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"DD" Adventures of the 7 Year Bitch, The

Studio: Nectar Entertainment » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 1/10/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Taylor Wane
Cast: Billy Glide, Houston, Jada Fire, Jay, Lisa Lipps, Marco Duato, Misty Knight, Steven St. Croix, Taylor Wane.
Length: 01:36
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus stars: one for condom-free sex and the second for Jada Fire, one of my 2008 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls.


After seven years of marital bliss, things start going downhill for Taylor Wane and her husband, played by Steven St. Croix. While Steven used to be very romantic and attentive to Taylor during sex, he now seems distant--more interested in his pleasure than hers. In fact, the lousy SOB just rolls over and goes to sleep after he pops!

Things come to a head (pun intended) when Steven and his buddy Jay fuck Jada Fire in public while enjoying a drink and relaxing in a bar. Taylor walks in on them and, of course, all hell breaks loose.

Taylor turns into a real bitch and, as you might expect, cheats on Steven to get even. Taylor shares a little all-girl lovin' with Houston and considers having a hot massage by her busty pal Lisa Lipps' masseuse, Billy Glide. Steven, in turn, turns to porn and watches a scene featuring Misty Knights and Marco when Taylor leaves him high and dry. In due course, Taylor decides to stop being such a bitch and try harder with her hubby.

As is always the case with Taylor Wane's movies, the girls are extremely busty and the production values are above average. Hot sex is preceded by erotic teases and just enough dialog to make the plot come to life. In particular, the videography is nice...the photographer, Lucien, is a talented artist. 

Check out some photos of the girls in The "DD" Adventures of the Seven Year Bitch here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the girl/girl action shared by Taylor Wane and Houston! Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One
features Taylor Wane and Steven St. Croix in what is supposed to be yet another unfulfilling encounter leading up to mutual infidelity. Frankly, if this is bad sex, I shudder to think what most of us ordinary guys put up with night after night! Anyway, the scene is quite good except, probably to keep the sex in line with the plot, Steven never makes Taylor cum. On the bright side, Steven's pop is very good! Four stars.
  • Scene Setup: Taylor comes home after a long day and, wonder-of-wonders, finds that her husband isn't at home--instead, he's out shooting pool. It's fucking hard for me to imagine why any red-blooded man would rather spend time at a pool hall rather than inside Taylor's pussy. Disappointed at her husband's inattentiveness, Taylor refreshes herself with a drink and heads into the bathroom to freshen up. Taylor erotically sheds her clothes to give us a sensual look at her stunning body, wraps herself in a towel (it barely stretches over her outstanding boobs), and strolls outside to a hot tub so she can soak her aching bones. In an effective voice-over, Taylor tells us all the ways that Steven has done her wrong--like choosing to work in his woodshop instead of celebrating her birthday. She also graphically shares with us one of the many less-than-adequate lovemaking sessions that she "endured" with Steven.
  • Foreplay: Fellatio. While squirming and undulating her body erotically, Taylor goes down on Steven's cock and uses her mouth and talented hands to bring him to full mast in no time flat. She's a noisy, slobbery, and enthusiastic cocksucker who can swallow a dick all the way down. And, she really knows how to please a bag of balls, too! Even better, Taylor knows exactly what naughty words to use to make our blood boil...I love to hear her talk nasty.
  • Foreplay 2: Foot worship and cunnilingus. Steven licks and kisses his way up Taylor's fishnet-clad calves and thighs until he reaches her moist, juicy, and pink pussy. Then, he buries his happy tongue inside her delicious folds, nibbles on her labia, and suckles her clit. He also rims her asshole, kisses her mouth, and multiple-finger-fucks her cunt. All the while, Taylor encourages him with motivating nasty talk, pants, and squeals with pleasure.
  • Foreplay 3: 69. Taylor and Steven simultaneously please each other orally. Taylor uses a very unique technique in which she encircles Steven's cock with her thumb and forefinger and strokes him madly while sucking on his tip. She also swallows him balls-deep and makes delicious-sounding slurping noises while she sucks his cock. Meanwhile, as super-tight camera angles capture the action, Steven tongue-fucks Taylor's vagina and suckles her labia. Damn, talk about pleasure! I fuckin' love 69 and wish it was used more often in adult movies.
  • Position 1: Doggie. Absolutely superb footage captures the action as Taylor's gorgeous pink labia wrap themselves around and envelop Steven's cock as he slides it in and out with increasing vigor while standing behind her. Taylor increases her pleasure by frantically jacking her own clit.
  • Position 2: Reverse cowgirl. Taylor straddles Steven and forcefully hurls her hot body up and down to bury Steven's rod ever deeper in her glowing pink pussy. Meanwhile, she fondles her magnificent boobs and slaps and jacks her proud and erect clit (great close-ups and camera angles). Taylor's pleasure engine builds toward orgasm. However, she never gets to cum before they move on to missionary.
  • Position 3: Missionary. Taylor lies flat on her back atop an animal-print-covered bed and vigorously spanks her clit as Steven deeply reams her dipping pussy from above (superb close-ups).
  • Popshot: Steven pumps his cock until he shoots his sizable load into Taylor's greedy mouth and all over her chin, nose, and eyes. The pop was captured from two angles and the footage stitched together skillfully. Taylor sucks him dry and appears to swallow his load.

Scene Two

Scene Two is a threeway featuring Jada Fire, Steven St. Croix, and Jay (I wish it was Dr. Jay!). Highlighted by two double-penetration segments as well as Jada's superb fellatio skills and energetic moves, this scene earns four stars. Sadly, Jada doesn't cum.

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  • Scene Setup: Taylor continues to obsess about Steven's lack of attentiveness and, through the use of a voice-over, tells us about the time he cheated with Jada Fire and his buddy Jay. After coming home to an empty house, Taylor finds a note from Steven explaining that he's at the bar "with the boys." Disgusted, Taylor decides to find out what he's always doing at the bar "with the boys." Of course, she soon discovers that he and Jay are team fucking a fellow bar patron, busty African-American Jada Fire. Taylor walks in at the most inopportune time...just as her husband is spewing his load on Jada's face! Believe me, she's not a happy camper!
  • Foreplay: Flirting.While Steven and Jay sit at the bar and talk sports, busty Jada walks in and sits atop a barstool near the guys. Her tiny skirt doesn't do anything at all to obscure her meaty ass cheeks--and, of course, the guys take note and flirt with her. For her part, Jada notices the bulge in Steven's pants and begins to stroke it with her talented hands. Soon, Steven's hands are up Jada's skirt, squeezing and stroking her bodacious booty.
  • Foreplay: Fellatio. Jada boldly bends over Steven's lap and, as her scrumptious tits press tightly against Steven's thighs, she reaches over to Jay, helps him pull his dick out of his pants, and instantly begins to stroke, lick, and gobble it. As Jada orally worships Jay's rod, Steven squeezes, spreads, and kisses Jada's fine ass. Then, he spreads her open, spits on her pretty pink cunt and asshole, and then uses his fingers to open her holes. Meanwhile, Jada and Jay share open-mouthed kisses and play with her bountiful tits.
  • Position 1: Doggie. Jada continues to blow (and deep-throat) Jay as she bends over doggie style. Meanwhile, Steven positions himself behind her. After lubricating her holes with additional saliva, Steven slips his cock into her gorgeous pink cunt (don't you love chocolate covered cherry?) and pounds her hard and deep (great camera angles and close-ups). Jada groans with delight and screams indignantly whenever Steven teases her by momentarily pulling out of her dripping-wet pussy. He makes it up to her by powerfully squeezing her boobs.
  • Position 2: Cowgirl. Jada kneels on the floor between both guys to show off her very slobbery fellatio/ball-gobbling technique (massive amounts of drool run down her chin and onto her huge tits). Then, Jay sits on a bar stool and helps Jada straddle him so that she can slip his cock into her pretty chocolate pussy and then fuck and grind him energetically. Jada fucks him deeper and deeper until her pussy swallows his entire shaft. Then, she grinds him very erotically as she squeezes her bountiful booty.
  • Position 3: Missionary. Jada lies back on two bar stools and spreads her legs wide so that Jay can fuck her missionary style (nice shots of her pink cherry when Jay uses his fingers to stretch her hole super wide). Meanwhile, Steven shoves his cock into her mouth so she can greedily suck it.
  • Position 4: Face fucking. Jay lies on the floor and then Jada squats above him and grinds her cunt against his face while he tongue-fucks her.
  • Position 5: Reverse cowgirl double penetration. Jay lies atop the bar and enjoys the ride as Jada pounds his cock with her asshole. Soon, Steven moves into position so that he can slip his cock into her pussy and fuck her, too (great close-ups). Jada loves it and shouts out, "Fuck both holes!"
  • Position 6: Cowgirl anal. Jada sits on Steven so that he can ream her asshole balls-deep while she, in turn, blows Jay's quivering cock.
  • Position 7: Reverse cowgirl anal. Jada turns around on Steven's cock and then fucks him in the reverse cowgirl position (nice shots of her pussy and asshole). Jada keeps her mouth busy by blowing Jay's rod. Jay takes advantage of the position by squeezing and suckling Jada's breasts.
  • Position 8: Reverse cowgirl double penetration. Jada gets both holes stuffed again. This time, Steven anchors his cock in her asshole and Jay pounds her pussy.
  • Popshot 1: Jay Jada sits on the floor and opens her mouth. Then, as the camera captures the action in slow motion and then at normal speed, Jay jacks off into her mouth and onto her face. She spits out his mammoth load, and rivers of semen flow down her face and onto her chest.
  • Popshot 2: Steven. After Jay has finished plastering Jada's face, Steven lets loose an incredible stream of cum all over Jada's already-drenched face and tits. Then, Jada sucks both guys dry.

Scene Three

In Scene Three, devastated Taylor takes solace in the arms of her friend Houston (this is reportedly Houston's last scene to be released). Taylor's beauty and her extended orgasm, as well as the girls' skillful use of toys, definitely earns this scene five stars.
  • Scene Setup: Taylor, emotional and weepy, visits Houston for some girlfriend comfort. After commiserating about "that lousy dog," Taylor falls into Houston's open arms and the two women embrace. One thing leads to another, and soon the girls are enjoying some sweet one-on-one all-girl action.
  • Foreplay 1: Kissing and mutual masturbation. Houston and Taylor share prolonged open-mouth kisses as they stroke and squeeze each others' busty bodies. Within no time, all four gigantic boobs are released from bondage and are being lovingly licked and suckled until their nipples swell hard as cocks. Houston helps Taylor out of her panties and then gently and lovingly caresses and probes her pussy and asshole with her beautifully manicured fingers. Both women also squeeze and spank Taylor's gorgeous butt. Of course, Houston's vagina isn't neglected...each woman fingers, strokes, and spanks the other's labia and clit as they mutually masturbate. They also compare each others' wetness and taste each others' nectar!
  • Foreplay 2: Cunnilingus. While Houston lies back on a pretty flowered couch, Taylor drops to her knees, spreads Houston's labia wide open, and feverishly tongue-fucks her pretty pink hole. Taylor really enjoys herself. In fact, as she eats Houston's pussy, Taylor looks right into our eyes and tells us just how sweet Houston's pussy is: "I love that pussy!" Houston enjoys herself, too...and her clit swells to prove it!
  • Position 1: Missionary. Taylor grabs a shiny vibrator and then, as Houston keeps her legs splayed wide, she uses it to first tease Houston's clit and labia and then fuck her juicy pink pussy. Taylor increases Houston's pleasure (Houston's eyes reveal her unmistakable lust) by licking her clit as she fucks her girl-juice-oozing pussy. In fact, Houston's pussy exudes so much juice that it literally coats the sex toy. Don't worry...it doesn't go to waste. Houston licks her bounty off of the toy.
  • Position 2: Doggie. In due course, it's Taylor's turn to get fucked by Houston. Taylor kneels on the couch and lifts her right leg so that Houston can reach down and lick--and spit on--her pussy. Then, Houston rams a vibrating yellow toy into Taylor's vagina and fucks her. While she fucks Taylor, Houston takes several opportunities to rim Taylor's pretty asshole. Responding to Houston's skillful actions, randy Taylor hurls her magnificent body back and forth to force the toy deeper into her insatiable cunt. Of course, Taylor's movements cause her humongous tits to sway provocatively. In due course, Taylor's prolonged orgasm is truly a delightful thing of beauty. As Houston holds the vibrator's tip against Taylor's clit, Taylor's entire body quivers...and her leg trembles violently as pleasure engulfs her body. I fuckin' love to see Taylor cum! During Taylor's extended orgasm, excellent close-ups highlight her extremely happy pussy as rivers of white girl-juice flow from it. Relentless Houston never lets Taylor come down from heaven. In fact, she keeps pounding her as her orgasm flows and flows. "I love it," chants Taylor. I do too, darlin'. In fact, this is the best female orgasm I've seen in a long time!

Scene Four

Scene Four is a boy/girl/vaginal encounter featuring Lisa Lipps, another huge-chested blond, and Billy Glide. This is a rather ordinary scene brightened by Lisa's glorious physique. On the other hand, Billy's pop is pretty miniscule. And, Lisa doesn't cum during the scene. Three stars.
  • Scene Setup: Taylor calls her busty pal Lisa on the phone and asks if she should get revenge on her cheating husband. Lisa advises her to get a massage--from the very masseuse who's "does" her...."You will definitely leave with a happy ending!" Wouldn't you love to give somebody as busty as Lisa Lipps a full body massage? I sure as hell would like to rub my hands across her enormous breasts!
  • Foreplay 1: Oil massage. As the camera zeroes in on Lisa's ripe and round ass, Billy dribbles oil into her crack and then uses his hands to spread it all over her voluptuous booty, pretty thighs, feet, legs, boobs, and belly. He also works some oil into her very greedy vagina. This is so fucking hot...I know I'm going to dream about Lisa's mammoth breasts and shiny oiled body (especially her pussy) tonight. That dream, like Lisa's massage, is sure to have a happy ending!
  • Foreplay 2: Cunnilingus. Billy kisses Lisa's erotic mouth and suckles her inviting nipples while slipping his fingers in-and-out of her oil-soaked pussy. Billy takes special care of her G-Spot by rubbing it skillfully. Then, he goes down on her oil-soaked hole, spreads her labia wide with his fingers, and ravenously licks and suckles those delectable lips. He also licks her clit with rapid-fire strokes. Meanwhile, Lisa jiggles and caresses her mammoth mams.
  • Foreplay 3: Fellatio. While Bills stands on the floor, Lisa lies on her side astride the massage table and sensuously suckles and strokes his super-sized dick. She also skillfully tickles his tip with her tongue and does her best to swallow his big rod. Meanwhile, he reaches across her body to finger-fuck her pussy.
  • Foreplay 4: 69. I fuckin' love 69 and this delightful demonstration of mutual oral sex proves how right I am! I'd give almost anything to be in Billy's place right now! To tongue-fuck that pussy...to rim that asshole...to feel my cock slide in-and-out of her mouth...what could be better?
  • Position 1: Missionary. Lisa lies on her back atop the massage table and spreads her legs open. After taking one more opportunity to lick her tasty pussy and rim her tight asshole, Billy slides his cock into Lisa's slippery, warm, and tight vagina and fucks her with long, deep, and hard strokes. Of course, Lisa's huge breasts bounce joyfully in reaction to each of his balls-deep thrusts (great close-ups). She keeps her boobs under control by squeezing them and by pinching her erect nipples.
  • Position 2: Reverse cowgirl. After taking a short break to kiss Billy's mouth and to stroke his cock, Lisa mounts Billy reverse cowgirl style and tosses her voluptuous body up and down on his cock while jacking her gorgeous and swollen clit. Take advantage of your pause button to savor Lisa's beyond-beautiful bald pussy when the camera zooms in tight on her genitals. Believe me, Lisa's vagina is extraordinary!
  • Position 3: Doggie. Billy pounds Lisa's pussy from behind--and pulls on her hair--as she bends over the massage table. During this segment, I enjoyed watching Lisa's big boobs and colorfully tattooed ass flesh jiggle each time Billy's body collides with hers. I also enjoyed the close-ups of Billy's girl-juice-soaked cock slide in-and-out of Lisa.
  • Position 4: Titty fucking. Can you imagine having sex with Lisa Lipps without taking an opportunity to fuck her tits? Neither can Billy. So, after she lubes up his rod using lots of slobbery fellatio, he slips his dick into her cleavage. Then, she squeezes her boobs tight around his shaft and slides her chest up and down to fuck him. Meanwhile, she jacks her own clit. Some of the video in this segment was shot POV style. So, it feels like Lisa is titty fucking you. Yeah!
  • Popshot: The pleasure caused by Lisa's mouth and tits eventually cause Billy to pop. When he does, he shoots his small load onto her tongue as she kneels in front of him. The pop was captured from different angles and the footage stitched together skillfully to provide a very good look at Billy's rather meager load. Lisa spits Billy's semen between her tits and then slides his cock into her cleavage for a bit more titty fucking.

Scene Five

Things go from bad to worse as Steven and Taylor drift apart. In fact, Taylor starts going out by herself, leaving Steven home to amuse himself by watching porn on his TV set. Scene Five is from a movie Steven watches one evening when Taylor goes out alone. It is a boy/girl scene featuring Misty Knights and Marco Duato. Misty is another of Taylor's huge-breasted friends. Her orgasmic-inducing scene with Marco rates four stars.
  • Scene Setup: After Taylor announces that she's going out alone, Steven, lying on an animal-print-covered bed, grunts his acceptance and then turns to watch Marco and Misty, already enjoying foreplay.
  • Foreplay 1: Titty worship. Misty, wearing a sexy bright pink outfit that leaves her massive breasts and rips ass cheeks completely uncovered, sits on an elegant loveseat while Marco feasts on--and squeezes--her nipples. Damn, his hand doesn't even cover a fraction of her immense boobs!
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. Marco stands and Misty drops to her knees on the floor in front of him. As Marco caresses Misty's curves and squeezes her ass cheeks, she helps up out of his pants so that she can take his semi-erect cock into her insatiable mouth. Misty swallows him easily and soon has his king-sized cock at full mast. She also uses her electric-pink-gloved hands to stroke his rod.
  • Foreplay 3: Titty fucking. Marco slides his cock between Misty's boobs as she squeezes them tight around him. Then, he enjoys a little cock-to-titty action as she gazes into his eyes (and ours during POV footage) with obvious lust and commands: "Fuck my big tits!" During this segment, Misty also sucks his cock and his balls and wraps her big puffy lips around his shaft as he fucks her throat. He repays her thoughtfulness by squeezing, slapping, and suckling her mammoth breasts.
  • Foreplay 4: Cunnilingus. Marco helps Misty out of her electric pink panties and then, still clad with pink stockings, bustier, and gloves, Misty lies back on the loveseat and spreads her legs open. Marco then goes down on her so he can lick her clit while multiple-finger-fucking her spit-lubricated pussy (superb close-ups fill the screen with Misty's vagina). Meanwhile, Misty fondles her tits.
  • Position 1: Missionary. Responding to Misty's plea, "I want you to fuck me," Marco stands and slips his cock into Misty's tight hole. As he slides in-and-out, Misty's inner labia grab onto his shaft and wink open and closed like a butterfly's wings. Misty soon begins to groan with delight--especially when Marco reaches down to jack her clit while he fucks her or when he uses the tip of his penis to slap her clit. During this segment, I particularly enjoyed when Marco pulls out of Misty's pussy and it gapes open so we can see deep inside her soaking wet and pulsing pathway.
  • Position 2: Spoon. After taking a short break so that she can suck her juices off of Marco's cock and balls, Misty lies on her side so that Marco can fuck her as he lies behind her. While he pounds her pussy, Marco reaches around Misty's body and squeezes her big bouncing boobs. He also uses his fingers to jack her clit.
  • Position 3: Reverse cowgirl. Ravenous Misty again sucks every available drop of her girl-juice off of Marco's rod. Then, she mounts him in the reverse position and, while squeezing and groping her own tits, Misty tosses her body up and down to fuck Marco balls-deep. Misty's energy and enthusiasm are noteworthy as she and Marco fuck each other with ever-increasing intensity. And, she erotically grinds him, too. Their efforts pay big dividends when Misty screams through a volcanic orgasm.
  • Popshot: Marco fucks Misty's tits for a short while until he's almost ready to pop. Then, he takes matters into his own hands, so to speak, and jacks off all over her throat and tits (nice two-angle presentation of the cumshot). Then, Misty sucks him dry and uses his cock to massage his semen into her gigantic breasts.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): I have been very impressed by the video in Taylor Wane's movies that I've previously reviewed. However, I was not so impressed with the editing in The "DD" Adventures of the 7 Year Bitch. Clips are stitched together in such a way that continuity is often lost. In particular, footage is not always shown when the performers transition from one position to another. In addition, the action inexplicably cuts from one clip to another just as the girl is nearing climax. Being a female orgasm junkie, I found that unacceptable. I also noticed that the color balance changes perceptibly when the action cuts from one clip to another (especially noticeable in Scene Two--the other scenes are much better). Frankly, given the extremely fine video I've seen in previous movies directed and produced by Taylor Wane, I'm a bit disappointed in the video. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The audio is quite good. There's an upbeat musical soundtrack that supports the action without overpowering it. The audio is not as good as, say, a movie with multiple sound tracks or a director/performer commentary. However, it is very good. Four stars!

Extras: The Extras include a scene selector (not full motion), a feature called "Hardcore Express" that recaps the hardest clips of each scene (what a GREAT feature!), a self-running Slide Show, a Phone Sex ad, an infomercial for Taylor Wane's products (toys, worn clothing, autographed photos, and so on), and web links. Three and one-half stars!

Aesthetics: I liked the production values inherent in The "DD" Adventures of the 7 Year Bitch... but not as much as those in Taylor's Voluptuous Vixens series. It is patently obvious that Taylor Wane cares about her productions. The location and sets in The "DD" Adventures of the 7 Year Bitch are sumptuous or suitable to the plot (the bar scene). In addition, the girls are expertly attired and made-up. Two cameras were used to capture the video from different angles. The action dissolves from one angle to another. Unfortunately, the two cameras were not perfectly color balanced when the movie was shot. So, the color balance noticeably changes during the transitions. Special video effects--including the judicious use of slow motion when appropriate--were skillfully executed. Regarding the audio aesthetics, the musical soundtrack is quite good. It's cheerful and was well chosen to suit the feel of each scene--especially the bar scene. In other words, the music is an integral part of the experience. Four stars!

Dr. Jay

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