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Up Yours Part 1

Studio: Hot House » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 12/29/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


LENGTH - 2:22






OVERVIEW - These six leather/vinyl outfitted studs engage in four scenes, nearly two and a half hours long, of assplay that is sexual, but that often seems more like "anal stunt work". There are two duo encounters, a solo turn and a three-some.  It all takes place on the Hot House set of hot emerald green and yellow crisscrossed platforms, with a background of white globe lights mounted in a background flat.  These scenes appear to have been created for Hot House's Club Inferno Dungeon website and then made into a DVD.  Before the DVD gets underway, there are three trailers to watch, with some of the same cast members: HANDY MEN, ASS PIGS and FISTING ALL-STARS.  If, for some reason, you doesn't know what kind of fetish DVD you've picked up, the six minutes of trailers should clear up any doubts.  There is a Part 2 coming up.


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SCENE 1 - RICK VAN SANT & EVAN MATTHEWS - Evan Matthews, sporting a little mustache that even the film's credits don't reveal, is lying across a platform, showing off his pucker hole for an admiring Rick Van Sant.  Rick is massaging a hard-on through his vinyl outfit - chest out, ass out, bulge evident.  He goes over to Evan and drops a little spit in his hole, working it with his fingers and tongue.  As Rick slowly works Evan's hole open, Evan reaches around and massages Rick's hole open as well.  Rick dons a pair of black gloves and grabs a bucket of gooey lube.  He lubes his gloves and works four fingers into Evan's ass.  Then he works his other hand in, alternating the two and stretching Evan ever wider.  Evan enthuses, "Ah, so nice.  Ah."  Rick makes a fist and works it slowly in, and soon is alternating fists, clear up to his wrist.  Evan is pressured, but adjusts.  This is definitely his thing.  Rick pushes farther and farther in, now half way up his forearms.  "Feels so good," Evan moans.  Rick fucks him with one fist after the other, pounding his wide-open hole until his lower colon bunches up like a rose and comes out to meet Rick's fists.  Evan rolls over on his back with his legs in the air to take Rick's sliding one fist all the way in and then sliding it out as the other goes in.  (Evan wears an unique one-piece  body-clinging wife-beater attached to a jock strap affair, all patterned with a modern art look.)  Rick continues to pound his hole, and eventually has both hands going at once.  Evan wants more and turns over to stand and lower his body down on one of Rick's fists and arms, eventually kneeling to continue riding them.  And then they change positions.  It's Rick's turn to get fisted.  He lies on his back, legs in the air, as Evan puts on some gloves, lubes him up and easily works his fist in.  Evan pounds up his ass, and then takes to working four fingers of both hands in.  Evan now pours the lube right from the bucket onto Rick's ass and works both hands at once.  They talk incessantly about nothing but what they're doing to one another, interspersed with moans and "ahs".  Rick gets up on his knees to get fisted up to Evan's mid-arm.  He is insatiable and keeps asking for more.  Evan takes his two hands and stretches Rick's hole wide, and wider.  Rick stands now naked with Evan's fist up his ass and jacks off.  "Fuck the cum out of me," he pleads, and Evan accommodates him.  Rick shoots big time.  The scene ends without Evan ever bringing his dick out to play.

SCENE 2 - COLIN STEELE & DERRICK PAUL - This duo is an original go 'round with Colin Steele as a "trainer" and Derrick Paul acting like a "dog".  Colin has a great muscular body and is outfitted in only an open leather vest and jock strap.  First, he has Derrick lick his boots.  Soon we see that Derrick is costumed as a dog and is in a collar and total vinyl body suit, a tail wagging out the back.  Colin pulls the tail out, revealing that it is in fact a butt plug.  Colin unzips the back of Derrick's pants, leaving his ass crack totally exposed.   Colin lubes a big black dildo and works it up Derrick's ass.  As a dog, Derrick barks, whimpers and moans - totally in character.  Colin goes for an even bigger dildo and order's Derrick to sit on it, giving him "dog compliments" like, "Good boy."  I so wanted to see Colin fuck him about now, but it was not to be.  Instead Colin grabbed an even fatter dildo which he shoves directly in, giving us teasing glimpses of Derrick's big balls and dick hanging down.  Colin then comes up with a fourth dildo, even longer (18 inches?) which Derrick manages to sit on.  Colin gets rid of his vest and pulls his massive dick out of his jock to jack-off and soon shoots a big load over Derrick's vinyl suit.  As the scene ends, Colin shoves the dog's "butt plug" tail back up his "pet's" ass.  No orgasm for the pooch.         

SCENE 3 - JACKSON LAWLESS - Dressed only in leather straps, a black pouch in front and, of course, black boots, Jackson Lawless enters the scene and kneels down, ass to the camera.  He works his own hole with his fingers, then lubes a big dildo and works into his ass.  He doesn't seem to be satisfied with how far he's able to shove it in, so he takes to sitting down on it - ass to the camera.  It is large (roughly a foot long and 5 or 6 inches around) and dripping with that gooey lube.  He grabs onto an overhead trapeze and lowers himself down and up on it.  He lubes it more and repeats the action.  Then he takes some more lube and shoves his right fist in his ass.  He oozes lube out of his hole and forces his lower intestine into making a hot, rosy-pink appearance.  He then gets out of his jock and, lying on his back, jacks on his well-lubed cock,  shoving his fingers again up his ass.  He shoots a big load that flies all the way up to his shoulder, and ends the scene by scooping up some of his cum to taste it.

SCENE 4 - JACKSON LAWLESS, RICK VAN SANT & JOSH WEST - This last scene starts with Jackson Lawless (re-outfitted and presumably refreshed) sitting down on a big flesh-colored dildo.  Meanwhile, across the platform Josh West is licking and working Rick Van Sant's hole as he kneels down to take it.  Josh then lubes another big black dildo and drives it down into Rick.  "Open it up.  Take it boy!  Open your ass," Josh commands and Rick obliges him, the dildo pounding all the way in.  When Josh pulls it out, Rick "winks" his hole, opening and closing it at will for the camera. Rick flips onto his back and Jackson kneels and takes to fisting him, while Josh fists Jackson.  (They chatter all the while, encouraging the action.)  Josh alternates fists in Jackson and simultaneously tells him to shove his fist up Rick even harder, "Make him feel good.  There ya go!"  Rick is getting a hard-on in his pouch.  Now both Jackson and Josh conspire to fist Rick together, eventually getting two hands up his ever-widening hole.  Then both Rick and Jackson get on their backs, so that Josh can fist both at the same time.  Rick is stroking his dick, "Fuck ya.  Fuck ya.  It's so hot.  Oh yeah!", and cums.  Josh pulls his huge swollen cock out and rubs one out over Jackson.  (We could have used that great dick sooner, for something.)  Jackson keeps jacking and cums.

VIDEO - The DVD is well shot by the always dependable Andre Adair.  Lighting is bright and the action well seen. 

SOUND - There is a light track of music supporting the action, but in no way taking over.  The performers talk among themselves constantly, but it is not plotted or important dialog.  It is like the sounds of sex, adding to the overall action.  It isn't always clear, but it also isn't really important.

EXTRAS - The three trailers are "force fed" to the viewer at the top.  Except for the trailers, and brief credits for the folks at I.D. Lube (who provided buckets of slippery goo) and the guys at Mr. S. Leather (who supplied the fetish outfits), there are no extras.

FINAL THOUGHTS - There is really nothing extraordinary about this DVD, but it does provide amusement for fetish fans.  For me, they spent far too long on each scene.  It was a lot of the same actions over and over. Considering the amount of footage,  I'd say it could have been much shorter and just as effective.  (Personally, I also prefer a lot more actual sex - especially fucking - in a DVD, even a fisting one.  From looking at the box, I think Part 2 may satisfy this desire more.)  But I would still label it RECOMMENDED.

Rod Woodman

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