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Boys Night at the Baths

Studio: Citiboyz » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 11/15/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


LENGTH - 1 Hour 9 Minutes

DIRECTOR - Steve Shay

CAST - Giovanni Summers, Jayden Grey, Brandon Cyler. L.T. Mkay and Aaron Castillan

GENRE - Semi-amateur twinks sucking and fucking

BODY TYPES - Very slim, smooth skinned 18-21 year old twinks with big dicks.

OVERVIEW - Five midwest twinks, three of whom look amazingly alike - go at it in the Workout Room, the Shower, a Room with a Bed and a Sitting Room of the Midtowne Spa in Milwaukee, WI.  They go quickly from a duo to a threesome to a five boy orgy.  The Citiboyz company is based in St. Louis, but this takes place up the pike a bit.  Giovanni is a dark Latin-looking youth who has appeared in other Citiboyz DVDs.  Brandon and Aaron look much like him, with very slim smooth, lightly muscular bodies, short dark hair and big dicks.  L.T. differs mainly by having longer, shoulder length hair.  The hunkiest, slightly taller, thick-dicked, and more muscular guy is Jayden.  All the scenes start off with long cock sucking sessions and end with fucking and cumming.


SCENE 1 - "WORKOUT" - JAYDEN GREY AND L.T. MKAY -  L.T. and Jayden, both dressed in sweats, are in the Workout Room.  L.T. is already doing some exercises when Jayden arrives on the scene.  Jayden adjusts the weights on a L.T's bench press, and he goes back to weight lifting with Jayden spoting for him.  Enough of that, and L.T. stands up, takes his shirt off and grabs some arm pulls, stretching his arms out. Jayden comes up behind him and comes on to him.  Suddenly Jayden is down to a brief white swim suit with his really big dick and balls pulled out for the now naked L.T. to suck on.  There is no accompanying music, so the young men have to rely on their sex talk to fill the silence.  Jay makes commands that L.T. is all to eager obey.  "Suck on that dick.  Oh yeah, suck that dick!"  (Ad lib dialog isn't their strong suit.)  L.T. doesn't get immediately hard, but Jayden gets bigger and bigger.  Then Jayden drops to his knees to work on L.T., who quickly rises to the occasion.  Despite his slight body, he has big shaved balls, shaved pubes and a ever growing dick.  They mutually stroke their dicks for a bit, and then L.T. sits on Jayden who's on his back, ramming him from below.  Jayden lubes L.T.'s dick and strokes it as he fucks his ass.  The two stand again, and L.T. grabs the pull weights, as Jayden pounds his naked ass from the rear.  The camera catches the action from below and above.  Jayden lies on his back again, with L.T. standing over him.  He jacks off and has a big noisy, convulsive orgasm on himself.  "Stroke that dick," Jayden orders.  L.T. does and shoots his load.

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SCENE 2 - "SHOWER" - AARON CASTILLAN, GIOVANNI SUMMERS & BRANDON CYLER -  Giovanni and Aaron enter the shower room, wrapped in towels, and immediately get naked.  Under the shower, the two kiss and play with each other's dicks, getting them hard.  They are so similar that they almost look like brothers, same height, weight, hair, coloring and dick size.  Giovanni has a bit more muscular definition.  After a long kissing and fondling session, they turn the water off, and Giovanni drops to his knees to suck on Aaron's big dick.  With the water off, there again is no sound but their ad libs.  Aaron has a big thick cock sprouting from a dark ring of pubic hair.  The shirtless Towel Boy Brandon stops by to check them out and enjoy the view.  He has an amazingly similiar look to the first two.  He pulls his dick out of his pants, rubs himself a hard-on and strokes away.  Giovanni is still down on the floor working on Aaron's red-headed boner.  Brandon moves closer, but they pay no attention to him.  The action slows a bit as Giovanni just keeps sucking.  I'm not sure just how Aaron keeps from shooting his load. (Unseen breaks, perhaps.)  Brandon looks as though he'd like to get his dick sucked, too, and Giovanni's could use some attention as well.  The DVD cuts to a room with a bed in it where Aaron is now fucking Giovanni on his stomach.  "Fuck, oh fuck.  You like that?  Feels so good."  Dialog like that and the sounds of sex fill the silence.  Then Aaron raises up, so Giovanni can suck on him some more.  Towel Boy Brandon reappears - first as a shadow, then in the flesh - and continues to jack off near the bed.  Aaron has tremendous resistance to cumming.  Brandon pushes his pants down and keeps going.  Aaron strokes Giovanni, but they totally ignore Brandon's presence.  Finally Aaron takes matters into his own hands and delivers a juicy cumshot on Giovanni.  Brandon gathers up some of Aaron's jizz to lube his stroking.  Aaron encourages them to, "Shoot that load.  Cum for me."  Giovanni pops his load, and then Brandon shoots his juice on him.

SCENE 3 - "5 BOY ORGY" -  GIOVANNI SUMMERS, JAYDEN GREY, L.T. MKAY, AARON CASTILLAN & BRANDON CYLER - The scene starts with Aaron and T.L., in a kind of sitting area, kissing in a chair, while Jayden and Giovanni are making out with one another.  L.T. drops to his knees to suck on Aaron, as Giovanni takes to sucking on Jayden's big dick.  More ad libbed dialog, like Jaden's, "Fuck yeah, suck that dick" is thrown out, as Giovanni certainly does.  Jayden looks like he wants a piece of Giovanni's ass, but Aaron comes over to alternate on Jay, leaving L.T. to jack off on his own.  Brandon enters with some fresh towels, "Need any towels?"  Jayden says, "No, but we could use you to suck dick."  Brandon drops the towels to work on Jayden, with Aaron and Giovanni helping him out.  Jayden stands to really drive his dick all the way down Brandon's throat.  When no one is looking, Brandon's pants drop, as he jacks off and continues to suck.  There is endless jabber going on among the guys, "That's hot.   Fuck his face,yeah!  That's hot."  Brandon moves to Aaron's hard-on to suck.  L.T. joins in to jack off.  Various guys swat Brandon's ass.  They push him around a bit, but he says nothing. (It struck me that he might not speak English.)  He works on everyone, but they're all eager to fuck his ass.  They bend him over a bench, and Jayden slips his dick in his butt, pounding his ass, as he in turn sucks on Aaron's dick.  L.T is across the way, sitting on Giovanni's dick as he sits in a chair, getting a deep fucking of his own.  The camera goes whirling back and forth, catching it all.  Jayden is doing what he certainly enjoys doing most, slamming his dick in a hot ass.  Then Giovanni takes over fucking Brandon, as he now sucks L.T., continuing his "spit-roasting", while Jayden takes to sucking on Aaron.  (There are slightly distracting mural drawings on the walls behind, Greek guys in togas, seen from the waist down only.)  All five jack off and end up cumming on Brandon, as he lies on his back, in what order it's hard to tell because the camera avoids focusing on their faces, and the lower portions of the guys are so similar.

VIDEO - The video is shot in Widescreen (16:9), labeled "Anamorphic" on the Box Cover.  There is nothing outstanding about the camera work, but it does seem to get the sexual action visible and accessible.

AUDIO - All the scenes are shown without benefit (or distraction) of music.  The only problem with that is that it compels the performers to add their own dialog, which they are only so-so at doing, or heavy sexual sounds.  A musical score might have made the sex more compelling.

EXTRAS - There is a solo scene of Jayden and his impressive cock, a Cumshot Reel and three hardcore trailers of other Citiboyz DVDs - TIGHT ASS TWINKS, BETTIN' OFF and HARD

FINAL THOUGHTS - This is a not overly-long DVD of, except for Jayden Grey, very similar young men.  I called it "semi-amateur" because, although they are undoubtedly being paid for their efforts, there is a quality of "just guys" getting together to have sex.  There is a certain "fake" quality to their sex talk, and even to their very participation.  Straight or gay, or somewhere in between?  You simply can't tell, although the level of passion seems a little low. Are these scenes created for their website use first or for this DVD, again, one simply cannot tell.  For twink fans, ones of these slim "semi-amateur" guys with nice big dicks, I would definitely label it RECOMMENDED.  

Rod Woodman

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