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Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 28

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 12/12/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian, Milf

Director: ?

Cast: Magdalene St. Michaels, Victoria White, Ashley Sweet, Meridian, Ariella Ferrera, Ally Kay, June Summers

Length: 146 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: Despite not having a Behind the Scenes segment, the promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of its titles in its stable. The eight promos are AVN 2009, Promo Trailers, Promo Trailers 2, Promo Trailers 3, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Triangles, Women Seeking Women, and Road Queen. The eight trailers Backstage Girls, Imperfect Angels 6, Twisted Passions 5, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, Lesbian Triangles 14, Road Queen 8, Women Seeking Women 50, and Field of Schemes 2. A nice looking photo gallery is also included. Of course, website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview:  Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Volume 28 is the twenty-eighth installment of Girlfriends Films' very popular and successful Lesbian Seductions series. This studio sets forth the objective of creating "... the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video." It's in the pursuit of this goal that allows the actresses to be gentle and act sincere towards each other. The viewer really feels the chemistry between the performers. It's both highly sensual and heartwarming. In this volume, the two best sensual performers that this studio has ever had appear. Magdalene St. Michaels is the Meryl Streep of Porn. Her versatility and charisma pulls the attention of the viewer to her immediately. She also raises the level of her costars' performances especially her sexual partner's. It is rarely the case where this cause and effect relationship does not occur in her presence. As to the magic of June Summers, her friendly demeanor and sensuous foreplay generate the top-notch sexual heat in her scenes. Ms. Summers also has the knack to raise her partner's performance as well. She makes the storylines run smoothly and enhance the intended mood of the scene. Ms. Summers' on-screen personality makes the audience fall in love with her.

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Scene One: After the quartet of ladies (Magdalene St. Michaels, Meridian, Ashley Sweet, and Victoria White) browse through the clothes in their swap-meet, the hostess and Victoria head upstairs so that her guest can try on the beautiful pink gown. Once in the bedroom, Miss White feels very modest while disrobing in front of Magdalene. The lady puts on a lovely pearl necklace on Victoria. Moments later, Ms. St. Michaels tenderly runs her fingers along the woman's body and hair. She kisses her on the cheek twice. Magdalene's seductive manner enhances the sensuality of the scene despite Victoria's reluctant mood. When they kiss for real, the vision of pinkness becomes more at ease and more compliant to the woman's desires. Magdalene sucks her nipples with gentleness. Victoria plays with Ms. St. Michael's hair briefly. Soon, the hostess moves down her body and runs her hand senusally on her torso. Then, Magdalene removes the lady's beautiful dress and panties. She kisses her butt and snatch. Next, she kisses her tummy and then, focuses her attention on Victoria's vaginal plaything. Later, while Magdalene undresses, Miss White plays with herself. When the brunette beauty resumes her oral treat, Victoria plays with her own titties briefly. Miss White's soft dirty talk enhances the passion of the action. After placing more stimulative behavior on Victoria's sex spot, Magdalene lays on her back so that her guest can show off her gratitude on Ms. St. Michaels' juice box. The intensity level between them rises. Magdalene's smile is genuine and her face expresses sheer pleasure such that the viewer gets pulled into the action even more. Next, Magdalene shoves her mouth into Victoria's snatch with good effort. Then, the woman wraps her arms around Miss White's body while leaning behind her. Finally, they kiss as they lay beside each other.

Scene Two: The scene opens with Ashley Sweet and Meridian in a bedroom. Miss Sweet is on the bed while Meridian is standing beside it. Ashley is still trying to figure out what to wear. Later on, the other woman makes a pass at her. She kisses her and feels her cute ass. Despite some uneasiness at the beginning, Ashley's facial expression gives off a sense of adoration for Meridian's foreplay behavior. Her muffin eating and rubbing actions easily stimulate the lady. Ashley's grin is adorable. I like Meridian's steady rhythm and technique. The tight close-ups of her oral work are hot. Her sexual sponge becomes very juicy. Ashley's smile is cute when she sucks on the woman's wet finger. They kiss. Some titty fascination occurs. Later, Miss Sweet's oral massage on Meridian's sex spot is nice. Her finger fuck of the lady's womanhood is a good compliment to Ashley's mouth to pussy routine. Afterwards, they kiss as Ashley humps her passionately. Meridian spanks her several times. Miss Sweet's humping actions become more energetic while their chemistry grows. Then, they kiss passionately as Meridian rubs Ashley's sensitive mound. The scene becomes more personal while Ashley's moans become more intense.

Scene Three: Ginger Lee shows up at Ariella Ferrera's place. Ms. Ferrera tries to comfort the lady on her recent breakup with her boyfriend. The mood is personal and emotional. Ginger's sad portrayal teared me up. The scene moves to the bedroom where Ariella hands her a glass of orange juice as she is laying on the bed. Moments later, the woman of the house lays beside her. She caresses her body and applies soft tender kisses on her. Each time that Ariella kisses her, Ginger looks very happy. The sexual chemistry between them is high. Their lip lock activity is sexy. Ariella does a swell job in kissing her tummy and ribs. Then, she rubs her crotch briefly. Later on, she applies her adoration on her breasts. Her gentle kisses along Miss Lee's hot body feels very sensual. Ms. Ferrera's oral and manual deliberate work on the lady's mound are huge turn-ons. After most of their clothes are taken off, she resumes her sensuous workout of Ginger's plaything. Once Ariella removes her own undergarments, she places a lot of her attention on Miss Lee's adorable butt. Then, the woman positions her own mound onto Ginger's mound for some humping and rubbing activity. Ginger also feels Ariella's bosoms. Moments later, Ariella resumes her oral and manual treat on Miss Lee's honey comb. Soon, Ginger digs into Ms. Ferrera's love spot with her mouth and fingers. They kiss as Miss Lee rubs the woman's muffin with good effort. Ariella's right leg quivers. Her leg continues to quiver when Ginger orally stimulates her beauty spot. Later, the ladies switch positions. Ariella rubs Ginger's peach with solid technique. It gets her off. Her body gyrations are cool. Then, Ariella sits on top of Ginger so that she can taste her passion fruit briefly. Suddenly, they are laying beside each other and kissing.

Scene Four: June Summers and Ally Kay are having a nice chat about Miss Kay's internship and June's upcoming vacation. Soon, the conversation moves onto a different matter. Ms. Summers wants to take photos of themselves for a contest. Once Ally agrees, they head for the bedroom where the very informal photo session begins. After taking some photos in various states of undress, the women are laying beside each other. Ally continues to feel nervous. June runs her hand along Miss Kay's cute body. Later, she kisses her face. After more sensual foreplay by June, she kisses her on the lips. Soon, the woman removes Ally's white skirt. June resumes her kisses and caresses. Their lip lock action is sexy. Ms. Summers feels the woman's panty-covered plaything. Next, their kisses become more personal. Then, Ally sucks June's left tit. June rubs her peach underneath her panties. The chemistry between them gains more heat. The close-ups of Ms. Summers' rub-a-dub of Ally's inner pinkness enhance the intimate mood of the scene. Suddenly, June adds extra stimulant on it with her mouth. Her terrific steady mouth to pussy rhythm and stamina are hot. It is no wonder that Miss Kay gets off on it. Then, Ally rubs June's clit in a counter-clockwise motion with her fingers. She also sucks and licks it well. Her tender approach is sensuous. Afterwards, June humps her with passion. Then, Ally humps her friend with very good enthusiasm. Some active oral play from Ally follows. She does a swell job with June's gyrating mound. Finally, Ally lays on top of her and they kiss.

Final Thoughts:  Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Volume 28 is a super collection of passionate performances that continue to raise the level of sensuality in adult lesbian porn. With the likes of Magdalene St. Michaels and June Summers to a refreshing newcomer Ariella Ferrera, Girlfriends Films will continue to be the leader in romantic lesbian porn for a long time. It is important to note that this studio is not sitting on it's accomplishements. With their continual innovative foresight, Girlfriends Films has high expectations for 2010. If they continue to use the instinctive qualities of Magdalene, June, and Ariella in the upcoming year, then those expectations should easily be met. I highly recommend this movie.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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