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Nikki Jayne's Cum For Me

Studio: Vivid » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/28/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo
Director: B. Skow
Cast:  Angelina Ash, Billy Glide, Brynn Tyler, Jerry, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, Nikki Jayne, Riley Evans, Tommy Gunn, Toni Ribas.
Length: 03:42.
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus point for condom-free sex.


Nikki Jayne's Cum for Me is a first-rate gonzo flick that is composed of five extra-long scenes that are so hot that the time literally flies by while they unfold! Four of the five scenes follow a similar pattern: 1) Director B. Skow interviews the girl in a dressing/make-up room while she strips and fondles herself; 2) The girl gives us an incendiary striptease/solo performance; 3) The guy(s) join her for white-hot sex. Nikki Jayne appears in two scenes (One and Five), so the interview portion is omitted in her second appearance.

Since the scenes actually feature attributes normally attributed to "Extras" on most adult DVDs, the time really seems to fly by. You'll get to know the girl, savor her self-pleasure techniques, and then get to see her fucked to heaven and beyond.

Each of the five scenes has a "theme." For example, Scene One is about "ass" since Nikki's asshole gets reamed during it. Similarly, Scene Two is about "feet," and cute little Brynn Tyler does a nice job pleasing those with foot fetishes. Other scenes zero-in on tits, pussy, and mouth. It's a cool idea, actually. But, it could have been further refined by linking the scene's theme to the concluding pop. For example, Nikki should have had an anal cream pie in Scene One, Billy Glide should have splattered his load on Brynn's feet in Scene Two, and so on. I hope that director B. Skow takes this advice and uses it in a future movie. 

Nikki Jayne's Cum for Me is definitely a worth-while watch. One of the other reviewers suggested that I check out Nikki Jayne for a potential Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Award. I took that advice and popped this movie into my computer's DVD drive and was extremely impressed by Nikki. She's definitely on my watch list and, if she keeps up this level of performance, she may very well find herself on my highest-honor list in 2011.

There are a couple of things that are less-than-stellar about the movie. Primarily, the video, which was shot in what appears to be ambient lighting by a hand-held camera, is somewhat subpar in today's marketplace. The camera movements are jerky and the color balance varies between--and within--scenes. Also, the audio, which was probably captured from a distance using the hand-held camera's built-in microphone, includes quite a bit of ambient room noise that is somewhat annoying. But, this is, after all, gonzo. So, the reality-show-like feel of the video/audio is to be expected.

I would also like to see director B. Skow work on production values in future similar releases. The interviews and solo scenes all take place in the same location/set. In addition, although the sets look like rooms in a home, they are actually "shells" in a sound stage. That wouldn't be a problem, except the videographer often points the camera upward and it's hard to notice that there's no ceiling in the room.

I think that the girls' wardrobe and makeup could have been a bit more professional and sexy, too.

From the perspective of sex...well, it is extremely hot! The only thing about the sex that I didn't like was the choice of Brynn Tyler (in Scene Two) and Nikki Jayne (in Scene Five) to spit out semen. Spitting out a mouthful of cum is, in my opinion, one of the most disrespectful things a woman can do to a man. I understand that some women may not like to swallow. If that's the case, their guys should not pop into their mouths!

Check out some photos of the girls in Nikki Jayne's Cum for Me here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Nikki Jayne and Angelina Ash. Also, check out the close-up pussy shots. Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Nikki Jayne's Cum for Me can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2010.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Also note that each scene in Nikki Jayne's Cum for Me has a theme. I have identified each scene's theme in boldface type at the beginning of the Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario section.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/boy/girl threesome/anal/DP.
Performers: Nikki Jayne, Mick Blue, Jerry.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Ass! This scene defines "gonzo at its best!" It begins with an in-depth interview as Nikki answers questions posed by director B. Skow from behind the camera. While she casually discusses intimate details of her sex life, her sexuality, and her fantasies, she strips off her clothes and unabashedly plays with herself so that we are soon on a first-name basis with every square inch of her fantastic flesh. After about 14 minutes of this dick stiffening/pussy drenching conversation/masturbation, the action cuts to a living room where Nikki, ready for action, kneels on the floor, introduces herself, and admits that she feels "vulnerable." She masturbates for several minutes while telling us what's about to happen...she's going to be double-penetrated (DP'd) and is damned excited about it! She even multiple-finger-fucks her asshole for us! And, her fingers move directly from her asshole to her pussy. Nasty! Before this wicked solo action comes to an end, Nikki even double-penetrates herself with two fingers! About 20 minutes into the scene (it feels like it's only been a minute or two), the guys join Nikki. They play with--and gape--her beautiful cunt, kiss her mouth, and suckle her tits. They even feed her juices to her! Nikki so enjoys the guys' attention that her face beams with delight. And, she shares her bliss with us by turning her big blue--and passion-filled--eyes toward us. Soon, they form an oral "love train" in which Jerry gobbles Nikki's pussy while she, in turn blows Mick's lucky cock. As foreplay morphs into sex, Jerry shoves his dick into Nikki's vagina and thrusts in-and-out gleefully while she keeps her mouth busy sucking cock, spit-swapping, and kissing open mouths. Of course, the guys take turns plowing her pussy...in numerous nicely captured positions (see list below). Jerry's the first to do the honors of reaming her asshole...in spoon (great shots of her gaping pussy). Of course, the guys also take turns fucking her asshole...Mick even does ass-to-pussy with his cock! As the scene unfolds, it turns into a real boy/boy/girl trio when the guys ream both of Nikki's holes at the same time. Lucky Nikki gets to enjoy double-cock DPs in both cowgirl and reverse. Amazing Nikki cums twice in reverse cowgirl DP and then ravenously sucks both cocks clean. After about 50 minutes (it seems like only a few minutes!) of white-hot sex and repeated female orgasms, it's time for the guys to cum, too. Jerry gets to explode first: he reams her asshole in mish and then pulls out, at the last second, so that he can shoot a powerful and voluminous load all over the outside of her pussy. Several streams of cum even overshoot her body and land God knows where (the floor?). Then, after the only abrupt edit in the movie, the action cuts to Mick's orgasm. Naughty Nikki frantically jacks his cock until she makes him cum. Don't you love it when she takes over and makes you explode? She sucks him dry, licks the cum off his abdomen, and eats it. Outstanding! Although my rating scale only goes up to 5.00, this scene earned 5.25!

Foreplay: Interview, striptease, masturbation, kissing, tit sucking and squeezing, hair pulling, fellatio, jaw breakers, cunilingus, finger-fucking, multiple finger-fucking, anal finger-fucking, clit jacking, tongue fucking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon, on-her-side, on-her belly.
Anal Positions: Missionary, reverse cowgirl, spoon, kneeling doggie, on-her-side, finger-fucking, ass-to-pussy, anal finger-fucking; DP in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, with cock/fingers, and two sets of fingers.
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: One: exterior pussy; two: mouth (she swallows).

Sex rating: 5.00 (5.25 total points).
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.60

What I Liked Most:

  • During the initial interview footage, Nikki, in her hot English accent, reveals lots of intimate details about herself. She's definitely "fuck material," and not at all interested in a "relationship." Yeah!
  • Nikki poses erotically--with and without clothes--during the scene set-up footage. Director B. Skow, from behind the camera, grabs handfuls and squeezes. Lucky bastard.
  • Nikki is all natural and drop-dead gorgeous. See photo HERE. She's tall, has never-ending legs, fabulous tits, mesmerizing blue eyes, a drop-dead-gorgeous ass, and a perfect belly. She even has pierced genitalia!Wow!
  • Nikki unabashedly masturbates for us while B. Skow is interviewing her. Her pleasure is so intense that her body breaks out with goose flesh! God, I want her!
  • Nikki's command of extremely naughty language is outstanding. Her words are even hotter with her hot English accent. Nikki DEFINITELY knows how to inflame our lust with her words and actions! If you still have your load after listening to her tease us with her words while she masturbates, you've got more control than I!
  • Nikki's self-love masturbation technique--during which she finger-fucks both of her holes one at a time and simultaneously--is absolutely wicked. I love it!
  • The shared oral sex...both fellatio and cunnilingus...is really pleasurable for the threesome--and us.
  • Nikki's pussy gapes beautifully whenever the guys pull out or transition from one position to another.
  • Nikki really enjoys pussy-to-mouth (PTM) and ass-to-mouth (ATM). She deep-throats the guys' dicks and makes lengthy stringers with her spit.
  • The guys take turns reaming Nikki's pussy. Then, after Mick spends some time rimming her asshole, they plow her tightest of holes, too.
  • Nikki's fine body gets so hot and bothered that she's soon covered with a shiny sheen of sweat.
  • Mick fucks Nikki's holes ass-to-pussy. Nasty! He pounds her asshole so hard and fast that his dick blurs on the screen. And, he gapes her asshole for us, too. Jerry, too, gets his chance to do ass-to-pussy (repeatedly!) in spoon and while she lays on her side.
  • Nikki shows off some pretty hot moves when she vaginally fucks Mick's penis in cowgirl. She makes herself cum--AND she squirts! Her anal moves in reverse are even hotter!
  • By my way of thinking, no boy/girl/girl scene is complete without double-penetration. The guys don't disappoint and stuff both of her holes in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl (I wish I could show you pictures of this volcanic action!). Nikki definitely loves having being DP'd and shows her pleasure by groaning ecstatically, by encouraging the guys with inflammatory language, and by frantically fucking back. Her pussy shows its happiness by drenching Jerry's cock with girl juice.
  • Nikki's capacious mouth opens wide enough to suck both cocks (one PTM and the other ATM) after the cowgirl DP segment.
  • Nikki keeps us involved throughout the scene by talking nasty to us and my looking deeply into our eyes.
  • Unlike most girls who do DP scenes, Nikki actually cums with both the guys' cocks planted deeply in her holes in reverse cowgirl! Her orgasm is so strong that I thought her heart might just stop! Then, after a few more minutes of in-and-out action, amazing Nikki cums again!
  • Jerry gives Nikki a huge--and very high-powered--load of his semen at the end of the scene. Nikki jacks Mick off, sucks him dry, and licks the semen off his belly.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The handheld camera results in lots of jerky camera movements.
  • The video appears to have been shot with ambient lighting. Thus, there are too-dark and too-light segments.
  • There is some annoying background noise during the scene. It's likely caused by over amplification of the audio captured by a microphone that's too far away from the action.
  • There's only one edit that I consider less-than-optimal and that's at the end of the scene. After Jerry pops, the action cuts to Mick's orgasm without transitioning footage.

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Brynn Tyler, Billy Glide.

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Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Feet! When the scene begins, the camera acts as a voyeur as it--and us--creep up behind Brynn as she wades through a pile of outfits strewn across a dressing-room couch. We get so close that we get to peek up her shorts. Director B. Skow goes even farther and touches her ass cleavage. Then, following the pattern set in Scene One, Skow interviews Brynn so that we get to know her a bit. Soon, she begins to strip off her clothes so that we can get to know her body, too. She starts by introducing us to her fine all-natural breasts (Skow gets to touch her for us--and even tickles her!) and then slides down her super-tight short-short jeans to show off her miniscule black thong and her amazing ass cheeks (Skow gets to squeeze those, too!). As Brynn and Skow continue to chat about her sexual exploits, she tugs aside her panties to reveal her pretty pink pussy and tight asshole. Her pussy is a cute little "camel toe." But, she uses her fingers to spread it wide for us! And, she somehow flexes her clit for us so that it moves up and down without her touching it. Those of you who have foot fetishes will enjoy a short segment during this scene set-up in which Brynn takes off her slippers and wiggles her toes for us...and lets Skow fondle them. When the interview segment of the scene comes to an end, Brynn struts out of the make-up room and we soon find her sitting on a shag rug in front of a cushy love seat. She introduces herself, tells us her goal for the day (to make us cum on her feet), and then begins to masturbate for us. While she knowingly strokes her pussy she literally begs us to cum for her. And, truth be told, sweet Brynn did make me lose my load when she came while masturbating! After her spasms recede, the flesh around her very happy pussy glows bright red...it's that aroused. Then, insatiable Brynn invites us to stick around to watch her get fucked! Of course, we stay put and are rewarded by some hot-and-heavy foreplay when Billy joins her. Kissing leads to caressing, groping, flesh squeezing, and mutual stripping. Once everybody's naked, Brynn drops to her feet and gives Billy a very slobbery hand/blowjob that causes her to gag delightfully. Soon, Billy gets to sample Brynn's tasty pussy (it's still bright red from cumming while she masturbated) and rim/tongue-fuck her tight asshole. He eats her through a prolonged orgasm and then she begs him to put his cock inside her tight pussy (in mish). Of course he obliges and the two begin to share volcanic vaginal sex that unfolds in several positions (see list below). No matter what position they employ, Brynn is ALWAYS excited and enthusiastic. She's an awesome fuck! After Brynn and Billy spend about a half hour fucking each other to heaven and back, Brynn begs Billy to "cum all over my fucking pussy." So, he pounds her ferociously in mish, makes her squeal through another orgasm, pulls out, and splatters the outside of her cunt with semen. She then sucks his quivering rod dry: "Your cum tastes good." Sadly, she then commits a "mortal sin" in my book...she spits out Billy's semen. That's so disrespectful!

Foreplay: Interview, striptease, mutual stripping, masturbation, kissing, spanking, tit squeezing, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, stringers, cunnilingus, clit-jacking, rimming.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Exterior pussy.

Sex rating: 4.40
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.20

What I Liked Most:

  • Brynn is adorable, all natural, and cuter than cute.
  • We learn quite a bit about Brynn's personality during her interview...about her personal life as well as her sexual exploits, especially her girl/girl encounters. And, she tells us how much she likes anal sex...especially with multiple fingers. Sadly, she doesn't do anal sex on screen yet...just in her personal life.
  • Brynn wiggles her clit using only her vaginal muscles...not her hands! Cute...and quite different!
  • Brynn shows off her cute feet during the scene set-up.
  • Brynn does a nice job talking suggestively with us while she masturbates. She makes us know just how much she wants us...and our cum.
  • During Brynn's masturbation sequence, she plays with her feet as well as her pussy. She definitely sets up the action to come as being foot-fetish-related.
  • Brynn cums while masturbating. Her back arches as a delightful smile beams from her face.
  • Brynn does a very nice job keeping us involved throughout the scene.
  • Brynn's double-fisted handjob technique is extremely effective. Couple that with her gag-inducing fellatio technique, and you KNOW that Billy's in heaven.
  • I love how Brynn's body glows bright red--and gleams with sweat--as her lust intensifies.
  • Billy does a very nice job tongue-fucking Brynn's asshole and eating her pussy he makes her cum with his tongue!
  • Brynn is a VERY demonstrative fuck who REALLY enjoys sex. It's so nice to fuck a girl who LIKES it! Even better, she cums hard and often! Wait until you see her body convulse when she climaxes in spoon!
  • Brynn and Billy develop extremely incendiary chemistry during mish. Damn, they have a greattime together!
  • Brynn and Billy enjoy 69 during a break after missionary (she deep-throats him greedily). I love to eat freshly fucked pussy. Don't you?
  • Brynn looks damned good when she rides Billy's redline-speed dick in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl (her tits dance joyfully). She looks even better when she does the fucking and shows off her excellent movements. And, her incredible moves in doggie will drive you wild!
  • Brynn does a very nice job keeping Billy--and us--motivated using naughty vocabulary and feral sounds of passion.
  • Billy eats Brynn's pussy and rims her asshole between positions.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The handheld camera results in lots of jerky camera movements.
  • The video appears to have been shot with ambient lighting. Thus, there are too-dark and too-light segments.
  • There is some annoying background noise during the scene. It's likely caused by over amplification of the audio captured by a microphone that's too far away from the action.
  • There's a very bad edit between reverse cowgirl and cowgirl.
  • The location appears to be rooms in a home. But, it's really a sound stage...you can tell when the camera inappropriately points upward and you can see that there's no ceiling.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Brynn spits out Billy's semen at the end of the scene.

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Riley Evans, Tommy Gunn.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Tits! Scene Three follows the same basic formula as Scenes One and Two: curvy Riley sits on a non-descript couch and chats with director B. Skow, who's manning the camera. The camera worships Riley's tanned still-clothed flesh while she introduces us and tells us a bit about herself. Riley talks about her recent trip to Hawaii and about the guys she fucked there. In due course, Skow "negotiates" with Riley and coaxes her out of her top. Wow! Her tits are FINE! As the camera zooms in tight, Riley shakes and jiggles her magnificent mams, stands up so we can savor more of her body, and gradually strips off more and more of her clothes while Skow, acting as our surrogate, grabs handfuls of superb flesh. Pussy lovers, like me, will gasp for joy when they see Riley's puffy labia and nicely groomed "landing strip" of pubic hair pointing to her clit (outstanding super-tight close-ups). Once Riley's gloriously nude, she poses for us in scintillating positions, spreads and finger-fucks her holes, strokes her erect clit, pinches her erect nipples, and caresses her own curves. After the interview segment, the action cuts to another room (the same "set" as Scene Two) and Riley again introduces herself: "My name is Riley Evans, and I want to make you cum!" Then, without the distraction of Skow's interview questions, Riley gives us an up-close-and-personal tease show. She spends lots of time playing with her fine all-natural breasts and expertly ignites our lust by using expertly chosen naughty words. Of course, she looks right into our eyes with her lust-filled blue eyes as she squeezes, jiggles, and mashes together her drop-dead gorgeous breasts. Best of all, she invites us to jerk off all over her tits. Does she know what we want, or what? As the scene progresses, the camera zooms out and we quickly see Tommy Gunn's lucky hand stroking Riley's perfect pussy. As the camera continues to zoom out, it becomes apparent that Tommy's tongue has temporarily found a soft, warm, and wet home deep inside Riley's mouth. Soon, Tommy's tongue finds an even better home...inside Riley's pretty pink pussy. He licks her greedily and finger-fucks her hole, too. And, she feeds her his girl-juice-covered finger. Simply eating Riley's vagina is enough to make Tommy's dick swell to full mast. So, temporarily bypassing fellatio, Tommy plunges his lucky dick into Riley's pussy and fucks her frantically in mish. Meanwhile Riley suckles her own boobs and strokes her clit. Vaginal sex progresses through six positions during which Riley repeatedly uses pussy-to-mouth (lots of stringers!) to keep Tommy's cock clean-as-a-whistle. The best position of the scene, I think, is reverse. Both Tommy and Riley do a very nice job of fucking. Even better, Riley gets to cum as a result of Tommy's frenzied strokes. Riley cums again a few minutes later, while Tommy reams her as she lies on her side atop a non-descript couch. In due course, the scene draws to a close when Tommy frantically pounds Riley's pussy for a second go-round in spoon. At the last minute, he pulls out and splatters her fine boobs with his abundant semen. As she jiggles her cum-covered tits delightfully, she sucks and milks every drop out of his penis. And, she licks and wipes some cum off her tits and eats it. This is a good solid all-vaginal scene. But, it pales in comparison to Nikki Jayne's beyond-volcanic performance in Scene One.

Foreplay: Interview, masturbation, striptease, kissing, tit squeezing, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, multiple-finger-fucking, clit jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon, on-her-side.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Tits.

Sex rating: 4.55
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.20

What I Liked Most:

  • I love Riley's eyes. When she gazes into ours with her big baby blues, we can really feel her lust.
  • Riley's all-natural tits are super-fine. They are a sight for sore eyes, if you know what I mean.
  • Riley does a nice job inflaming our lust during her solo tease sequence.
  • Riley really enjoys Tommy's cunnilingus technique. She groans ecstatically and rewards him with appreciative nasty words.
  • Riley uses her vaginal muscles--in mish--to clamp down tight on Tommy's pistoning-rod.
  • Riley's dangling and bouncing boobs look very nice each time she kneels in doggie or lays on her belly.
  • Riley definitely enjoys pussy-to-mouth and performs it often during sex. She uses her mouth, lots of saliva, and her talented hands to keep him titanium hard. And, she keeps his balls happy, too, by suckling them greedily.
  • Riley makes lots of intense eye contract throughout sex. She definitely shares her lust with us!
  • The camera angles are generally quite nice. The videographer knows what we want to see and shows it to us.
  • Riley does lots of the fucking in reverse cowgirl. Her thrusting and gyrating body is a sight to behold...especially her dancing boobs. Believe me, her moves are VERY watchable!
  • Tommy, too, does his share of the in-and-out action during reverse. He pounds her at redline speed and makes her cum! Later, Tommy makes riley cum again during on-her-side sex.
  • Riley's curvy body glistens with sex-induced sweat. Her flesh becomes covered with gooseflesh, too.
  • Tommy and Riley enjoy 69 between positions. I fucking adore 69 and wish it were used more often in sex scenes.
  • The camera angles and close-ups during spoon are excellent. It's like you're there!
  • Riley's dripping cunt drenches Tommy's rod while the fuck in cowgirl. And, her moves during cowgirl are damned erotic.
  • Tommy cums all over Riley's tits. She uses her tongue and fingers to scoop some semen into her mouth and eats it.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The handheld camera results in lots of jerky camera movements.
  • The video appears to have been shot with ambient lighting. Thus, there are too-dark and too-light segments.
  • The location appears to be rooms in a home. But, it's really a sound stage...you can tell when the camera inappropriately points upward and you can see that there's no ceiling.
  • The color balance during the scene set-up footage is a bit too bluish for my taste. It's not always flattering to Riley's flesh.
  • There is some annoying background noise during the scene. It's likely caused by over amplification of the audio captured by a microphone that's too far away from the action.
  • There are several very abrupt and jarring edits between positions.
  • I am a bit disappointed in the lack of chemistry between Riley and Tommy. Their bodies work together, but not their souls.

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Angelina Ash, Toni Ribas.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Pussy! Back in the make-up room, we spy shapely Angelina Ash as she adjusts her wardrobe, applies blush to her pretty face, and brushes her flowing blond hair in preparation for her upcoming scene. The camera zooms-in tight on Angelina's short-short-clad ass, high-heels, and never ending legs and then pans upward to reveal Angelina's upper torso. Angelina notices us (through the camera lens) and then turns to flash us a million dollar smile that will stiffen your dick or make your pussy drip. Even better, Angelina immediately begins to engage in light-hearted--yet very titillating--conversation with director B. Skow who, as always, is perched behind the camera. Angelina gives us an up-skirt peep show of her thong-clad ass and then struts across the room so that she can face the camera and answer Skow's interview questions while we check out her fine body (her tits are heart-stopping--you'll shout with joy when she slips them out of her bra and plays with them!). Angelina reveals that she likes dick better than girls, fucks so much on set that she doesn't get much sex in her personal life, has never done anal sex (she can barely work a tiny toy up her asshole!), and prefers porn studs to pop on her tits (she likes her real-life boyfriends to cum inside!). Better than her conversational skills--at least as far as I'm concerned--is her masturbation technique. It includes clit-jacking, finger-fucking, and titty play (she even licks her own nipples). After this informative, light-hearted, and sexy interview/striptease/masturbation segment comes to a close, Angelina walks out of the make-up room (she makes sure we get to savor her shapely body with every step she takes) and then the action cuts to the same "living room" set in which the previous solo segments were filmed. Angelina sits on the carpet with her legs spread super wide, introduces herself to us again, and then begins to masturbate in earnest while inflaming us with her salacious words. The camera, as you might expect, zeroes-in on Angelina's very pretty bejeweled pussy as she strokes and spreads her labia, caresses herself, jacks her clit (she tells us that her clit ring makes everything feel better). She tells us how wet she's getting by thinking of us shoving our cocks into her pussy and then cumming inside. And, to make herself even wetter, she uses fingers-full of her spit on her pussy. Angelina makes herself cum and, while doing so, she implores us to shoot a load onto her cunt. Afterward, she gapes her pussy for us and invites us to stick around and watch her get fucked. Of course we will, Angelina! So, the action cuts to a different set...this one is a bedroom. The camera, as has been its custom during this scene, zeroes-in on Angelina's very juicy cunt as she strokes and spanks it. Toni Ribas soon joins her and foreplay begins with kissing and soon progresses through caressing, groping, body licking, and very fine cunnilingus/finger-fucking/pussy-to-mouth that makes Angelina coo with delight. In fact, her whole body undulates with pleasure as the sensations caused by Toni's tongue and fingers course through her flesh. After a while, Angelina mounts Toni, in cowgirl, and feeds her tits to his greedy mouth. In due course, she tugs down his pants, straddles him in 69, and then gobbles his dick while he, in turn, eats her pussy. Yum! After quite a bit of superb fellatio, Angelina decides it's time for Toni's cock to stuff her pussy. So, she mounts him in cowgirl, guides his dick into her vagina, and then rides him like a champion as he pistons in-and-out at redline speed. As the scene unfolds, Angelina and Toni fuck vaginally in several additional positions (see list below). Very good chemistry sustains the couple throughout sex. In fact, it is very plain that Toni really enjoys giving Angelina the most possible orgasm-producing pleasure. She, too, has a great time fucking Toni...it's evident in the way she looks at him and how she "ministers" to his lucky cock with her mouth, hands, and cunt. To finish up this delightful scene, Toni, at Angelina's insistence, fucks her frantically in mish and, at the last second, pulls out of her vagina and splatters her chest and belly with a high-powered and voluminous load of his semen. She then sits up and sucks his rod clean.

Foreplay: Interview, striptease, masturbation, kissing, tit sucking and squeezing, caressing/groping, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, jaw breakers, stringers, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, multiple-finger-fucking, clit jacking, 69, face fucking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneling doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Exterior belly/chest.

Sex rating: 4.80
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.20

What I Liked Most:

  • Angelina has a very fine body with heart-stopping all-natural breasts, pierced genitalia and navel, and an attractive colorful tattoo. And, her big blue eyes are incredibly hypnotic!
  • Angelina does a very nice job showing off her delectable curves during the interview sequence. Even though she gets delightfully naked, she's able to carry on an interesting conversation with director B. Skow. Angelina's so fucking hot to look at, however, that Skow has problems coming up with topics to discuss!
  • Angelina does an extremely nice job inflaming our lust during her solo masturbation segment. And, she makes herself feel damned good, too!
  • Angelina makes herself cum during her solo/masturbation sequence. She begs us to cum, too...on her pussy! Believe me, you will have a very hard time containing yourself!
  • Toni does a very nice job worshipping Angelina's pussy with his fingers and mouth.
  • Toni and Angelina enjoy some very fine 69 during foreplay. I adore 69 and am always glad to see performers use it in sex scenes.
  • Angelina's capacious throat opens wide to take Toni's cock balls deep during fellatio. She gags delightfully and makes jawbreakers. And, she skillfully strokes his rod with her hands, too. Damn, Angelina is a fine cocksucker.
  • Toni, knowing how much we like Angelina's soaking-wet depths, gapes her pussy several times for us during sex.
  • Angelina's ass cheeks look damned nice when they jiggle in response to her--or Toni's--thrusts.
  • Toni and Angelina enjoy some very intense kisses while they fuck.
  • Toni and Angelina develop some extremely intense chemistry during spoon. Damn, they love fucking each other! Angelina also loves the orgasm she experiences. And, Toni loves eating her cum out of her pussy afterward!
  • Angelina does quite a bit of the fucking in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. She ably demonstrates her frantic and quite-sexy fucking and grinding moves.
  • Toni teases Angelina's clit with the tip of his dick before he plunges into her in mish. Once he enters her and fucks her furiously, her awesome tits bounce and gyrate delightfully.
  • Using the same fervor and outstanding fellatio technique she displayed during foreplay, Angelina attacks Toni's cock using very slobbery pussy-to-mouth during sex. She even lets him fuck her throat with deep and powerful thrusts. And, she gobbles his balls, too.
  • Both Angelina and Toni get so hot-and-bothered that they work up sweats.
  • Angelina's orgasm, during their second bout of missionary (they actually utilize mish three times), makes her body quiver. Toni laps up her girl juice. He also licks her cunt clean after he makes her cum in reverse, too.
  • Angelina's use of nasty and inflammatory language is very good. She'll make your blood boil as hot as Toni's.
  • Angelina's pussy gets so fucking wet that it coats Toni's rod with a shiny layer of girl-juice that gleams like a condom (believe me, he's not wearing one!).

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The handheld camera results in lots of jerky camera movements.
  • The video appears to have been shot with ambient lighting. Thus, there are too-dark and too-light segments.
  • The location appears to be rooms in a home. But, it's really a sound stage...you can tell when the camera inappropriately points upward and you can see that there's no ceiling.
  • There is some annoying background noise during the scene. It's likely caused by over amplification of the audio captured by a microphone that's too far away from the action.
  • There are several very abrupt and jarring edits during and between sexual positions.

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Nikki Jayne, Mr. Pete.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Mouth! Since director B. Skow already interviewed Nikki in Scene One, Scene Five begins in the "second stage" of this movie's scenes: i.e., with the solo/masturbation segment. Nikki, dressed in a cute pink-and-white outfit, sits on the carpet in a living room and gives us an incendiary solo performance enhanced with lots of her English-accented nasty vocabulary. She insists that we jack our cocks so that we'll shoot our loads onto her face and into her mouth. In fact, she begs to be our "cum doll." OK, Nikki, you're on! As the camera moves in tight, Nikki looks deeply into our eyes, opens her mouth wide, licks her lips, and then exclaims, "this mouth was just made for sucking dick!" In due course, Nikki slowly begins to bare and caress her body while continuing to stoke our fires with her incendiary discourse. She even opens her mouth wide, tilts her head back, and implores us to fill her mouth with our cream (great close-ups). Believe me, you'd better be ready to lose your load when you see this segment! There's no way you can resist Nikki's plead for semen...she even thanks us for filling her mouth! Nikki Jayne is amazing, and gives one of the finest teases I've ever seen! As the scene unfolds, the action cuts to a bedroom where Nikki is quickly joined by Mr. Pete. While keeping her eyes glued to ours, Nikki lets Mr. Pete fondle her, fuck her mouth with his fingers, kiss her mouth, pull her tits out of her top, and pull her hair. Nikki soon drops to her knees and kisses Pete's mouth while he tears open his jeans to reveal his massive hard-on. Of course, she begs him to slide it down her mouth. Who'd deny her? Pete thrusts in-and-out of Nikki's mouth with frenzied strokes. She swallows him balls-deep, strokes his rod with her pretty fingers, gently licks his tip with her tongue, and swallows his balls. All the while, she looks directly into our eyes. Hot stuff, Nikki! Once Pete's dick is titanium hard, he positions her atop the bed, spread her legs and then goes down on her bejeweled cunt with his lucky tongue and fingers. As he forcefully finger-fucks Nikki's pussy, her fine tits bounce beautifully. In due course, foreplay morphs into sex when Pete slides his cock into her spit soaked pussy in missionary and fucks it while she strokes her pierced clit. As the scene progresses, Nikki and Pete skillfully use several vaginal positions to pleasure each other (see list below). Throughout the scene, Pete is quite solicitous with Nikki...always concerned with her pleasure. For example, he takes time to eat her pussy and rim her asshole between positions. And, he finger-fucks her asshole and pussy (sometimes together as a DP), too. Nikki, too, cares about Pete's pleasure and, for example, erotically squeezes his balls and shaft as he slides in-and-out of her. And, she lovingly and longingly sucks his cock using pussy-to-mouth between positions. As their coupling becomes more frenzied, Pete ups the ante by finger-fucking Nikki's asshole. And, he double-penetrates (DPs) her holes with his fingers and cock, too. At the end of the scene, Nikki hungrily gobbles and strokes Pete's cock as she straddles him in 69. She gives him so much pleasure that she makes him pop! Don't you love it when your woman makes you cum? I know I sure as hell do! As his cock spasms, she milks him dry and, her eyes glued to ours, she suckles his tingling rod. Sadly, she spits out the semen that accumulated in her mouth. It's so fucking disrespectful to spit out semen! Nikki's action badly diminished an otherwise "A" grade scene.

Foreplay: Striptease, kissing, tit squeezing, caressing/groping, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, stringers, balls gobbling, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, multiple-finger-fucking, clit jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon (twice).
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Once.
Pop: Open mouth; she spits.

Sex rating: 4.40
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.20

What I Liked Most:

  • Ditto all the compliments I gave to Nikki's body, beauty, and personality in Scene One. She's a damned fine looking woman who's also extremely scintillating! I love her!
  • Nikki does an absolutely outstanding job during her solo segment. The combination of her erotic words, sexy movements, and intense eye contact with us is definitely over the top. If you don't use your load during this segment, you must be dead!
  • Nikki never forgets that she's really fucking us. She consistently turns her big blue eyes toward us to keep us involved with her pleasure. I love the quasi POV feel that Nikki's intense eye contact brings to the scene.
  • Nikki does a very nice job pleasuring Pete's cock with her hands, mouth, tongue, and throat during foreplay.
  • Everything about Nikki exudes SEX! Her bouncing tits...her coos of delight...her nasty language...everything says, "I love it when you fuck me!"
  • Nikki does her share of the fucking. Not only does she match his strokes with her own--to become, with Pete, a well-engineered fucking machine--but also lets him sit back and enjoy the ride as she does all the "work" in cowgirl.
  • Nikki's inflamed body soon glistens with sweat.
  • Pete takes time to lick Nikki's pussy and rim and finger-fuck her asshole between mish and spoon. He even DPs her with his fingers!
  • Pete DPs Nikki by shoving multiple fingers up her asshole while he plows her pussy with his cock. Even better, Nikki DPs herself by finger-fucking her asshole while Pete reams her in doggie.
  • Excellent chemistry develops between Pete and Nikki. It begins during mish (their initial position) and sustains them throughout the rest of the scene.
  • Pete and Nikki orally clean each other's genitals using 69 between positions (she looks into our eyes as she swallows him balls-deep). As I always say, I love 69 and am always appreciative of it during sex scenes. Nikki likes 69 so much that her body quickly becomes covered with goose flesh.
  • Nikki's juicy cunt liberally drenches Pete's dick when she fucks him frantically in cowgirl. Her gaping pussy drips juice and it sloshes when his cock slides in and out. Her abundant girl juice even runs down his rod, over his balls, and into his anus!
  • Pete pounds Nikki's vagina at redline speed in reverse. She responds with her own sexy thrusting and grinding moves. She cums!
  • Nikki takes a break during reverse to masturbate for Pete--and us. The camera zooms in tight so we can see everything close-up and personal!
  • Nikki uses her hands and mouth to make Pete cum in to her mouth at the end of the scene. She milks him dry.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The handheld camera results in lots of jerky camera movements.
  • The location appears to be rooms in a home. But, it's really a sound stage...you can tell when the camera inappropriately points upward and you can see that there's no ceiling.
  • There is some annoying background noise during the scene. It's likely caused by over amplification of the audio captured by a microphone that's too far away from the action.
  • There are several very abrupt and jarring edits during and between sexual positions.
  • I wish that Nikki would have done anal sex in this scene, like she did in Scene One.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Nikki spits out Pete's semen at the end of the scene.


The DVD-9 disc I reviewed contains a full-motion chapter selector that identifies the performers, multiple chapters per scene, a three-minute self-running slide show accompanied by music, previews of four Vivid movies, and a series of ads for vivid.com and other Vivid products and websites. That's it. On te other hand, the "interviews" and "solo" segments that precede each scene are considered "extras" on most DVDs. So, I'm rating this selection of extras as average in today's marketplace. Three stars.

Final Thoughts

The best things about Nikki Jayne's Cum for Me include:
  • Nikki Jayne. Wow! Enough said.
  • Scene One. It's a hard-hitting double-penetration scene that really rocks. Most girls simply cannot carry out a stellar DP scene. Nikki Jayne can, and does, in Scene One.
  • the flow of the scenes. I like the interview...solo...fuck pattern.
  • the ass...tits...feet...mouth...pussy themes of the scenes. I think, however, that director B. Skow can "flesh out" these themes a little better in future releases.

Nikki Jayne's Cum for Me could have been better if:

  • more creativity had been employed during set-location selection. All the scenes are set in the same sound-stage sets. Although the sex is white-hot in every case, the locations do get a bit boring.
  • more interesting/sexy/classy wardrobe been used. I know that the point of a sex scene is to get the girl out of her clothes as fast and completely as possible. But, I would like to see sexy clothes at least during the initial stages of a scene.
  • more professionalism had been used during the filming of the scenes. The camera movements are quite amateurish, jarring, jerky, and bumpy. And, the lighting is not always flattering, too.
  • the editor had done a more fluid job of stitching clips together. Sometimes, the edits are abrupt and unexpected.

Things I didn't like about Nikki Jayne's Cum for Me include:

  • the production values, including locations, sets, wardrobe, and make-up. The movie, although composed of white-hot sex, has a bargain-basement--lowbudget--feel to it.
  • the choice by Brynn Tyler and Nikki Jayne to spit out mouthfuls of semen in Scenes Two and Five.
Overall sex rating: 4.63
Overall video rating: 3.80
Overall audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.28


Dr. Jay

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