucking his stiff clipped prick with gusto and squeezing his low hangy nuts.

The dudes kiss with deep tongues, beat off, and shoot loads on each other's cocks. Ready for more action, the guys soul kiss, feel one another up, and Dakota slowly sinks down on that fat piece of man-gristle. He rides that hog like there's no tomorrow with plenty of penetration shots from behind. Anthony and Dakota take turns jacking Dakota's cock while he rocks 'n rolls. The guys stand with Dakota having one leg hiked up on a plywood table Anthony fucks him fast 'n hard from behind with lots of excellent penetration shots. Anthony then flips his bud over and gives him a good workout in the missionary position while Dakota yanks off dumping a large thick load on his pubes and stomach. Anthony dumps thick jizz on his fist.


Eye Contact is shot directly on HD video and presented in wide screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The videography by Paul Wilde and Jeff Slurry is strong providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to enjoy some groovy 'n soothing instrumental tunes along with all the hot sound of man-sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, and a behind-the-scenes featurette running 22 minutes that includes interviews with Tony Buff, Christopher Saint (this if hid first movie), the Two Davids, Marco Blaze, and Dean Flynn.


Titan Men's newest production Eye Contact is one hot movie. The direction, videography, editing, and sex are all very strong creating one big turn-on. The dudes are all hot, give energetic performances, and look to really be into the action.   I love director Brian Mills including footage of some of the guys rolling condoms onto their cocks. It only takes a moment and it's always best to play safe. As Ms. Chi Chi La Rue shouts, "Wrap it Up!!!!!!" I Highly Recommend.

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