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Desperate (Vivid)

Studio: Vivid » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/31/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Paul Thomas
Cast: Brooke Haven, Monique Alexander, Shy Love, Spyder Jonez, Syvette Wimberly, Tera Patrick, Tommy Gunn, Trent Soluri, Trent Tesoro.
Length: 01:43
Condoms: Condoms
Bonus: Although not directly related to the content of the movie Desperate, the commercials at the beginning of the DVD annoy me. So, I'm subtracting a point for that unfortunate feature. Condoms were used in some scenes, so there's no bonus point for condom-free sex. However, I am so impressed with the acting by the primary cast members that I'm going to award a bonus star for it. So, negative one plus one equals zero.


Desperate is a very satisfying and well-acted couples-friendly feature by veteran director Paul Thomas in which delectable Tera Patrick plays a sweet girl who is "desperate" for a little hard-core sex. It is the first of Teravision's releases in cooperation with Vivid Video.

One day, when stopping to pick up a pastry at a café, Tera sees a menacing guy (Spyder Jonez) seated at a nearby table. Deciding to "go for broke," Tera approaches Spyder and tries to befriend him. He rebukes her, saying that he's the guy her mom warned her about.

He's right...he's not the type of guy with whom a sweet girl should associate. Why? Because he and his buddy Tommy Gunn--and their "girls" Shy Love and Syvette Wimberly--run a scam operation. Shy and Syvette pick up some well-healed rich dudes, take them up to their "room," and fuck the shit out of them. Later, as the action is getting hot and heavy, Spyder and Tommy, posing as cops, bust into the room and threaten the guys with arrest. Scared shitless, the guys then "bribe" the "cops" with every dime they have. Afterwards, Spyder, Tommy, Shy, and Syvette laugh all the way to the bank.

Instead of following Spyder's instructions to stay away from him, Tera tails him and shows up on his doorstep. She gets what she wants--some hard-hitting sex, bondage, and more!

Once Tera has taken a bite of the forbidden fruit, she simply cannot stay away from Spyder. One day, she arrives at his place and finds him dominating Syvette. Spyder wants Tera to go down on Syvette. However, Tera's not ready to touch a girl--yet. So, she goes home and explores veggie sex with her roommate, the alluring Monique Alexander. Soon, Tera's willing to do anything, joins in on Spyder's scam, and even does some hooking on the side.

Meanwhile, Tommy is on the lookout for new babes to work the scam. So, he tries out busty blond Brooke Haven through a hard-pounding audition.

To fulfill Tera's last "desperate" sexual need, she and Spyder share a threesome with Shy Love.

In the end, Tera's heart is broken when real cops apprehend Spyder and the rest of the gang.

The female cast is superb. Not only do they do a very credible job of acting, but they're damned gorgeous, too. Who can deny Tera's stunning body? In addition, busty Latina Shy Love, voluptuous blond Brooke Haven, and all-natural sweetheart Monique Alexander are scrumptious. However, seldom-seen Syvette Wimberly is, I think, the most intriguing girl in the movie. Perhaps it's because she's new to me. Maybe it's something more. All I know is that I find her very intriguing.

Tommy Gumm, Spyder, and the two Trents (Tesoro and Soluri) are all credible actors and they are all very competent swordsmen.

All in all, this is a very worthwhile watch. It's the first time I've seen Tera in a long time. In fact, it's the first of her "Teravision" releases I've seen. Tera looks superb and performs better than ever.

If you're a Tera Patrick fan, pick up a copy of Desperate right away. And, if you have never seen Tera before, here's your chance! 

Check out some photos of the girls in Desperate here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Tara Patrick! Enjoy!


Before getting to the movie, you will be virtually forced to sit through more than five minutes of commercials (although you can fast-forward, you cannot jump to the menu). I hate this and I'm going to subtract a point in the Bonus Points section for this outrage. I don't want to watch this shit. Especially when the video is, at best, VHS-like.

When the interminable commercials finally grind to a stop, there's another 30 second of disclaimers, studio logo, and other crap. Eventually, you'll see the opening menu. This is supposed to be a DVD, not a linear VHS tape. Why do the producers treat us as if we're watching a tape or sitting in a fucking multiplex theatre?

Once you're finally able to select Play Feature from the opening menu, a few minutes of dialog sets up the story line. Then, the action cuts to a hotel room for the first sex scene.

Scene One

Scene One sets up the scam being run by Spyder, Tommy, Shy, and Syvette. Luscious ebony-haired Latina Shy and cute blond Syvette have persuaded two guys (Trent Tesoro and Trent Soluri) to spend some sweet time inside their bodies. When the scene opens the two couples (Trent Tesoro and Syvette and Trent Soluri and Shy) are in the girls' hotel room on a couch. Syvette is already deliciously nude and sitting on Tesoro's lap so they can kiss. Meanwhile, Shy uses her mouth to open Soluri's belt and pants so that she can feast on his rapidly expanding dick. Soon, Syvette follows suit and releases Tesoro's cock from imprisonment. Of course, both girls take advantage of their respective cocks and stroke, suckle, lick, and deep-throat with abandon. And, neither of the girls forgets to please her guy's balls. Tesoro is the first to get a taste of his woman's pussy--while Shy continues to worship Soluri's cock with her mouth, Syvette fucks Tesoro's very lucky face. While Syvette grinds her crotch on Tesoro's face, he gluttonously finger- and tongue-fucks her pussy and licks her sensitive clit (great camera angles and close-ups). He gets so excited--especially when he grabs and spanks her magnificent ass cheeks--that his cock appears to be ready to burst! And, Syvette adds to his pleasure by reaching around to stroke his dick while he eats her. Soluri soon realizes how much fun Tesoro is having while eating pussy. So, he and Shy decide to move to the bed and enjoy a little volcanic cunnilingus. Shy enjoys being eaten SO much that her hands instinctively reach out to grab handfuls of bed linens while her body heaves and her back arches with pleasure. Shy really loves cunnilingus! In due course, both Shy and Syvette team up to please Tesoro's cock as he lies back on the couch and enjoys the ride. There's nothing like two female mouths on the same cock! To repay Shy, Tesoro then positions her on the couch, missionary style, and multiple-finger-fucks her pussy--causing her to squirm with delight--while Soluri gets his chance to eat Syvette's sweet hole. As soon as Tesoro is sure that Shy's pussy is ready for him, he shoves his condom-sheathed cock into her and bangs her missionary style while she screams with delight (she looks damned good!). Soluri soon follows suit when he bends Syvette over, doggie style, atop the bed and fucks her from behind with his condom-free shaft (great video). As the couples continue to please each other: Tesoro fucks Shy spoon-style while choking her throat; Shy fucks Soluri in the cowgirl position using high-energy and very erotic thrusts and grinds (God, her moves are fantastic!); Syvette pounds Soluri cowgirl style; Shy anally fucks Tesoro's cock in the reverse cowgirl position while she jacks her own clit until she cums (more extraordinary moves); and Tesoro reams Syvette's pussy spoon style while she encourages him with mildly nasty talk. Soluri pops first, shooting his load all over the outside of Shy's pussy immediately after pulling out of her asshole. Damn, Shy's pussy looks good covered with cum! Afterward, Syvette vigorously blows and strokes Tesoro's cock until he explodes onto her tongue and face. Syvette then laps up his semen and swallows. Five stars! 

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Scene Two

Scene Two is Tera Patrick like I've never seen her before. In it, she's introduced to Spyder Jonez' world of edgy and somewhat dangerous sex. After Tera appears at Spyder's place, he takes her into a machine shop, bends her over to spank her perfect ass, ties her to the handles of some equipment, and then dominates her bound-and-gagged body with a whip and a big dildo. "There's a fine line between pain and pleasure," Spyder explains. "Are you gonna take me there," Tera responds. Hell, yes! Tera loves being dominated, choked, spanked, and forcefully penetrated with a dildo--she literally beams with pleasure! And, she looks so damned good clad only in bright red rope and racy black bra! Spyder spends a lot of time pleasing Tera's terrific tits and insatiable pussy with the whip and its handle. She gets so horny that she literally bounces up and down with joy when he inserts his finger into her ravenous cunt (he feeds her his Tera-juice-covered fingers). And, her lust escalates even more when Spyder fucks her with a huge purple dildo--first her mouth and then her spit-soaked pussy: "JUST SHOVE IT IN!" Tera screams at the top of her lungs with pleasure and cums so hard that she stops breathing during the orgasm. Afterward, Spyder asks, "What do you want now?" "Fuck me," she whispers. She's in luck since Spyder's cock is hard, long, and ready to go. So, while she's still standing and tied to the machinery, Spyder slips his condom-free cock into her pussy from the front and pounds her mercilessly. Meanwhile, insatiable Tera matches his thrusts with her own demanding moves. Later, Spyder moves behind Tera so he can fuck her pussy from behind while she remains bound: "I love it when I can't move!" This is awesome video--not only does Tera's body look absolutely superb, but the sex looks damned good, too. And, Tera feels so good that she's reduced to a babbling mass of pleasure-stuffed flesh: "I'm a dirty little whore! I like it when I'm your prisoner and can't move...all I can do is ride your cock!" After a painfully abrupt edit, Tera has been released so that she can kneel in front of Spyder as he jacks off all over her face and into her mouth: "Shoot that load down my mouth...gimme that hot cum...I wanna taste you so bad!" After Spyder fills her mouth and plasters her face, Tera sucks his cock dry. Five stars!

Scene Three

Tera catches Spyder dominating Syvette. Since Spyder knows a good thing when he sees it, he asks Tera to try a little girl/girl sex with Syvette. Tera's not ready, even though Syvette is game, "Come join us!" So, she goes home to learn lesbian lovin' from her roommate Monique Alexander (can you imagine have stunningly-gorgeous Monique Alexander as your roommate?) Later, Tera and Monique hang out in their apartment dressed only in their skimpy underwear. Knowing what's on Tera's mind, Monique dons a strap-on and gets comfortable on her bed. Soon, Tera (God, she looks good!) joins Monique and begins to eagerly suckle the plastic dong and kiss Monique's mouth. Meanwhile, the girls stroke and caress each others' bodies. Tera wants more. So, she demands, "Slap my ass!" Monique, eager to please, does just that while pulling on Tera's hair. Soon, Monique slips aside Tera's sexy purple panties and then gently strokes and probes her pussy with spit-lubricated fingers. Tera's body reacts to the finger fucking by undulating erotically. After feeding Tera her juice-covered fingers, Monique releases the clasp on Tera's bra and her traffic-stopping tits are released from bondage. Tera loves her own boobs and plays with them, showing off their volume and perfection to an admiring Monique. Of course, Monique simply must grasp, fondle, and suckle those sumptuous breasts--I know I would if I had the chance! Again, Tera wants more. So, she commands, "BITE MY NIPPLES!" Later, Tera spends some quality time nursing from Monique's perfect tits. Then, Tera stands atop Monique's bed and balances herself by placing her hands on the ceiling. Monique strips off Tera's panties and then licks and tongue-fucks her world-class pussy. Meanwhile, Tera sharply spanks her own shapely ass cheeks (great video), jacks her own clit, pants with pleasure, and shouts, "Fuck me with your tongue!" Later, Monique reclines on her bed and holds her strap-on cock rigidly erect. Tera, in the reverse cowgirl position, inches herself down on the rod until her pussy swallows it completely. Then, while Monique grabs handfuls of Tera's firm buttocks, Tera tosses her randy body up and down to fuck the strap-on balls-deep. Damn, Tera looks incredibly fine! And, judging from the look of ecstasy on her face as well as her blissful groans and very satisfied (yet demanding and motivating) comments, Tera feels incredibly fine, too. (You might want to pause your DVD player to savor Tera's unbelievable body during this segment! I paused numerous times to consider how lucky we are that Tera is willing to share her magnificent flesh with us through the magic of video.) Tera's thrusting and grinding moves, coupled with Monique's powerful plunges, soon make Tera's pussy drip with sweet juice. So, she takes numerous opportunities to suck her nectar off of the dong. As Monique continues to show Tera the wonders of lesbian sex, she uses the strap-on to pound Tera's pussy spoon style (more superb video). Meanwhile, Tera jacks her own clit. Lest you get the wrong impression--that Tera is having all the fun while Monique works her ass off--one look into Monique's lust-filled eyes is all it takes to reveal how happy she is to be fucking Tera. I wish I knew the same feeling. Monique's lust gets sated--at least partially--later in the scene. She straddles--and fucks--Tera's face. Tera responds by frantically probing Monique's pussy with her tongue and fingers (excellent close-ups). Damn, Monique and Tera look wonderful together! Soon, Monique suggests, "Finger-fuck yourself while you eat my pussy!" Tera uses a free hand to eagerly do just that. Eventually, Monique stands on her bed and Tera slides a super-long double-ended dildo up Monique's pussy. Once the toy is inside Monique, Tera uses long thrusting and twisting strokes to pleasure her while squeezing her perky boobs with a free hand. Don't worry about Monique's clit being left unpleasured: Tera licks it greedily and Monique jacks it to heaven. As the scene continues, Monique kneels on the bed. Then, (and this may be the hottest part of the scene) Tera looks us straight in the eye through the camera lens, licks Monique's ass and fingers her labia, slips the dildo into her pussy, and fucks her with long and slow strokes. "You're a filthy slut. You look sweet, but you're not! I know what you are." Monique knows what she is, too. So, as Tera fucks her pussy, she knowingly fingers her clit until she screams through an orgasm (great video). Afterward, Monique and Tera each suckle one end of the toy and then kiss as the scene comes to an end. Five stars! 

Scene Four

In Scene Four, Tommy Gunn takes a potential recruit--Brooke Haven--for a test drive aboard a boat. Brooke really wants to work with the scam artists. So, she really puts out for Tommy--to show what she can do, you see. She sits back on a cushioned bench, spreads her legs wide, rubs her thighs, and touches her pussy. I don't know about Tommy, but I'm already sold...and she's not even naked yet! She taunts him suggestively: "You wanna know what's under my panties? You wanna smell my pussy? Maybe even taste it" Hell, yes! Although Tommy tries to resist--to keep business separate from pleasure--Brooke is confident in her ability to seduce any man. While rubbing her pussy and undulating her body, she teases him, "You can almost feel my cunt getting hot!" Hey, I'm on the other side of a computer monitor and I feel the heat! Needless to say, I really liked Brooke's tease. Eventually, Tommy succumbs to Brooke's wiles. However, he's not ready to concede complete control and walk across the room to where Brooke is seated. So, he makes her crawl to him. "Now what?" she demands. "You can talk all this shit, but what are you gonna do about it?" Tommy reacts exactly like I would: he pulls her close, squeezes her ass cheeks, and pulls aside her tight black top to reveal her huge and oh-so-fuckable breasts. Of course, he grabs them. However, Brooke wants more: "Why don't you grab 'em again. Don't be scared!" Damn, I wish I were in Tommy's shoes right now! While he fondles, suckles, and undresses Brooke's willing flesh, she licks his cock through his jeans. Once she's naked, he bends her over, doggie style, and begins to lick her pussy and rim her asshole: "Dive right into my cunt! LICK MY ASS!" Brooke squeals with delight as he pleases her tasty and sensitive flesh with his tongue. And, she feels even better when they both rub her clit with their fingers. But, as is always the case, the lady wants more: "Stick your finger in my pussy!" Tommy complies, using a very effective tongue and finger technique to make her scream with pleasure: "Oh God, I can't take it...Is your cock hard yet? You have me throbbing!" Tommy proves that he has the balls--and cock--to satisfy Brooke by stripping off his shirt. She proves that she wants what he's got by unzipping his jeans and pulling his cock out for some super-wet, noisy, and hot fellatio. Brooke's superb sucking, stroking, and licking actions soon cause his already-rigid cock to ache with lust. And, she shows her appreciation for his balls by suckling them. After an abrupt edit, Tommy pounds Brooke missionary style: "You like fucking me in my fucking cunt?" What man could say no to such a question? Tommy's long and deep strokes quickly ignite Brooke's pleasure engine. And, Brooke increases her own passion by squeezing her bountiful boobs. Her magnificent body responds to the escalating pleasure with screams and torrents of deliciously nasty words: "Oh God, your cock looks so good in my pussy! SHOW MY PUSSY WHO'S BOSS!" At Brooke's invitation, they transition to doggie. As Tommy fucks her, she screams, "Pound my fucking pussy!" Of course, Tommy agrees and reams her with increasing intensity. Later, they spend some very pleasurable time in reverse cowgirl...pleasurable for them because Brooke has an orgasm that measures on the Richter Scale and pleasurable for us because she looks so fucking fine. Immediately after she cums, he pulls out, tears off his condom, and coats her tits and face with his man juice. As he continues to spasm, she strokes and sucks his quivering cock. Five stars.

Scene Five

Scene Five is a threeway featuring Tera Patrick, Shy Love, and Spyder Jonez. While walking through Spyder's place, Tera hears moans of pleasure emanating from the bondage room. She goes to investigate and discovers the Spyder has delectable Shy lying atop a bondage table. Shy's head is suspended off the edge of the table and her legs and arms are bound vertically at right angles to her body. Meanwhile, Spyder stands at the head of the table, his lucky cock deep inside Shy's accommodating mouth. Tera is immediately intrigued and willingly strips off her clothes to please Spyder. Again, Tera looks absolutely amazing--clothed or nude. However, I must admit that I prefer to see her naked! After her encounter with Monique, Tera is ready for girl/girl sex. So, she willingly bends down to lovingly suckle, squeeze, and lick Shy's bountiful breasts while Shy continues to lick Spyder's cock. As she continues to demonstrate to Spyder just how naughty a girl she has become, Tera straddles the bondage table and eagerly buries her gorgeous face between Shy's legs. Needless to say, Shy is very pleased by the development, especially when Tera fucks her pussy with her elongated and shapely tongue or spit-soaked fingers. Damn, it's pretty! Soon, Spyder comes to the conclusion that it would be better to shove his cock into Tera's pussy than let Shy continue to blow it. So, he walks around the table and completes a three-way love-train: he fucks Tera's pussy doggie style while Tera, in turn, eats Shy's pussy. Both Tera and Shy go nuts, their pleasure increasing exponentially as the trio effectively pleasures itself. Later, Shy is set free and straddles Spyder 69 style so she can blow his cock. After Shy deep-throats Spyder balls-deep, she comes up for air. So, sensing an opportunity, Tera jumps in and eagerly gobbles Spyder's rod. Then, Tera crawls on top of Spyder, mounts him cowgirl style, and fucks him with long sensual strokes while Shy gobbles his balls and strokes his shaft. Spyder soon takes over the thrusting action and quickly brings himself to the brink. So, he pulls out and lets Shy suck Tera's juices off his cock. Once Spyder's cock is squeaky-clean, Shy reinserts it into Tera's pussy so that he can madly pound her accommodating hole. Then, Shy kisses Tera's mouth and suckles her inviting boobs. Later, Tera lies atop the table and Shy straddles her missionary style. Then, Spyder fucks both women at the same time! He reams Tera with his real cock while pounding Shy with a long orange dildo. This is really hot and should be a model for other directors wishing to shoot b/g/g scenes. Meanwhile, the girls kiss. Spyder makes Tera cum. Then, after a particularly annoying edit, the girls lay atop the table, head-to-head and cheek-to-cheek, so that Spyder can blast both of their faces with his cum. "C'mon," Tera taunts, "we wanna drink it!" He gives them a very high-intensity blast, plastering their faces even though several spasms completely overshoot them and land on the table (damned impressive cumshot, Spyder!). Five stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Overall, the video is quite good. The image was nicely captured, is color balanced in such a way that flatters the girls' bodies and is still appropriate to the location in which the scene was shot. The camera angles and close-ups are right on and the videographer seems to be as much of a porn fan as me because the video contains exactly what I want to see. I must say, however, that I didn't really care for the editing. I think it's a bit choppy. I prefer to see the performers transition from one position to another and I think the insertion after a transition is must see. In many cases, neither the transitions nor the insertions are shown. Four stars.

Audio (technical): The stereo sound was well recorded so that both the dialog and "moans and groans" are perfectly audible. I never had to crank up the volume (or turn it down) as I enjoyed Desperate. A musical soundtrack supports the sex scenes, but never overpowers the performers' sounds. Four stars.

Extras:Desperate boasts an above-average list of extras. In addition to the ubiquitous full-motion chapter selector (by scene), there's a "Positions" room that allows you to jump to "Pussy Eating," "Blow Job," "Missionary," "Doggie," and "Cum Shot." The "Vivid Girl Extras" menu allows you to watch five full-length bonus scenes from Bare Naked, Dangerous Intent, Groupie, High Heeled House Calls, and Wife Swappers. You can also access Tera Patrick's biography from this menu. And, there's a 6-minute Behind the Scenes featurette that allows you to listen to the director blocking out the scenes, watch rehearsals and bloopers, see naked girls strut around the set, and enjoy a couple of extra minutes of girl/girl sex featuring Tera and Monique. To round out the extras, there are phone sex ads, a promo for Vivid products, website info, two self-running slide shows (one specifically for Tera and a second devoted to other still shots of Desperate), and previews of The New Devil in Miss Jones, Extreme Close-up Lexie, Janine's Been Blackmaled, and Who Do You Love? Four and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: I really enjoyed the locations and sets used in the filming of Desperate. Locations include attractive hotel room, machine shop, industrial facility break room, a bondage room, a sailboat, and a marina-neighborhood apartment. Wow, that's a far cry from the "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine favored by way too many directors. The girls' make-up and wardrobe were well considered and are appropriate and effective. There's an effective musical soundtrack that accompanies the action and some of the dialog sequences. It's not especially remarkable, but it nicely supports the sex without overpowering the oh-so-sweet sounds of sex. Four and one-half stars!

Dr. Jay

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