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Twisted Passions Part 6

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 12/7/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature, Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Samantha Ryan, Allie Haze, Abbey Brooks, Isis Taylor, Rayveness, Ruby Knox

Length: 133 minutes

Date of Production: 2009

Extras: The standout is the approximately three and one-half minutes of bonus footage that features Samantha Ryan's piano playing and singing skills as well as bloopers among the cast. A nice looking photo gallery is included. The eight promos are AVN 2009, Promo Trailers, Promo Trailers 2, Promo Trailers 3, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Seductions, Lesbian Triangles, and Road Queen. The eight trailers are Backstage Girls, Imperfect Angels 6, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, Twisted Passions 5, Lesbian Seductions 22, Lesbian Triangles 14, Road Queen 8, and Field of Schemes 2. Website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview:  Twisted Passions is the most creative anthology that the studio Girlfriends Films has to offer as of this writing. Twisted Passions 6 is the follow-up to Samantha Ryan's superb performance in Twisted Passions 5. In this movie, she portrays a piano teacher who not only tingles the ivories of the musical instrument, but also those of her female students. Once again, the screenwriter does an incredible job in making the viewer think one way and having the conclusion of the film be a total surprise. However, the most credit must go to Samantha Ryan who shows off her versatility as a performer. Not only can she have great sex on film, this lovely, fine actress is musically-inclined. Her piano playing skills are wonderful and her singing voice is heaven.

Scene One: Piano teacher Samantha Ryan arrives at Allie Haze's home for her lesson. However, wannabe step-mom Abbey Brooks is against any future plans. Since Miss Haze is going to pay for them on her own, Abbey leaves unhappily. During their lesson, Ms. Ryan blindfolds her student. Moments later, the lessons become more personal and highly sensual. They feel each other's bodies and kiss. The beautiful instructor sucks on Allie's titties and butt. Next, the emotional level heightens when Ms. Ryan rubs her sensitive passion fruit. Suddenly, Miss Haze applies some love rubbing on Samantha's vaginal plaything. Later, the heated action moves to another room where the teacher's lovely dress comes off. They kiss and fondle each other affectionately on the bed. Samantha humps Allie as the student feels her cute ass. Her humping rhythm is steady and passionate. Later on, Ms. Ryan moves down her pretty body and kisses her inner thigh until she applies her oral and manual love massage on Allie's womanhood. Her fondness for her student's cherry gains more enthusiasm. Then, Miss Haze shows off her lustful demeanor on her instructor's mound with her mouth and finger. They kiss. Allie humps her energetically. Some sensual lip lock action follows before a heated 69 occurs. Allie's aggressiveness is hot. Samantha's facial expressions are cool. Finally, Ms. Ryan lays on top of her favorite student quite pleased.

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Scene Two: Allie Haze brings Isis Taylor over to Samantha Ryan's home for some lessons. While speaking to the newcomer, the teacher finds out that she is there for a more intimate reason. After the ladies go through some hanky-panky activities in the living room, Samantha and her guests move the action to the bedroom. Ms. Ryan and Isis kiss on the bed. Next, on the request of the piano teacher, Allie strips as Samantha and Isis kiss and caress each other. Afterwards, the two women are beside Ms. Ryan and they rub her beauty spot. They also take turns on kissing her. Then, the beautiful blond spanks and caresses their asses. A 69 is shown in which Miss Haze is on top of Isis. Allie's energetic behavior is hot. Meanwhile, Samantha plays with herself on a chair. Soon, Allie lays back so that her friend can place her total attention on her flower. The lady also sucks her breasts. Isis also does a sweet job in moving down her pal's body with nice precision. Later, Miss Haze humps Isis before orally massaging her sex spot. Samantha continues to work herself over as she looks upon the two active women on her bed. Some humping by Allie follows. Next, they makeout in the center of the bed by kissing and caressing. Soon, Miss Haze rubs Isis' honey spot with good force and tastes it too. Then, they kiss and snuggle. Samantha joins them at the end.

Scene Three: Samantha Ryan shows up at Rayveness' home. The sultry and sweet woman's daughter is excited to learn how to play the piano from the popular instructor. During their conversation, Rayveness mentions that she would like to learn too. While feeding Samantha her still cooking spaghetti meal, a flirty Rayveness accidently spills some sauce on her own breast. The turned-on woman sucks it off. They kiss. Then, the blonde beauty fondles the sexy lady's pretty bosoms. The sexual chemsitry between them rises immensely. She grinds her hips and groin on the cook's ass. Moments later, Ms. Ryan kisses it. After more lip lock action, Samantha sucks on Rayveness' tits passionately. Moments later, the teacher spreads some hot sauce on the woman's breasts. Soon, she sucks it off her with good enjoyment. Rayveness' smile and feelings for her guest are genuine. The viewer can feel the bond between them. The ladies are still standing. Samantha sensually straddles her butt with her groin as she fondles her tits. The energy level increases when the blond rubs her muffin with good enthusiasm. Ms. Ryan's smile and emotions are genuine towards the woman. Next, Rayveness turns around and removes Samantha's dress off her. She sucks her cute titties. Rayveness' eye contact feels intimate. The cook rubs her own bosoms on Samantha's sexual region. The lady also brushes her own nipple on Ms. Ryan's clit. Suddenly, she licks the beauty's gem with much adoration. Rayveness' eye contact remains sexy. Her forceful finger fuck heightens the sexual mood. The two beauties look incredible together. Then, ice cubes are entered into the scene. Rayveness puts some of them into their mouths. She runs it along Samantha's body and especially her sexual plaything. They kiss with the ice. Rayveness sucks the lady's nipple. They kiss again. After rubbing the instructor's beauty spot and nipple with the ice from her mouth, Rayveness joins her on top of the kitchen counter. The ice activity continues, but this time it is Samantha's turn to apply her icicle talents on her parter. She and the lady kiss. The teacher rubs her sex spot and sucks on it quite well. An aggressive rub-a-dub on it gets Rayveness off. They kiss. Samantha's smile makes her face beam. More kissing follows with a piece of ice in their mouths. Then, Rayveness works on Samantha's butt and snatch with some ice. Next, she also licks her asshole with good energy. This fine scene features hot chemistry between Samantha and Rayveness. It ends with them kissing sensually.

Scene Four: Ruby Knox arrives at Abbey Brooks' home. She tells the mom that she was supposed to meet with her daughter. After talking a while, the young lady puts the moves on the unsuspected mother. Suddenly, Abbey leads them to her bedroom. They kiss. Ms. Brooks sucks her titty. After more kissing action occurs on the bed, they caress each other's bodies. The pair look hot together. Then, Abbey straddles her while Ruby feels her bosoms and waist. The mom feels ticklish. Then, Abbey sucks her breast while being on top of her. Their sexual chemistry is easily noticeable. Next, Miss Knox is behind the lady as she rubs her intimate plaything. Later, she takes off Abbey's panties and kisses her inner thigh slowly before stimulating her sex spot. Her solid application enhances their sizzle. Ms. Brooks' moans and body gyrations are cool. They kiss. Abbey is fascinated by her butt. Moments later, she sucks and fingers Ruby's jewel. Some scissoring by Ruby occurs. Abbey plays with her tits briefly. Then, Ruby eats Ms. Brooks' passion fruit. Some tag team manual work by both women on Abbey's cooter follows. Next, Ruby sucks her with determination. They kiss. Next, Abbey licks her cute lovebox and fingers it passionately. After more lip lock activity, Ruby and Abbey get dressed.

Final Thoughts:  Twisted Passions 6 is a very good follow-up for Samantha Ryan from her superb role in Twisted Passions 5. Samantha Ryan proves once again that she is leading lady material. In this role, she, not only, shows off her sensual side, but also her musically talented side. Her piano playing is remarkable and her singing voice is sweet sounding heaven. She's definitely America's Sweetheart for the lesbian crowd. The two other standouts are Abbey Brooks and Rayveness. Rayveness is solid in her sensuous scene with Samantha. Their genuine affection for each other comes across the screen very easily. As to Abbey Brooks, it was a shame that she was not paired with Ms. Ryan. Her performance with Ruby Knox shows off her sexual heat in bed. A collaboration with Samantha would had been sensational. Hopefully, Girlfriends Films will put them together in a different series. Women Seeking Women would be a great place to locate them. I highly recommend this film on account of Samantha Ryan. It's an award-winning performance. It's essential to look at the bonus footage for more of Ms. Ryan's musical talent.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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