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Big Boobs Are Cool! 3

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 1/31/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo
Director: Mitch Fontaine
Cast:  Bella Vendetta, Dane Cross, James Deen, Joanna Angel, Mick Blue, Nova T.A., Regan Reese, Roxxxie Rose, Sean Michaels.
Length: 02:32
Condoms: None
Bonus: One bonus point for condom-free sex.


Big Boobs Are Cool 3 is a traditional five-scene boy/girl movie that highlights the big boobs of extensively inked--and very sexy--girls. It was directed by Mitch Fontaine for Burning Angel Entertainment and prominently features the studio's owner, Joanna Angel.

Big Boobs Are Cool 3 has a lot going for it. Of course, the boobs are cool...that goes without question. But, there are several things that make those boobs even cooler. First, director Mitch chose a very attention-grabbing roster of girls to "flesh out" the movie. As is generally the case in Burning Angel releases, the girls in Big Boobs Are Cool 3 are extensively--and one might say "wickedly''--inked. If you are as much a fan of tattooed women as I am, you're going to have a field day cataloging--and savoring--the incredible array of images these girls carry on their bodies. Be sure to check out the photos here.

Tattoos are just the beginning. Bella Vendetta has a series of purposefully inflicted scars, such as a five-pointed star above her cleavage. She also has a pierced clit hood. Amazingly striking Nova T.A. sports a nipple ring and wears a pirate-like eye patch. Regan Reese is simply "edgy" in every possible way. And, Roxxxie Rose is downright gorgeous.

Another positive attribute of Big Boobs Are Cool 3 is the ingenuity of the director. Each scene is preceded by an extremely amusing interview in which director Mitch interviews not the girl, but her tits! As the camera focuses in on a girl's magnificent rack, Mitch asks questions, like, "What's your favorite cheese?" and the tits reply. Honestly. It's hilarious.

I've found that most of the movies released by Burning Angel are creative and inventive like this one. It's why I always look forward to Burning Angel coming to the top of my review list. Honestly, I never know what I'm going to see (their movies are definitely not mundane) and I'm usually very pleased with what I see!

I also like the use of "shake your titties" music video striptease/dance routines that precede most of the scenes in Big Boobs Are Cool 3. Although Joanna Angel's dance performance is hands-down the best, the other girls do a very nice job showing us just how much their breasts can bounce.

Scene Three, featuring Mick Blue and Nova T.A., has the best scene set-up scenario. Nova accidently spills some olive oil on her blouse when she and Mick are making a salad. Mick likes what he sees, applies more to Nova's chest, and then slathers it all over himself. At first, I thought, "What the fuck is he doing? He should be applying it to her!" Then, he did just that when he used his oil-covered body to apply the oil to Nova's body. This may be one of the hottest gonzo scene set-ups ever!

Another big plus for Big Boobs Are Cool 3 is the musical soundtrack. Each of the "shake your titties" music videos is accompanied by outstanding music. If you like what you hear, there are credits at the end of the movie so you can go to appropriate websites to hear more by the respective artists.

While Big Boobs Are Cool 3 has a lot going for it, it has a few downsides, too. Primarily, I'm less than impressed with the videography. Poor lighting, off color-balance, jerky camera movements, and abrupt edits are the norm. Moreover, the cameraman tilts the camera this way and that so that the performers look like they're going to slide off the screen. The overuse of these oblique camera angles--in this movie and many others--is really starting to piss me off. In what type of professional video do you see such idiocy? Motion pictures? No. Television? No. Just porn. Porn videographers...get over it! Hold the camera still, move smoothly and judiciously, and stop tilting the camera! PLEASE!

There are audio issues, too. Sometimes, the "dialog" is nearly impossible to hear. Other times, ambient background noises disturb the action. And, there are times that the video and audio are not in sync with each other.

The locations used to shoot the movie are not as attractive as I've come to expect in a well-shot porn movie. Perhaps the idea is to be along the lines of "reality TV." But, the rooms could have at least been clean and free from visual and audio distractions!

With regards to the sex, I'm a little disappointed in the lack of foreplay in the two scenes (One and Five) in which James Deen appears. I guess if you're horny enough, stoking each other's pleasure engines isn't necessary. But, I still love to enjoy the taste, touch, and smell of a woman's body--especially her mouth and pussy--before we get down and dirty.

All-in-all, I enjoyed watching Big Boobs Are Cool 3. I am definitely a fan of nicely-shaped big breasts and I DO think they're cool. I also enjoy women whose bodies are works of visual art. Overall, the good outweighs the not-so-good. So, I recommend this movie for your viewing pleasure.

Check out some photos of the girls in Big Boobs are Cool 3 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Bella Vendetta's "scars;" Nova T.A.'s tattoos, piercings, and eye patch; Roxxxie Rose's magnificent tits, and Joanna Angel's traffic-stopping look! Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Big Boobs Are Cool 3 can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2010.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal.
Performers: Joanna Angel, James Deen.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Prior to Scene One, director Mitch Fontaine, behind the camera, interviews Nova T.A.'s tits. It's really hilarious...hearing her boobs talk about their favorite TV shows, what they want to major in in college, and so forth. After Mitch is done "squeezing" all the information he can out of Nova's breasts, the video cuts to an extremely well-made music-video-style dance and striptease routine featuring striking Joanna Angel. She primarily emphasizes her big--but not too big--natural breasts during her performance. In fact, she comes right out and states, "My boobs are cool." How true. After Joanna's tease performance, her real-life-lover James Deen joins her for a very brief amount of foreplay (there's virtually no fellatio and no cunnilingus whatsoever) before moving on to explosive vaginal and anal sex in numerous positions (see lists below). As these two lovers pleasure each other, undeniable--and very volcanic--chemistry develops between them. It's obvious that they simply love fucking each other! Most impressive to me, I think, is Joanna's demonstrativeness. She screams with delight, provides running naughty commentary, giggles with happiness, and fucks back as hard as--or harder than--James. Joanna cums several times during the scene (both vaginal orgasms and ass-gasms) and consistently shares her lust with us by looking into our eyes. And, Joanna even DP's herself by shoving multiple fingers up her cunt while James plows her asshole. And, she performs ravenous ATM on James' dick, too. At the end of the scene, Joanna brings James to the brink of ejaculation with her hands and mouth. Then, he takes over and jacks his load into her wide-open mouth. She sucks him dry, spits his semen onto her tits, and then massages his bounty into her flesh. Although this scene is undeniably hot, both James and Joanna let me down. First, James never ate Joanna's pussy. Such neglect is inconceivable to me. Second, Joanna spit out James' semen. To me, that is very disrespectful and borders on sinful.

Foreplay: Striptease; erotic posing; mutual stripping; kissing; body licking; tit sucking, squeezing, and fucking; fellatio.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, reverse cowgirl, standing doggie, spoon, on-her-side.
Anal Positions: Missionary, reverse cowgirl, spoon, standing doggie, side-saddle cowgirl; DP with cock/fingers.
Girl cums: Often.
Pop: Open mouth; she spits.

Sex rating: 4.00
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.80

What I Liked Most:

  • The scene set-up plays like a very well made music video. Clips of Joanna dancing, stripping, showing off her big boobs and tattoos, doing jumping jacks (to shake her tits, of course), dancing, and so on are stitched together effectively and set to hard-driving music. Then, she introduces herself to us and announces, "My boobs are cool." Right on!
  • Joanna is an extremely intriguing-looking woman. Her streaked black and red-dyed hair coupled with her extensive edgy tattoos makes her shapely and firm body extremely eye-catching. See her picture HERE if you don't know what she looks like.
  • Joanna and James kiss passionately like, well, the lovers they are in real life. They share open-mouthed kisses during foreplay and sex.
  • James really knows how to push Joanna's buttons and make her passion soar. He squeezes, suckles, and slaps her tits, licks her flesh, teases her by removing her clothes erotically, and makes her giggle with delight.
  • Joanna wraps her tits around James' fully-erect cock and uses her cleavage to fuck him. She also briefly uses her wet, moist, and warm mouth to fuck his dick.
  • Some of the action is shot in POV...so, it appears that you are fucking Joanna.
  • Patently obvious--and quite explosive--chemistry is evident between Joanna and James...from the very start of the scene!
  • Joanna is a very demonstrative fuck. She screams with delight, talks nasty, and giggles with uncontrollable delight in reaction to James' actions. She's the kind of girl you just LOVE to fuck! And, she fucks back with abandon in every position they use.
  • Joanna's fine bouncing boobs take center stage during the scene. Both she and James squeeze them, slap them, and play with them.
  • Joanna makes wicked eye contact with us as James is pounding her toward an ass-gasm in spoon. She continues to share her lust with us by looking into our eyes for the remainder of the scene.
  • Joanna's ass gives her frequent ass-gasms during anal sex (she giggles delightfully and her body convulses!).
  • James gets to fuck Joanna's asshole as well as her pussy.
  • Joanna shows off her enthusiastic moves when she anally fucks James in reverse and in sidesaddle cowgirl. James responds by spanking her clit and labia to increase her obvious pleasure.
  • Joanna and James use lots of positions, including some unusual ones...like standing with Joanna's back against James' chest.
  • Joanna does ravenous ass-to-mouth on James' lucky dick. Then, she wraps her tits around his rod and lets him titty-fucks her cleavage.
  • Joanna DPs herself by shoving two fingers up her cunt while James reams her asshole.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • I would have liked the very fine foreplay to extend a little longer...they should have enjoyed more oral sex, in my opinion. Joanna didn't even get a chance to deep-throat James!
  • The cameraman uses too many oblique camera angles. There are some jerky camera movements, too.
  • There is some loud background ambient noise (street sounds) that should have been edited out.

What I Didn't Like:

  • James never ate Joanna's pussy...not during foreplay nor sex. I simply do not understand guys who forego cunnilingus. One-half point penalty!
  • Joanna spit James' semen out of her mouth. I think spitting out semen is one of the rudest and disrespectful things a woman can do to a man. However, since the theme of this movie is "Big Boobs," and since it's obvious that James should have aimed for Joanna's tits, I won't deduct my customary half-point penalty for spitting.

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Regan Reese, Sean Michaels.

-- sponsored by --

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Prior to Scene Two, director Mitch Fontaine, behind the camera, interviews Roxxxie Rose's massive all-natural tits. Like the footage preceding Scene One, this is some really creative "big boob coolness." Then, Scene Two begins with an interview of Regan Reese by Mitch Fontaine, from behind the camera (it's NOT an interview of her boobs!). During the interview, she does a very nice job proving her boobs' "coolness" to us. In due course, Regan dances topless for us in a music-video style accompanied by hard-driving music (not as cool as Joanna's video preceding Scene One, but still "cool!"). As the scene unfolds, Sean Michaels joins Regan. Since he's so much taller than she is, she has to get a stepstool so that she can climb up to kiss him! After a few moments, Sean realizes that the stepladder is really in the way. So, he lifts her petite body and carries her across the room to a couch where they can pleasure each other on an equal footing. Regan strips out of her stuffed-full bra and enjoys the sensations as Sean greedily suckles her big tits. Sean also licks and suckles her tasty twat and fucks her nicely-enhanced tits (she licks and suckles his tip as it emerges from her cleavage). Of course, Regan gives his mammoth cock a handjob as well as a loud and sloppy blowjob. As the scene unfolds, foreplay morphs into sex, and the two enjoy vaginal in-and-out action in several positions (see list below). Regan has a great time, squeals with undeniable ecstasy, does her share of the fucking (her big tits bounce joyfully in response to her thrusts), and fondles her own tits. Unfortunately, she never appears to climax during the scene. At the end of the scene, Sean jacks off all over Regan's big tits. She compliments him on how good his hot load feels, sucks his shaft, exclaims "cum is cool," and then massages his semen into her boobs. This scene is not particularly noteworthy...it never seems to "ignite." It's like the two go through the motions, but never really get into each other.

Foreplay: Striptease; dancing; erotic posing; kissing; body licking; spanking; tit sucking, squeezing, and fucking; handjob; fellatio; cunnilingus; clit-jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: No.
Pop: Exterior tits.

Sex rating: 3.30
Video rating: 3.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.70

What I Liked Most:

  • During her interview, Regan does a very nice job proving her "coolness" to us...including why her "not-natural" 32D enhanced breasts are cool enough to be in this big boobs movie. After Regan's interview, she dances topless for us in a music-video style accompanied by hard-driving music (not as cool as Joanna's video preceding Scene One, but still "cool!").
  • When Sean Michaels joins Regan, he's so much taller than she is that she has to get a stepladder to kiss him. That's "cool" and creative!
  • Wanting the two of them to be on equal footing, Sean lifts Regan off the ladder and carries her across the room to a couch where she sits on his lap so he can voraciously worship her tits with her hands and tongue. He even tongue-fucks her cleavage!
  • Regan takes her time stripping out of her stuffed-to-the-limit bra. When her boobs are finally freed from confinement, you'll exclaim, like Sean, "Oh, yeah!" You'll wish you could suckle and lick them like he does!
  • Regan gives Sean's mammoth cock a very nice handjob that's quickly followed by a voracious, slobbery, and noisy combination hand/blowjob.
  • Once Regan has finished baring her pussy, Sean goes down on it, stroking her labia and clit with his spit-covered fingers. He also licks and eats it greedily while she groans with ecstasy.
  • Sean fucks Regan's tits and she sucks/licks his tip as it merges from her cleavage.
  • Regan squeals with delight as Sean reams (and stretches to its limit) her pussy in reverse.
  • Regan's tits dance and gyrate delightfully in response to their fucking movements.
  • Regan gags on Sean's cock when she does pussy-to-mouth. She makes loads of stringers, too.
  • Regan jiggles her ass delightfully when she fucks Sean in cowgirl.
  • Sean keeps Regan's big boobs the center of his attention by suckling and squeezing them whenever he gets a chance. Regan, too, often plays with her tits. Sometimes, she even suckles her own nipples.
  • Regan makes lots of eye contact with us during the scene.
  • Sean rims Regan's asshole between positions.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The cameraman uses too many oblique camera angles. There are some jerky camera movements, too.
  • Regan should have had a manicure before the scene was shot. Her nails are peeling badly in this scene.
  • The color is a bit too grayish/bluish for my taste. The color is not flattering to Regan's flesh.
  • There are numerous jerky and abrupt camera movements.
  • Shadows of equipment fall across the performers as they fuck.
  • This is a scene that never seems to ignite. The performers "go through the motions," but their passion never really flares. In addition, Regan never appears to climax during the scene.

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal.
Performers: Nova T.A., Mick Blue.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Prior to Scene Three, director Mitch Fontaine continues his habit of interviewing tits. This time, the boobs belong to way-edgy Bella Vendetta who, in addition to having extensive tattoos, has numerous symbolic scars in her flesh (for example, she has a five-pointed star scar between her tits (above her cleavage). Wow, how unique! Anyway, Bella's tits and Mitch talk about "cheese," "wine," and "cars." How weird! How creative! How cool! Afterward, the video cuts to a kitchen in which Nova T.A. is busy slicing tomatoes and onions as Mick Blue watches and "helps." Once the vegetables have been cut and tossed into a bowl, Nova struggles to open a bottle of olive oil and, in doing so, splatters oil all over her chest and blouse. Nova thinks she has been an idiot and wants to go change. But, Mick sees the sexiness of her oil-covered flesh and takes the opportunity to squeeze and fondle her fine big tits. He even adds more oil so that her blouse becomes translucent--and allows her areolas and nipples (the left one's pierced) to show through. Although Mick loves the appearance and feel of Nova's oily body, she still feels stupid. So, she ends up leaving the kitchen to change. Meanwhile, Mick strips off his shirt and slathers oil onto his chest and belly. Nova returns to the kitchen clad only in a miniscule thong, takes one look at Mick's oily body, and is, to say the least, surprised. Soon, however, she "gets it" as Mick hugs and squeezes her body tightly to his slipperiness. "This is fucking hot," she admits. How true. The two caress and grope each other eagerly and, in doing so, drench each other with loads of oil. In due course, foreplay expands to include a very nice--and oil-lubricated--combination hand/blowjob. She even double-fists him! Before the couple moves on to sex, Mick bends Nova over the kitchen counter, massages oil into her thighs and buttocks, and then rims her asshole, fingers her clit, and eats her pussy from behind. Meanwhile she pinches her oil-lubed nipples and squeals with delight. Sex begins in the kitchen when the couple shares vaginal doggie and then continues in the adjoining living room for missionary and spoon (see list). Believe me, they make a fucking mess of the couch! As the scene progresses, Mick also gets to stuff Nova's asshole, too (great close-ups). Meanwhile, Nova keeps the energy level up by talking nasty, vocalizing her pleasure, frantically jacking her pussy, squeezing her oily tits, and fucking back with abandon. Toward the end of the scene, Nova cums in anal spoon and then Mick pulls out of her ass, fucks her big titties until he's ready to cum, and then splatters her face, tongue, and tits with his load. She sucks him dry, swallows everything that landed inside her mouth, and massages the cum on her tits into her flesh.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, body licking, oil/lotion, tit squeezing, caressing/groping, handjob, double-fisted handjob, fellatio, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, clit jacking, rimming.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, standing doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: Reverse cowgirl, spoon.
Girl cums: Yes.
Pop: Open mouth; she swallows.

Sex rating: 4.45
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 3.00
Production values rating: 3.60

What I Liked Most:

  • Nova T.A. has got to be one of the most intriguing-looking women ever. She has numerous tattoos; a pierced nipple (left), nostril, and lip; streaked brunette and blond hair; large ear jewelry; and, most fascinating, an eye patch. Nova is definitely a woman who wants to be noticed. She's succeeded in this quest because you can't help but savor her uniqueness.
  • The scene set-up scenario is cute and well acted (although the audio is poor).
  • The oiled-up foreplay that follows the scene set-up is some of the hottest I've seen in quite a while. It really is MUST-SEE! This foreplay ignites incendiary chemistry that sustains the couple throughout the rest of the scene.
  • Nova and Mick share some outstanding and extremely passionate kisses during foreplay.
  • Nova's tits are extremely cool. Not only does she have a pierced left nipple, but her all natural queen-sized mams dance, dangle, and bounce delightfully throughout the scene. And, she often plays with their oiled bounty.
  • Nova shares intense eye contact with us...to share her passion.
  • Nova's double-fisted handjob technique is to die for!
  • The close-ups and shot-from-below camera angles during doggie sex are very good. They really highlight Nova's dangling and gyrating tits and her oiled stuffed pussy.
  • Nova violently jacks her clit while Mick plows her in missionary and in spoon. She shouts ecstatically as her pleasure escalates.
  • Mick and Nova take time to kiss during sex. And, Mick also takes opportunities to suckle her nipples. I enjoy it when a couple shares more than just their genitals during sex.
  • Nova is a very demonstrative fuck. She shouts, giggles happily, and talks nasty as she and Mick fuck passionately.
  • Nova does a great deal of the fucking in anal reverse cowgirl. She tosses her amazing body up-and-down to force his cock nearly balls-deep into her tightest hole.
  • Nova cums in anal spoon.
  • At the end of the scene, Mick splatters Nova's face, tongue, and tits with his load. She sucks him dry and swallows.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The audio during the scene set-up is very poor. Not only is there loud ambient noise, but it's nearly impossible to hear the dialog shared by Nova and Mick.
  • The cameraman uses too many oblique camera angles. There are some jerky camera movements, too.
  • Nova has a substantial number of blemishes (razor burn?) around her pussy. She also should have had a manicure prior to shooting the scene. Her purple nail polish, though attractive, needs replenishment. Although understandable, these blemishes detract from her otherwise distinctive appearance.

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal
Performers: Roxxxie Rose, Dane Cross.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Prior to Scene Four, headliner Joanna Angel's boobs are interviewed by director Mitch. As has been the case in previous scenes, this footage is inventive and quite cool. Joanna's boobs talk about what it would be like if they were a superhero named "Sally." They explain that each nipple would be the barrel of a gun (they're "big guns!") and would, as a result, be able to shoot bullets to subdue a villain named "ass." They'd kick ass's ass! After Mitch has finished interviewing super-boobs "Sally," he gets to interview Roxxxie Rose (not her boobs!) as she sits on a comfy couch in a cluttered space that appears to contain a skateboard ramp of some sort. Roxxxie talks about how happy she is to have been gifted with her fine all-natural (and "cool") boobs and how she likes to look at--and lick--them. She loves them! On the other hand, she doesn't like sagging or fake boobs. After Roxxxie's interview, she dances and strips for us in a music-video style accompanied by hard-driving music (not as cool as Joanna's video preceding Scene One, but still "cool!"). Believe me, you're gonna love Roxxxie's superb breasts as she jiggles and plays with them for our viewing pleasure! At the end of her dance, she introduces herself to us: "Hi! My name is Roxxxie. My boobs are fucking cool!" You got that right, girl! Dane then joins Roxxxie and foreplay begins with caressing and groping (Dane can't keep his hands or mouth off Roxxxie's tits!) and, in due course, expands to include kissing, pussy stroking, and mutual stripping. Once Dane has freed Roxxxie's pussy from the confinement of her panties, he goes down on her and attacks her pussy with his mouth and fingers. Meanwhile, both he and Roxxxie play with her boobs by squeezing and spanking them. After some more intense breast worship, including spit-lubricated titty fucking, Roxxxie pleasures Dane's rod with her insatiable mouth, tongue, and hands. And, she deep-throats him, too. Foreplay abruptly cuts to sex as Roxxxie, lying on her side in the spoon position atop a couch, orders Dane to: "Fuck my pussy...make my titties bounce!" Who'd deny her? So, Dane slips his dick into her and pounds her and, in doing so, makes her glorious titties gyrate happily. Dane continues to ream Roxxxie's welcoming cunt in doggie and reverse. In fact, Dane pounds Roxxxie through an orgasm in doggie. Then, Roxxxxie shows off her hot and sexy moves during reverse. In due course, Dane gets to ream Roxxxie's asshole, too, in spoon. To finish up, Dane pulls out of Roxxxie's asshole and moves into position to shoot his load all over her fine ripe tits. She uses her pretty fingers to massage Dane's "lotion" into her skin. "It's so good!" she coos.

Foreplay: Stripping; mutual stripping; dancing/posing; kissing; tit sucking, squeezing, and fucking; caressing/groping, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, cunnilingus, clit jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: Spoon.
Girl cums: Yes.
Pop: Tits.

Sex rating: 4.50
Video rating: 2.50
Audio rating: 2.50
Production values rating: 3.50

What I Liked Most:

  • Roxxxie Rose is, in my opinion, the "prettiest" girl in Big Boobs are Cool 3 She has very pretty breasts, attractive tattoos, a belly-button ring, a very womanly body (curvy in all the right places), pierced nose, and, most importantly, a very beautiful face crowned with a mane of lustrous dark hair. What a dream girl!
  • Roxxxie's black and red outfit is extremely attractive...easily the prettiest attire in Big Boobs are Cool 3.
  • Roxxxie does a very nice job stripping and showing off her body--especially her generous tits--during her music-video-style tease routine. She does jumping jacks to show off her bounciness!
  • Dane fucks Roxxxie's cleavage during foreplay. Her tits look so fucking fine as they completely swallow his rod!
  • Roxxxxie gags when she deep-throats Dan's rod.
  • Roxxxie's tits remain the center of attention throughout the scene. Either Dane or Roxxxie is always squeezing, licking, or otherwise playing with them!
  • Roxxxie is delightfully aggressive in getting what she wants from Dane: "Fuck me harder!"
  • Dane and Roxxxie kiss while they fuck vaginally in spoon.
  • Roxxxie's clit swells large and proud. Roxxxie strokes it with her nicely-manicured fingers.
  • Roxxxie frequently looks at us with her lust-filled eyes.
  • Dane spanks Roxxxie's butt during doggie.
  • Responding to Roxxxie's demands that he fuck her harder and faster in doggie, Dane makes her cum.
  • Roxxxie does lots of very energetic thrusting and sexy grinding in reverse cowgirl. Her bouncing body--especially her dancing tits--looks awesome. Dane, too, does his share of the in-and-out action and pounds her with redline-speed strokes.
  • Roxxxie DP's herself by shoving her fingers into her cunt while Dane plows her asshole. Dane's fingers, too, get into the act when he uses them to stroke her sensitive clit and spread-wide pink labia.
  • Roxxxie's goose-flesh covered ass, vagina, and stuffed-to-the-max asshole look absolutely outstanding during anal spoon sex. I wish I could show you a screen shot of this...but no "insertion" shots are allowed on this site! Bummer.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • There's a loud buzzing sound in the background...like a fan blowing.
  • The audio level raises and lowers throughout the scene. It's extremely distracting.
  • The video color balance is too yellow. In addition, there is insufficient lighting. So, the video is too dark.
  • Shadows of the crew and equipment fall across the performers' bodies while they fuck.
  • The cameraman uses too many oblique camera angles. There are some jerky camera movements, too.
  • There isn't reasonable transitioning footage between foreplay and sex and between positions.
  • The audio repeatedly goes out-of-sync with the video.
  • This is another scene, like Scene Two, that never seems to ignite. The performers "go through the motions," but their passion never really flares.

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Bella Vendetta, James Deen.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: If you're keeping track you'll know that Regan Reese's boobs are the last to be interviewed. Regan's breasts are particularly talented. In fact, she can "flex" them like a guy flexes his muscles! She can make them move individually or together. You've really got to see this. Anyway, Regan's boobs discuss the status of the American economy: "We're making money, so we don't care!" They also show off their mathematic skills by doing multiplication problems. Again, you've got to appreciate the inventiveness of these "boob interviews." After Regan's breasts have had their say, it's time to move on to Scene Five, which features extremely edgy Bella Vendetta, who has lots of tattoos and purposeful scars. In a cluttered warehouse full of broken-down theatre seats (where do they find such locations?), director Mitch briefly interviews Bella, asks about her "cool" big breasts and how they've grown. Bella doesn't think that there's such a thing as boobs that are too big. I agree with that! Later, after the interview, Bella gives us a music-video-style striptease show similar to those in previous scenes. Her big bouncing tits look damned nice...believe me. At the end of the tease footage, Bella introduces herself--and her cool boobs--to us and then James Deen joins her. Without much ado, James unzips and tugs down Bella's jeans and panties so that he can use his fingers to play with her pussy for an extremely brief time. Almost immediately, he slips his dick into her pussy and fucks her from behind in standing doggie. James and Bella work together extremely well and that work is soon rewarded with an orgasm for Bella. Then, it's on to reverse cowgirl so that Bella can show off her sexy moves as she gets a chance to do the fucking. James continues to plow Bella's vagina in several other positions, taking time in between them for kissing, pussy-to-mouth and titty fucking and sucking. Bella's body reacts as intended and climaxes repeatedly, giving her lots of pleasure, no doubt. To conclude the scene, James gets to cum, too...all over Bella's big and inviting breasts. She sucks him dry and then massages his semen into her skin.

Foreplay: Tit squeezing, clit jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, side-saddle cowgirl, on-her-side, standing doggie.
Anal Positions: DP with cock (pussy)/fingers (asshole).
Girl cums: Frequently.
Pop: Tits.

Sex rating: 4.70
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.50

What I Liked Most:

  • Bella's appearance is definitely traffic stopping. Words don't do it justice. Look at her picture. She even has a bejeweled pussy!
  • I enjoyed Bella's music-video tease. There's nothing quite like big bouncing boobs! And, she sure as hell knows how to shake 'em!
  • Bella's big boobs continue to please during sex. They bounce beautifully as James pounds her forcefully in doggie. Of course, he grabs and squeezes them! The like the attention so much that they break out with gooseflesh. And, her nipples swell hard and erect.
  • The shot-from-below camera angles are quite nice.
  • James and Bella "work" very well together in doggie. They synchronize their moves perfectly, leading to a sweet orgasm for Bella. They kiss to celebrate.
  • As the scene unfolds, very nice chemistry ignites between James and Bella. They can't get enough of each other and it definitely shows!
  • Between positions, James takes time to worship Bella's tits with her greedy mouth and naughty hands.
  • Bella fucks James' dick with powerful strokes in reverse. He, too, gets to fuck her furiously as excellent camera angles and close-ups show off her pierced pussy.
  • Bella eagerly sucks her girl juices off James' rod using deep-throat pussy-to-mouth. She uses her hands to please him, too. Meanwhile, she uses a free hand to masturbate.
  • James fucks and sucks Bella's titties between positions.
  • James spanks Bella's legs, thighs, and ass to increase her pleasure while he fucks her pussy. He pulls her hair, too.
  • James rims Bella's asshole and eats her pussy between sidesaddle cowgirl and kneeling doggie.
  • James rams a thumb up Bella's asshole to DP here while he pounds her pussy with his cock in doggie.
  • Bella cums hard and frequently. She never seems sated, however, and keeps on fucking!

What Could Have Been Better:

  • There is virtually no foreplay in this scene. James yanks down Bella's jeans and panties, rubs her cunt to make sure it's wet, slides his cock inside, and then it's wham-bam!
  • The cameraman uses too many oblique camera angles. There are some jerky camera movements, too.
  • The lighting is insufficient. Sometimes the image appears "grainy" due to the low level of light the camera received when the scene was videotaped. On other occasions, important action is swallowed in shadows.
  • There are unpleasant ambient noises, such as truck horns honking and traffic noise in the background.


The DVD-9 disc I reviewed contains a full-motion chapter selector arranged by girl's name, multiple chapters per scene, trailers for four Burning Angel movies, a three-and-one-half-minute self-running slide show accompanied by hard-driving music, website logon information, and a 25-minute behind-the-scenes (BTS) featurette. The BTS contains extra footage of the video used in the "shake-your-titties" music videos; more "interviews" with the girls' boobs; behind-the-camera looks at the taping of the sex scenes; after sex clean-up (including baths/showers); impromptu interviews of cast and crew; and video of several still photo shoots. The volume of extras is a little below average in today's marketplace. But, I liked the BTS. So, I'll give the extras an average three-star rating.

Final Thoughts

The best things about Big Boobs Are Cool 3 include:
  • Nova T.A. You've gotta love a girl with such an art-intensive body!
  • the chemistry that develops between Joanna Angel and James Deen. It's the kind ot passion that we all wish we had with our lovers.
  • Roxxxie Rose's tits. Yum. Enough said.
  • the "oily" scene set-up for Scene Three. Wow! It doesn't get much hotter.
  • the ingenuity of the "breast interviews" that precede each scene. Will Burning Angel Entertainment's imagination ever run dry?

Big Boobs are Cool 3 could have been better if:

  • the videography had been more professional. The lighting, color balance, camera movements, camera angles, and editing all leave a great deal to be desired.
  • some chemistry had developed between Regan Reese and Sean Michaels. To me, this is one of those "fuck for the buck" scenes that never caught fire.
  • Regan Reese had cum in Scene Two.
  • more chemistry developed between Roxxxie Rose and Dane Cross in Scene Four.

Things I didn't like about Big Boobs are Cool 3 include:

  • James never ate Joanna's pussy in Scene One...not during foreplay nor sex. I simply do not understand guys who forego cunnilingus.
  • Joanna spit James' semen out of her mouth in Scene One.
Overall sex rating: 4.19
Overall video rating: 3.50
Overall audio rating: 3.40
Production values rating: 3.62


Dr. Jay

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