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Main Attraction, The

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/21/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date: December 1988

Written, Produced, and Directed By: Scott Masters


Matt Powers, Tim Lowe, Butch Taylor, Erich Lange, Brian Adams, Keith Panther, Chris Ladd, Peter Ashley, Vic Summers, and Tony Lanza

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 28 Minutes. Yes!


Ah! The 1980s! Bad teased hair-metal mullets, cool synthesizer tunes, and questionable acting. The Main Event follows the lives of a lusty all-male exotic dancing troupe (think Chippendales). The movie starts with the ultra hunky Matt Powers performing a hilarious dance while wearing white clam-digger pants and a short shirt that's tied in the front looking like something Mary Ann or Ginger would thin was high fashion. Dude shakes his groove-thang to some snappy new-wave instrumental tunes. Shake it, baby!

Matt Powers

Scene One:

Showing up late for work, Chris Ladd (nice-looking with blond feathered brush cut, toned/smooth body) feels the need to confess his latest sexual escapade to fellow dancers. The other guys seem to think Chris is somewhat of an asshole for always being late. That said Chris uses the local bus system to get to work when he notices the cute Keith Panther (hilarious red teased hair-metal mullet, muscular/smooth body) sitting across from him wearing tight leopard print pants, a short blue (with sparkles!) cut off tee shirt, and a long white coat. Keith notices dude staring at him and becomes incensed that Chris is staring at him like he's "some kind of freak"!

Never mind that his hard cock is obviously throbbing underneath those cheesy leopard pants. Standing so his crotch is eye-level with Chris, Keith barks, "why don't you take a good long whiff? Smell my hot fucking smell! You want me to fuck that face, don't you?" Chris gives himself over to absolute pleasure, yanks Keith's britches down, and reveals full pubes, plump balls, and a thick cut slab of cock meat. He takes that fucker into his mouth sliding it up 'n down and giving some very good head. Looks like Keith isn't pissed off anymore. "Molest my hot cock!" (Probably my favorite line in any movie I've reviewed!)

Feeling generous, Keith chows down on Chris' stiff clipped tool giving some tasty deep throat that has Chris sighing 'n moaning. Keith forces Chris to bend over and then fucks him steady 'n smooth doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots of that fat dick sliding in 'n outta that tight shaved bunghole. At one point, Chris is hanging onto the handle bars for standing passengers while Keith fucks him in a free-form missionary position. Again, there are some excellent penetration shots from below. Switching to the "regular" missionary position, Keith continues to fuck his new pal until he shoots a thick load on Chris' hand and stomach. Chris jerks off and shoots a large thick load on his stomach.

Scene Two:

Brian Adams (good-looking with longish brown/blond mullet and a toned/lightly hairy body) works as an art museum security guard during the day. While making his rounds after closing time, he notices hunky Butch Taylor (short bleached hair and a toned/smooth body) is still there. The dudes quickly begin chatting each other up about the difference between going to a gym and working out at home (lots of bad/fun acting). Brian is more than happy to show his sexy bod off to Butch who is soon on his knees taking his new bud's hard clipped cock down his gullet. Butch gives some good head as he strokes his own firm meaty cut dick. There are lots of mouth-watering close-ups of the oral action.

Brian slowly works his way down Butch's beautiful body licking 'n sucking pecs 'n hard nipples before chowing down on that throbbing dong. Groovy synth tunes, heavy breathing, moaning, and sucking sounds fill the air. Butch bends over leading Brian to finger fuck his tight shaved bunghole using two digits making Butch groan with pleasure and beg to be banged. Brian slides in from behind and screws his new pal doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots from above and below. Switching up, Butch plays a fun game of the ol' sink bounce with plenty of decent penetration shots from the front while yanking his pork and shooting a thick load all over Brian's stomach. Horny as heck, Brian fucks Butch in the missionary position (no penetration shots) and shoots a nice wet load all over Butch's muscular inside thigh.  

Scene Three:

Horny Best Man Erich Lange (cute with poufy reddish-blond hair and a toned/smooth body) has the hots for good-looking organist Tony Lanza (big ol'dark brown longish 1980s hair and a toned/smooth body). The dudes flirt a bit leading Erich to confess that he wants the two to beat off while watching each other. Tony is more than happy with the idea stating, "You've watched me play my organ, why not let me watch you play yours?" Erich fishes his cut cock outta the fly of this trousers and beings fiddling with himself leading Tony to yank down his own pants and reveal full dark pubes, plump balls, and a fat clipped dick. Tony sinks to his knees and blows Erich giving some very good head and deep throat all the way down to those sexy red pubes.

Wanting to spread the pleasure, Erich chows down on Tony's chubby tool sucking like a champ and receiving a tasty face fucking. Erich rolls a condom down on Tony's cock and then plays a good ol' game of sink/bounce really rockin' 'n rollin' with plenty of hot penetration shots from behind. Wanting to derive delight from another position, Tony fucks Erich doggy-style nice, smooth, 'n fast with excellent penetration shots from below. Continuing down the path to earth shattering climaxes, Erich beats his meat while being porked in the missionary position and busts a large thick nut all over his stomach. Tony reaches the point of no return shooting a large load of jizz all over Erich's bush.

Scene Four:

Peter Ashley (cute with a bleached blond mullet and toned/smooth body) is the assistant manager of a straight mud wrestling club. His buddy Tim Lowe (good-looking with dark brown hair and toned/smooth body) is in town for a visit and has quite the curiosity about wrasslin' around in the mud. Before long, the guys are down to their white tee shirts and briefs rolling around and becoming completely covered in the wet dirt. Naturally, clothing is ripped off leading Tim to suck Peter's muddy clipped cock giving some okay head but pretty much simply nursing the knob. The guys find themselves in a side sixty-nine with Peter giving Tim a decent blowjob.

Via the magic of movies, the dudes are suddenly completely clean and Peter is going to town on his bud's hard clipped tool. Tim begs Peter to fuck him....so he would be a fool to turn down such an offer. Peter bangs Tim doggy-style starting out with long 'n smooth strokes that pick up speed until he's fucking fast 'n smooth with excellent penetration shots from below. Switching to the missionary position, Peter continues screw Tim with more hot penetration shots from above and behind where the viewer will be able to see Peter's tight hairy asshole. Tim beats off shooting a thick load on his full dark pubes and stomach while being pegged. Peter pulls pork busting a wet load all over Tim's nuts.

Scene Five:

Lead dancer Vic Summers (cute with brown curly mullet, and a slender/toned/smooth body) teaches Matt Powers (handsome with brown hair and a tanned/toned/smooth body) snazzy moves that unfortunately does not include "jazz-hands"! Ha! Once finished, the dudes have "other things" on their minds and begin slow deep 'n wet tongue kissing while exploring one another's bodies with curious hands. The guys are quickly naked leading Vic to play with Matt's long uncut cock. He works his way down Matt's beautiful body licking hard nipples, plump balls, and finally sliding his mouth up 'n down that tasty piece of unclipped man-meat. Vic clutches onto Matt who carries him over to a large bed to continue their love making. There's lots of hot wet kissing here leading Matt to lick his way down and suck Vick's hard 'n meaty cut cock giving a delicious blowjob. The dudes end up in a traditional sixty-nine with Vic on top with both gorging on throbbing pork.

The viewer will be able to see Matt's tight shaved bunghole in this position. Matt beats off squirting a huge fountain of wet love juice all over Vic leading Vic to dump a large thick load on his stomach. Matt fingers Vic's snug smooth asshole until he's begging to be fucked. Matt slowly slides that long dick in doggy-style and begins screwing his buddy using slow 'n gentle strokes. Vic digs being fucked and likes it nice 'n slow which Matt is happy to supply. Matt does speed up somewhat but is still very gentle during the missionary position. There are plenty of hot penetration shots from behind during both positions. While being screwed, Vic shoots another large thick load all over his stomach and dark full pubes. Matt yanks his noodle cutting loose with another gigantic spray of wet jizz. These two are definitely into each other and the action. A very hot/romantic scene.


The Main Attraction is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The image looks to have been spruced up and is good for being twenty-one years old. The vidrography is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of hot close ups of the cock sucking and butt sex penetration. Each scene contains a wonderful camera angle shot from below during the blowjobs. Very hot!


The audio is fine and sounds quite good for an older title. The viewer will easily be able to hear the dudes as they rattle off their dialogue. There are also lots of wild man-sex noises which is a big turn-on.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, PopShot-on-Demand, and the safe sex PSA Wrap It Up!


Wow! I can't believe twenty-one years have passed since a young Poindexter first rented The Main Attraction. The movie is a groovy trip down memory lane to the 1980s which can be enjoyed by guys my age as well as younger dudes. The direction by Scott Masters is strong and along with excellent videography and editing creates five sizzling scenes that never become dull. I'll hand it to Mr. Maters for writing actual dialogue that sets each scene before the man-on-man action begins. The hairstyles and clothing are a hoot since I clearly remember when they were considered very cool. The guys are all hot giving energetic performances and it's fun to see them again. Matt Powers is very handsome and I love his long uncut cock. Another favorite is Tim Lowe who has sadly passed on. Although the picture and sound are good, the viewer will be able to tell that the movie is over twenty years old and I have to lower my final score a little. I Recommend!

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