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Car Jackers

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/8/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2009

Length: 112 minutes

Director: Chris Steele and John Tegan

Cast: Marcus Steele, Landon Mycles, Hayden Stephens, Berke Banks, Dex Carter, Josh Griffin, Dayton O'Connor, and D.J. Turner

Body Types: young, muscular guys

Condoms: yes

Things to See
: dirty talk, deep-throating, rough sex, threesomes, straight seduction

Plot: These repo boys might take more than your car. 

The Movie:

I think I now understand the appeal of cover-model Marcus Steele.  With sandy blond hair and some trimmed facial stubble, he could pass for a hunky repairman or even a coach, as he did in the film Tackle .  As soon as he opens up his mouth, however, it's hard not to recognize the Southern drawl in his voice.  With such good looks and Southern style, he could easily play the part of the lovable ex husband, as seen in Sweet Home Alabama or pretty much anything starring Matthew McConaughey.   Fortunately, Marcus Steele does porn, enabling us to safely fulfill our straight Southern guy fantasies.  In the film Car Jackers, Steele plays a convincing repo car guy who enjoys taking advantage of cute, young, and dumb guys  who are strapped for cash but need their cars back.  Steele, as do the other hunky employees in the business, take advantage of a whole lot of desperate customers including a husband whose pregnant wife is about to give birth and one hothead who has a mild temper tantrum when he doesn't get his car back immediately.  These scenarios, and Steele's surprisingly good acting, make for some pretty hot sex scenes.  

Scene One: Marcus Steele and Josh Griffin

Marcus (a blond Southern boy with some facial stubble) tells Josh (a beefy brunette) that he can't pick up his car unless he pays up.  Refusing to pay the exorbitant price, Josh storms into Marcus's office and demands his keys.  Marcus tells the lad that he can offer up something else if he wants his car returned.  Marcus then unzips his mechanics jacket and pulls out his tasty cock for Josh to suck on.  Though he mildly protests, Josh gets on his knees and starts to suck on Marcus's throbbing cock.  Marcus proceeds to roughly face-fuck Josh and use lots of dirty talk.  Though he initially complained, Josh starts to like the rough cock play, resulting in him pulling out his own cock and stroking away.  Marcus continues to use his dick as a loaded weapon by penis slapping Josh and plunging it deep down Josh's throat.  Marcus then sucks on Josh's cock as well.  However, Marcus tells Josh that if he wants his car back, he's going to have to give up something else; his ass.  Josh protests even more, but he ultimately bends over and allows Marcus to screw him from behind. Josh winces in pain while Marcus fucks his hole.  Josh then holds his legs up in the air while Marcus screws him on the desk.  Finally, both guys stroke their cocks off, with all of the spunk landing on Josh's leg and chest. 

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Likes: Marcus looked damn hot with his dick poking out from his mechanics jacket and his six pack glistening in the light.   

Scene Two: Hayden Stephens and Landon Mycles

A young college boy tells Hayden (cute brunette with a thick cock and perfect abs) that he was given the wrong car keys.  Hayden leads the boy outside, unzips his mechanics outfit, pulls out his fat cock, and says "I've got your keys right here."  Cute and tender Landon can't help but bend down and take a taste of Hayden's tool.  Hayden tells Landon that he's going to have to suck his dick good if he wants his keys returned.  The guys move indoors where they take off their clothes and Landon continues to orally please Hayden.  Landon looks like he has done this sort of thing before since he's able to deep-throat Hayden's dick without a hitch.  Hayden then starts to get really aggressive with Landon's mouth, resulting in copious amounts of drool dripping down to the floor.  However, Landon never once looks like he wants Hayden to stop.  After that, Landon is fucked from behind while he rests on a floor mat.  The boys then switch so that Landon can prop his legs up in the air.  Hayden fucks him until he unloads a juicy load onto Landon's chest.  Landon completes the scene by stroking off his own cock. 

Likes: Landon Mycles incredible oral talents and Hayden Stephens unbelievably hot bod and cock.

Scene Three: Berke Banks, Dex Carter, and D.J. Turner

A distraught customer (D.J. Turner, a cute brunette with a naturally hairy body) tells Marcus that he needs to pick up his car because his wife is about to give birth.  Marcus snickers and tells D.J. to head to the back room to wait for his car.  D.J. cautiously enters a darkened room, only to have two flashlight beams shone into his face.  He squints and tells the mysterious men that he needs to pick up his car before his wife gives birth.  The mystery assailants don't care about his sob story, instead telling D.J. that he needs to disrobe if he wants his car back.  D.J. seems nervous, but he gives in to their demands.  The mystery men then head over to the naked and fragile D.J where they begin to taunt him some more.  They pull out their cocks and stoke them near him and they even touch D.J.'s nipples and cock.  The men force him to bend over and spread his cheeks and then suck their cocks.  Poor D.J. looks anxious about sucking their dicks, but he soon gets into the action, allowing the guys to shove both of their cocks in his mouth at once.  The guys continue to stretch out his mouth until they turn on the lights.  The mystery men (two beefy brunette mechanics named Berke and Dex) then tell D.J. that they are going to fuck that straight boy hole of his.  On a metal stairway, D.J is tag-teamed by the rough mechanics: Berke fucks him and Dex feeds D.J. his cock.  D.J takes the deep cock plunging like a pro, able to tolerate deep-throating and power fucking without a hitch.  D.J. is then pulled over to a metal table where he is fucked on his back, with his legs up.  He moans profusely while being fucked, yet his dick is rock hard and ready for spurting.  D.J. is fucked until he oozes out a load onto his own chest.  Dex creams D.J.'s cock with even more cum. Berke, however, unleashes the mother lode of cum all over D.J.'s chest from above.

Likes: creative use of flashlights, D.J. taking two cocks in his mouth at once, and Berke's huge cumshot.

Scene Four: Marcus Steele and Dayton O'Connor

Dayton (a young brunette hot head) is pissed off by how much it will cost to have his car returned to him.  At first he storms out of the building, but then he returns in a state of sulking compliance.  Marcus isn't going to give away the car for free, but he's willing to allow the boy to work for it.  He tells Dayton that he needs to suck his dick if he wants his car back.  Dayton puts up a fight, but he gives in eventually.  Marcus feeds him his cock and rough-houses Dayton's mouth.  Marcus gets quite aggressive with Dayton, both physically and verbally as he attempts to teach Dayton a lesson.  Marcus then fucks Dayton from behind on his metal desk.  Marcus plugs up Dayton's hole with his fat cock and screws the boy raw.  However, Dayton remains rock hard throughout the fucking.  After that, Dayton turns around and tells Marcus that he's now going to fuck him.  Marcus looks stunned, if not scared, but he allows the boy to fuck him on the floor.  Dayton gets in some vengeful pumping, making Marcus moan in pain.  The guys then revert back to Marcus fucking Dayton's hole some more.  While Marcus jack-hammers away, Dayton strokes off his dick to a wet finale.  Marcus concludes by spurting off his cum below. 

Likes: Marcus being so convincing as a trash talking mechanic.

The DVD:


The anamorphic widescreen transfer is very nice.  The image is sharp, colorful, and properly lit.  Overall, there is little to complain about.


The audio was good but one of the scenes had a noticeable humming sound present in the background.  All of the action can be heard of course, but the slight humming (probably from an air conditioner) might distract some viewers. 


Extras consist of animated chapter selection, an animated gallery, cum shot review, some trailers, and a behind-the-scenes feature.  The behind-the- scenes feature is lengthy, clocking in at 51 minutes.  Consisting of cast interviews and alternate angle footage, this feature provides an in-depth view of the making of this film.  Though you will probably only watch this feature once, there is a lot of extra footage present here, especially a whole lot of extra cock footage. 
Final Thoughts:

Car Jackersis a fun fuck romp with lots of trash talking actors engaged in rough and masculine sex.  The transfer is bright and colorful and the special features, especially the documentary, are worth a look.  Therefore, Car Jackers easily earns a highly recommended rating. 

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