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She is Half My Age 12

Studio: JM Productions » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 12/19/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

She Is Half My Age 12
A Brandon Iron Production Released by JM Productions
Starring:  Andi Anderson, Ashly Paige, Chastity Lynn, Christina, Jessica Right, Kirra Lynn, Michelle Honeywell, Roxie, Sammie Spades, Tara Lynn Foxx & Juicee James.
With:  Brandon Iron
Runtime:  2hrs 55min
Condoms?:  One Scene Only (Roxie)
Keywords:  Teen, Gonzo, May-December, Generation Gap, Face Fucking, POV.

Brief Introduction:  Fans of Brandon Iron's previous, somewhat iconic "50 to 1" series (fifty girls each having a point-of-view crack at his dick, one at a time) will find quite a bit to love about this particular edition of his new line, seeing as his well-proven formula for capturing his ladies has wizened over the years even as the girls all stay young & at the ready.  While he does have a penchant for slightly aggressive behavior, all the talent are aware of the situation given them, and are, more often than not, adept at handling his needs well enough.  The scenes vary between being blow job-only to full-on fucking, which will be noted after each performer's name/scene number.  That being said, each section runs around the ten to fifteen minute mark when all is said and done.  On with the show!


[Scene One]  Andi Anderson  (BJ)

Andi begins her sexy patter almost immediately upon arrival, teasing and thumbing her ass for Brandon as he glides his camera onlong her curves.  Her thick lips take to his cock as she kneels down, using her brief breaks away to spout off less-effective coos as she inhales, in vain, to take down his whole cock.  In a two-handed knead she continues, leaning back and smoothing Brandon's rod with both her feet;  all of it leads to a  medium-sized wad popped into Andi's mouth, swilling down every extra bit that she can find afterward ("this is my treat," she purrs).  Post-scene, she becomes more animated and lively, talking about growing up conservatively while remaining a freak in the bedroom (as this scene glimpsed toward, if only briefly).  Not bad overall, though Andi's narration could have used a dose of her own natural personality, which is years-gone sexier than most of her attempts at being naturally "sexy".  But how could you argue with those lips?

[Scene Two]  Ashly Paige  (BJ/Sex)

Heavily tattooed and pierced 22 year-old Ashly seems nervous from the get-go, admitting that her sweet & softly marshmallowy body is the outlet of her creativity, even if her legs tell taller tales of her soccer career (on hold at the moment).  Naked, she falls to her knees, hardening up Brandon with an open mouth and a gripped hand, letting him stand up and grasp her head for a spell of face fucking.  Taking his lead, she adjust herself, legs spread into the air, on the couch.  He heaps forthwith, his sword into her pussy, piledriving straightaway, switching his heave to doggy as Ashly cries with every passing bump (up up and away!).  Back onto the floor, she tongues Brandon's balls before he undoes a few ribbons of goo into her mouth, all gone down: "it was nice," she says afterward, and well, it was!  For a first-timer, Ashly may have been racking her nerves on camera, though she finds her groove soon enough, especially as Brandon goes deeper and harder.

[Scene Three]  Chastity Lynn  (BJ)

Teasing away in a pair of edible candy panties, Chastity wiggles her toes for the camera before settling down with Brandon for a few words, showing off her buns, between which he dives in and licks her butthole as she reclines doggy-style.  Pulling down her shirt, Chastity works his sizable wang over, corking and uncorking it between the air of her cheeks before he eventually grabs her hair and steadies her mouth stroking himself.  To wit, his joint pops white, into her mouth, tickling the back of her throat (hesitation!), causing her to do a pre-swallow cough, a few spots hitting the camera before it all goes down.  Short and sweet and cute, if not a little clunky, but randy enough for most.

[Scene Four]  Christina  (BJ)

Pointedly monikered Christina has no qualms about sharing the exploits of her sexual past (a planned, drunken orgy with all of her guy friends to her longstanding role as a professional escort), though Brandon asks her to be gentle with him as she goes down to suckle his already hardened big dipper.  He wags it around her mouth as he stands for a  short face fuck, unloading a thick dose that Christina downs easily.  As her curves, bright smile and easygoing attitude stay true throughout, it's clear that she's quite the pro, especially as she makes over Brandon so quickly, and easily, at that.  If only there could have been more!  But I'll settle for this short visit, only this time!

[Scene Five]  Jessica Right  (BJ/Sex)

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Covergirl Jessica does a brisk tease before peeling off her clothing, almost too quick for Brandon's taste ("I just like to fuck," she admits).  Easing back, she tells tales of her softball team ("it's not like Porky's") and her bi-curiousness, soon parting her thong and queefing ("now I'm nervous!") before blowing Brandon, eyes closed in a near-trance.  He lays his pipe into her in missionary style, keeping close and cranking her right foot's toes between his fingers, upping his piledriving in a high wedge that causes Jessica to moan infectiously.  In cowgirl he carries her ass down on his prick, holding court with Jessica with a high grade of gratitude filling our ears.  A taste later, the two switch to reverse cowgirl with Jessica cranking her one bare foot (the other still in a sandal!), as the heat boils up between them.  They settle into a final run in doggy, a position cherry enough to elicit glorious pangs of joy from Jessica, until Brandon spreads a few fine lakes across the smooth gulfs of her face.  She flinches a bit, which is probably the only downturn in a highly appealing scene, especially as Jessica pants away and straddles down during her best turns with Brandon - it's all cover-worthy, indeed!

[Scene Six]  Kirra Lynn  (BJ)

In a thin scrap of an outfit, Kirra, like most girls featured thusly, explains her rationale behind professional sexing with only two words: "why not?".  After teasing Brandon with her ass, her spit keeps his dong greased and jerked with an enjoyable rapidity, during which he asks her a few questions to distract her (silly ones, but not enough to break her focus).  She timidly starts brushing his cock with the arches of her feet (her first footjob!), gaining a nice traction soon enough, leading to more mouth jobbery, face fucking style (Brandon bends down and smacks her ass, which Kirra encourages).  "Feed me," she intones in between ball sucks, which Brandon replies with a whitened bloom of seed onto her tongue, which Kirra shuttles and swishes between her teeth (including that cute gap of hers) before downing it all.  Any of the introductory pretension that Kirra exhibits is gone once she gets down to business, and the ease with which she adapts to her situations is bold and brassy (as in the foot job and the more forceful sword slinging thrown her way).  All too good, but still - all too brief!  Kirra pleasecome back to see us again!

[Scene Seven]  Michelle Honeywell  (BJ/Sex)

Tiny and teeny Michelle arrives in her pajamas ("yes, these are the ones I actually sleep in," she confesses), talking a bit about her older conquests as she slips out of those sleepy clothes, revealing a cute ass amidst the thinner rails of her body.  She keeps her eyes closed while encircling the top half of Brandon's wick, using her long fingers to take on all the rest.  Balancing herself in a ninety-degree angle, Michelle lets him fuck her from behind, lifting up one of her legs as she threatens to either fall down or fly away (both are possibilities, it seems!).  On the floor she rides Brandon's spike in cowgirl, her voice crackily crowing as they continue in reverse cowgirl, with a few cock grips in between.  Snuggly as they are on the carpet, the two revert to being couch-bound once more in a final doggy run, during which Brandon plugs his thumb into her little brown hole (hooray!).  Michelle quickly falls to the floor to catch his seed, succeeding in swallowing his first gush too soon and choking, with all the rest of his pumps landing on her chin and slightly olive skin.  Final pops aside, Michelle plays well with Brandon, keeping the scene flowing along with a cool energy.  So pointy!

[Scene Eight]  Jessica Right (Part 2)  (BJ/Sex)

We meet Jessica once again, this time directly on all fours and waiting for Brandon to begin thumping with a few quick smacks beforehand.  "I'm back for more," Jessica utters before being overtaken by the heavy moans once again, with Brandon massaging her asshole all the while.  On the couch in cowgirl, Jessica humps along with a tight set of moves, holding in close before switching to a missionary pumping that causes Brandon to toss his seed across her face in a dazzle.  "I wanna go see this," she says as he follows her to the bathroom to inspect his handiwork before fading out again.  As in her previous scene, Jessica is a sexual dynamo in the area of riding and getting rode, though her conclusive moments could use a bit of polishing (to each his own, I suppose).  Still, the girl can fuck: watch out!

[Scene Nine]  Roxie  (BJ/Sex)

Roxie spends the first moments of her scene (and onward) waxing on about the many inks tattooed across her body (stars, flowers & swallows, the latter appropriately enough), showing off her tiny ass and her more than ample titties before blowing Brandon on the floor.  He holds her head down on his dick for a moment before she takes over and uses those lumps of her to shuttle his cock into her mouth, all-at-once, growling as she flashes those bright eyes of hers up at him.  Tossing herself back onto the couch, Roxie whips out a green condom and sheaths Brandon's wang before he enters, slowly at first ("wait, wait!", she says, soon reduced to cooing whimpers), followed by a greased surge of pumping and cries of "harder!", her hand pressed and twiddling her clit.  In doggy, the fucking is fast and lean, turning Roxie's quivering into mashed whispers between lips that eventually swallow Brandon's heavy load down to the last drop.  The final moments leave Roxie dazed but certainly satisfied with the overall results (as are we), hoping to once again see her sooner than not at all, just as intense and beautiful, once again!

[Scene Ten]  Sammie Spades  (BJ)

Ray of sunshine Sammie shows off her well-toned stripping form for Brandon before taking his cock into her hands, keeping her mouth less occupied than would be expected.  Her grip, however, carries on while she talks in the interim, coaxing him to not "shoot it in my eye.  That's happened more often than not," she admits with a laugh.  With an open mouth worn on a semi-sour face, Sammie takes Brandon's iron atop her flattened tongue, almost choking on the tang before sipping it all down.  For such a brief scene, Sammie certainly keeps herself either strictly hot or cold, and, cute as she is, it can't help that for every half-frown is followed by a smile: it all makes for a semi-confusing scene, even if it has a semi-happy ending.  Hmm.

[Scene Eleven]  Tara Lynn Foxx  (BJ/Sex)

If anyone fit the profile of the title of this series, it's definitely Tara Lynn Foxx, so named to "stick in your mind" once you've met her.  Just eighteen (!) and fresh, she's green though experienced, keeping time with Brandon's questions as only an eager, sexually-gauged eighteen year old could aim to please.  After a short foot tease, Tara spews both spit and verbiage across Brandon's stick, deep throating (!) his mighty gherkin several times, allowing herself to be puppeted with an easy aire, taking his rougher tosses and smiling with each turn up for air.  She feeds on that aggression, pushing her face further down Brandon's pole and pressing her lips up to its very base: not an easy feat, and one that Tara delights in: "you can fuckmy throat any day".  With her cheeks reddened and puffy, she points her ass upward, couch-bound, and takes on Brandon doggy-style.  Of course he presses his thumb into her ass (a signature move, at this point), undulating into Tara with such highball aplomb that she squeals, crying out for more.  Down to the floor once again, she opens up for her load, a heap of cream that, mouth-full, she marvels over before finally swallowing.  Phew!  Brandon certainly saved the very best for last, and Tara certainly fires away on all cylinders without ever turning back.  It's almost hard to believe that she's so well-versed but still so young, enough so that I gasped out loud mid-scene: ladies and gentlemen, we have a true star!


Bonus Features

A Bonus Scene (36min) featuring Juicee James has our overly-skinny heroine first applying her blowing skills to Brandon's dick, point-of-view style, alone in a quiet living room.  Her kissing and rubbing along his ridges is supplemented by her pleadings for seed (too forced for my tastes), which he shoots a heady amount onto her face, which she rubs into her skin as if it were the world's perfect moisturizer.  Cleaned up and tossing a hula hoop outside, Juicee's approached by five guys, whom she begins stroking and working from their unzipped pants.  They eventually lead her indoors, where they're now all naked, and she takes turns with both hands and one mouth all cupping cocks.  This keeps her busy despite her stroking being slightly tepid (the fellas keep her up to date, mostly, even as Juicee moans for "more").  The jungle gym of dicks keeps poking away throughout, with one eager dude fingering her pussy, soon led to rubbing his prick against her ass while she's busy with all the rest.  Eventually Juicee brings out a lollipop and switches between candy and mouth meat for each guy (lucky!), finally begging for them to coat her with all the frost they're capable of.  Coated white by all five, she seems happy as the camera fades out, even if, overall, it's not the most believable performance ever.

Elsewhere, a few Trailers (5min) for similar Brandon Iron product appears, as well as a Cum Shot Recap (selectable by girl, or play the whole altogether in a five and a half minute or so run), a Photo Gallery (4min, stretched incorrectly against the correct aspect ratio, like the rest of the menus, unfortunately, though you might be better off pausing and scrolling the introductory/per girl "animations" during the feature (culled from "over 900 stills") as the opening credits suggest), a Director's Bio (30 seconds?), the usual Website info as well as two additional ads for Mr. Iron's other websites (Cover My Face & Sperm Cocktails, about one minute each).  Not a bad mixture of material, varied enough for most, especially those fans of Brandon's more extreme work (i.e. Juicee's blowbang party).

Audio/Visual Quality
The footage is presented in 1.77:1, picture-boxed (as the screen caps show), standard definition-style, which is a touch annoying (why shoot in high definition but transfer the disc to standard def.?).  All the material (sans the bonus scene) is shot inside Brandon's apartment/den of satisfaction, with the lighting maintaining an easy palette on skin tones and such, though most details are blown-out in close-up (which doesn't happen too often, thankfully).  The camerawork is adept and well-versed, always gliding between the action and the girls' faces (or both), aimed and on-point.  The audio, being as it's relative to the camera's moves, sometimes obscures Brandon's questions to his screen partners, suffering most when he puts the camera down: the levels can vary wildly dependent on the situation/position, so some level-chasing may be in order for some viewers.  But any viewer familiar with one-man camera set-ups will be aware enough to handle this, but it still irks sometimes.

Final Thoughts
All in all, the twelfth edition of Mr. Iron's satisfying series is a worth addition to his canon.  I'm still reeling over Tara Lynn Foxx's performance, though cover girl Jessica Right is no slouch herself (except in the dodging department, which she needs to warm up to), as well as the tattooed newcomers Roxie and Ashly, who, in their own ways, are alluring despite their first-time jitters.  Kirra is another standout, as are Michelle and Christina, who deliver their goods in their singularly effective/respective approaches.  Less successful are Andi and Sammie, though their looks just might be enough to supersede their oral skills, at least for some.  Still, for the amount of well-played fucking overall, as well as for the variety of girls featured, this disc comes Recommended, especially for fans of Brandon Iron's previous work.  While he does play a little rough at times, it's usually greeted with a smile by his cohorts, enough so that you know everyone is still having a good time (well...most of the time).

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