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Ex-Boyfriends Revenge 4

Studio: JM Productions » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 12/20/09

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Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge 4
An Fuck You Cash Picture Released by JM Productions
Starring:  Ahryan Astyn, Nika Noire, Tristan Taylor & Gracie Glam
With:  Several Unidentified Fellas
Runtime:  2hrs 11min
Condoms?:  None
Keywords:  Home Movie, Self Shooter, Sex Tape, Oh No Not That Thing Again.

Brief Synopsis:  As the trend in sex tapes has only become more prevalent, Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge fills that void in the legitimate porn world, casting newcomers & well-trodden pros alike in self-shot scenarios with a like-minded male partner.  With the advent of high definition cameras leading to a shrinkage in size/portability, I suppose it was simply a matter of time...

[Scene One]  Ahryan Astyn

Sneaking up on Ahryan (playing the piano), her boyfriend shows off his camera, teasing each other in a back and forth as he plies her for more than just a kiss or two.  Ahryan admits feeling skittish, even as she tickles him by trotting around in a newly bought set of underwear ("surprise!  you bought it!"), eventually undoing his zipper and blowing him as he takes a seat.  Undoing her bra, the two take to the couch at once, setting the camera down to catch some pussy eating and missionary, picking it up again for a few confusing angles from both point of view (his n' hers).  Steady going continues in doggy, the boyfriend dipping down into Ahryan in a shout-worthy wedge of mess-around.  She shakes and jitters in reverse cowgirl, breath heavy as she turns for classic cowgirl, turning slightly chaotic as they juggle the camera around yet again.  Set against the piano's bench, our final schtupping moments prevail in missionary, with Ahryan's boyfriend jizzing between her tits, onto her chest, even past her shoulder and onto the arm of the couch.  The duo's rapport is goony and cute, cozy even as the action heats and bubbles up.  However, the camera work may make some dizzy (like me), even as the two struggle to find the best angle for their most flattering angles.

[Scene Two]  Nika Noire

Opening up on a coolly lit bedroom, Nika excuses her boyfriend's new digital addition to the bedroom as an occasion to make a souvenir before they part continents.  She kisses him and licks his chest, popping open his jeans and sniffing around his junk drawer until she finds an already steady rod.  In a rapid fire she takes down his cock, whipping it across her cheeks and smacking herself before wiggling out of her underwear, beginning the missionary duffing soon afterward.  A cowgirl tapping follows (with a few tastes, to boot), with Nika spearing herself on her boyfriend's poker, throating him down for the cause.  He sets down his camera on a nearby nightstand, going into doggy as she purrs and squaks,

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lapping her slit before picking up in missionary once again, fingers flying every which way.  Leaning into him, Nika slobbers and jerks his well-massaged prick, popping the contents of his shot across her mouth.  However, it's difficult to tell just where it all goes, as the exposure on the camera peaks only after Nika has done a speedy clean-up, and after her partner is totally spent.  A shame, though Nika, otherwise, survives the performance without a scratch, even if a majority of the fucking suffers a kind of night blindness that renders most of the entire scene in a blue haze (coolly lit, indeed).

[Scene Three]  Tristan Taylor

We meet Tristan as her beau sidles into the bedroom, low light obscuring and falling out of focus as he closes in for a kiss.  Smartly, he sets down the camera (only briefly) as she falls to her knees to suck on his wick, picking it up again as he flicks his tongue against her pussy lips.  Now totally naked, they meander to the bathroom for more hijinks, beginning with doggy against the steps of the jacuzzi bath.  Switching positions, reverse cowgirl quells a few sultry whines out of Tristan, though the image tends to drift, more often than not, into a blurry haze.  Lying on a set of towels, the boyfriend sets himself flat while Tristan carries herself overhead in standard cowgirl, bolting and jutting into him, admitting "this is the best idea you've ever had!".  A swift run in reverse cowgirl has Tristan carrying the camera from her point of view, creaming herself over her boyfriend's pole right before he tastes her quim once again.  Standing up in the shower, the duo fuck onward face to face, reverting back to doggy atop the sink, in front of the mirror.  A few camera moves later (and a few more servings from the pussy wagon later, too), Tristan holds the camera as her boyfriend unspools his wave of semen across her stomach, fading out after a short glance at his face.  While business, overall, is booming every which way for Tristan, it's a little difficult to hash out a clear, solid image when she's really letting go, which is really frustrating.  When he's not zooming in on their pulsing quivers in close-up, her boyfriend is vying to not only hold his pop back, but trying to capture it all as it's happening: it's rough viewing, and I feel your pain, sir (and, yes, these screen captures may be only a few of the times that anything is actually focused).  Aargh.

[Scene Four]  Gracie Glam

Our final entrant into the pseudo-private confines of the "home" tape is Gracie Glam, toasting herself in lotion poolside, adorned in too little bikini.  Her boyfriend snakes her into the bedroom, and a now cooled-off Gracie snuggles close to his dick ("if you show anyone," she intones, "I'm gonna smash this shit," and I only hope she was referring to the camera.)  Our boy is smart to set the device down as she goes downtown, licking his balls while he stretches his hands across her pretty little ass.  A winning bout of doggy offers Gracie a chance to carry ("I can see myself!"), winding herself backward in a grind worthy of a master spicer.  Her ass gets plenty of screentime, the boyfriend spreading her legs in the air for missionary and rubbing her clit as he plies away.  They soon slow down as Gracie whispers, he diving deep before switching to classic cowgirl, with plenty of bouncing and squeaking, and the occasional hand smack dotting the path in a mighty gallop.  Breaking for a taste, she says, "I'm really sweet!", closing her eyes for a head bobbing, concluding with a steady bop of doggy that leads to fiery streaks of goo draped across Gracie's reverberating ass.  While she certainly has the assets to set the world on fire (that ass!), Gracie is sultry enough without seeming false, playing the eager girlfriend part easily and with a certain zeal.  Thankfully, her partner here steadies the camera enough to keep it all quite enjoyable, keeping the variety between strict point-of-view and set down even enough to keep the action right on the verge of being tense.  Good stuff, even if it seemed to only last a few minutes!


Bonus Features
The only additional feature to speak of is a selectable menu, according to act (Intro/Oral Sex/Pop), which many may conclude is not a bonus at all, but rather a requirement.  I'd like to think that the producers of this dvd would rather the bulk of the movie speak for itself, but really - what gives?

Audio/Visual Quality
Shot on hand-held cameras by the performers themselves, the picture is presented in 16x9 enhanced widescreen (approximately 1.85:1), with the source audio relative to the unit itself.  The quality varies scene by scene, with the least impressive being Tristan's scene (low light, interior, fuzzy wobbling camerawork), as well as Nika's blue-hued blurriness (thanks to the source light being outdoor sunshine, bounced and projected inside their bedroom).  Each scene does suffer the fate of losing focus at times, though these two, in particular, are the worst culprits.  Even though Gracie's scene is similarly colored by outdoor light, the scene doesn't suffer as much thanks to several strategically shifted moves of the camera.  But to pick apart a self-shot/"homemade" feature seems unfair, but only if the image is liquified into a mess so often as it is here.  Perhaps, to some, that's the initial appeal, but I'd like to occassionally see body parts moving, if you know what I mean.

Final Thoughts
Even though the thin thread that unites all four of these scenes together is the wavy premise of its banner title (Revenge!), I suppose marketing it all as a kind of sinister account is a ploy; either that, or the pessimist's view that all sex tapes are bound to be embarrassing at one time or another, shame factor be damned.  Still, all the work here actually feels more honest than most amateur discs out there, even if it's rendered occasionally unwatchable (Tristan's scene, though it probably works well as a headphone-only performance) or tinged to the point of annoyance (Nika's fog-colored bedroom scene, giving David Hamilton a run for his money, almost).  When it's good (Ahryan's scene) and when it's truly great (Gracie's, though I suspect she could survive the worst filming situation unscathed) are up to your amount/proclivity to seasickness, perhaps, enough that I can only urge you to Rent It, for Ms. Glam's stint primarily, and to show that even pornstars can make good/great/terrible "home movies", too.

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