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Jim Powers' Teenage Babysitters

Studio: JM Productions » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 12/21/09

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Teenage Babysitters
A Jim Powers Picture Released by JM Productions
Starring:  Kacey Jordan, Katja Kassin, Tara Lynn Foxx, Tanner Mays & Jasmine Gold.
With:  Otto Bauer, Jay Lassiter & Joey Brass
Runtime:  2hrs 13min
Condoms?:  None!
Keywords:  Babysitters, Teens, Humiliation, Sex Slave, JM

Brief Synopsis:  Director/JM honcho Jim Powers offers up a few scenarios with  through his particular ringer of humility, painting them less as delicate prey and more as keen predators busking within the suburban wild.  Based on his previous features I've been keen to view, I'm not expecting any sort of fireworks, but who knows?

[Scene One]  Kacey Jordan & Katja Kassin  (with Otto Bauer)

With a foreboding piano figure wafting in the overhead, Katja (our narratress for the disc) veils a few introductory points with the story of Kacey, the live-in keeper that joins Katja and Otto and their pair of children.  Soon after the house rules are laid down, meek Kacey finds herself atop the living room coffee table, accused of walking the halls naked and turning on Otto a little too much, a little too often.  Katja, with that terse look in her eyes, orders Kacey to undress for them, done sheepishly, spreading her legs to reveal that meaty pussy of hers to her bosses.  "It's like a good steak," Katja notes, spreading her charge's lips apart, with Otto helping and grunting with a few fingers of his own.  The semi-berating keeps on until Katja takes her own panties off, pulling Kacey's face into her crotch and ordering her to lick (of course, she does as she's told).  Soon the two ladies are taking turns batting Otto's balls between their mouths, with Katja attempting to show Kacey just how it's done (throating, ball cupping, etc.).  Katja's the first in missionary, sitting on Kacey's face once Otto attunes himself toward his employee.  Soon both girls are stacked in line facing up, one atop of the other, with Otto fucking each one at a time (the other takes wind of his balls, or even a stray/open face in the meantime).  Kacey rides him in standard and reverse cowgirl, with Katja having her own session per position in between post/pre-sucks on Otto's wick, only switching to anal for the second round onward.  The two stack together again, this time back to back, with Kacey tasting Otto as he uncorks himself from Katja's rear jug hole after a few whirls.  After a smidgen more anal with Katja (spooning), Otto sprays his glory across their faces, turned upside down, until the final fade-out.  Kacey's fine playing the shy, somewhat uncomfortable "third" wheel, so to speak, wearing a sour look on her face as she's ordered around by Katja and fucked by Otto.  It's all a bit of a mixed bag: Katja is quite fine, as always, though the way it affects Kacey is a bit of a turn-off, as she's reduced to a kind of puppet for the husband and wife to play with.  I know it's just dress up, but it's effective enough to keep me uneasy.

[Scene Two]  Tara Lynn Foxx  (with Jay Lassiter)

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Locked up, tied and gagged on the floor of a shower, "love slave" (as per Katja's words) Tara awaits her former employer/current "master" Jay to finish his toilet break and engage her with a few pokes.  "Hi baby, I love you," she sneaks into his ear once her gag is cut, seeing him pull out her tits to suck and free her arms and legs with a pair of scissors.  Jay feeds her every inch, easily, swatting her with his knob and feeding her from above, kissing and snacking on her snatch in 69.  Holding her ass up, he thrusts into her pussy in a kind of reverse standing doggy-style, lifting Tara's cheeks for missionary and against the shower's tile walls for doggy.  Jay twists her around and keeps his attentive mouth full with her tits whenever he has the chance, even so further on as he leads her to the bedroom and gobbles up her ass.  Tara is equal parts giggly and huffy once Jay slides into her (again in doggy), shifting to reverse cowgirl (plenty of livened slapping, to boot) and a jackhammered side-saddling.  Smoothly, in classic cowgirl, she thumps down on his pipe, whipping and growling as he slaps both sets of her cheeks along the way, finally ending with a closely-held bit of spooning before Jay jerks himself clean onto Tara's face, buttering her face with his spread.  Sitting up, she drinks down the landings atop her tongue right before he ties her up again, leaving her a bound, sweaty mess of pink tape for their next meeting, whenever and wherever that happens to be.  Though Jay does play rough, Tara knows how to take it like a champ, turning in an animalistic performance that keeps the duo wrapped up and focused, from the slightly cramped/cold confines of the empty shower to the set of sheets that they end up soaking through.  They thrive on each other's energy, within every toss and turn, even if Jay can sometimes seem aloof, even when he's laying into Tara brick by brick.  She's more than a good sport: she's a champ.

[Scene Three]  Jasmine Gold  (with Jay Lassiter) / Tanner Mays  (with Joe Brass)

Jasmine arrives to Jay's house as a live-in au pair, soon finding out that her male employer ruffles his neighbor's tickly feathers right under her nose.  Faint, muffled yelps awaken her one afternoon, peeking into the next room to find Jay plugging away into Tanner, the two of them lost enough in their own pre-orgasmic bliss to even notice Jasmine at all.  She does slink away back beneath her own sheets, leaving the door cracked as she daydreams and diddles herself into a moist haze.

This dream breaks away to a fantasy scenario involving Tanner (studying in the dining room) blowing another neighbor (Joe), leaning down and swallowing up his rod, fluffing herself along the way.  The stroking continues with Tanner on the floor, beginning the fuck in reverse cowgirl, adjusting her footing between a few squeaky chairs and the dining room table, finally planting her pink-socked feet atop Joe's thighs for a rousing bit of romp.  She flips around for doggy, spreading her long legs apart and, once again, attempting to find just the right position for that perfect fit (the camera seems to be doing the same thing, adjusting and flipping positions, annoyingly to the point of shooting the pair completely upside-down).  A classic cowgirl ride hits most of Tanner's red-button nerves, with her tiny titties wiggling like short cups of winter pudding.  That tall ride gives way to missionary, wherein she's the most eager so far, allowing Joe to slam into her and wind into an extended crank.  Tanner strokes Joe's wiggler with her mouth encircling his mushroom head, coaxing him with swift jerks until he unloads a dose into her mouth.  She holds it in briefly, trying to thread it out and suck it back in (hillbilly style), but ends up spilling it on the floor below, wading a finger in the off-camera goo and licking it off.

Fading back into still-masturbating Jasmine, eyes closed, Jay, still naked, comes in and offers his prick up for a slobbery blow job.  In 69, he sucks on her asshole, flipping her up for reverse cowgirl.  The thrusting is tight going and a little stiff at first, though he tries to alleviate Jasmine's lack of moistness by spooning her, into doggy with all manner of clit stimulation by way of either of their pairs of hands.  Missionary proves a smoother go, with Jay diving his anchor deep into Jasmine's bald beaver and riding her ass side-saddle before rubbing his wad out onto her open mouth with a post-stroke lip hold.  Jasmine, overall, is kind of disaffected, even when she's masturbating, though her dreams of Tanner are plenty more exciting than what turns out to be the "real thing" for her babysitting self.  Tanner's run with Joe is pretty great, even though the camera's angles are a chore to rifle through as the action heats up, not to mention the semi-obtrusive music bed that lends the scene a bit of unecessary "seriousness" (frowny face style).


Bonus Features
A Bonus Section offers up Tanner's scene in full, which really only imparts a few additional minutes of introduction and tease to the twenty or so minutes that ended up in the middle of Jasmine's dream sequence (no real revelations to speak of).  Seems like a curious addition, but that's why they call some people "completists" , I guess.  A section of Trailers for related Jim Powers-helmed material plays out around the 27-minute mark, but over 75% of that time is devoted to super-lame "music videos" preceeding each section's snippet of "sexual" "material" (because both The Ramones and The Bee Gees are nothing if not ripe for musical parody, at least according to Jim Powers).  If you still have your eyes and ears left intact after that bit, a link to the JM website is also listed (clickable, natch), just in case you're interested.

Audio/Visual Quality
The high-definition picture (approximately 1.78:1) is presented in enhanced 16x9, with each scene moderately lit and surprisingly true-to-life, suffering a loss in crispness once shadows become problematic (as in Kacey's scene, wherein the bodies are stacked) or when the levels are peaked with hot sunlight (the introductory parts of Jasmine's scene, though her scene is softly and evenly well-illuminated in a white room, which more than makes up for any other flaws).  Tanner's scene stays clean and bright, though the proliferation of unnecessary camera angling does suffer its own troubles (low and high sparks, depending on the oddness of position).  The audio is standard 2-channel stereo, however inundated here & there with the briefly aforementioned morose "serious" musical accompaniment (loud thrums of synthetic piano for a "spooky"/Lifetime Network-esque "perilous" atmosphere, which just plays as sillier than anything at all), spoiling an otherwise pretty picture.  A step up for a Powers production in terms of the techier end of the visual spectrum, but I suppose you can't separate the cat from the fur, so to speak (it'll always be there no matter what).

Final Thoughts
Though the star power here may be enough for a blind buy for some (Tanner Mays, Tara Lynn Foxx), I would recommend that most smut seekers Rent It first, especially if your tastes for all things Jim Powers only tickles the waning side of the meter.  While his production values may have increased with the advent of higher-grade technology, he proves that his own personal tastes for serving out humiliation and pain haven't really changed (and why would they in the first place?), even if it all looks cleaner, prettier, and even with a little sparkle.  Both Tara and Tanner survive this behavior by taking control of what they can within their roles, convincing enough to hurdle over what they can of that rather myopic sexual outlook.  Seeing Kacey frown through her scene with Katja is actually pretty depressing, but then again maybe that's what Mr. Powers is truly looking for.  Elsewhere, Yasmine seems to be on auto-pilot, slightly unaware that anything is actually happening either to her or around her periphery.  I've said it once & I'll say it again:  does anybody remember laughter?

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