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Trust Justice Vol. 4

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/23/09

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Trust Justice 4

Voodoo House/Shane's World

Genre: Gonzo

Daisy Marie and Justice Young

Director: Justice Young

Cast: Daisy Marie, Justice Young, Madison James, Ann Marie Rios, Diana Doll, Mya Nichole

Length: 147:16 minutes

Madison James

Dates of Production: 1/20/2009, 1/21/2009, 1/22/2009, 1/23/2009, 1/24/2009, 12/18/2008

Extras: The best extra was the bonus scene from Hairy Pussy POV starring Vicky Vixen and Brother Love that lasted 26:24 minutes. It was unrelated to the rest of the movie but decent for fans of bushy pubes. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, and some spam.

Condoms: None

Ann Marie Rios

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Audio/Video Quality: Trust Justice 4 was presented in the new world standard 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Justice Young for Voodoo House using the usual MPEG-2 codec popular on the standard definition medium (with 480 resolution). The bitrate was often in the 4.1 Mbps range, and the picture looked decent but not as good as his scenes shot on static sets. The camera angles were generally limited due to the single camera approach used too but the editing helped make up for it in several instances so I was pleased at the improvements offered up where they could be, the balance between getting impromptu moments and using a perfect set always in the back of my mind on these projects. The editing by Bob Bradley was minimal, almost as if the footage was allowed to stand on its own in most cases, but still offered the ladies up in showcased form; maintaining all the chemistry and passion they could muster between them and Justice. There did not appear to be much additional lighting used to shoot the scenes either but a lack of C-lights to wash away any hint of shadows is not generally appreciated these days; there being enough light to liven up the picture. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a standard 192 Kbps bitrate with a sampling rate set at 48 kHz. The vocals were kind of hollow and lacking in dynamic range but sounding better than expected, every grunt and groan clearly heard, the background noise heard prominently during the non-sex parts as expected.

Diana Doll

Body of Review: Justice Young and his work for Voodoo House impressed me awhile back because the ladies really seemed to get off with him, he seemed to project a casual charm often lacking in modern porn, and the productions provided some solid amounts of fuck for the buck. While I haven't seen any of the company titles since earlier in the year, I have been told that nothing changed in terms of the quality of the productions, making all the more interested in seeing Trust Justice 4. The theme of the show is simply Justice going around getting laid, some non-sex footage included to show him bonding with the women he was ready to nail. There were five scenes of varying quality as Justice strutted his stuff, the ladies including Diana Doll, Daisy Marie, and Madison James. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Mya Nichole and Justice Young

Scene One: Daisy Marie, a pants python-loving Latina with a cold streak, was up first as the "smoking" hotty hooked up with Justice Young, the couple on a mission to acquire a rodent to feed her pet. The idea of starting a scene off this way put me off a bit and for the record, I used to keep reptiles myself, but it was the manner in which Daisy seemed to get off when her snake attacked the rat that sent a shiver up my spine. There was a tour of the house (she had a LOT of shoes) and a short burst of blowjob action, the feeding event interrupting the sex until it was done. The couple then went to the bed where they orally pleased each other with a degree or two of energy, moving into various positions of vaginal sex. Daisy pushed back to meet his thrusts and genuinely appeared to want to have sex with him, his initial attempts to warm her up paying off in spades. My biggest complaint about the scene (other than the feeding matter), was that Daisy seemed to put so much emphasis on performing rather than just enjoying herself, looking at the camera instead of him a bunch. He choked her a few times and she took his wealth of genetic juice to her face easily enough, the scene finishing off with a smile thanks to their personal chemistry.

Scene Two: Madison James, a fetching blond still in her prime (in porn years), was up next in the car with Justice Young. They were doing a split date, his need for shoes and her need to get her nails done established early. They joked about her walking Sunset Boulevard, resuming with some food before going back to her place (where she "walks around naked"). Madison teased him by stripping off her clothing slowly in the bedroom, dropping to her knees to blow him before they moved to the bed. She took her time to give him a very solid hummer, concentrating her efforts on his head but also tending to his shaft and balls when needed. Madison was not a very active vaginal rider that day but she did do some taste testing, eventually milking a wad of population pudding from him balls before he tossed it to her face, the edit a bit too abrupt.

Scene Three: Ann Marie Rios, the attractive gal featured on the front cover, was up next with Justice Young in the car, the man admitting to be a bit under the influence of an herbal variety. Once they left the car and went inside, Ann teased with her sweet ass, her thong pulled well between her crack. The couple then showered together, Justice going down on her and the shower cap-clad lady caressing him to encourage more. The tenderness of the action led to a blowjob that was later continued on the bed, her aggressive style really cranking things up as she made a bunch of noises and otherwise tore into the pecker. He then vaginally boned her like he owned her, Ann intermittently active in her chosen profession with Justice mugging for the camera this time. There was some choking and he rubbed one out to her face, Ann claiming he tried to get some of the spew in her eyes while sporting a glazed donut look to finish up.

Scene Four: Diana Doll, an attractive blond from Slovakia, was up next sharing her first margarita with Justice Young at a Mexican food restaurant. The banter in the booth was amusing and the strong drink had the intended effect, the couple soon in the car driving to the house where they became intimate. A quick tour of the kitchen led to a longer tour of her curvy body, the striptease showing her to be a "sexy ass mother fucker" according to Justice. While Diana performed with practiced ease, she managed to show a hint of enthusiasm for her trade, their chemistry established early on too (as was the case in most of the scenes) before he ate her and she reciprocated actively with a blowjob. Her oral a splendid sight to see, Diana also poured it on with the most active vaginal ride of the movie, impaling herself on his cock and always wanting more. She even swallowed his load of semen once they were through, some choking and other themes barely touched on.

Scene Five: Mya Nichole, a brunette that looked out of it as she and Justice Young walked along the popular streets to see the concrete impressions left by various Hollywood stars over the years, her drunken ramblings leading to a shopping tour. Her thirteen tattoos worked more for Justice than me too, the scene really showcasing her in a bad way. She blew him, they went to the bedroom for some tease, and the blowjob continued, a series of passive vaginal acts ending in a facial. This scene really dragged down the rest of the movie for me; the drunken antics of the lady and overall look far worse than I have ever seen her before. Fans of choking will also note that he gave her a bit of breath play but it was nothing special either.

Summary: Trust Justice 4 by director Justice Young for Voodoo House was doing pretty well until the ending scene, the lack of any chemistry and the performer coming across as drunk or drugged greatly weakening it on several levels (the snake matter in scene #1 wasn't a big draw either) so I rated it as a Rent It. Otherwise, a few of the scenes showed Justice tapping the hotties quite well and earning his reputation, the inconsistent nature of the quality a step down from previous volumes. In short, Trust Justice 4 at least evoked the better qualities of previous volumes in the popular series, the hope being a future title might revive the action to former heights.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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