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Island Fever 4

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 1/20/10

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Genre: All sex.
Director: Joone
Cast: Evan Stone, Jana Cova, Jesse Jane, Kinzie Kenner, Marco Banderas, Marie Luv, Scott Nails, Sophia Santi, Teagan Presley, Tommy Gunn.
Length: Length
Condoms: All of Teagan's male partners wear condoms.
Bonus: One bonus point for the cast, which includes three Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls: Jesse Jane, Sophia Santi, and Teagan Presley.


In his never-ending quest to capture the most beautiful, the most idyllic, the most natural, the most erotic, and the most sublime sex, Digital Playground founder and director takes us to the Bahamas and Bora-Bora to watch his bevy of gorgeous contract girls frolic and fuck in some of the most awe-inspiring locations on the planet. Island Fever 4 continues Joone's track record of superbly choreographed, artistically photographed, and expertly edited island getaway adventures that he began back in 2001 with the release of Island Fever and continued through episodes two and three.

Island Fever 4, in many ways, sets an even higher standard than previous releases in the series. For one thing, the widescreen video, shot in High Definition but delivered, at this time, in standard DVD resolution, is so damned good--even when viewed enlarged to fill my computer's screen--that I wonder how much better the footage would be if I watched the original HD footage. Frankly, I cannot wait to get my hands on a Blu-ray player and the forthcoming HD version of Island Fever 4.

Secondly, the cast of Island Fever 4 is better than ever. Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Sophia Santi, Jana Cova, Marie Luv, and Kinzie Kenner...who could possibly ask for more? Well, I do admit that the cast would be even better if Devon were still among Digital Playground's contract stars. However, one can't have everything!

Third, Island Fever 4 clocks in at over three full hours! That's more than double the all-natural and unfettered sex as any of the previous episodes. In fact, Island Fever 4 is SO big that it takes two full DVDs to hold it. Plus, there's a third DVD chock full of extras. Even better, you'll definitely get your money's worth in those three discs--assuming, of course, you like gorgeous girls, beautiful vistas, and hot all-natural sex!

Island Fever 4 feels like an island getaway--to a raw and natural place where a stress-weary visitor can enjoy unfettered and joyous sex without any misgivings. So, leave the civilized world behind and enjoy beautiful sex of the most primal type with gorgeous bodies in an unspoiled paradise.

The same girl and guy have sex multiple times during the movie. For example, Jesse Jane takes on Scott Nails three times. Similarly, Teagan and Evan Stone fuck more than once. So, Island Fever 4 really does feel like a vacation during which two horny couples slip away to paradise for some juicy one-on-one time. However, since it is paradise, Jesse and Teagan get to share a little forbidden love with at least one other guy--and other girls--while they're on vacation. 

Check out some photos of the girls in Island Fever 4 here. Pay particular attention to the group shots of the Digital Playground stable of contract girls: Jana Cova, Jesse Jane, Sophia Santi, and Teagan Presley! Enjoy! 


After watching every second (no fast forward needed!) of Island Fever 4, I'm convinced that it doesn't need to be reviewed! After all, the purpose of a review is to evaluate a work and provide criticism to its maker--with the goal of improving future endeavors. There's no need to improve on perfection! And, without trying to be overly deferential, I really think that Joone's artistry, coupled with his studio's obvious proficiency in selecting the most beautiful and passionate contract stars, has created as near to a perfectly-crafted adult movie as is humanly possible.

Perhaps more pointed...let me ask you a question. Are you planning on buying or renting Island Fever 4? If not, why the hell not? Frankly, I think that if you don't watch Island Fever 4 you'll be sorry you missed out. I predict that this movie will walk away with numerous AVN and XRCO awards in 2007. Don't miss the boat.

Here's another very important point for you guys out there who are trying to get your wife or girlfriend interested in porn: There can be no better segue into adult movies than Island Fever 4. It's so beautiful that I think it would be hard for anybody to dislike it. It really is a celebration of beauty and the beauty that we call sex. It's couples friendly without being dull or lifeless.

I think that the only reason somebody wouldn't enjoy Island Fever 4 is if that individual was into female degradation, rough sex, double-penetrations, or other edgy practices. Island Fever 4 doesn't provide those things. In fact, there's not even any anal sex--which I find ironic considering Teagan's penchant for it. Instead, look for lots of 100% natural girl/girl and boy/girl vaginal sex!

Of course, I know you want me to tell you a little bit about Island Fever 4 so you can justify the expenditure. So, I'll paint you a picture of the movie without getting too specific. No, I won't give you a blow-by-blow (pun intended) description of each sex scene. You owe it to yourself--and your significant other--to watch Island Fever 4 for yourself.

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The Girls

All four of the Digital Playground girls who were under contract when Island Fever 4 was captured are featured prominently in the movie (Shay Jordan, who recently signed with Digital Playground, is not part of the cast). In fact, one could say that Island Fever 4 is a celebration of the beauty of Digital Playground's stable of performers as well as an affirmation of Joone's ability to pick only the very best contract stars. Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Sophia Santi, and Jana Cova all appear in multiple scenes and are supported by superb performers Kinzie Kenner and Marie Luv.

The girls provide erotic solo scenes that provide us with lots of close-up-and-personal time to explore their assets. The four Digital Playground stars engage in girl/girl couplings with each other and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime-treat four-girl orgy. Jesse Jane and Teagan also enjoy boy/girl pairings with Evan Stone, Scott Nails, Jean Val Jean, and Tommy Gunn. In addition, Kinzie Kenner and Marie Luv each go one-on-one with Marco Banderas. Even though I don't often notice much about the males in sex scenes, I must admit that these guys are among the best in the business. They have to be to keep up with the likes of Jesse Jane and Teagan!
  • Jesse Jane: Jesse must be working out several hours a day because her abs are awesome! In fact it looks like she might be prepping for a Ms. Olympia contest! As always, Jesse is excited, enthusiastic, and totally focused during her numerous sex scenes as she fucks herself and her male or female partner to heaven and then some. Nobody enjoys sex more than Jesse Jane!
  • Teagan Presley: I have got to admit that I've never seen Teagan look so good! Her body is absolutely amazing, especially when one considers that she bore a child in 2005. Teagan, I think, gives the most passionate performances--and the best deep-throat-intensive blowjobs--in Island Fever 4. And, her solo scenes will definitely stiffen your cock or soak your pussy! Everything about Teagan--her expressions, her looks, her moves--just beg you to join in. And, it's pretty obvious that Teagan cums in every one of her numerous scenes.
  • Sophia Santi: Can there be a more beautiful woman? I think brunette Sophia is one of the most exotic and desirable women ever--since the dawn of time! She has never looked--or performed--better than she does in her many girl/girl couplings and during the orgy in Island Fever 4. Frankly, the more I see her all-girl encounters, the greater my anticipation of her (hopefully) eventual boy/girl scenes.
  • Jana Cova: Damn, what curves! What a butt! What a great tease! I don't think I've noticed it before, but Jana only needs to look at you to set your blood on fire! Whew! Call the fire department!
  • Kinzie Kenner: Talk about a girl who loves sex! Wait until you see her smiles of contentment as Marco Banderas lovingly and effectively licks her sensitive clit. I enjoyed watching Kinzie's pleasure--and her beautiful body--so much that, if I were a Digital Playground executive, I'd offer her a contract.
  • Marie Luv: This African-American beauty provides, I think, one of the hardest-hitting scenes in the movie when she takes on Marco Banderas. Her scene is among the longest in the movie and, during that time, she proves that her passion and enthusiasm are boundless.

The Sex

There are 16 sex scenes spread across two chock-full DVD-9 discs. Ten of them are boy/girl, five are girl/girl, and one is a four-girl orgy. In addition, there are numerous solo scenes that provide us with up-close-and-personal introductions to the girls.

The sex is never edgy. The scenes are 10-15 minutes long, consist of two or three well choreographed and photographed positions, and are set in lush tropical locations: the surf, the beach, or the jungle. The sex is "sweet," as if the performers are in awe of each others' bodies. The couples fuck beautifully--not roughly--as they enjoy their partners' lust and passion. In fact, as I watched Island Fever 4, I repeatedly exclaimed, "damn, that's beautiful!" There is a bit of rimming and an occasional anal finger fuck. And, in one case, Jean Val Jean chokes Teagan a little bit. However, Island Fever 4 is definitely couples-friendly.

Teagan's boy/girl scenes are condom-protected. All other boy/girl encounters are all natural skin-to-skin.

All the girls are gorgeous. And they and their partners fuck each other to mutual satisfaction that includes, in most cases, orgasms for everybody.

There's a lot of emphasis on oral sex--both fellatio and all-natural cunnilingus (no toys)--in all the boy/girl and girl/girl scenes. As the couples please each other orally, their lust builds to untold heights even before they begin to fuck.

The sexual positions used--especially in the boy/girl scenes--are extremely effective and mesmerizing to watch. In particular, I really liked the standing doggie position often used in which the guy holds one of the girl's legs high in the air to angle her body 90 degrees from the ground. Damn, it's nice to sweet to watch the in-and-out action while couples fuck in this position. The boy/girl scenes conclude with a variety of internal and external pops.

Using my boy/girl, girl/girl, and solo rating scales, the sex averages a strong 4.4 stars.

Here's a quick run-down of all 16 sex scenes:
  • Boy/girl couples: All the boy/girl couplings are vaginal-only. Of course, fellatio and cunnilingus are used extensively as the couples prepare their bodies for sex. Couples include: (1) Kinzie Kenner and Marco Banderas (doggie and reverse with facial and internal oral popshot); (2) Teagan and Evan Stone (doggie and missionary with external popshot on Teagan's hard belly); (3) Jesse Jane and Scott Nails (magnificent cunnilingus, titty fucking, doggie, and standing reverse cowgirl with facial and internal oral pop); (4) Marie Luv and Marco Banderas (great solo masturbation by Marie, really intense cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and standing doggie with external popshot on Marie's boobs); (5) Teagan and Evan Stone #2 (superb fellatio and cunnilingus followed by standing doggie and an external popshot on Teagan's tits); (6) Jesse Jane and Scott Nails #2 (orgasmic cunnilingus and doggie sex with an external popshot on Jesse's butt); (7) Jesse Jane and Scott Nails #3 (extremely erotic posing and masturbation during Jesse's solo, exhilarating cunnilingus, very physical standing doggie, boob-hurling reverse cowgirl, and sweet spoon followed by an external pop on Jesse's sculpted breasts); (8) Teagan and Jean Val Jean (volcanic female masturbation, throat fucking, standing doggie, pussy-juice-soaked cowgirl, and choking followed by a massive facial/internal mouth cum shot); (9) Teagan and Tommy Gunn (very pleasurable foreplay followed by breathtaking standing reverse cowgirl and orgasmic standing doggie and a facial/internal oral popshot); and (10) Jesse Jane and Evan Stone (delightful standing doggie, high-energy reverse cowgirl, and kneeling doggie culminating in a facial/internal oral popshot).
  • Girl/girl couples: (1) Jesse Jane and Jana Cova (amazing pussy grinding); (2) Teagan Presley and Sophia Santi (gorgeous bodies in the sunset); (3) Sophia Santa and Jesse Jane (aggressive Jesse turns gorgeous Sophia into her private--and very willing--sex toy); (4) Teagan and Jana (lots of frolicking in the surf and on the beach followed by orgasm-inducing girl/girl petting, finger-fucking, and rimming); and (5) Sophia Santi and Jana Cova (Jana and Sophia use their finger-fucking and pussy eating techniques to send each other to heaven).
  • All-girl orgy: I've known Jesse Jane for three years, Teagan for two, and Sophia and Jana for one. During all this time I've been waiting for this four-girl orgy. Believe me, it's not to be missed! Talk about beauty...talk about asses...talk about tits...talk about tongues...talk about pussies...talk about clits...talk about kisses...but, most of all, talk about sublime pleasure. Whew! Even more...you're gonna love the way this scene was edited.
  • Solo Scenes: The boy/girl and girl/girl sex scenes are preceded by in-depth looks at the girls as they frolic in the surf, dance on the beach, roll naked in the sand (wait until you see Jesse Jane's luscious curves covered with sand!), tease, and masturbate. These solo scenes build up tremendous anticipation so that you'll shout for joy--it's about time!--when the girl is joined by her male or female partner and they get down to business.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The superb video is displayed flawlessly in widescreen format. The clarity of the picture is astounding--I can't imagine how good it will be when I get to see it in High Definition. It's obvious that the videographer is a true artist and that he used first-class equipment to capture the footage. The editing, too, is extraordinary. Close-up, medium-range, and panoramic footage is seamlessly stitched together to provide a tasteful look at the spectacular physical locations as well as the up-close-and-personal in-and-out action. I also really like the multiple exposure effect that is often used during the girls' solo scenes. As the girl frolics on the sand, additional images of her appear on the screen in another location. In some cases you'll get to see three views of a single girl at the same time. This is a superb post-production effect that's extremely effective. In addition, numerous other special effects are effectively employed throughout the motion picture. In particular, the video is played back using a slight slow-motion effect to truly accentuate the beauty of the bodies in heat. I also like the use of 100% all-natural sunlight to light the scenes. Director Joone takes advantages of morning, noon, and evening light to cast extremely effective moods on the sex. Five stars.

Audio (technical): Since the video is displayed in slow motion--and, because the sounds of waves crashing upon the sand as the couples fuck would be distracting--all natural sounds have been replaced with particularly effective music. The soundtrack is available to you in Dolby 2.0 Stereo or Dolby 5.1 Digital Surround Sound. And, there's an additional actor/director commentary audio track that may or may not be of interest to you. Five stars.

Extras: There is a whole DVD full of goodies to accompany Island Fever 4. To begin, there are three Behind the Scenes features: a 53-minute conventional BTS featurette; seven "Confessionals" that are short--and sometimes quite informative--interviews with cast and crew members; and a ten-minute slide-show of behind-the-scenes photos accompanied by audio commentary. Second, there's an eight-minute short thriller entitled Crazy Evan's Island Movie. You'll also find a series of seven "Bora Bora Moments" which are, in effect, "home movies" of the cast and crew as they relaxed and played on the island. Additional extras include bloopers; a manually-operated photo gallery; a music-accompanied self-running slide show (same superb photos as in the photo gallery); biographies of Jesse Jane, Jana Cova, Sophia Santi, Teagan Presley, director Joone, and videographer Robby D.; trailers for 30 Digital Playground releases; wallpapers for your computer; and contact info. Five stars.

Aesthetics: How can one assess perfection? Director Joone, his videographers, and his editors are gonna have a tough time topping the visual and audio aesthetics of Island Fever 4. Five stars.

Dr. Jay

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