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Battle of the Sluts 3: Bobbi Starr/Annette Schwarz

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/7/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Battle of the Sluts 3: Bobbi Starr VS Annette Schwarz

Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Genre: Compilation, Annette Schwarz, Bobbi Starr

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Cast: Annette Schwarz, Manuel Ferrara, Bobbi Starr, Tony Ribas, Steve Holmes, Ian Scott, David Perry, Brad Baldwin, Joe Blow, Mike Hash, Johnny Fender, Dana DeArmond, Gia Paloma, Adrianna Nicole, Andi Anderson, Mike Stefano, Lexi Belle

Length: 295:55 minutes (211:50 minutes & 84:05 minutes)

Date of Production: 2009 (compilation only)

Extras: The extras were decent on the second disc of the set, starting off with a 22:14 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that I really liked (mostly the ladies getting ready for their scenes). That was followed by six photogalleries, three trailers, a helpful cast list, some filmographies, and a popshot recap on the second disc.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Battle of the Sluts 3: Bobbi Starr VS Annette Schwarz was presented in a nice 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel using the MPEG-2 codec for the standard definition release with 480p resolution. The colors were accurate as could be thanks to strong lighting and steady camera work, even the editing solid compared to some of his older titles. The level of detail was also a strong point with the ladies all looking very appealing given the lighting in most cases though it was too harsh at times, the minimal compression artifacts not greatly impacting the overall quality of the visual elements much. The video bitrate hovered on the low end, often in the 2.8 Mbps area or so, the show pretty solid most of the time in spite of the bitrate. In short, whatever technical limitations were present was not erection killing even if a guy like me wants significant improvement. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 192 Kbps and 48 kHz sampling rate; sounding average compared to the video as all the gals could be heard (though the lack of separation and limited dynamic range could also be worked on).

Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara and his work for Evil Angel has long been a favorite of mine and many that email me, not for their technical expertise or skillful editing but for all the wonderful qualities the director brings out in the ladies and his own prowess. His latest title making it to me was Battle of the Sluts 3: Bobbi Starr VS Annette Schwarz, a compilation of seven scenes comparing the relative merits of Annette Schwarz versus those of Bobbi Starr; each gal giving a series of excellent performances from titles deep in the vaults. Personally, I have long been established as a fan of Annette but cannot help but recognize the way so many people adore extreme queen Bobbi at least as much. The company website described the double disc set like this: "Battle of the Sluts 3: Bobbi Starr vs. Annette Schwarz compiles Manuel Ferrara's hottest scenes featuring the two infamously slutty and insatiable whores. Seven scenes of escalating debauchery feature the brunette, American girl-next-door and the blonde, German fuckbeast doing what they do best: Being erotically humiliated, used and abused, and frantically offering up all their holes to various platoons of big-dicked porn studs." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

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Scene One: Slutty & Sluttier 6: Annette Schwarz, Manuel Ferrara: Annette Schwarz, the leading German anal queen of recent times, was up next as a jealous gal upset at not getting all the semen from the previous scene. She was smoking a cigarette and fussing at Manuel Ferrara, acting angry in a reasonably believable manner while sitting in the back yard by the pool in her sheer black dress. She continued on about all the nasty things she does for the guy and then kneels down to suck him off. She interrupted the blowjob in order to masturbate, shoving multiple fingers inside of her cookie before more tease, more oral, and the pair going inside the house to fuck on the rug. Manuel ate her out as expected, pushing her as much as he could, the vaginal turning to anal as Annette showed yet again why she is such a great lay. The cameras used to capture the action appeared to have different settings so when the edit changed it was a bit jarring, yet I cannot deny that Annette with Manuel was even better than the orgy scene that took place previously. Annette was completely available for his use too, sucking his ass (salad tossing) and blowing him before he rubbed out his wad all over her body. Whew!

Scene Two: Slutty & Sluttier 9: Bobbi Starr, Tony Ribas, Steve Holmes, Ian Scott, David Perry: Bobbi Starr, the attractive brunette seen on the left hand side of the front cover, was up last on the second disc, her skimpy attire nothing like that on the cover for those keeping track. Bobbi was lounging out by the pool and her pretty eyes lit up when it was clear that she would be working with Toni Ribas, David Perry, Ian Scott, and Steve Holmes; her need for seed eschewing the fact that she adored the director from what I could tell. The tease was lengthy but she wanted cock so Toni gave it to her and gave it to her hard, hammering away at her outside before he led her inside to start throating the others and getting banged vaginally, anally, and in just about every other way possible. There was some chemistry this time too, her sweet white ass stuck in the air as she inhaled the meat pipe of Toni (more than the others) and moving on to tossing Steve's salad (rimming him) as she was taking it hard inside her by the others in rotation. They choked her out a little and slapped her around nearly as much, fans of hairy bushes getting an eyeful to like as she had stopped shaving for recent work. The ending came too soon and she engulfed all they showered her face with, the semen coating her (and some other worldly photography used when the camera settings were not changed as she went outside). Nice!

Scene Three: Slutty & Sluttier 1: Annette Schwarz, Manuel Ferrara, Brad Baldwin, Joe Blow, Mike Hash, Johnny Fender: When this scene starts off we see Annette, who is looking quite fine, playing with her pussy and her asshole for the camera. Things heat up fairly quickly and soon enough a group of guys come into the frame. She gets slapped around a bit and some dude fucks her little snatch with his big toe and the front of his foot. She takes a bit glass butt plug up her ass while the group gathers around and her mouth goes from one cock to another. At this point, things get fucking weird - she uses her fingers to hold her eyes open so that she can't blink and asks her boy toys to spit into her eyes. At this point, my boner died and I hit the 'next button' on my remote. (review by The Mooninite)

Scene Four: Evil Anal 5: Bobbi Starr, Dana DeArmond, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes: Bobbi Starr, a well liked anal queen, and the matron of alt-porn herself, Dana DeArmond, were up next with Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes. Bobbi started blowing Manuel in the car traveling down the roadway after some pantyhose fetish, savoring his load that had to be explained to Steve who fussed at him since he didn't want to kiss her after that once they got back to the house. He called Dana to come and clean her up, the two ladies retiring to the bathtub where Dana's really hot looking ass crack jeans came off as she serviced Bobbi's all natural body. Say what you will about Dana's age or tranny looking face (I've never seen her that way but she acknowledges it publicly), but she knows how to give some lesbian fun with a forced water appliance. This heated little side step continued until the ladies were brought back to the living room and tested to meet with Steve's approval; his preliminary oral finding them both to his satisfaction. The sexual antics then picked up to full speed as the two men worked the two women over, Bobbi with Steve and Dana with Manuel, swapping partners after they all did some oral. Bobbi wanted Manuel's dick in her ass and Dana was content to let Steve drill her biscuit, both ladies servicing Steve as Dana tossed his salad while Bobbi blew him; just one set of sex acts in a scene full of variety. As expected, the emphasis of the scene was on the anally penetrative sex, Bobbi providing the most active ride of the day and Dana the loudest in her over the top way of handling things. The DP's did little for me thanks to how passive they were for the most part (especially Dana's) but each gal licked man ass and did permutations of taste testing from their own holes to each others, enjoying the facials and cumswapping more than a little bit. Bobbi seemed turned on most of the time and Dana gave a decent performance though so it was worthy of your time, money, and genetic juice.

Scene Five: Evilution 2: Annette Schwarz, Gia Paloma, Manuel Ferrara, Ian Scott, Steve Holmes: Gia Paloma, was up first as she walked through the house, strutting her stuff like she owned the joint in her fishnet body stocking and large shades. She was on the right side of the front cover in a subdued B&W shot but deserved better. She went to the guest bathroom by the pool to find a very loud, very appealing, Annette Schwartz masturbating on the toilet in her pink fetish corset and white fishnets. Gia dominated her as she continued to diddle herself, kissing, sucking titties, and then having Gia assist on the rubbing. The black toilet looked brand new and had little water in it, just a large black dildo centered in the bowl (otherwise, it would have been gross don't ya know). Gia made her suck the dildo in a sloppy manner and then surprised me by showing the toilet was actually hooked up as she soaked her pal's head. To me, that was jumping the shark and something I'd expect from a Jake Malone flick but the gals kept at this until they were joined by Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, and Ian Scott. Manuel acted like a shy internet geek type of guy while Gia took care of the other two; using dirty talk and her body to coax them on. Gia started actively sucking the men off and taking their cocks inside her pussy when Manuel went to help out Annette by anally pillaging her while her head was in the bowl. Gia also did anal, even a lengthy DP, even more aggressively with some salad tossing added in for kinky good measure. Annette got into the spirit of things by jerking and sucking Manuel off while the other trio did their thing, each making for some wild times to be sure. The two parties merged together in the living room as Ian wanted to get some new ass, though to be fair, I'd have been happy tapping away on cute Gia. There was a lot more details to be explained but it lasted about 50 minutes and the gals took mouth pops to share and swallow at the end. I wished the technical aspects were better but it was a decidedly wild ride for those into kinky, nasty sex. Whew!

Scene Six: Evil Anal 10: Bobbi Starr, Adrianna Nicole, Andi Anderson, Mike Stefano, Tony Ribas: Madison Parker, Andi Anderson, Adrianna Nicole, Bobbi Starr, Michael Stefano, and Toni Ribas, were up next in what amounted to a lengthy orgy lasting the rest of the first disc. Initially, Madison and Michael hooked up together, both of them masturbating while facing each other in the living room. She wore white socks and stripper shoes but little else, her perfectly honed body looking especially young and tight. She fingered her ass as if to taunt him with her feminine charms too, moaning softly as she teased some more in a bent over position (she was the first brunette on the upper left hand corner of the front cover). Madison masturbated with an impossibly large purple dildo too, orally cleaning it out of both holes before replacing it with his cock. She was not a very active rider here but grew better as she became used to his cock, the vaginal and anal penetration enhanced by their repeated kissing and oral as the others watched. He then jizzed on her face and a mirror, the gal licking his semen off it before the scene moved to Bobbi giving Toni a wonderful hummer in bed. Then Michael stumbled upon the two blondes (Adrianna and Andi) tied up in the living room, joining them as they kissed and jerked him off. He released them and then the orgy started unfolding in earnest, only Madison missing as the quintet went crazy on each other (the top four gals, except for Madison, on the upper left hand corner of the cover). They took DP action, slobbed knobs, ate pussy and ass, and each actively rode the cock until Andi got both loads, sharing them with Bobbi and Adrianna (technically, the second load went to all of them).

Scene Seven: Slutty & Sluttier 3: Bobbi Starr, Annette Schwarz, Lexi Belle, Steve Holmes, Ian Scott: Annette Schwarz, Lexi Belle, Bobbie Starr, Steve Holmes, and Ian Scott, were up first. Steve puffed away on a cigar while fingering Bobbie who was blowing him; the scene cutting away to Ian driving along with Manuel behind the camera as the limited dialogue began. Annette and Regan Reese played stripper-esque body guards sporting assault weapons, all part of the scenario where a hugely successful Steve secluded himself from the world as he enjoyed his riches from porn. The gals thoroughly searched the men in the kind of way that I would find acceptable were hotties doing it to me, the relative orgy beginning after Steve banished Manuel. The oral was plentiful by all, with kissing, rubbing, and assorted hardcore acts like a cigar in the ass to give it flavor. There was a fair amount of rimming too but the majority of the scene was devoted to anal and vaginal penetration (including DP's) with oral as a topper. The rough stuff like choking, spanking, or other acts was minimal here; the friendly dynamic catered to more than usual in this day of gonzo, over the top action. There was some almost believable squirting (getting a gal really juicy instead of the urine flying all over the place) and the gals were just as aggressive sexually as the men, with some begging as they impaled themselves on the cock of choice. The gals cumswapped to close things up, ending with their lovely asses in the air as the heated, chemistry filled scene closed up. It was a solid opening scene with Annette coming off like she was the best of the bunch.

Summary: Battle of the Sluts 3: Bobbi Starr VS Annette Schwarz by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel provided a wealth of superior sex scenes starring both ladies, the amount of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value amounting to a double disc title worthy of being Highly Recommended. In short, Battle of the Sluts 3: Bobbi Starr VS Annette Schwarz showcased the pair of extreme queen gonzo performers in such a way that if you are a fan of either and don't already have these scenes, pick up a copy and lock yourself away for a few weeks because you'll be busier than expected.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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