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Christy Canyon: The Lost Footage

Studio: Other » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/15/09

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The Movie:

Antigua's Christy Canyon The Lost Footage release is a collection of eighteen scenes compiling over four hours of the busty starlets finest moments - but none of it is really lost, in fact, it's culled from some of her more popular movies including Hot In The City and I Dream Of Christy to name just two. None of it is presented with any context whatsoever, making this basically little more than a simple collection of clips, but Christy's always fun to look at, so that's maybe not such a bad thing.

Scene One - Christy Canyon, Michelle Monroe, Marc Wallice, Wayne Summers: Christy and Michelle are hanging out in a 50s style diner. They start making out with Marc and Wayne on the counter and then everyone starts sucking dick and eating pussy. Michelle gets it missionary style on the table while Christy bends over the counter and takes it from behind. They hit it from one or two other positions and then the guys come on their respective partners' pelvis' and end the scene.

Scene Two - Christy Canyon, Michelle Monroe: Christy and Michelle are handing out in the kitchen talking. One thing leads to another and soon enough they're hugging, which leads to kissing, which leads to titty sucking. Michelle gives her pal a good finger fucking before eating her out and then they make out as the scene ends.

Scene Three - Christy Canyon, Randy West: Set in some sort of military control room where there are maps with blinking lights on them and giant computers, Randy and Christy make out. She gets his shirt off and his pants down and sucks him off and then she rides him reverse cowgirl style before bending over and getting fucked from behind. She rolls over and gets it missionary style and then Randy blows his load.

Scene Four - Christy Canyon, Tom Byron: Here Christy plays a hitchhiker who is picked up by Tom who is on a motorbike. They go back to his hideout and she gives him head and he fingers her. She gets on her doggy style back and he slips it into her after munching her box. He gets her on her back for some missionary style fun and then squirts onto her tits and face with some help from her busy hands.

Scene Five - Christy Canyon, Peter North, Sasha: The girls suck Peter's cock like it's going out of style to start this scene off. Christy gets on all fours and takes it from behind while Sasha works her tits, and then Christy gets it missionary style. Peter puts it between Christy's jugs and Sasha sucks the tip and then he puts it into Christy's mouth to finish things off with a slow motion spurt.

Scene Six - Christy Canyon, Johnny Ace: Christy's on the couch when buff and poorly dressed Johnny comes into the living room. They talk a bit and then she shows off her tits. She blows him and fingers herself and after a brief bit of missionary style pumping he pulls out and shoots his goop onto her tits.

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Scene Seven - Christy Canyon, Ron Jeremy: Ron comes out of the shower and finds Christy in bed looking fine in slinky black lingerie. He jumps on her and devours her tits before going down on her for a few minutes. She blows him and then sits on his face and then he gets her on her side and fucks her for a bit before she climbs up on top and rides him reverse cowgirl style. They go at it doggy style for a while and then Ron pulls out and shoots all over her lovely tits.

Scene Eight - Christy Canyon, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Tony Montana: Ron's hanging out with Peter North and his hair and Tony Montana on the couch. After they shoot the shit Christy Canyon comes in and they basically attack her. This scene is from I Dream Of Christy I think. They all play with her tits and get their cocks sucked and take turns fucking her pussy and her face. Each guy comes on her, one at a tie, mostly spunking on her legendary tits.

Scene Nine - Christy Canyon, Randy West: Christy gets out of her car and heads into an apartment building where Randy's sleeping soundly in bed. She wakes him up and he's ok with that, you can because he's pretty into getting his cock sucked. After she blows him he fingers her, eats her out and then she rides him. He pounds her missionary style for a few and then pulls out and shoots onto her pelvis to finish the scene.

Scene Ten - Christy Canyon, Sasha: Christy and Sasha are hanging out on the couch, just doing what girls do. After a bit of chit chat they start making out and as the clothes come off, the mouths find titties to suck and then head south. The girls eat one another out and do a bit of fingering and some scissoring too and everyone has a good time.

Scene Eleven - Christy Canyon, Tom Byron:After Tom finishes yapping about something and playing with some papers and looking official as Christy is talking to him from the opposite side of the desk, he flips his prick out and lets her go down on him. He eats her pussy and fucks her missionary style and we get a good look at this tits flopping around before she climbs up top and rides him cowgirl style. They got at it on the couch, missionary style, and then he blows his load on her.

Scene Twelve - Blake Palmer, Christy Canyon: Christy's in prison being interviewed by Ron Jeremy. He leaves and a prison guard, Blake, comes in. She makes eyes at him and they make out. She blows him for a good long while and then he sucks her tits before flipping her over and fucking her from behind. He eats her pussy and then they go at it missionary style until he decides to pull out and squirt a load onto her hairy box.

Scene Thirteen - Christy Canyon, Tianna, Frank James And Ron Jeremy: Again with another woman on a couch! Christy and Tianna make out and then start sucking one another's nipples. The eighties era dresses come off and Tianna eats Christy out. Frank James comes into the room and makes out with Christy while Tianna fucks around with Ron Jeremy. The girls give head and get fucked missionary style and doggy style until the guys decide to pull out and plop onto their respective partners.

Scene Fourteen - Christy Canyon And Frank James: Christy gets naked and starts sucking his cock and keeps at it, going down on him from a few different angles until he's about to blow and so she strokes him off and sucks him off into her mouth.

Scene Fourteen - Christy Canyon And Frank James: After some oral foreplay Christy shows off her smokin' body in her slinky black outfit. Mark appreciates it and shows her by fucking her missionary and doggy style and then coming all over her.

Scene Fifteen - Christy Canyon, Joey Silvera, and Tony Montana: Sitting at a bar, Tony's molested by Christy who gets his tie off and then takes his pants down to give him a good cocksucking. Joey shows up and starts making out with Christy as Tony fucks her from behind. The guys take turns fucking her pussy and her mouth while she lays on the bar and they finish the scene by coming on her tits and her pussy.

Scene Sixteen - Christy Canyon and Chantel, Frank James and Some Guy: The girls are making out on a couch while Frank takes pictures of them. They suck one another's tits and scissor fuck for a bit and then Frank and the other guy start getting in on the action by fondling Christy's goods. The girls hand out blowjobs and titty fucks and generally just take care of their boys until they shoot their loads into their mouths and across their racks.

Christy is a legend in the industry for a reason and this compilation shows off her skills quite nicely by supplying a good collection of scenes with men and woman. She's enthusiastic in pretty much every clip and always nicely photographed so that her natural and remarkable body is always looking good. There's a lot of material here and while some might not be able to look past the fashions and hairstyles of the era in which it was shot, those who can will definitely enjoy these clips.

The Video:

This material is all from the eighties shot on video era so it looks soft throughout. For whatever reason, skin tones tend to look very orange, giving everyone an overly tanned look that doesn't do the collection any favors at all. Look for tape roll aplenty and except pretty mediocre video quality throughout. In Antigua's defense, you can't make an old tape source look like something that it's not, but some color correction would have gone a long way here.

The Audio:

The English language Dolby Digital Mono audio is pretty unremarkable but it gets the job done. You won't have any problems understanding the dialogue or following the setups even if there is a bit of hiss in the mix from time to time.

The Extras:

This disc is completely barebones. It's got a static menu with a squished version of the photo you see on the cover and a 'Play Movie' button on it - that's it. No chapter menu, no trailers, no still gallery, nothing!


If you've already got these releases that these clips were taken from then there's really no need to bother with this as it offers no visual upgrade at all and looks about as good as the old VHS tapes that the material was lifted from. Christy Canyon fans who don't own this stuff can consider it recommended just for the sheer quantity of footage, but keep in mind that the quality ain't so hot. Everyone else? Rent it.

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