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Cream Filled Asses 2

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/23/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Jordan Septo
Cast: Cheyne Collins, Danielle Derek, Harley, Harmony Rose, Isabel Ice, Jack Venice, Jamie Elle, Lee Stone, Naudia Nyce, Van Damage, Vixen.
Length: 02:15
Condoms: None.
Bonus: On bonus point for condom-free sex.


As its name implies, Cream Filled Asses 2 is about anal cream pies. Each of its five anal-intensive scenes ends with a delicious internal pop. However, the best part of each scene often follows the cream pie when the girl or girls eat and, in one case, cum swap the creamy load.

I'm a huge fan of cream pie movies and, as a result, movies like Cream Filled Asses 2 always end up in my "must review" pile. I must admit that I prefer to pop inside a vagina instead of up an asshole. However, the feel is just as good either way. And, both vaginal and anal cream pies look damned good, too!

There is a major difference between internal vaginal and anal orgasms...and that's what the girl chooses to do with the semen after her asshole gets filled. Although, as a guy, the idea of eating cum simply doesn't appeal to me, many--if not most--female porn stars enjoy its sweet flavor. And, I've seen many a horny bitch scoop semen out of her cunt and eat it like it was manna in the desert. However, it takes a special type of super nasty slut to ladle semen out of her asshole and eat it. I've gotta give such a girl credit where credit is due...how fucking nasty!

Truth be told, there's another reason I decided to pop Cream Filled Asses 2 into my computer's DVD drive...it features Danielle Derek. I've seen pictures of this girl before and simply had to see her fuck. She's a tiny, petite, lithe, and hard bodied little blond with the most enormous set of silicon-enhanced hooters I think I've ever seen. It's really an experience to see her slender--yet muscular--body topped with such titanic tits! After seeing Danielle in action, I'm absolutely sure that I'll be watching for her scenes in future releases. In addition to being a tit-lover's dream, she's also a damned good fuck! 

Check out some photos of the girls in Cream Filled Asses 2 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of "firebush" Vixen and Danielle Derek's remarkable tits. Enjoy!


Cream Filled Asses 2 is a traditional five-scene flick that includes four conventional boy/girl/anal scenes and one extremely nasty threeway. Most of the scenes are about 25 minutes in length. However, Scene One is super long--and not at all tiring.

Scene One

Scene One features hotter-than-hell Isabel Ice (it's a miracle she doesn't melt herself!) in an extra long--yet not tedious--40 minute scene that's well worth a look. It rates four and one-half stars on my boy/girl scale.

  • Tease: Isabel, a cute and sexy Brit, has dirty-blond hair cut in what I believe is called a pageboy cut, oh-so-suckable natural tits, a very sweet face, numerous intricate tattoos, attractive piercings (including clit hood), neatly groomed chevron-shaped pubic hair, and a mouth so dirty that her mom would need a whole case of soap to wash it clean. I fuckin' love it! During her tease sequence, she begs "some man" to come fuck her ass and tells exactly how she wants the "spunk" to feel as it drips down her ass. Yeah, babe...you can talk dirty like that to me any time!
  • Foreplay: Fellatio. Jack Venice joins Isabel and releases her tits from bondage. Isabel, eager to stuff his cock into her mouth, drops to her knees and slips down his pants. Within seconds, lusty Isabel has Jack's dick in the iron grip of both of her talented hands. Of course, her hands aren't the only talented parts of her anatomy to please him...her drooling mouth and lascivious tongue do a first class job pleasing his shaft and balls. And, her accommodating throat allows him to fuck her orally balls-deep (Isabel chokes erotically as his rod stuffs her throat)!
  • Foreplay 2: 69. During fellatio, Isabel positions herself astride a white leather couch so that Jack can bend over her and gobble and finger-fuck her pussy while, at the same time, fuck her drooling mouth (great camera angles!)
  • Position 1: Missionary. Isabel lies on the couch and spreads her legs wide. Jack spits on her vagina ("I like it when you spit on my pussy!"), slips his cock into her slippery hole, and then pounds her hard and fast. Meanwhile, she jacks and sharply spanks her own clit and talks deliciously naughty. During this segment, Jack takes numerous opportunities to choke her throat, gag her mouth with his fingers, and squeeze her bouncing boobs.
  • Position 2: Missionary anal. "Stick it in my ass!" Who could resist such an invitation? So, Jack slides his cock out of her pussy, spits on her asshole, multiple-finger fucks her to relax her sphincter, and then slips his rod into her accommodating hole. Isabel loves it when he fucks her stretched-wide hole at redline speed. To show her appreciation, she moans with delight and uses her hands to spread her labia wide so Jack--and we--can savor her bright red pussy. And, she shows her truly nasty side when she ravenously gobbles her ass juices off of his rod ATM style (they spit-swap during ATM).
  • Position 3: Reverse cowgirl anal. Isabel straddles Jack as he sits back on the couch and inches her asshole down around his achingly hard shaft. Then, as the camera zooms in tight, she fucks him furiously, tossing her hot little body up and down until her asshole completely swallows his dick. Meanwhile, she motivates him to higher levels of lust with her deliciously nasty vocabulary. As you might expect, repeated bouts of ATM punctuate this high-energy segment.
  • Position 4: Doggie anal. Responding to Isabel's plea to "fuck me from behind," Jack lubes her asshole with his spit and then fucks her frantically from behind as she kneels on the couch: "Fuck my hole...my ass is just for you today!" Isabel loves it so much that she tosses her butt back and forth to match his moves stroke-for-stroke. And, her nasty talk and deep-throat ATM keep them both smoldering. In fact, he becomes so enflamed that he reaches down and shoves four fingers up her cunt to, in effect, double-penetrate her! To keep us involved in the action, Isabel has him gape her asshole so we can see us deep inside her.
  • Position 5: Spoon anal. Isabel and Jack share the couch so that he can spoon fuck her asshole from behind. While he reams her, he squeezes her tits, suckles her nipples, slaps her shapely butt cheeks, gags her mouth, and chokes her throat. He does such a good job that Isabel eventually has a screaming ass-gasm! Unwilling to let her come back to earth, Jack continues to fuck her deep and slow as pleasure engulfs every cell of her flesh. Isabel does her part, too. She slaps her clit and multiple-finger-fucks her pussy. In fact, even when Isabel takes a break for some ATM, she shoves multiple fingers up her asshole to keep her pleasure flowing. Isabel certainly loves the pleasure her penis-filled ass provides: "I feel empty without that cock inside me!" 
  • Position 6: Doggie anal part two. After some ATM, during which Isabel holds her gaping asshole open for us, Jack multiple-finger-fucks both of her holes simultaneously and then spends some more time plowing her asshole doggie style. During this sequence, we're treated to numerous close-ups of Isabel's gaping asshole and her deep-throat ATM action.
  • Position 7: Spoon anal part two. While Jack furiously fucks her asshole, Isabel holds her labia wide open so we can savor her inviting pink. As this time, Isabel is so fucking horny that she exclaims, "Fuck me until you cum inside me! Fuck me until you fuckin' bust your load deep inside my asshole. It's gonna be SO wrong!" Jack does the lady's bidding and fucks her with increasing intensity while she mumbles incoherently, multiple-finger-fucks her pussy, jacks her clit, squeezes her labia, pulls on her pubic hair, sharply slaps her own flesh, and keeps his cock clean using ATM.
  • Popshot: In due course, Jack explodes inside her asshole as he pounds her hard and fast in the spoon position. Then, he carefully removes his still-spewing rod from her ass so that she can stand, doggie style, and flex her anal muscles to expel a never-ending stream of nasty brown-tinged semen from her asshole.

Scene Two

Scene Two is an incendiary b/g/g threeway that pits the incredible libidos of Harmony Rose and Vixen against Cheyne Collins' lucky rod. Harmony is a good looking and all-natural blond and Vixen is a real--and quite fiery--natural redhead (her red pubic hair and freckle-covered flesh prove it!). The girls work very well together as they two-team Cheyne while pleasing each other. And, the popshot is probably one of the ten nastiest I've ever seen. I loved every second of this scene! Five stars!

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  • Tease: The girls sit on a couch, fondle each others' bodies, strip off each others' clothes, suckle each others' nipples, and kiss. Harmony is definitely the more aggressive and tells Vixen: "I wanna see both of your fuck holes...TAKE YOUR UNDERWEAR OFF! Then, Harmony ravenously licks and tongue-fucks Vixen's sweet pink pussy. Meanwhile, she tells Vixen, "I wanna see your ass fuckin' gape...I wanna see your little pussy gettin' spread." Later, when Vixen spends some time stroking, licking, and probing Harmony's hot flesh, Harmony exclaims, "You know what I really want? A nice big fucking load...right in my little asshole!" Vixen responds, "Yeah, and I wanna eat it out of your asshole."
  • Foreplay: Fellatio. The girls finish up their little Sapphic delight by spit swapping. Then, Cheyne enters the scene, his engorged dick sticking straight out of his open jeans. Harmony, the most aggressive, literally attacks his rod and noisily sucks and deep-throats it while Vixen and Cheyne kiss. Soon, Cheyne is experiencing one of the very best treats a man can get...two girls working as a team to please his cock with their greedy mouths and skillful hands! Harmony takes the lead, telling Vixen exactly how to please Cheyne's rod. Harmony also gives the nastier blowjob and really enjoys herself when Cheyne pinches her nose closed while she holds his rod balls-deep down her throat. Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying that Vixen is a slouch. Far from it...she's a great cocksucker. However, Harmony gives fellatio that dreams are made of! This blowjob is absolutely superb!
  • Position 1: Missionary. Cheyne taunts the girls: "Who wants to get fucked first?" Although both girls are dying to have their pussies stuffed, Harmony graciously allows Vixen first shot. Vixen immediately lies back on the couch so that Cheyne can ream her from above. While Cheyne fucks Vixen, Harmony lies on the couch next to Vixen and keeps herself busy by stroking and slapping Vixen's clit, by greedily suckling her nipples, and by French-kissing her mouth. Meanwhile, Harmony pleases herself by lustily watching the action, by talking nasty, by sucking Vixen's girl-juice off of Cheyne's rod, and by masturbating. Harmony gives--and gives a lot. However, she also receives when Cheyne finger-fucks her pussy and when Vixen strokes her fine flesh. As missionary continues, Cheyne pulls out of Vixen and slides into Harmony's juicy pussy as she lies next to Vixen. Vixen then straddles Harmony so that she can fuck Harmony's face. Damn it's pretty.
  • Position 2: Doggie. Both Harmony and Vixen bend over the couch and present their butts to Cheyne. He gives Vixen first honors and, as he pounds her pussy, she, in turn, licks Harmony's asshole. Harmony pleases herself by masturbating.
  • Position 3: Reverse cowgirl. After both Vixen and Harmony suck Cheyne's cock clean, Vixen sits on his rod and leans back on his chest so that he can pound her pussy with balls-deep strokes. Tight close-ups highlight Vixen's insatiable hole and her naturally red pubic hair as she and Cheyne fuck each other to heaven. Meanwhile, Harmony fucks Cheyne's face and fondles Vixen's bouncing tits.
  • Position 4: Reverse cowgirl anal. After Harmony slurps Vixen's girl-juice off of Cheyne's cock, she straddles him and slips his aching cock into her immediately-accommodating asshole. Cheyne reams her fast and furious and causes Harmony to scream and growl with lust. Meanwhile, Vixen sits on Cheyne's face for some sweet cunnilingus. During this segment, Vixen and Cheyne share a too-brief bout of 69...Vixen performs ATM on Cheyne's dick and then swaps her spit with Harmony. Nasty bitches! Then, Harmony again mounts Cheyne so that he can alternatively fuck her pussy and her asshole while she screams in ecstasy.
  • Position 5: Doggie (vaginal and anal). Vixen and Harmony kneel on the floor with their asses held high so that Cheyne can pound them behind. He fucks Vixen's pussy and then Harmony's asshole. Naughty Cheyne even does ass-to-pussy on Harmony! And, he pulls his cock out of Harmony and immediately shoves it into Vixen's pussy. Are these two nasty bitches, or what?
  • Position 6: Piledriver. Both girls sit on their shoulders side by side and present all four of their luscious holes to Cheyne. As you might expect, he takes advantage of the situation to fuck the girls round-robin style as he stands above them (Vixen gets her vagina reamed and Harmony gets both holes fucked). While Cheyne fucks Vixen's cunt, he reaches over and multiple-finger-fucks both of Harmony's holes while she jacks her clit. Harmony soon screams through a body-quaking orgasm. Later, Cheyne satisfies both of Harmony's holes with ass-to-pussy, gives her an intense ass-gasm, and gapes her asshole for our pleasure.
  • Position 7: 69 with doggie anal. The girls move into the 69 position so the girls can please each others' pussies while Cheyne fucks Harmony's asshole. Damn, this is HOT! Harmony then begs, "You gonna cum in my little asshole?" Cheyne is agreeable and fucks her even harder until he passes the point of no return. During this segment, Vixen keeps Cheyne's cock clean using ATM.
  • Popshot: Harmony screams, "Fill my fucking ass up!" Cheyne complies and, as he pumps her asshole full of semen, Harmony giggles with glee. After Cheyne's spasms recede, he gently pulls out of Harmony as his abundant load squirts out of her asshole and directly into Vixen's wide-open mouth! It's fucking nasty! Then, the two nasty sluts repeatedly cum swap until each girl gets to swallow a portion of his bounty. Then, they kiss sweetly.

Scene Three

Scene Three, exotic-looking and long-haired blond Jamie Elle gets her asshole stuffed with cock and cream. This is a good scene--not great--and I'm disappointed that Jamie never seems to have climaxed. On the other hand, Jamie's so DAMNED cute! Four stars.
  • Tease: Cute-as-can-be 20-year-old Jamie, using her sweetest little-girl voice, introduces herself and tells us how much she likes to have anal sex: "I really wish I had a guy here to fuck right now. I really want him to fuck me in the ass and cum in there." Jamie gets her wish fulfilled when Van Damage joins her.
  • Foreplay: Fellatio. Jamie unzips Van's jeans and pulls out his already-rigid rod. She then lovingly strokes him, licks his rod with her pierced tongue, and sucks his spit-soaked length. She also does her best to swallow him balls-deep. And, she makes delightful stringers between his rod and her slobbery mouth. Midway through the blowjob, Jamie strips off her top so we can enjoy her pretty all-natural breasts. Then, inflamed by lust, she lets him fuck her throat. Jamie truly enjoys herself and exclaims, "I like this cock!" Then, she asks him, "You wanna fuck this tight little pussy?" Who'd say no?
  • Position 1: Doggie. Jamie strips off her panties, shows us her perfect ass, spanks her butt cheeks, and then kneels on a couch doggie style. Van slides his cock inside and fucks her slippery hole as the camera zooms in tight. Meanwhile, Jamie encourages him with lusty groans and naughty talk. She also pleases herself by jacking her clit.
  • Position 2: Missionary. Van effortlessly lifts Jamie and positions her missionary style atop the couch. Then, as she gazes longingly into his eyes, he hurls his rod in-and-out of her warm and moist vagina. Jamie loves it, cries out with delight ("I love the way that fuckin' cock feels in there") and, believe it or not, vigorously pulls her own hair! And, she eagerly jacks her clit, too.
  • Position 3: Reverse cowgirl anal. Sweet and adorable-looking Jamie spends some time sucking her girl-juice off of Van's cock. Then, she coos, "You gonna slide it in my ass?" He does just that when she sits on his cock as he reclines on the couch. Jamie guides his rod into her asshole and then leans back on his chest so that she can piston up and down on him. Meanwhile, you and I get to enjoy her tiny, pink, and bald-shaven pussy as her labia wink open and closed. Jamie does a very nice job in reverse, moving her body erotically while inflaming us with well-chosen nasty talk delivered with her little-girl voice: "You like that fuckin' asshole, don't you?" Later, as her passion builds, she screams, "I'm bouncin' on that mother-fuckin' cock!" Throughout this segment, very effective videography highlights Jamie's superb young body as well as the first-class anal in-and-out action and gapes
  • Position 4: Missionary anal. I'm not sure what to call this position...Jamie lies on her side (spoon style) and lifts her right leg high so that Van can fuck her ass while he kneels in the missionary position. Whatever it's called, it's sure a good position for us to watch the action. And, judging by Jamie's words, groans, and actions, it must feel damned good, too: "It feels so good inside that tight little fucking ass!" Van must enjoy it too, since his cock leaks so much pre-cum that it fuckin' runs out of her asshole and down her thighs!
  • Position 5: Doggie anal. Jamie kneels on the couch and hoists her butt high in the air. Van penetrates her slowly (nice close-ups) and then fucks her fast and deep. He also squeezes and spanks her perfect butt cheeks, Meanwhile, she keeps his enthusiasm high by using her nasty little tongue and incendiary language: "I want you to fuckin' cum in my ass!"
  • Popshot: "I'm gonna cum right now!" And, as he does, Van's cock spasms as rivers of his semen are deposited deep inside Jamie. He ejaculates so much that there's enough left to splatter her ass cheeks after he pulls out. Then, she squeezes his cum out of her ass as we look directly into her flexing and contracting hole.

Scene Four

In my humble opinion,
Scene Four, featuring Naudia Nyce and Lee Stone, is the hottest of the movie. Suffice it to say that Naudia's nicely applied makeup didn't have an ice-cube's chance in hell as she fucks--and gets fucked--through multiple ass-gasms (Naudia, I love it when you cum!). It's an all-anal scene that includes ass-to-mouth, ass-to-pussy, and very energetic piledriver. This kind of high-energy, nasty, and orgasmic sex is why I watch porn! Naudia is a perfect fuck! That's almost all I'm going to tall you about this scene...other than I'm putting it on my short list of best-couples scenes for the 2007 XRCO awards. Five stars!

Scene Five

Hugely-enhanced Danielle Derek owns the last asshole to get reamed and creamed in Cream Filled Asses 2. In Scene Five, Danielle not only shows off her incredible rack but also gives up her very accommodating--yet tight--asshole to Harley. After receiving an asshole full of cum, wicked Danielle scoops it out and delightfully gobbles it up! I'm disappointed in this scene for two reasons. First, it's too short. Danielle's worth at least another five-ten minutes! And, Danielle never came during the scene. Although this is not the hottest scene in Cream Filled Asses 2, it is still very watchable...you simply must experience Danielle's absolutely incredible physique.

  • Tease: Seated on a utilitarian couch, Danielle, dressed in a see-through outfit that leaves virtually nothing to the imagination, introduces herself. While gazing lustily at us with her mesmerizing blue eyes, she shows off--and plays with--her incredible hooters and asks you to imagine having your cock in her voluminous cleavage. She also demonstrates her deep-throat technique by swallowing her fingers. And, she strips off her panties, spreads her labia with her perfectly manicured fingers, and jacks her clit. Then, she asks, "You know what really gets me going? Once my pussy's been fucked so good, I like to bend over, spread my ass nice and wide, and get a nice, hard, fat cock shoved all the way in there." Meanwhile, she demonstrates by fucking her asshole with multiple fingers. And, she spanks her gorgeous butt cheeks, too! "To top it all off, I like that big, fat, fucking cock to cum all inside my ass. Then, I push it all out all over my ass cheeks. Then, I take my fingers, get 'em all in there--right in my ass--scoop out all that hot cum, and shove it all the way back down my throat. Nothing tastes better than cum straight from my ass!" Superb tease, Danielle!
  • Foreplay: Fellatio. Harley joins Danielle on the couch, unzips his pants, and shoves his erect cock into her very willing mouth. Danielle gives him an enthusiastic and noisy blowjob, spits on his rod, gobbles his balls, and lets him fuck her throat. She also makes delightful stringers of spit from her mouth to his penis and chokes loudly on his shaft. Meanwhile, he multiple-finger-fucks her cunt/
  • Foreplay 2: Tit worship. Harley does exactly what I'd do...he tries to grab handfuls of her tits (they're far too big to hold) and hungrily suckles her erect nipples. Unlike Harley, however, I would have spent much more time worshipping those magnificent mams.
  • Position 1: Reverse cowgirl anal. Danielle straddles Harley as he sits back on the couch and guides his rod directly into her asshole (no vaginal warm-up needed!). Then, as she leans back and supports herself with her arms, Harley pistons in-and-out of her so fast that his cock blurs on the screen. Meanwhile, Danielle's pretty pink labia spread ever so slightly open so we get a peek of the splendor inside. The camera pans up and down Danielle's amazing body as she laughs, groans, grins, screams, and talks nasty. She also performs ATM on his cock: "Let me taste that sweet fucking ass!" During ATM, Harley pulls her hair with one hand while fucking her holes with the fingers on his other hand.
  • Position 2: Cowgirl anal. Danielle straddles Harley and announces: "I need MORE in my ass!" She gets what she wants...as soon as Harley slips his cock past her sphincter, the two of them fuck each other with energy and lust. Meanwhile, she slaps and squeezes her pretty butt cheeks, sweats profusely, and talks deliciously naughty. Spirited ATM ("It tastes so fuckin' good") and four-finger-anal-fucking punctuate the powerful sex during this segment.
  • Position 3: Spoon anal. This is my favorite position of the scene. Danielle's sweaty body looks so stunning as she lays on her side and gets fucked up the ass from behind that it's, well, beyond words.
  • Popshot: Harley exclaims, "Oh yeah, I'm cumming!" and then shoots his load inside Danielle's ass. Danielle then squats on the floor and flexes her anal muscles (her vaginal muscles also flex) to expel his semen onto her fingers so she can eat it: "It's so fucking good!"

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The conventional 4:3 video was nicely lit, well color balanced, and reasonably well edited (there are few edits--including some abrupt ones that result in color shifts--but those edits don't damage the scene's continuity). However, some annoying noise appears as flashing white and black lines at the top of the screen. And, the image itself is grainy (pixelized) even when shown at native resolution on my computer monitor (the image is really pixelized when I fill my monitor with the image). On the positive side, I must admit that the cameraman handled his gear with skill...the image contains very few jerky camera movements and the camera angles are all first-rate. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The sound was well captured and is provided in stereo. Monologs during the girls' tease sequences are easy to hear and understand. And, every delicious moan and groan is perfectly audible. Four stars.

Extras: The Extras are about average for today's adult DVDs. The chapter selector allows you to pick which girl you want to see and then, from a sub-menu, select the scene intro, oral sex, vaginal, anal, and so on. There's also a 10-minute behind the scenes look at the making of Cream Filled Asses 2. It primarily features impromptu interviews of Jamie Elle and Danielle Derek (Danielle talks about her five-pound implants and her bright red hair extensions) as well as video footage of the still photo shoots featuring these two girls. Popshot lovers will appreciate the cumshot reel that recaps all five cream pies. You'll also find a two-minute self-running slide show, trailers of 11 other Exquisite Pictures releases, and internet website access info.

Aesthetics: Very little attention was given to production values, including video and audio aesthetics. Very ordinary locations were employed and all the scenes took place atop couches (why can't directors ever have people fuck on beds, chairs, the floor, atop the kitchen table...anything but couches?). The girls' outfits and makeup are OK, but not noteworthy. There's no musical soundtrack to evaluate. Three stars.

Dr. Jay

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