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Bus Stops Episode 1

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 12/1/09

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Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: India Summer, Prinzzess, Jane, Naomi Doll, Moxxie Maddron, Amber Chase, Elise Graves, Tammy

Length: 157 minutes

Date of Production: 2009

Extras: Despite not having a Behind the Scenes segment, the sixteen trailers give the viewer a very good sample of its titles in its stable. The eight promos are 2008 Girlfriends Films, Promo Trailers, AVN 2008, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Seductions, Lesbian Triangles, Road Queen, and Women Seeking Women. The trailers are Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, Women Seeking Women 50, Lesbian Seductions 22, Backstage Girls, Imperfect Angels 8, Twisted Passions 5, Road Queen 8, and Field of Schemes 2. A nice looking photo gallery is also included. Of course, website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview:  Bus Stops Episode 1 is the newest series to the Girlfriends Films franchise. The clever title and the cover of the DVD case say it all. It is about a Volkswagen van bus and the several stops that it makes. At each stop, some type of sexual scenario occurs. This movie stars two of this studio's contract stars, India Summer and Prinzzess. Ms. Summer is the owner of the automobile who drives to several places. Prinzzess is a stranger who tags along. On a side note, India is nominated for AVN Best Actress for her feature film role in Drill, Baby, Drill. She does a remarkable impersonation of Sarah Palin. On a personal note, I think she is a better Palin than that other very popular adult actress. India is also nominated for Milf/Cougar Performer of the Year along with fellow Girlfriends Films contract starlet Rayveness and Magdalene St. Michaels. As to Bus Stops Episode 1, the front of the DVD case has the saying "Hop in the bus and take the girl ride of your life."

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Scene One: India Summer takes Prinzzess to see Jane. The two friends become very touchy-feely with the young lady as they try to undress the reluctant stranger. Soon, Jane and Prinzzess kiss. While they continue their sensual and tender lip session, Ms. Summer leaves to take a bath. Jane's giggles are cute. Later, she sucks the blond's left nipple as she rubs her panty-covered jewel. Soon, the homeowner places her full attention on Prinzzess' womanhood with her mouth and then, her fingers. The emotional level heightens when Jane adds more pressure on her gemstone. Prinzzess leaps from the couch as the woman's workover gets her off. Next, they kiss and caress each other. Then, the young stranger focuses on Jane's tits. The tight close-ups of Prinzzess' lick action on the lady's nipples are hot. After she sucks Jane's fingers, she moves down her cute bod and kisses her inner thigh. Moments later, Prinzzess thumb rubs her muffin nicely as well as spread it open. Prinzzess' deliberate finger rubbing and oral play on Jane's sex spot are sexy. The intensity level rises when the eager youngster tongue fucks and sucks her pretty plaything. Jane squirms on the couch. Her moans are cool. She has a bright smile on her face. Next, the duo trib each other with passion. The determination in their eyes is intense. Prinzzess' solid performance continues as she orally pleases Jane's pussy from behind her. Next, they rub one another's gems. Prinzzess is aggressive with her technique. She also spanks the lady's ass several times. After kissing passionately, Jane tastes the woman's peach before finger fucking her. She kisses her butt too. The stimulation is digging into Prinzzess inner being that she squeezes the hair on top of Jane's head as Jane is eating her beauty spot. They kiss. Then, a 69 follows with Jane on top. The shots are divided evenly from both ends of the action. The energy level remains high. They kiss as they act frisky. Prinzzess rubs and fingers the woman's feminine plaything with good force. Finally, they kiss and snuggle.

Scene Two: When they return from Jane's place, India Summer undresses in the bedroom. Prinzzess is watching her. Soon, Ms. Summer begins to undress the reluctant lady. She caresses her breasts. After fiddling with Prinzzess' panties, she tastes her sexual spot. Once she removes her undergarment, the woman feels her ass. Then, India kisses her shoulder and the side of her face. Next, the young lady lays on the comfy bed. They kiss as Ms. Summer is on top of her. She sucks Prinzzess' right and then, left bosom. The black-haired beauty moves down the hottie's body. Then, she licks her sexual zone with fascination. India thumb fucks her too. Her double treatment of Prinzzess' pussy gets her off quite well. They kiss. Next, Ms. Summer scissors her. Afterwards, the blond sucks the lady's tit. After kissing again, they rub each other's beauty spot. The sexual heat is high. Next, Prinzzess sucks on India's passion fruit and fingers it with much determination. Later, India uses a tiny vibe to stimulate the youngster's womanhood. She also thumb fucks her. India's manual antics become more rapid in rhythm. They kiss. India humps her forcefully. Later, Prinzzess rubs Ms. Summer's sex spot. Then, they kiss and snuggle.

Scene Three: Prinzzess, Naomi Doll, and Moxxie Maddron enter a room. Prinzzess tells them to kiss. Then, she instructs Naomi to lay on top of the black-haired hottie. They kiss. The two women take turns in sucking the other's titties. While they continue to remove each other's clothes, Prinzzess leaves the room. Moments later, the ladies take turns in tasting their partner's pussy. Afterwards, Naomi focuses more attention on Moxxie's sex spot from behind her. She pats it several times. Then, Ms. Maddron finger fucks Miss Doll's flower. Soon, they kiss as Naomi lays on top of her. Next, Moxxie lays on her tummy so that Naomi can rub her gemstone. The energy level increases while Miss Doll's rhythm gains more speed and momentum. Moxxie squirms on the bed amazingly. Then, Naomi sucks the woman's right nipple. Soon, Ms. Maddron is rubbing her lovespot. Suddenly, she eats it too. Miss Doll looks very cute. They kiss while Moxxie rubs Naomi's sex spot. Their lip lock action is very sexy. A 69 follows in which Miss Doll is on top. She fingerfucks Naomi with steady and rapid motion. They kiss again. The bond between them grows. Moments later, Miss Doll humps her with good passion. Afterwards, Moxxie kisses down the lady's lovely body. She fingers her peach as well as add pressure on it with her mouth. Some titty play by both of them follows. Soon, they manually work over the other woman's vaginal plaything. Later, after Moxxie humps and uses her fingers to stimulate Miss Doll's muffin, they snuggle and kiss.

Scene Four: When Prinzzess, Amber Chase, student Elise Graves, and teacher Tammy enter the room, Naomi Doll and Moxxie Maddron leave. All four women get on top of the bed. Prinzzess and Amber are very patient in trying to get the debate student and her teacher to make out. Their kisses are sweet looking. The scene is slow in pace, but there is plenty of sexual tension that holds the viewer's attention. Tammy is the standout. Later, she massages Elise's womanhood underneath her panties. Their kisses are cute. Next, Miss Graves rubs Tammy's wet sexual plaything. Amber rubs her mound too. Elise sucks on Tammy's tits. Soon, Miss Chase kisses up Tammy's right leg until she reaches her tender flower. Then, she tastes it breifly. Prinzzess takes some photos of the threesome and leaves the room. The close-ups of the student's and teacher's vaginal sex spots are cool. Some rub-a-dub action on them occurs. After sucking on Tammy's breasts, Elise kisses her sexy legs and pleasure zone. The sensual heat factor is high. Later, Miss Graves rubs her mound with good energy. Amber kisses Tammy's hand and neck. Then, Miss Chase fingers Elise as Tammy runs her hand along Amber's butt. Afterwards, the teacher and her student kiss. Some humping by Tammy on Miss Graves occurs. When her hump session gains more force, Amber plays with herself beside them. Then, she caresses Tammy's butt. The student is finger fucking the teacher. Later, the teacher sucks Elise's breasts and straddles her well. Finally, they kiss.

Final Thoughts: For Girlfriends Films' newest series, Bus Stops Episode 1 is a work in progress. The storyline during the first two scenes was solid. Once India Summer leaves and Prinzzess takes the reign of the movie, the plotline loses focus. The final two scenes has Prinzzess acting like a director who tells the ladies how to act and position themselves. Although it is cool to see the young starlet in that light, it should be part of a Field of Schemes installment. Despite the weird transformation in the storyline, the last two sexual scenes are amazing. Overall, the two standouts are Prinzzess and Tammy for their sexual performances. They should be paired up in the future. As for this new series, it will be interesting to see how Episode 2 turns out. There is plenty of time to make this series one of the most popular ones in Girlfriends Films' stable. I rate it as a rental.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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