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Studio: Redemption Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/23/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


New Sensations

Genre: Amy Ried, Gonzo, Reality 

Director: Amy Ried

Ashli Orion and Amy Ried

Cast: Amy Ried, Ashli Orion, Sascha, Alex Gonz, Justice Young, Bill Bailey, David Loso, Jordan Ash

Length: 174:49 minutes

Amy Ried and Ashli Orion cumswapping

Date of Production: 9/15/2009

Extras: The best extra was a bonus scene between Amy Ried and Scarlet Pain lasting 12:33 minutes and shot inside of a cabana beside a pool. There was a lot of solo action here but the ladies found each other appealing too, going down on each other to what appeared to be an orgasm. The Behind the Scenes footage was less appealing, lasting a mere 4:12 minutes and showing mostly screwed up footage of a non-sexual nature. There was also the listed photogallery and trailer to the movie.

Amy Ried and Alex Gonz

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Riedality was presented in a visually appealing anamorphic widescreen color using an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by freshman director Amy Ried for New Sensations using the MPEG-2 codec employed by standard definition releases. The scenes were all shot with basic lighting in the manner Shane's World does their road trip flicks I like so much. This means there was a lot of picture quality sacrificed but the inherent energy captured almost always made up for it, Amy suitably pleased to work under her own direction with people she selected to increase the levels of chemistry. The bitrate tended to hover around the 3.6 Mbps area most of the time I paid any attention to it but this was clearly a project relying more on Amy's personal appeal than technical expertise. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps rate using a 48 kHz sampling rate most titles are mastered with, the aural qualities in great need of upgrading due to outside noises.

Amy Ried

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Body of Review: Amy Ried has long been a curvy hotty any straight man could appreciate, her sensuous nature and simple good looks combining to make for a great porn performer. Some of her best work has been at New Sensations and they gave her a chance to showcase what she wanted to do, the gal directing what I would best describe as a reality show looking into her life called Riedality. The movie was a selection of seven scenes (not including the bonus lesbian scene) where Amy frolicked with performers of her own choosing, doing what she wanted to do. To me, it reminded me of some of the older Shane's World titles where the cast went off traveling and the uncredited cameraman shot tons of footage, the movie distilling it all to provide a solid entertainment experience both in and out of the bedroom. The company website described the movie like this: "My movie Riedality is a mix of hardcore sex and the reality of my life as Amy Ried. In every scene I take my sexy friends on a adventure and then we get it on. It is the most personal footage I have ever filmed. It's exciting because for the most part I am experiencing most of these crazy stunts for the first time with my friends. I only wanted to do this movie if I could make it raw so the viewer feels like they are really getting to know who I am. I am very involved in every aspect of this movie! I perform in every scene, I hold the camera for a big portion of it also. I really enjoyed the experiences and the great sex too. I hope everyone else does as well." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Amy Ried and Bill Bailey

Scene One: Galleria: Amy Ried, Ashli Orion, Sascha, and Bill Bailey, were up first in a two part session of sex. The gals were shopping at a large mall (doesn't every major metropolitan area have a mall called "The Galleria") and having a good time, running into Sasha who convinced them that having some public sex in the SUV was the way to go. He tapped Ashli and Amy both, the ladies getting that vaginal penetration they wanted from him and reciprocating with some oral loving along the way. The energy levels were high as were the chemistry levels, the camerawork quite amateurish but indicative of the spontaneous manner in which the encounter was recorded. This then led to Amy pairing off with studly Bill at home, Ashli enjoying his manly body as well with both ladies sharing him orally at first. The vaginal plowing was similar to that with Sascha, though his genetic juice went to his own leg while Bill's was cumswapped much more graphically under the better lighting.

Amy Ried with David Loso

Scene Two: Skydiving: Amy Ried, looking for some adventure, was up next in a Los Angeles hotspot trying to demonstrate her skydiving skills indoors, the kind that uses impossibly strong fans to propel tiny people up in the air (I was promised she would hit the actual skies in the second volume). This was a cute experience and she then returned to her place with Alex Gonz, the couple engaging in foreplay before going down on one another with the vaginal pounding including his finger up her ass. Amy was clearly getting off and appreciated his choking her to heighten the experience, his pecker stretching out her snatch as they actively boned on the couch and ottoman. She looked too thin here to me but she wanted it rough, the hair pulling and ass slapping driving her further into bliss. He then pulled out to launch his wad of population pudding into her mouth.

Amy Ried

Scene Three: NYC: Amy Ried and Justice Young were up next, both bundled up against the ravages of cold New York City before going to the hotel room to show her masturbate under a very red tint light. She spread her labia to get him horny, the act working as he offered the cock for her to aggressively suck. She then jumped on his dick and started massaging her clitoris as she bounced in his lap, her gum used to obscure portions of the camera at times. The active ride ended when he rubbed out a nut on her face, the gal appearing to swallow it down with ease.

Scene Four: Amusement Park: Amy Ried, the cute gal featured in the movie, was then seen without makeup, the natural look appealing to me as she flew to Los Angeles to go to an amusement park on August 5 with Bill Bailey. The highlight of the trip (other than the sex) was when she suited up for the bungee drop at the Six Flags location, the ride allowing her to soar for a few swings in a harness before they left for the day. The couple drove home and went right to the couch, Amy unzipping his pants to gain access to his cock for sucking actively. Amy really went at it and he reciprocated by going down on her shortly, the two then jumping each other as if to channel their previous thrill ride at the park. Her aqua top stayed on only slightly longer than her blue jean shorts (that hugged her sweet ass oh so perfectly), Bill driving his manhood inside her as deeply as she would allow, the active ride proving nearly as much as the way she looked at him that she was into the whole experience. Amy was best when she was on top of him and the editor left in a few moments of her laughing, the thrill seeker in me appreciating the chemistry a lot. The scene ended when she swallowed the facial nicely.

Scene Five: Gun Range: Amy Ried, ever a proponent of the Second Amendment, was shown next at a shooting range with a shotgun, the powerful weapon getting her excited as she showed her prowess with a different kind of weapon. She then took her trainer, David Loso, onto a green couch and he lifted her skirt to reveal a black thong, the helpful guy already sporting wood as they got it on for the camera. She blew him and he felt her up, his minimal cunnilingus leading to them vaginally screwing (though she got off as much on playing with her own ass). This was not Amy's most active ride and she displayed minimal chemistry with him but the fun factor was not bad at all, Amy taste testing as she changed positions a few times and resulted in a large wad of spew landing across her face.

Scene Six: Hollywood Orgy: Amy Ried, Ashli Orion, Justice Young, and Jordan Ash, were up last in Hollywood, the ladies eating and enjoying the Mardi Gras atmosphere with a lot of shopping too (Amy disrespectful to Tony Martin's star on the walkway). The eating and drinking by Amy and Ashli led to them acting silly, some dressing room and bath room footage included for the perverts out there. There were some blowjobs and flashing in public, the ladies ripe for the plucking in the porn booth they went into. The lighting sucked but the energy was solid, the ladies going for both men orally and vaginally until taking a break to leave the joint and go back to the house. The sex continued and no one stayed with a particular partner, the oral and vaginal sex concluding with a couple of facials that the ladies played with but did not swallow.

Summary: Riedality by director Amy Ried for New Sensations had a lot of technical issues in terms of picture and aural quality but it also showcased Amy better than almost anything I've seen her in and in such a way that I thought a general audience would find it worth a Recommended or better. Fans of Amy's should figure on this as a "must have" too as she was so dominant in all scenes and you really cannot go wrong here thanks to the usual levels of heat and energy combined with enthusiasm. In short, Riedality (Premiere Edition) might prove the fledgling director truly on to something big if she can keep making movies this entertaining but also work on the technical values to make it better so give it a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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