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Flesh Hunter 9

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/27/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Gonzo
Director: Jules Jordan
Cast: Austin Kincaid, Bobbi Dean, Gina Lynn, Jean Val Jean, Julea London, Lela Star, Mark Ashley, Mr. Pete, Steve Holmes, Tiffany Digivanni, Tory Lane, Vanessa Lane.
Length: 03:38
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus point for condom free sex and a second for Tory Lane, one of my 2007 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls.


It's been way too long since I've had the opportunity to review a movie directed by Jules Jordan. Frankly, I think that he is the "king" of gonzo porn...nobody shoots "reality sex" better than he does! That's why I'm so glad that Jules' new PR director started to send me review copies of his superb releases.

A few years back, I reviewed a few episodes of the Flesh Hunter series and I loved what I saw. The series name really says it all...Flesh, of course, refers to the superb A+ girls that appear in each and every episode of the series. Hunter refers to Jules' reality-like pursuit of girls to bring back to his place to fuck. Jules goes "on the prowl," so to speak, to find gorgeous flesh and, as he searches, he videotapes what he sees--and whom he follows. The result is always titillating and provocative...and creates within the viewer a constantly escalating anticipation that culminates, of course, when Jules gets the girl or girls back to his place for some super hardcore sex.

In Flesh Hunter episodes, both the hunt and the flesh are important. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that the hunt is my favorite part. So, I'm a bit disappointed to say that only two of the six first-class scenes in Flesh Hunter 9 are preceded by a comprehensive search. However, those two hunts are definitely exciting. In fact, Jules' hunt for rollerbladers Tory Lane and Vanessa Lane (isn't it cute that they both have the same last name--almost brings a sense of sister/sister incest to the ensuing b/g/g threesome) made my dick so hard with anticipation that I nearly exploded as soon as Jules got the girls to his house and out of their clothes. Anticipation...it makes sex so much hotter! The threeway sex that follows is so volcanic that it is reason enough to watch Flesh Hunter 9. I strongly recommend that you buy or rent this movie--or watch it online--right now!

Flesh Hunter 9, delivered on two DVD discs, lasts about three and one-half hours and features six scenes. None of that time is boring. Each of the scenes is supremely dick or pussy pleasing. All of the girls are gorgeous, hot, and first-class sexual performers. So, I predict that you'll want to add Flesh Hunter 9 to your library. 

Check out some photos of the girls in Flesh Hunter 9 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of stunning Tiffany Digivanni and adorable Julea London! Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One, clocking in at about one hour, is so fucking hot that I hesitate to tell you much about it. It features Tory Lane, Vanessa Lane, and Mr. Pete in a threeway so explosive that you'll need a cold shower after watching it. Tory Lane is one of my 2007 Must See Girls (click here). So, the fact that Tory is in this scene is reason enough to watch it! (Damn, am I arrogant, or what?) Even though the vaginal and anal sex is explosive, the best part of the scene, in my opinion, is the scene set-up. I love the anticipation I feel leading up to sex and this scene's set up is extensive and oh-so-stimulating. I loved every second of it!

Jules, brandishing a handheld camcorder like an amateur on the prowl, goes to the California beach and encounters two superbly sculpted rollerbladers (Tory and Vanessa) as they show off their moves in a nearly deserted parking lot. Jules can't keep his eyes off the two gorgeous women. After all, the girls are wearing skin-tight outfits that clearly reveal that neither is wearing any underwear. Wow! What gorgeous babes! Jules follows the girls around and literally begs them to come home with him. They, of course, blow him off...until he offers to take them for Slushies. Finally, he has them hooked! The girls bound into the back seat of Jules' Escalade and immediately begin to make out with each other. Soon, the girls are masturbating, playing with each others' superb bodies, and even flashing their tits to passing truck drivers. In due course, they come upon a hapless driver (Mr. Pete) whose car has broken down (hilarious extra footage in the Behind-the-Scenes featurette). Jules and the girls pick up Mr. Pete who is soon treated--in the car!--to a two-girls-on-one-cock blowjob and some cowgirl and reverse cowgirl sex with Vanessa. In due course, the four end up at a home belonging to one of Jules' friends. Once inside, Mr. Pete gets the privilege of making out with and then fucking both girls (wait until you see Tory fuck Pete's face and perform 69 on his cock!). He gets to ream both their pussies (doggie, and cowgirl with Tory; reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, doggie, and spoon with Vanessa) and their assholes (piledriver, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and standing cowgirl with Vanessa; reverse cowgirl, doggie, and missionary with Tory). In addition, Pete enjoys lots of nasty deep-throat ass-to-mouth (ATM). As he fucks them, both of the girls literally go wild with lust as Mr. Pete knowingly pushes all their buttons. Pete even gets Tory to squirt, and she rewards him by letting him choke her throat while he fucks her asshole! Of course, the girls knowingly push each others' buttons, too! In fact, one might say that they really know how to please each other--both physically and verbally! To conclude the scene, Tory takes Mr. Pete's entire load directly into her wide-open mouth. Then, Tory cum-swaps with Vanessa. Needless to say, this incendiary and multi-orgasmic scene leaves everybody (including viewers at home) satisfied. Even if you only watch this scene, your money will have been well spent on Flesh Hunter 9! Five well-earned stars!

Scene Two

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Scene Two is a conventional vaginal-only boy/girl scene featuring legendary blond bombshell Gina Lynn and handsome hunk Jean Val Jean. It rates four stars on my boy/girl scale.

  • Scene Setup: Director Jules Jordan has arranged for a "surprise" birthday present to give to his friend Jean. Of course, the "present" is Gina Lynn (can you imagine a better gift?). Gina arrives at Jules' place a few minutes early and Jules takes advantage of the time to enjoy Gina's curves as she poses and strips for us. Wow, her tits--and especially her nipples--are awesome!
  • Foreplay: Cunnilingus. When Jean arrives, he is immediately impressed with his gift. Wasting no time, he begins to caress and grope Gina's curvaceous body and spends lots of time on her sculpted breasts. Meanwhile, she grabs and squeezes his cock through his jeans. Then, he drops to his knees to kiss her ass cheeks, nuzzle her ass cleavage, rim her asshole, and tongue-fuck her pussy.
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. Gina has Jean sit on a comfy ottoman and gives him an up-close-and-personal lap dance during which he gets to suckle her perky nipples and kiss her mouth. Gina's grinding moves--as she sits in his lap--makes his cock swell to full mast. She likes her handiwork and coos, "Take it out now!" Instead of waiting for Jean to react, Gina takes charge and impatiently tugs off his jeans. Of course, Jean's cock springs out huge and ready to blow. Gina, of course, immediately goes down on him and sucks his soul through his rod and into her mouth. The blowjob features lots of delightful deep-throat action, spit, and noisy slurping sounds. During fellatio, she takes an opportunity to titty-fuck his spit-soaked shaft, too! Jean repays her by multiple-finger-fucking her pussy while she blows him.
  • Position 1: Doggie. Jean bends Gina over into the doggie position, spits on her pussy, and then plows her cunt with long and increasingly deep and powerful strokes. Gina screams with delight as pleasure engulfs her sculpted body and nasty words of encouragement flow from her mouth: "Am I your little birthday whore?" During doggie, Jean takes a break to rim Gina's tight asshole and lubricate her juicy pussy with more of his saliva. And, Gina takes an opportunity to suck her girl juice off of Jean's cock.
  • Position 2: Cowgirl. After Gina has a giggling orgasm, she mounts Jean cowgirl style so she can fuck and grind him balls-deep using absolutely superb moves (the camera angles and close-ups are excellent). I sure as hell wish she were fucking ME like that! In due course, Jean begins to fuck her back so that the two pleasure each other like a well-designed sex machine. Jean becomes inflamed with lust and responds by tightly squeezing Gina's boobs and by choking her throat as they fuck each other.
  • Position 3: Standing cowgirl. While Gina continues to fuck him, Jean stands up. Gina places her arms around Jean's neck and squeezes her thighs around his hips for support as she grinds his deeply implanted cock. Wow! What great moves!
  • Position 4: Reverse cowgirl. Gina sucks her girl juice off of Jean's rod and lets him fuck her throat balls-deep. Then, pulling by his cock, she escorts him across the room and shoves him down on an ottoman so she can mount and fuck him reverse cowgirl style. Again, Gina's thrusting, gyrating, and grinding moves are absolutely increasable as she fucks him passionately. Jean really enjoys being ridden so well and responds by spanking Gina's meaty ass cheeks and by matching her strokes with his own impassioned thrusts. (Some of the footage during this segment was shot from Jean's point-of-view so that you can savor Gina's ass-length flowing blond hair.)
  • Popshot: Gina takes complete control of Jean's orgasm (don't you love it when the girl makes the guy cum?). While Jean lies back on a couch, Gina lies astride him and jacks his cock until he explodes like a volcano all over her face and hair. Then, smiling triumphantly, she licks his dick clean while using a free hand to squeeze it tightly and stroke it. She even licks some stray semen off of his neck and eats it. "Yum!" she coos.

Scene Three

In Scene Three, exotic-looking raven-haired Lela Star takes on legendary Steve Holmes. Lela is a very attractive and exotic-looking woman who is a first-class slut. She's an amazing performer and she cums repeatedly during this five-star scene. And, I must admit that Steve is at the top of his game...he cums not once, but twice!
  • Scene Setup: Jules uses his camera lens to worship Lela's shapely body outdoors in a verdant garden adjacent to a sizeable home. Lela, wearing a tiny black skirt, matching black bra, black boots, pink fishnet top, and no panties, poses for us to show off her exhibitionist body. Believe me, Lela's ass cheeks, asshole, and bejeweled pussy are gorgeous, especially when she jiggles her booty. And, her skin, bejeweled navel, and natural looking, firm, and perky tits are superb, too. In due course, Lela walks up a stone staircase to the house and, of course, Jules follows close behind with his camera focused on her gorgeous butt. Lela enters a bedroom, kneels on the bed, and shows off her pussy and tits for us before being joined by hugely-hung--and already full erect--Steve Holmes.
  • Foreplay 1: Tit worship. Steve immediately begins to grope and suckle Lela's cute all-natural boobs while she strokes his cock through his pants. Steve fumbles with Lela's bra and removes it so he can get full and complete access to her nipples.
  • Foreplay 1: Fellatio. Lela quickly becomes intrigued with Steve's bulging pants. So, she tugs down his khakis and giggles with delight at his hugely engorged penis. Of course, she immediately takes his bounty into her capable hands and mouth and gives him a very enthusiastic, noisy, slobbery, and eye-contact-intensive blowjob. She also lets Steve fuck her mouth as she takes at least three-fourths of his huge rod down her throat.
  • Foreplay 3: 69. Steve stands and lifts Lela upside down--standing 69 style--so that he can feast on her pussy while she continues to engorge herself with his dick. Later, Steve lies on a bed and then he and Lela continue to share sweet 69. This entire segment is fucking gorgeous and will definitely cause your rod to swell or your pussy to drip.
  • Foreplay 4: Finger fucking. Steve commands, "sit here and spread your legs." Lela complies by sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open. Then, Steve bends over her, kisses her mouth, and uses his talented fingers to jack her jeweled clit and fuck her juicy pussy until she squeals with delight as an orgasm engulfs her. Steve keeps her pleasure flowing by pressing hard on her clit with his finger.
  • Position 1: Spoon. Steve slides behind Lela and then she begs, "I want that big dick in that pussy!" Steve does the lady's bidding and Lela immediately exclaims, "Oh, my God. It's SO BIG!" Steve pounds her fast and furious and as deep as he can without bottoming out. Lela, in turn, screams with pleasure and encourages him with lots of naughty talk. Horny Lela soon cums again when she experiences another breathtaking--and body quaking--orgasm. Wow, what a slut! Steve doesn't relent, however, and keeps her pleasure flowing by spanking her ass and by pounding her even harder.
  • Position 2: Cowgirl. Lela sucks her cum off of Steve's cock, ("Oh, my pussy tastes good!"), tugs off her tiny skirt, and then climbs on top of Steve so she can fuck him cowgirl style. After using her hand to guide Steve's cock into her pussy, Lela shows off her extremely enthusiastic and very provocative moves by fucking the shit out of Steve. Soon, Steve becomes so inflamed that he pistons in-and-out of her at redline speed while repeatedly spanking her gorgeous ass cheeks. Very nice chemistry between Lela and Steve soon leads to yet another amazing orgasm for Lela!
  • Position 3: Doggie. Steve has Lela kneel on the bed and, at her suggestion, spits on her pussy before going down on her with his mouth so he can suck her cum out of her vagina. What a beautiful cunt! Then, of course, Steve pounds her senseless as he fucks her passionately from behind. And, he keeps her under control by tugging forcefully on her long, flowing, and black hair and by choking her throat. He also massages her sphincter with his thumb. Lela responds by eyeing him intensely, by inflaming him with lots of nasty talk, by screaming ecstatically, and by having another intense orgasm.
  • Position 4: Standing reverse cowgirl. Without letting his penis slide out of Lela, Steve stands and lifts her by the legs so he can toss her up and down on his oh-so-lucky rod. Meanwhile, Lela frantically jacks her own clit. Damn, this looks GOOD! And, it must feel good, too, because Lela climaxes yet again. What a woman!
  • Position 5: Reverse cowgirl. Steve, without letting his cock slide out of Lela's cunt, lies down on the bed. Lela lifts herself off of his body and uses her sexy and shapely legs to support herself above Steve. Then, she enjoys the ride as Steve fucks her so fast that his king-sized dick blurs on the screen. "Oh, my God. That dick is so fuckin' big!" Steve increases her pleasure by reaching around and jacking her clit as he pounds her to yet another orgasm.
  • Position 6: Spoon part two. Steve slides behind Lela so they can share some more spoon-style sex. As he slides in-and-out slow and deep, he powerfully slaps and squeezes Lela's perfect tits. Lela fucking loves it and her passion continues unabated.
  • Position 7: Doggie. Steve positions Lela face down flat on the bed with her ass high in the air and keeps her in position by holding her neck down with his arm. Then, he fucks her insatiable cunt from above and behind as she screams incoherently.
  • Position 8: Missionary. Lela rolls onto her back and spreads her legs wide. Steve takes one look at her hugely swollen labia and clit and simply must suck her cum out of her pussy. Then, he slips his cock into her vagina and reams her energetically (her cunt is simply breathtaking!) until she squeals through another orgasm. Afterward, Steve slows down and fucks her slowly while she keeps her pleasure flowing by jacking her clit.
  • Popshot: Steve continues to fuck Lela's pussy missionary style until he can no longer hold back. Then, he pulls out and she kneels before him to accept his load onto her pretty smiling face and into her wide-open mouth. After he cums, Steve jacks himself off again to give her a few additional drops. What a guy! Then, Lela swallows a mouthful of Steve's semen.

Scene Four

Like Scene One, Scene Four is so good that I don't want to spoil it for you by giving you a blow-by-blow description. It features seldom-seen Julea London (her filmography is very short and it appears she shoots only for Jules Jordan) and Mark Ashley. Frankly, I'm extremely impressed with cute-as-a-button brunette Julea (what a pretty face!) and her seemingly insatiable lust for pleasure. I fucking adore this little sweetheart and hope she starts appearing in lots of movies.

This five-star scene begins with a "hunt," during which Jules, at the wheel of his Escalade, chauffeurs Mark around town on a "slut prowl." They soon encounter darling and flirtatious Julea at a bus stop and bring her back to Jules' place. During the drive to the house, Julea flashes her delightful small breasts and dazzling, panty-less, pink, and bald-shaven pussy. And, she boldly opens Mark's pants so that she can devour his big and swollen rod and gobble on his balls. Julea and Mark also share lots of open-mouthed kisses. Jules, can I have a ride in the backseat of your Escalade? Once they get to the house, all hell breaks loose as Mark and Julea share a scorching boy/girl five-star scene that features titty-worship; erotic posing; inspired fellatio and deep throating; tasty cunnilingus (God, Julea's pussy is spectacular!); multiple-finger-fucking; vaginal sex in the missionary (her tiny and very juicy pussy barely stretches to accommodate Mark) and doggie positions; anal sex in the doggie (God, her asshole is SO small and TIGHT!), standing reverse cowgirl (superb camera angles and close-ups), cowgirl (Julea's moves are superb), and missionary positions; gaping pussy and asshole shots; deep-throat ATM; lots of motivating naughty talk; untold female pleasure (Julea likes to smile, giggle, and coo); and a facial cumshot. Julea swallows everything that lands in her mouth. Scene Four concludes Disc One.

Scene Five

Scene Five is a threeway b/g/g vaginal-only scene featuring brunette, curvaceous, and hard-bodied Austin Kincaid, blond-haired Bobbi Dean, and Jules Jordan (in front of the camera instead of behind it). The scene contains lots of great tease footage so we can ogle the girls' bodies. And, its my favorite kind of scene...b/g/g. However, neither of the girls cum. So, that's a disappointment to me. Four stars.

  • Scene Setup: Austin and Bobbi, dressed in skintight short-shorts and matching bras, pose in the foyer of a beautiful home. We are treated to lots of dick-stiffening and up-close-and-personal shorts of their shapely butts and their long and luscious legs as we follow them up a staircase to the living level of the home. When the girls reach the top of the staircase, they turn to the camera, show off their curves; caress, squeeze, and spank each other's flesh; help each other out of their clothes (Austin's tits, hard belly, shapely ass cheeks, and flawless skin are absolutely magnificent); compliment each other on their appearance; kiss; and tease each others' nipples. Little-by-little, the girls move from place to place, and we follow at ass level. Scrumptious! When the girls reach the dining room, Jules asks, "Would you girls mind if I stuffed my face right between those (ass) cheeks?" "NO!" they reply!
  • Foreplay1: Cunnilingus. Jules comes from behind the camera, kisses and squeezes handfuls of ass flesh, and "gooses" Bobbi's ass with his already-hard cock that's still imprisoned in his pants. Then, as the girls bend over doggie style, Jules takes turns licking both pussies and rimming both assholes. Yum!
  • Foreplay 2: Titty worship. Jules has the girls stand and then helps Austin out of her bra. Of course, he immediately attacks her two superbly sculpted breasts with his mouth, suckling them like a starving babe. Soon, both girls are bottomless and have their pussies stuffed with Jules' fingers (superb shot-from-below camera angles). Meanwhile, Jules takes turns suckling each girl's nipples.
  • Foreplay 3: Fellatio. The girls have Jules sit on a chair and pull his cock out of his pants. Then, delighted with what they found, they eagerly share his bounty using their mouths, tongues, and hands to please his cock and balls. Is there anything better than two girls sharing one penis? This segment features lots of point-of-view (POV) footage. So, it looks like Austin and Bobbi are sharing YOUR dick!
  • Position 1: Doggie. After Bobbi takes an opportunity to suckle Austin's nipples, the girls bend over a glass dining-room table. As the camera zooms in on Austin's shapely ass cheeks, Jules slides his cock into her pussy from behind and fucks her deep and powerfully. Bobbi, mesmerized, watches the in-and-out action and helps out by stroking, squeezing, and kissing Austin's shapely flesh. She also sucks Austin's girl-juice off of Jules' rod. Austin loves everything she feels and coos with delight. In due course, Bobbi gets her pussy stuffed doggie style, too. Austin, a real voyeur, enjoys watching. And, she also enjoys squeezing Bobbi's butt and kissing her mouth. As the scene progresses, Jules has the girls stand next to each other, ass-to-ass, so he can squeeze, stroke, and spank all four shapely cheeks at once. He also licks and finger-fucks both girls' pussies.
  • Position 2: Cowgirl. Jules sits back on a chair and bids Austin to climb aboard. She immediately straddles him and uses her hand to guide his cock into her pussy. Then, she bounces up and down on him with increasing fervor as Jules squeezes her luscious ass cheeks. Bobbi keeps busy by licking Jules' shaft, by suckling his balls, and by sucking Austin's juice off of his rod. Austin enjoys the ride and the attention. So, she moans provocatively to prove it. After Austin has had some quality cowgirl time, Bobbi gets her turn. She not only fucks him with up-and-down strokes, but also dances on and grinds his cock. Her moves are really good. Austin, not willing to be left out, lies on the floor under Jules and Bobbi and uses her mouth to please his penis and tentacles. Believe me, Jules is in heaven!
  • Position 3: Missionary. After taking another opportunity to feast on the girls' breasts, the threesome takes a walk up a staircase (we follow at ass height) to a very nicely appointed bedroom. The girls lie on the bed...Austin on her back and Bobbi on her side. Jules then begins to fuck Austin's pussy from above while Austin, in turn, suckles Bobbi's breasts and kisses her mouth. Jules also keeps Bobbi happy by squeezing and spanking her ass and by stroking her freckled skin. As the missionary segment continues, Jules has both girls lie face up on the bed and then takes turns fucking each tight, pink pussy missionary style. Bobbi, in particular, enjoys the reaming and asks Austin, "Did it feel this good for you?"
  • Position 4: Doggie revisited. Austin and Bobbi move into the 69 position (Austin on top) and eat each others' pussies while Jules rims Austin's asshole. Then, he straddles both girls and again plows Austin's pussy doggie style (superb video). Periodically, Jules pulls his cock out of Austin and feeds it to Bobbi. Bobbi keeps herself occupied by licking Jules' rod and Austin's clit.
  • Position 5: Spoon. Jules and Austin roll over onto their sides for some sweet-looking spoon. While Jules pistons in-and-out frantically and squeezes Austin's breasts, Bobbi strokes Austin's clit
  • Position 6: Reverse cowgirl. As is usually the case, reverse is my favorite position of this scene. Austin looks stunning as she leans back on Jules' chest and thrusts her hips up and down to fuck Jules balls-deep. Jules responds stroke-for-stroke and the two please each other like a well-engineered machine. Bobbi increases Austin's pleasure by stroking and licking her clit and by suckling her nipple.
  • Popshot: To finish up, both girls kneel at Jules' feet and share his cock with their mouths (great POV camerawork). Then, Jules jacks himself off, spraying a very powerful and voluminous load of semen over both girls' faces. The girls suck him dry and kiss to share his semen.

Scene Six

Jules is back in Scene Six, this time with beautiful, buxom, and blond goddess Tiffany Digivanni. I'm just about out of space, so I can only tell you a bit about this scene: 1) Tiffany is absolutely amazonic...you really have to see this tall, busty, and curvy girl! (She has only been in a few movies, so you owe it to yourself to get this one.) I've only reviewed one other of her scenes and was truly impressed then, too! Everything about Tiffany screams out, FUCK ME! 2) The scene setup is a deliciously prolonged and very provocative and superbly filmed strip-tease/masturbation sequence set in a modern and chic bedroom. Tiffany uses a very attractive glass ribbed dildo to tease and fuck her gorgeous cunt. Wow! 3) Jules spends a lot of time squeezing, kissing, sucking, and stroking Tiffany's melon-like tits. He even massages baby oil into their stuffed flesh and then titty-fucks her well-lubricated cleavage. 4) Tiffany's naughty language, spoken with an innocent-sounding voice, is perfectly employed to inflame both Jules and those of us watching from home. Tiffany's mouth continuously explodes with a torrent of deliciously nasty vocabulary that goes way beyond provocative to incendiary. I loved it! 5) When Tiffany makes eye contact with you and me through the camera lens, be prepared to lose your load! 6) Tiffany's loving and enthusiastic fellatio technique is incredibly erotic. 7) Tiffany's response to Jules' pussy-eating and finger-fucking technique is just what any man would want...appreciative and demonstrative. 8) Jules gets to fuck Tiffany's juicy and dripping pussy (she definitely needs NO lube!) in the missionary cowgirl, doggie, and spoon positions. 9) Tiffany demands, "I want you to put that dildo in my ass and fuck me with it." Jules eagerly complies by lubing up her sphincter, loosening it with his fingers, and then plunging a cone-shaped toy in and out of it. Tiffany loves it and her gooseflesh-covered flesh proves it. And, she proves she's nasty by sucking the toy clean ATM style. 10) Jules reams Tiffany's asshole doggie style (she does ATM). 11) Tiffany's fucking and grinding moves, especially in cowgirl and spoon, are extremely erotic! 12) Tiffany's enjoyment of rough sex (hair pulling, spanking, and choking) is admirable. 13) To make himself pop, Jules fucks Tiffany's well-lubed cleavage as Tiffany squeezes her huge boobs together. When he explodes, he sprays her chest, neck, chin, lips, and nose with a generous load of semen. 14) The only downside to this otherwise stellar scene is the lack of a female orgasm. Four stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): For a gonzo catch-as-catch-can movie, the video is really pretty good. Some of the scenes are in contemporary 16:9 widescreen while others are displayed in conventional 4:3. They must have used different cameras to capture the scenes! Jules, who operates the camera most of the time, handles the camera like a voyeur amateur during the "hunt" phase of the scenes. Then, once the sex begins, the camera motions are smooth and professional. The camera angles and close-ups are also quite effective as is the editing (there are only a few edits that give me the impression that I missed something important). I must admit, however, that the lighting leaves quite a bit to be desired. The sex seems to have been captured with ambient lighting (not sure) that causes some of the footage to be a little darker than it ought to be. In addition, the color balance is sometimes skewed toward orange. However, given the "reality sex" nature of gonzo, a few lighting issues are of minor concern. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): For on gonzo movie, the audio in Flesh Hunter 9 is surprisingly good! With the exception of a few unavoidable background noises that occurred during the shooting of the outdoor scenes, all the audio is perfectly clear and of the appropriate volume. No dialog or sound of passion is muffled or hard to hear. Given the circumstances of gonzo shooting, this is commendable. Four stars.

Extras: In addition to full motion chapter selector and interactive menus, this two-disc set includes, on disc two, a nine-minute cumshot recap feature; 30 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage (including lots more funny and sexy footage of the scene setups for Tory Lane and Vanessa Lane's scene as well as Julea London's scene, photoshoot video, and extra hot footage of the sex scenes); a manually-operated photo gallery that I couldn't get to work on my computer; a cast list by scene; Jules Jordan's biography; trailers for six other Jules Jordan releases; and website information. This set of extras is about average in today's marketplace. Three stars.

Aesthetics: The visual aesthetics are extremely good for a gonzo flick. In addition to numerous effective "sets" in one or more attractive homes, locations feature the Pacific Ocean, city streets, and the inside of Jules' Cadillac Escalade. I also think the girls' outfits are absolutely first-class. They're tight, short, and very revealing. What could be better? And, the make-up was nicely done, too. There's no supportive musical soundtrack, except during the scene setup of Scene Six, to evaluate. Four stars.

Dr. Jay

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