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Young and Hung

Studio: Metro » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 12/4/09

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DATE OF PRODUCTION - 05.04.2008 (date on box) from footage produced 07.09.2004 (date on screen)

LENGTH - 1 hour 33 minutes

DIRECTOR - Roman Pornanski

CAST - David, Petr, Vladimir, Miloslav, Stefan, Radek, Lukas, Jakub, Tomas, Martin, Luboslav

GENRE - European Twinks sucking and fucking, with dildo and rimming action.

BODY TYPES - Slim, attractive, muscularly built youths, mostly hairless chests but plenty of hair below the waist (pubes, butt, and such), all uncut and mostly well-hung.


OVERVIEW - This DVD is put together from European (probably Czech) footage from a few years back.  The Director's name - Roman Pornanski - made me laugh out loud.  (It's interesting that his "almost-namesake" is back in the news.) There are 11 performers appearing in four scenes - two duos, a four-way and a three-way that lay out sex life in Eastern Europe.  None of them are identified by photo and name, so it is impossible to tell who's in what scene, or generally who's who.  Scenes take the viewer from the street into various bedrooms, homes and even a small restaurant for sexual encounters.


SCENE 1 - (A) GOOD LOOKING YOUTH / COVER BOY & (B) ANOTHER DARKER, MORE SHARP FEATURED YOUNG MAN - (A) is on a street checking out a streetcar schedule.  Cut to (B) at home at his computer.  (A) gets on the streetcar and phones (B), who invites him over.  Suddenly they're together in (B)'s home.  (A) is naked and working a conservative dildo into his ass, trying to get himself hard.  Although (B) is still mostly clothed, they fondle and jack each other for a bit.  (A) goes down on (B) and gives him a blow job.  They kiss.  Both are now naked, and (B) goes down on (A)'s big dick.  The film cuts quickly, one to the other as they suck.  They soon head up to a sleeping loft, but (B) stops on the top step of the ladder to allow (A) to rim his ass.  (A)'s one finger, and then two work their way into (B)'s hole.  It "jump cuts" to another dildo going in (B)'s ass.  From there, we see the two 69ing on (B)'s bed, with (A) on top sucking with (B) beneath "going up" on (A). There is no supportive background music on this DVD, so the sounds of sex are important.  Cut to (A) fucking (B) doggie style on the bed.  They both have nice, normally athletic bodies and look good having sex.  (B) loves it.  (A) flips over on his back so that (B) can ride his dick and allow (A) to fuck up into his ass.  They're next on their sides as (A) continues to ram his ass.  (B) goes a bit limp as (A) fucks, but this is not all that unusual in this movie.  Cut to them lying side by side and jacking off their dicks.  (B) cums and (A) hovers over him to shoot his big load on him.  It ends with a kiss.

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SCENE 2 - (A) TALL YOUTH, WITH "HIGH FOREHEAD" & (B) SHORTER YOUNG MAN WITHGLASSES - These two are discovered playing ping pong in a cavernous concrete space.  (It looks like some kind of  deserted industrial building.)  Dressed in black casual clothes, they eventually stop to kiss.  (B) pulls (A)'s pants down and drops to his knees to take his big thick dick into his mouth and suck on it.  His dick has nice large balls dangling beneath.  (A) leans on the edge of the table to enjoy the action. (Wind whips across the camera microphone from time to time.)  (A) finally pulls up his pants, and they head to (B)'s home to get comfortable.  (B), it turns out, has a really nicely developed body lurking beneath his clothes and does a surprising strip tease for (A) who is sitting pantless in an arm chair and jacking off.  (A) sucks on (B)'s shorter thick dick, which (B) really gets off on.  (From time in this DVD, they speak in their native language with no subtitles. However, the meaning is usually loud and clear.) Cut to the two 69ing, with (B) on top sucking (A)'s beautiful big dick.  (A) now has his shirt off and treats the viewer to his well-developed torso and ass.  (B) gets on his knees on the bed, so that (A) can rim his hairy ass, with the DVD providing intense close-ups of his tongues working (B)'s hole.  (A) gets some lube and works two fingers into his hole, followed by a lubed dildo to widen his entryway. Cut to (A) fucking (B) doggie style, his V-shaped torso and ass providing an exceptional view from the rear.  (A) loves fucking, and (B) chatters on about it while they're in the throes of do it.  Now on their sides, (A) keeps on slamming his dick in (B)'s hairy hole.  "Ah, ah, ah" is all he can say.  (A) can't seem to get his big cock all the way in (B)'s ass, but far enough. (B) wears his glasses throughout. (There are a number of guys in European Twink movies who wear their glasses while having sex. Could this be some sort of fetish?)  (B) is now on his back taking it missionary-style, allowing (A)'s great muscular ass to shine again.  This seems to hurt (B) a bit, but (A) doesn't force his dick all the way in this time, either.  (B) lies back to jack off and (A) jacks off over him.  (B) cums on himself and (A) shoots on (B)'s hairy bush. (These first two scenes utilize many of the same sexual positions and elements.) 

SCENE 3 - FOUR RATHER SIMILAR DARK-HAIRED YOUNG MEN - This four-way is difficult to accurately describe, because the guys are so similar and shots don't alway allow for identification.  Four guys are gathered in a living room on a couch, having coffee.  The most distinctive of them gets up to perform a strip tease for the others.  He's got a cute smile and smooth body, which he's only too glad to flaunt.  The other three find themselves getting turned on.  Two of them kiss each other, strip to their briefs and then takes them off.  They break off into pairs and suck cock.  One especially provides a big mouthful of cock for his friend.  The four, now naked, switch around, kissing and sucking.  Dildos come into play, as does rimming and finger-fucking.  At one point, one guy is sitting back on the sofa sliding dildos into two different available asses, one on each side of him, while the first guy slips one up the center guy's exposed hole.  From there it becomes an all-out fuck fest, with a few of them occasionally having difficulty staying hard.  At the end, all three jack off and cum on that first guy who started the whole thing.  Some of the fucking and sucking positions are most ingenious.

SCENE 4 - (A) LONG-HAIRED YOUTH WEARING A WIFE-BEATER, (B) A LIGHTER HAIRED GUY IN AN ORANGE SHIRT & (C) A 20ISH WAITER - (A) AND (B) are off in the woods and viewed at a distance. A stream rushes by, in which one plays a bit, splashing water on his friend.  They kiss as they walk.  They continue on and suddenly emerge from the forest onto a city street.  Arms wrapped around each other, they continue on to a local, currently deserted restaurant, where they sit down to eat.  The Waiter brings them menus, and they order wine. (B) heads to the men's room. The Waiter, bringing wine to (A) at the table, fondles his face and makes a sexual play for him and returns to the bar.  Before (B) comes back, (A) heads over to the bar and gives the Waiter a kiss.  And then, in a surprise move, he strips off all his clothes, and takes a multi-hued blue dildo (first seen in Scene 1) and works it into his ass for the Waiter's amusement.  He jacks off as (A) carries on.  (B) comes back from the bathroom and, without any reaction, gets his dick out to join in. Suddenly (A) is sucking on his friend and the Waiter takes over working the dildo in (A)'s ass.  (B) now has his pants off and shirt pushed up.  He has a nice big dick.  The Waiter suck's (A)'s dick as (B) eats his ass.  They're all totally naked now.  The Waiter takes over sucking (B)'s ass as he leans over a counter and (A) sucks his cock sitting on the floor below.  Cut to a circle-suck on the floor, with the Waiter sucking (A)'s cock, while he suck's on (B)'s, who's working on the Waiter.  (A) goes a little soft during this action, and the Waiter isn't super-hard either, although he appears to have a nice big cock-in-the-making.  They all stand up to fuck, (B) ramming his dick into (A) who's now bent over a pool table, sucking on the Waiter.  Then (A) is spread on his back on the table so that (B) can fuck him missionary-style while he continues to suck the Waiter.  And then, (B) joins (A) up on the table to fuck him, as he now lies on his side and continues to work on the Waiter.  Cut to (A) now sitting on the floor, his back supported by the table, as (B) and the Waiter jack off and cum on his chest.  (A) then shoots his load over his own black bushy pubes.

VIDEO - The DVD overall is clear, the sex is always the focus.  The editor jump cuts frequently from action to action, eliminating much of the mechanics and movements of guys actually engaging in sex.

SOUND - I had trouble accessing the sound on the machine I normally use, but my back-up machine came through.  The only sound is that of occasional dialog, in an Eastern European language without subtitles, and of course, the sounds of sex.

EXTRAS - There is a brief action Photo Gallery and three hardcore trailers for other DVDs from Badlands Pictures - all shot in 2003 and 2004 - THE BOY NEXT DOOR, PONY BOYS and BOYS OFBADLANDS.  Some of the photography, or the replication of these, was fuzzy.  There is a Website Commercial for www.amazingsex.com and an ad for Phone Sex that dated from 2004.  (Do you suppose the numbers listed still work?)

FINAL THOUGHTS - Frankly, there are many hotter and better made DVDs available with the same types of guys and action.  However, if you are addicted to the Euro-Twink look, it might be worth it to RENT IT.

Rod Woodman

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