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Stoya Video Nasty

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/4/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex
Director: Celeste
Cast: Alektra Blue, Bobbi Starr, Charles Dera, Dana DeArmond, Jerry, Marco Banderas, Marie Luv, Maya Hills, Rico Strong, Sammie Rhodes, Stoya.
Length: 02:20
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex and the second for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Alektra Blue, Sammie Rhodes, and Stoya.


Stoya Video Nasty is a six-scene all-sex movie directed by accomplished director Celeste who, in my opinion, creates some of the most interesting sex scenes--from both the sexual and aesthetic perspectives--of any contemporary director. Although I know I am in a distinct minority, I used to like Celeste's movies even more when she used music-only soundtracks (no moans and groans were audible). I was (almost) always amazed at how well she chose the exact right music to support each of her scenes. However, bowing to pressure from critics, Celeste now includes natural sounds of passion in her movies. However, she still uses very appropriate music to support the set-ups that precede each scene.

Even though Celeste is now using natural sounds of ecstasy in her movies, she has not budged on her insistence on interesting and inventive scene set-ups (no mere striptease footage precedes Celeste's scenes!), paying attention to detail with regards to wardrobe and make-up, choosing pretty and intensely sexual women to star in her releases, and providing viewers with sex scenes that are intense yet aesthetic. Celeste's movies are a "cut above" what you'll find coming from most directors.

This Celeste release is particularly attractive because it features one of the most unique and interesting newcomers to adult entertainment...Stoya. Stoya is definitely not the quintessential porn star. She's certainly not the stereotypic "dumb blond" porn chick (she was home schooled and graduated from high school at 15. She's interesting to talk with, feisty, and wasn't afraid to challenge me when I interviewed her in January 2008. Her adorable and oh-so-enticing body is all-natural instead of being artificially sculpted. Stoya has black hair and porcelain white skin instead of the "typical" porn chick's blond hair and tanned flesh. She's an excellent actress who portrays her roles convincingly. And, you'll never see anybody quite as passionate as Stoya...just look at her face when she's fucking some oh-so-lucky stud! By the way, you'll get plenty of opportunities to watch Stoya's ecstasy during Stoya Video Nasty. She's in three scenes: two boy/girl and one all-girl threesome.

Bottom line? By coupling Stoya's passion with Celeste's direction, Stoya Video Nasty is definitely a worthwhile watch!

Check out some photos of the girls in Stoya Video Nasty here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Must-See Girls Alektra BlueSammie Rhodes, and Stoya. Also, be sure to savor the shots of the all-girl threesome. Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Stoya Video Nasty can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2008.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: All girl threesome
Performers: Stoya, Sammie Rhodes, Alektra Blue

Overview: As Stoya gazes into her bedroom mirror to double-check her flawless makeup, two bikini-clad bitches played by Sammie Rhodes and Alektra Blue enter the room, crawl across the bed, approach Stoya, and then caress her flesh while condescendingly complimenting her fresh and pure appearance. Stoya, clearly frightened by the two girls, remains silent while they torment her. Of course, Stoya's silence infuriates the girls who think she's being rude. So, they quickly retaliate by shoving Stoya onto her bed and commence to teach her some manners. Sammie pulls up Stoya's top (Stoya's small and porcelain-white breasts are adorable) and then the two girls immediately begin to squeeze and slap her breasts and suckle her nipples. Stoya likes what she feels and soon learns to be polite so the girls will continue to pleasure her. In fact, Stoya starts to say "yes, ma'am" and "thank you" quite a bit! Pleased by Stoya's rapid rate of learning, Sammie and Alektra kiss her mouth, roll her over into doggie, pull down her panties, lick and slap her ass cheeks, spit on her vagina, mildly choke her throat, and ask, "Do you need to be fucked?" "Please!" begs Stoya. Satisfied with Stoya's sincerity, Sammie and Alektra go down on her pussy, licking it briefly before rolling her onto her back so they can have better access to her vagina. Sammie squeezes and spreads Stoya's labia, tongue- and multiple-finger-fucks her pussy, and licks her clit. Meanwhile, Alektra straddles Stoya's face and fucks it while using her tongue to lick Stoya's feet and her fingers to stroke and caress Stoya's flesh. After Sammie and Alektra take a short break to fondle and kiss each other, Sammie lies back on the bed and guides Stoya's face into position so that Stoya can perform greedy cunnilingus on her pussy. Stoya also four-finger-fucks Sammie's commodious cunt. Sammie rewards Stoya's efforts by talking nasty, by stroking her long black hair, and by sucking her own pussy juices off of Stoya's hand. Damn! Sammie looks--and sounds--fucking fine as Stoya pleasures her (excellent chemistry develops between Stoya and Sammie). In fact, Sammie's sexy moves are extremely hot as she fucks back while Stoya reams her vagina. Meanwhile, Alektra pleases Stoya by sharply spanking her pretty butt and by rimming her asshole. And, Alektra licks Sammie's clit while Stoya four-finger-fucks her. In due course, Stoya makes Sammie cum (her entire body trembles uncontrollably). Then, the girls form a love chain: Stoya rims Sammie's asshole and finger-fucks her pussy as Sammie kneels on the bed and ravenously eats Alektra's pussy. As the scene unfolds, Sammie grabs a huge blue dildo from the nightstand and announces, "I think I want this in my ass!" She hands the toy to Alektra who immediately takes it into her mouth to lubricate it with her saliva. After declaring, "That's not how you get it wet," Stoya, showing off, spits on the toy. Meanwhile, Sammie finger-fucks her asshole to loosen it up for the dildo. Alektra then shoves the toy into Sammie's asshole and fucks it fast and deep while Sammie frantically jacks and spanks her own clit, fucks back using erotic grinding moves, and spews torrents of nasty commentary from her naughty lips. Meanwhile, Stoya, who's not as na´ve as the other girls thought, busies herself by licking Alektra's asshole, fingering her cunt, and squeezing her boobs. As the female pleasure goddess looks down and smiles triumphantly, both Sammie and Alektra scream through volcanic orgasms. Then, all three girls perform ass-to-mouth on the toy. And, they kiss to share the bounty. Later, at Sammie's suggestion, Stoya lies on the bed and holds the toy vertically above her pussy. Sammie then straddles Stoya in cowgirl and, as Stoya steadies the dildo, Sammie slides her asshole down around the toy and fucks it with frenzied and very erotic thrusts while the girls spank her butt cheeks, mildly choke her throat, suckle her nipples, and jack her clit. After Sammie cums, Alektra greedily sucks the toy clean. Then, Stoya begs, "Fuck me!" So the girls toss Stoya into doggie, spit on and lick her asshole and pussy, rim her anus, stroke her labia, and tongue- and multiple-finger-fuck her vagina. During this segment, naughty Sammie multiple-finger-fucks her own asshole. Next, the girls form another love chain: Alektra kneels in doggie and eats and four-finger-fucks Stoya's pussy while getting simultaneously four-finger-fucked by Sammie from behind (Alektra fucks back using sexy moves.) Sammie also fucks Alektra's asshole using her finger, her tongue, and the beaded blue dildo (Alektra performs ATM on the toy). As the scene continues, Stoya and Sammie share some sweet 69 (Sammie on top) that results in repeated long and strong giggling and screaming orgasms for Stoya. Then, to keep Stoya's pleasure flowing, Alektra voraciously eats Stoya's pussy while Sammie skillfully chokes Stoya's throat. Stoya's resultant body-clenching orgasm is why I watch porn! To finish up, the girls kiss sweetly and giggle delightfully as the scene fades to black. Awesome scene, ladies! 

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.10 

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal
Performers: Bobbi Star, Rico Strong

-- sponsored by --

Overview: When the scene fades in, brunette and leggy Bobbi Star, dressed in a plush brown dress, is lying motionless on an oversized ottoman in an attractive living room (she appears to be dead or in a coma). Rico enters the room via a staircase, spies Bobbi, and, when he grabs her hand to rub his crotch, he notices signs on her hands, feet, and pussy that say "out of order." "What the fuck works on you?" he asks. So, Rico calls "tech support" to get help. Rico runs the "diagnostic tests" suggested by tech support, including finger-fucking her mouth, caressing her ass cheeks, and finger-fucking her asshole and pussy. All the tests "look good," so Rico decides to take her in "for a servicing." First, however, he decides to try some tricks of his own...spanking, squeezing, and kissing her butt; rimming her asshole; kissing and licking her neck, and licking and fingering her vagina. Little-by-little, Bobbi "wakes up." And, once she's functional, she eyes Rico longingly as he opens his jeans and presents his rigid rod to her to suck. Bobbi immediately takes him into her mouth and swallows him balls-deep (lots of stringers), strokes his rod with her hands, and lets him fuck her throat. Meanwhile, Rico tugs on Bobbi's long brunette hair and bends down to spank her inviting ass cheeks. Once both Bobbi and Rico are ready to move on to sex, Bobbi kneels in doggie atop the ottoman, Rico spanks her ass cheeks, and then he inches his cock past her sphincter as a look of absolute bliss beams from her face and ecstatic groans escape her lips. Rico then fucks Bobbi's tight asshole with increasingly deep strokes as randy Bobbi hurls her body back and forth to force him ever deeper while she shouts gleefully. Meanwhile, Rico sharply spanks Bobbi's butt to increase her pleasure. After taking a break for voracious deep-throat cock cleaning ass-to-mouth (ATM), Bobbi lies on her side, lubes her genitals with her saliva, and then knowingly strokes her clit (her pussy gapes beautifully) while Rico reams her asshole spoon style (great camera angles and close-ups). Bobbi's pleasure increases rapidly and her shouts become increasingly fervent as her body ramps up to a screaming ass-gasm. During this segment, Rico spanks Bobbi's butt, mildly chokes her throat, and slaps and squeezes her fine medium-sized and beautiful all-natural breasts. Later, after another bout of very slobbery ATM, Bobbi lies on her side, guides Rico's cock into her accommodating and juicy asshole, and screams joyfully as Rico pounds her hard and deep while repeatedly spanking her extremely fine ass. Bobbi, too, joins the in-and-out action by forcing her body back-and-forth in sync with Rico's thrusts. As you might expect, Bobbi soon groans through another intense ass-gasm! Afterward, Bobbi kneels on the ottoman as Rico stands in front of her jacking his cock until he pops directly into her wide-open mouth. Bobbi vacuums Rico's penis dry and swallows his semen. It seems that Rico's troubleshooting skills did the trick. All of Bobbi's systems are now optimal! 

Sex rating: 4.90
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.30

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Stoya, Charles Dera

Overview: When the scene begins, Stoya is asleep on her bed, sucking her thumb like a child. Charles Dera opens the door and says, "Get up, lazy girl!" Half awake, Stoya replies, "No...Sleepy!" Charles' face then beams with joy as he considers the possibilities. He quickly approaches the bed, rips off the covers, and revels Stoya's fine body that's clad only in bright magenta panties and matching bra. He then grabs Stoya's and spanks her with it to try to wake her up. Obstinate Stoya then shouts, "NO!" Not one to take no for an answer, Charles briefly leaves the room to grab a paddle. When he returns, Stoya spies the paddle and exclaims, "You wouldn't dare!" Oh, yes he would! So, he sits on the bed, tosses Stoya across his lap, and then worships her fine ass cheeks with his hands, paddle, spit, and lips. I particularly enjoyed how Charles kneads Stoya's firm and meaty butt cheeks with his hands. Wow...sexy! By now, Stoya is wide-awake, and tells Charles, "I like it!" Encouraged, Charles steps up the foreplay by licking his fingers and then using them to finger-fuck Stoya's vagina (great camera angles) and stroke her labia and asshole. Meanwhile, Charles talks about how he's about to "ream that little fucker out! I'm gonna jam my fuckin' cock in that pussy!" "It's SO good," she replies. Then, she begs, "I want you to eat my pussy." Who'd deny her? Charles certainly doesn't: "I'll play your pussy like an instrument, babe!" So, he rolls Stoya onto her back and spreads her legs wide so that he can go down on her to lick her labia and clit, and suck on and tickle her clit. Stoya truly enjoys Charles' ministrations and coos and giggles with delight as she eyes him lustily. When Charles asks Stoya to suck on his cock, she eagerly complies. She deep-throats him, strokes his cock with her hands, and squeezes his balls. Meanwhile, Charles encourages her with nasty commentary and pulls her short black hair. Once Charles is rock hard, he orders her to return "to the position you were." Stoya immediately obeys, lies on her back in missionary, and spreads her legs wide to receive Charles' rock-hard dick into her welcoming wet hole. Charles tickles her clit with his tongue and cock and then plunges deep inside. As Charles pistons in-and-out fast and deep, a look of absolute bliss spreads across Stoya's beaming face and coos of delight escape her lips. And, her gorgeous, small, and perfect tits bounce for joy, too. After a brief respite for pussy-to-mouth, Charles positions Stoya on her side and fucks her frantically: "Take that dick deep in that little fucking pussy!" Again, every fiber of Stoya's being exudes her pleasure. Later, Charles lies back on the bed. Stoya mounts him in cowgirl and then uses intensely pleasurable, eager, and very sexy moves to fuck and grind his cock while he lies back, enjoys the ride, and kneads her ass cheeks with his lucky hands. "Be a cock jockey and ride that thing...faster...faster...I said faster!" Stoya obeys and is soon rewarded when Charles begins to match her thrusts with his own redline-speed strokes. After a while, Stoya climbs off of Charles, sucks his cock clean, and then mounts him in reverse. Stoya's high-energy moves look--and must feel--stupendous as Stoya bounces up and down like a jack-in-the-box. Charles, too, joins in and fucks Stoya fast and balls-deep as she rides him expertly and screams with delight. As the scene unfolds, Stoya and Charles transition to doggie so he can fuck her from behind (nice pussy gapes) while tugging on her hair. He also bends down to kiss her mouth. Meanwhile, lusty Stoya grabs onto handfuls of the bed sheets to control herself. Soon, Stoya begs Charles to "cum on my face." So, Charles pulls out, just in the nick of time, and explodes into Stoya's welcoming mouth. As Stoya sucks him dry, Charles exclaims, "Life is good." True! 

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.10

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/boy/girl threeway/anal
Performers: Dana DeArmond, Marie Luv, Marco Banderas

Overview: To begin the scene, Dana DeArmond and extremely muscled Marie Luv, dressed only in bras and with "tails" shoved up their assholes, cuddle like two cats on a white leather couch in a contemporary living room. Soon, Marco Banderas returns home, walks into the kitchen, removes milk from the refrigerator, and pours it into a bowl for his "kitties." Meanwhile, Dana and Marie eye Marco hungrily. Marco then enters the living room and teases his kitties with the bowl of milk...pulling it away as they reach for it and stick their tongues out. Eventually, Marco sets the bowl on the table so the "kitties" can have at it. First, however, the girls engage in, of course, a "cat fight" to determine dominance. While the cats fight, Marco encourages their play with caresses while stroking his dick through his pants. Once he releases his dick from captivity, all thoughts of cow milk disappear from the kitties' minds as they turn their thoughts to "man milk." Although they eye Marco's cock longingly, they're not sure if they should proceed. But, Marco encourages them and the gleeful two cat girls are soon gobbling his dick simultaneously. Well trained, these cats lick, deep-throat, and stroke Marco's penis using gobs of saliva for lubricant. They also lick and suckle his balls, kiss his mouth, talk nasty, and let him fuck their throats (nice stringers)! Meanwhile, Marco squeezes all four ass-cheeks, strokes the "kitties'" tails, suckles and squeezes their breasts, and pulls on their hair. They girls suckle each other's tits, too! Dana is the first to stuff her pussy with Marco's cock. She straddles him and fucks him in cowgirl as her "tail" stuffs her asshole...in essence, she's double penetrated. While Dana frantically pounds Marco's cock, her tits bounce joyfully. And Marie helps out by squeezing and caressing Dana's flesh and by repeatedly ducking Marco's cock clean (nice stringers). As the scene continues, Dana rolls over into mish so that Marie can greedily eat and finger-fuck her bright pink pussy and rim her asshole while Marco pounds Marie's vagina from behind in doggie. He also repeatedly spanks her ass while he reams her. Marie, like Dana, has a "tail" up her ass. So, she's, in effect, DP'd during this segment. After a while, Marco pulls the "tail" toy out of Marie's ass and has the girls ravenously suck it clean using ATM. In due course, Dana also gets fucked by Marco in doggie. Not one to be passive, Dana fucks back powerfully as she and Marco become a very effective sex machine. Meanwhile, as Marco and Dana fuck, Marie caresses Dana's flesh, squeezes her gooseflesh-covered bouncing tits, and jacks her clit. She also repeatedly takes Marco's cock into her mouth as he takes turns fucking Dana's bejeweled vagina and Marie's mouth (very hot footage!). Next, the girls position Marco face up on the chair and spit on and suck his dick. Then, Marie straddles him in cowgirl and inches his cock into her tight asshole. Once he's past her sphincter, he thrusts in-and-out happily as he grabs and squeezes handfuls of her ass cheeks. Meanwhile, Dana spits on Marco's pistoning rod, licks Marie's butt, performs slobbery ATM on Marco's penis, and four-finger-fucks her own asshole. Marie, too, keeps herself very busy while fucking Marco...she kisses Dana and sucks her nipples, too! After the trio takes a short break for slobbery two-girls-on-one-dick ATM, it's time for Dana to get her asshole fucked...in reverse. While Marco and Dana frantically fuck her asshole (he redlines), Marie jacks Dana's bejeweled clit, kisses her mouth, sucks her nipples, and multiple-finger-fucks her pussy (again...essentially a DP). She also repeatedly performs ATM on Marco's rod. After a while, Dana dismounts, the two girls suck Marco's cock clean, and then they both kneel side-by-side in doggie. Marco fucks Marie's asshole while the girls please each other's pussies with their fingers, slap their ass cheeks, and kiss. Soon, Dana turns around so that she can repeatedly take Marco's penis into her mouth ATM style. To finish up, Marco shoots his load into the bowl of milk that the "kitties" never got around to drinking. Then, the girls take turns sticking their heads into the bowl so that they can lap up and drink both the "cow milk" and the "man milk." They also vacuum his cock dry. This is an extremely creative scene in which, unfortunately, neither girl appears to climax. Pity. 

Sex rating: 3.90
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.00

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Maya Hills, Charles Dera

Overview: Charles Dera is back for another romp in the sack in Scene Five...this time with exotic Maya Hills. As he sits and reads the newspaper, cute Maya approaches him, sits on his lap, and hikes up her blouse to entice him with her adorable tits. Charles seems hesitant...almost unwilling to acknowledge the sensuality of the girl in his lap. We soon learn why when he rolls up the newspaper and swats his cute "doggie" who, of course, yips in response. Charles leads Maya outside, orders her to "stay," and closes the door. Maya, playing her puppy-dog role to a tee, kneels at the door, scratches at the glass pane, and looks entirely miserable. She even shows Charles her tits again. Eventually, Charles relents and lets Maya back inside. He immediately orders Maya to "sit" and then asks her if she wants her "bone." Of course she does. So, she tugs down his pants and uses her beautifully manicured hands and her voracious mouth to suck his limp penis to full mast. Meanwhile, Charles encourages Maya with coos of pleasure, well-chosen words, and tugs on her flowing blond hair. As Charles' bone hardens and swells, gorgeous Maya licks and swallows it balls-deep. She also gobbles and squeezes his lucky balls. And, she happily plays "fetch" with her "bone" as he grabs his cock and tosses it from side to side and up and down (nice stringers when she catches it!). To reward Maya for her excellent performance, Charles has her sit on a chair, spread her legs wide, and pull aside her panties. Then, he briefly licks her labia while she jacks her clit. Soon, Maya rolls over and kneels in doggie. From behind, Charles spreads her ass cheeks wide, spanks her butt with his hands and cock, bends over, and eagerly licks and fingers her pretty and juicy pussy. In due course, he slips his rigid rod inside her vagina and fucks it with enthusiastic strokes while the two of them talk about the advantages of her being a good girl. Soon, May's pretty tits are dancing happily as her body absorbs his fast and furious strokes. After a brief break for slobbery pussy-to-mouth, Charles spreads some newspapers on the floor because Maya isn't quite housebroken yet. Then, Maya kneels on the newspapers for more balls-deep doggie sex punctuated with lots of pussy-to-mouth. Maya soon begs her master to fuck her harder and, as he does, her pretty body becomes saturated with lust-induced sweat. To push Maya over the top into orgasmic bliss, Charles reaches down and mildly chokes her throat with both hands. Afterward, Maya sits on the chair and spreads her legs. Charles bends down and spits on her pussy and then fucks her powerfully in mish as she screams, giggles with delight, and talks nasty. As the scene unfolds, Maya lies on her side on the floor and enjoys a first-class redline-speed anal reaming in spoon (great close-ups). Later, they transition to cowgirl for more passionate anal sex during which Maya shows off her intensely-erotic, powerful, and energetic fucking and grinding moves. In due course, Charles begins to match Maya's frenzied moves with his own as an intense chemistry develops between them. Before the scene concludes, sweat-soaked Maya turns around and anally fucks the shit out of Charles in reverse (great camerawork!). To finish up, Charles moves his cock from Maya's asshole to her pussy (there's no insertion footage) and then the two pound each other extremely hard. Then, at the last moment, Charles pulls out and shoots his load into Maya's wide-open mouth. She sucks and milks him dry, plays with his semen in her mouth, licks her lips, and swallows. Great scene! 

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.40

Scene 6

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Stoya, Jerry

Overview: Note: There's some indication in the behind-the-scenes feature that this is Stoya's first-ever boy/girl scene.) Panty-less Stoya grabs a can of whipped cream from the refrigerator and heads upstairs to her bedroom. At the top of the stairs, she sprays some of the white fluffy cream into her mouth and accidentally spills a drop on the floor. In a rush to get to her bedroom and play with herself--and the cream--Stoya neglects to wipe up the mess. Soon, Jerry trots up the staircase and unknowingly steps on the slippery mess. After nearly falling, Jerry, furious, calls out to Stoya: "Come in here!" When Stoya meets Jerry in the hallway, he asks her why his shoe is dirty. Stoya, hiding the can of cream behind her back, sarcastically responds, "Because you stepped in something?" Jerry soon notices that Stoya's concealing something, reaches behind her, grabs the cream, and immediately decides that she needs cream from his cock rather than from a can. So, Stoya drops to her knees, tugs down Jerry's pants, and takes his semi-erect penis into her voracious mouth. Stoya sucks him sweetly while simultaneously squeezing his dick with her hand. Meanwhile, Jerry keeps himself busy by stroking and pulling Stoya's jet-black hair and by spraying gobs of cream onto his dick for her to lick. After a while, Stoya stands, kisses Jerry on the mouth, grabs his cock, and leads him into her bedroom. She shoves him onto the bed, strips off her clothes (God, I love her body!), bends down, and resumes sweet and "innocent" fellatio. Stoya's almost na´ve and tentative blowjob technique (she even looks innocent when she deep-throats!), coupled with the intense eye contact she makes with Jerry, is absolutely breathtaking. Believe me, once you see Stoya suck cock, you'll wish it were yours! Eventually, Stoya straddles Jerry and forces her cute and delicious nipples into her very willing mouth and kisses his mouth. Then, she sits on his face and erotically grinds her pussy against it while using one hand to squeeze her breast and the other to squeeze his cock. Jerry definitely enjoys eating Stoya's pussy while having his dick stroked. And, darling Stoya looks like she's in heaven, too. Soon, they transition to 69 for mutual oral sex. Damn, this looks beautiful. I wish that more porn couples would use 69 during their scenes! As foreplay morphs into sex, Stoya merely turns around as she straddles Jerry's body and positions herself in cowgirl so he can slide his penis between her open labia and into her sweet and extremely juicy pussy. Once he's inside, Jerry and Stoya fuck each other using perfectly synchronized moves...in fact, Stoya's moves are extremely sexy and very powerful. But, the best thing about this segment is Stoya's facial expressions. As pleasure envelops her, a look of absolute bliss beams from her pretty face. Once you see her ecstasy, you'll know why she's on the nominee list for my 2009 Dr. Jay's Must See Girls Award. Stoya makes herself cum (she giggles and squeals sweetly) then she lifts herself up, turns around, mounts Jerry in reverse, and continues to fuck him with sexy and powerful moves as her horny body begins to glisten with sweat. Again, Stoya's blissful facial expressions betray her passion as she ramps up to yet another powerful orgasm. Later, they transition to spoon...a perfect position for you to savor Stoya's fine body as Jerry pistons balls-deep in-and-out of her gorgeous and swollen pussy. Meanwhile, she turns her head around and kisses Jerry's open mouth. Stoya gets so horny during this segment that she reflexively grabs and squeezes handfuls of the bed sheets to control herself! And, again, Stoya's facial expressions tell the whole story! As the scene progresses, Jerry stands beside the bed and pounds Stoya in mish while simultaneously kissing her bare feet. Soon, Stoya's back arches acutely as another orgasm overpowers her flesh. Later, Stoya rolls over and kneels on the bed and arches her butt up high so that she and Jerry can fuck each other in doggie (Jerry repeatedly gapes her pussy). By this time, Stoya's entire amazing body is soaked with sex-induced sweat. To finish up, Jerry pulls out of Stoya's pussy and blasts a considerable load of his semen onto her shapely and blemish-free ass. Naughty Stoya watches every spasm of Jerry's cock as her face breaks out with a look of absolute triumph. 

Sex rating: 4.85
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.30


In addition to a full-motion chapter selector and multiple chapters per scene, the DVD-9 version of Stoya Video Nasty contains a contact information screen, a ten-minute behind-the-scenes (BTS) feature, a four-minute self-running slide show accompanied by music, a manually-operated photo gallery featuring the same pictures as the slide show, trailers for eight Digital Playground releases, and Stoya's text biography. The BTS feature includes, random goofiness, video of the still photo shoots, impromptu interviews, bloopers/outtakes, plenty of ass- pussy- and tit-worship clips, nice footage of the "kittie-cat tail" butt-plugs in Dana's and Marie's asses, and some behind-the-camera sex-scene footage. This group of extras is about average in today's marketplace. Three stars.

Final Thoughts 

Overall sex rating: 4.78
Overall video rating: 4.58
Overall audio rating: 4.42
Production values rating: 4.20

Dr. Jay

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