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O The Power of Submission

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 1/8/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Ernest Green
Cast: Adrianna Nicole, Carmen Luvana, Dragon Lilly, Evan Stone, Johnny Castle, Justine Joli, Kylie Ireland, Monika Sweetheart, Nina Hartley, Shayla LeVeaux, Todd Driller, Tommy Gunn, Tyler Knight, Van Damage.
Length: 02:44
Condoms: Yes.
Bonus: This is a very rare occurrence...I'm going to issue a penalty instead of a bonus here. For some reason, Adam & Eve decided to package O in a cardboard box that is the size of a CD jewel case and is about an inch thick. Inside the box are two cardboard sleeves...one sleeve hold each of the two DVDs in the set (the box also contains a package of three rubber "o" rings provided by California Exotics). I object to this packaging on two counts. First, although the size and shape of the package may make O stand out because it appears so different, the package size makes it difficult for retailers and consumers to store the movie. If you're like me, you probably have some sort of rack or box to hold your DVD collection. O will not fit properly in any of my containers...and, it probably won't fit in retailer's racks either. Second, the cardboard sleeves do not adequately protect the back sides of the DVDs. It has been my experience that DVDs scratch quite easily and that those scratches can prevent a movie from playing properly. My advice to Adam & Eve...USE STANDARD SIZED PACKAGING with spindles to support the DVDs!


O: The Power of Submission is an extremely well made feature in which Carmen Luvana superbly plays O, an erotic photographer who specializes in bondage-related images. Tommy Gunn plays the publisher of a magazine in which O's images often appear. Tommy, like Carmen, play his role perfectly.

Over time, Tommy and Carmen become lovers. And, in due course, Tommy asserts himself over Carmen until she's completely submissive to him. To further "cement" their dominant/submissive relationship, Tommy bundles Carmen off to an extremely high-end whorehouse run by none other than adult legend Nina Hartley. The job of "initiating" Carmen into a life of complete submission to Tommy falls to Nina and her crew of "professionals," including legendary Kylie Ireland, Dragon Lily, and Adrianna Nicole. Nina and her girls do an excellent job of preparing Carmen to be a complete submissive...they even outfit Carmen with an enormous butt plug to stretch her hole and dress her in an extremely revealing "uniform."

During her indoctrination in the "academy," Carmen gets to watch Shayla LaVeaux, another adult legend, prove she still has what it takes--and more--when she takes on an conquers a much younger man...Johnny Castle. Damn, it's good to know that Shayla still is a fucking dynamo! Believe me, young stud Johnny Castle never had it so good! And, Carmen's fellow "whores," Kylie and Adrianna, demonstrate to her exactly how to please men by taking on Van Damage and Tyler Knight.

Upon "graduation" from Nina's "academy," Carmen is completely submissive to Tommy and is even willing for him to share her with other men. Tommy convinces Carmen that she must submit to his will by telling her that no man really "owns" something unless he can give it away. Damn, if Carmen were my submissive, I'd NEVER share her with anybody!

One of the men that Tommy shares Carmen with is his powerful and commanding brother, played by Evan Stone. Although Carmen's not intrigued by the idea of being submissive to Tommy by fucking his brother, she, of course, does Tommy's bidding. In due course, Evan wins her over and she gradually switches her loyalty from Tommy to Evan. In fact, Carmen is more than willing to submit to Evan's request that she go back to Madam Nina's house for more instruction. Perhaps the hottest scene of the entire movie occurs during this second bout of training...Carmen gets to dominate the incomparable Justine Joli in a Sapphic encounter that will leave girl/girl lovers breathless. Carmen's training is ostensibly effective. In fact, Carmen even allows herself to be "branded" (tattooed) on her buttocks and also wears a ring to prove her fidelity--and subservience--to Evan.

By this time, Tommy's lust for Carmen has faded and he sets his eyes on Carmen's model, Monica Sweetheart. Of course, he wins her heart...and her faithfulness. Soon, Monica, like Carmen before her, becomes a novice at Ms. Nina's house of submission.

Ironically, by this time strong-willed Carmen has had enough. She gives Evan back his jewelry and walks away from him forever.

In addition to first-class sex, O contains powerful and well-delivered dialog set in numerous sumptuous locations--even inside the backseat of a Jaguar! The plot is further developed by Nina Hartley, who narrates the story using superb voice-overs.

One of the things I like most about O is the amount of casual nudity! The "pros" in Nina's whorehouse always have their bountiful boobs out. And, Carmen is naked almost all of the time! Frankly, it's been quite a while since I had an opportunity to savor Carmen's glorious body (since she signed with Adam & Eve some years ago, I was only able to see her in Pirates.) I'm very glad that O provided me with so many opportunities to feast my eyes on each and every one of Carmen's luscious assets!

The cast of O is extraordinary. In addition to delectable Carmen, Justine Joli, Adrianna Nicole, and Monica Sweetheart all give noteworthy performances. Even better, adult legends Kylie Ireland and Shayla LaVeaux provide both passion and extraordinary experience to the cast.

I must admit that I was just a little hesitant to pop O: The Power of Submission into my DVD drive. After all, I'm not much of a fan of bondage (except I think the outfits are really hot) or the application of pain...I'm much more of a pleasure lover than a pain lover! However, this movie is not like most other bondage/domination movies I've seen. Yes, there are some bondage sequences (mainly during photoshoots when Carmen binds Monica to pose her) and there are some very mild spankings and whippings. However, the main domination thrust of O is psychological, not physical. The physical aspects of the domination/submission relationships are played out with incendiary sex, not pain! So, I found that I really liked every image that passed before my eyes!

I must also admit that I was totally surprised by the quality of the screenplay as well as the extremely professional delivery of dialog by the principal players (Carmen, Tommy, and Evan). This is a damned good movie! Even better, I truly enjoyed how the sex scenes (with the possible exception of the tryst between Shayla and Johnny) are integral to the plot. This is not some phony "plot-based" porno in which five minutes of dialog surround two hours of unrelated sex. Instead, O is an integrated experience that is absolutely first-class.

Bottom line...get your hands on a copy of O as soon as you can. You'll be sorry if you don't.

Check out some photos of the girls in O, The Power of Submission here. Pay particular attention to the many photos of the incomparable Carmen Luvana as well as the group scenes! Enjoy!


O: The Power of Submission begins with several minutes of plot development during which we're introduced to the main players...photographer Carmen, her model Monica, and her publisher Tommy. After an extremely hot photo shoot, Carmen joins Tommy in his car to ride to Nina's academy of submission. During the ride, we get our first glimpse of Carmen's gorgeous body as she strips off her panties. We get an even better eyeful when Tommy open's Carmen's filmy transparent blouse and uses scissors to cut off her filled-to-the-rim bra. Damn, she looks good! Of course, Tommy can't help but squeeze her bountiful boobs and suckle her nipples. Later, Carmen willingly uses handcuffs to bind her hands behind her back.

Scene One

Scene One, set in Nina's whorehouse, begins Carmen's initiation into a life of submission. In it, Kylie Ireland and Adrianna Nicole prepare Carmen's nude body--using makeup, bondage accouterments, and provocative vocabulary--for her introductory session. Carmen then gets mildly whipped by Nina and fucked by Tommy, Todd Driller, and Dragon Lilly. What a life! Four stars!

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  • Tease: While Carmen sits naked on what appears to be a tall transparent vase, two topless female attendants (Kylie Ireland and Adrianna Nicole) beautify her body with makeup (even rouge for her nipples), measure her curves with a tape measure, apply binds to her wrists, ankles, and throat, and attach a black bridal veil to her hair. Damn, if you don't get a hard on--or if your pussy doesn't drip--at the sight of Carmen's body during this segment, you must not like women! Then, they march Carmen into the house's main living room and present her naked flesh to Tommy as well as Madam Nina and other whores and guests. All those in attendance look upon Carmen's beauty--and touch her hard flesh--with wonder.
  • Foreplay 1: Whipping. Madam Nina's attendants attach Carmen's wrists and ankles to a rack. Then, as Carmen undulates her body erotically, Nina uses a whip to tease her buttocks and back (the Behind the Scenes feature shows how the "whippings" in the movie were staged--Carmen wasn't hurt!).
  • Foreplay 2: Toy fun. As Nina continues to whip Carmen's back, Dragon Lilly steps up to Carmen, who's already writhing in ecstasy, and uses the tip of a high-powered vibrator to tease her clit. Carmen's gorgeous body undulates forcefully as pleasure courses through her.
  • Foreplay 3: Fellatio/cunnilingus. Carmen is released from the rack and lies atop a mattress in the middle of the room. Dragon Lilly immediately goes down on Carmen's pussy and expertly uses her mouth, tongue, and fingers, to please that juicy hole. Meanwhile, Todd Driller and Tommy Gunn present their cocks to Carmen. Carmen quickly lubes up her hands with spit and then eagerly strokes both guys' cocks to full mast. Meanwhile, the guys caress her flesh and squeeze her boobs. Soon, Carmen takes one cock after the other into her insatiable mouth and sucks each one ravenously (superb camera angles). She also deep-throats both rods. While pleasing the guys, Carmen multitasks by fucking the shit out of Dragon Lilly's face. What a talented slut! Throughout this segment, Nina, Kylie, and Adrianna sit across the room on a couch and watch contentedly as their new pupil proves her worth.
  • Position 1: Missionary. Todd stuffs Carmen's pussy with his condom-sheathed cock and pounds her hard and deep as her gorgeous tits bounce for joy. Meanwhile, Dragon Lilly straddles and fucks Carmen's face and squeezes her boobs. Carmen, in turn, strokes Tommy's dick and jacks her own clit. Throughout this segment, Carmen talks naughty in both English and her native Spanish. And, her body undulates with unending pleasure.
  • Position 2: Doggie. Carmen bends over doggie style and presents her ass to Tommy. Tommy, drawn to its beauty, immediately spits on her pussy and then pounds it balls-deep with his condom-covered rod (great close-ups). Throughout this sequence, Tommy takes numerous opportunities to slap Carmen's gorgeous ass cheeks. Meanwhile, Carmen's tits bounce provocatively while she fucks Tommy back, gobbles Todd's cock, and uses her fingers to jack her clit. During this segment, Dragon Lilly dons a strap-on cock and presents it to Carmen who must decide, "real or plastic?" She, naturally, chooses the real thing to keep her mouth--and hands--full. Not at all disappointed that her plastic cock was rejected, Dragon Lilly keeps herself busy by squeezing Carmen's tits and by spanking her ass until it turns bright red.
  • Position 3: Cowgirl. The previously-neglected strap-on gets a chance to explore the inside of Carmen's cunt when Carmen mounts and fucks Dragon Lilly in the cowgirl position. Carmen uses a combination fucking/grinding action that looks so fucking fine that I just about lost my load! Meanwhile, Carmen doesn't neglect the guys...she strokes both real cocks while she fucks the toy one. And, she kisses Dragon Lilly's mouth, too. The guys get in on the action, as well...they use their lascivious hands to grope and squeeze handfuls of Carmen's delectable flesh.
  • Popshots: While Carmen continues to ride Dragon Lilly's cock, the guys stand astride Carmen and jack their loads off onto her bountiful boobs. Meanwhile, Dragon Lilly kneads Carmen's gorgeous cum-splattered tits. Then, Carmen sucks each guy's cock clean.
After Carmen's initiation, Kylie and Adrianna add more accoutrements to her attire...including a leather belt, super-long butt plug to stretch her asshole wide, numerous chains, and a boob-revealing and panty-less outfit that's designed for, shall we say, easy access.

Scene Two

In Scene Two, Carmen's "older sisters," the thoroughly trained Kylie Ireland and Adrianna Nicole, take on Van Damage and Tyler Knight in an anal-intensive scene that proves that mature and experienced women--like Kylie--beat young and dumb any day. Five stars.

  • Foreplay 1: Cunnilngus. Novice Carmen, required to serve drinks to her superiors Kylie and Adrianna and their male guests, carries a tray into the living room to find Adrianna's face buried in Kylie's oh-so-happy crotch as Kylie lies atop a white leather couch. As Adrianna greedily services Kylie's pussy, Kylie fondles her own big boobs and enjoys the satisfying pleasure provided by Adrianna's tongue and fingers. Meanwhile, the guys, dressed in elegant robes, look on approvingly and take repeated opportunities to squeeze Kylie's perky nipples and fondle her breasts. Soon, Kylie's writhing and groaning in ecstasy.
  • Foreplay 2: Toy fun. Van invitingly hands Kylie a vibrator. Instead of using it on herself, Kylie looks lasciviously at Adrianna and, in response, Adrianna lies on the couch and splays her legs wide. Kylie then holds the toy's powerful vibrating tip on Adrianna's sensitive clit. Wow! Adrianna's reaction to the vibrator is volcanic! You've got to see her entire body tremble as pleasure engulfs her! In mere seconds, Adrianna is screaming through an intense orgasm! Kylie won't let Adrianna come down from heaven. Instead, she keeps the tip of the toy firmly against Adrianna's clit. Wow!
  • Foreplay 3: Fellatio. Adrianna goes down on Van while, on the other side of the couch, Kylie gobbles Tyler's cock. Both girls do expert jobs pleasing their respective dicks. However, I must admit that Adrianna's deep-throating skills are noteworthy. On the other hand, Kylie uses her spit, hands, and tongue to great advantage, too.
  • Position 1: Cowgirl/cowgirl anal. Both girls move into the cowgirl position....Adrianna with Van and Kylie atop Tyler. Whereas Kylie starts vaginally, Adrianna goes straight to anal by shoving Van's hard cock into her instantly accommodating asshole. Then, both girls eagerly bounce up and down, forcing the cocks ever deeper into their holes. As you might expect, all their bouncing causes their abundant breasts to gyrate happily. For their parts, the guys pretty much lie back and enjoy the ride as the girls do almost all of the "work." Oh, of course, they do spank the girls' asses and squeeze their flesh. But, the girls really do show off their moves during this sequence. (During cowgirl, you'll get tantalizing glimpses of Adrianna's intricate tattoos when her "uniform" flies open.)
  • Position 2: Reverse cowgirl/reverse cowgirl anal. The girls both turn around and continue to fuck their respective guys...Adrianna anally and Kylie vaginally. Again, the girls do most of the fucking as they thrust themselves up and down frantically. During this sequence, keep an eye out for Kylie's clit-hood ring and note how Adrianna expertly uses her fingers to please her own clit. Also, savor the girls' actions with each other, especially their open-mouth kiss and subsequent spit-swapping.
  • Position 3: Double penetration. Kylie fucks Van cowgirl style, exposing her asshole to Tyler who, of course, plugs it with his cock. As the guys slide their cocks in-and-out of Kylie's holes (nice camerawork and close-ups), Adrianna keeps herself busy by groping and suckling Kylie's tits. Meanwhile, Kylie encourages the guys with lots of nasty talk. The guys respond by reaming her holes with ever-increasing gusto.
  • Doggie/Popshot 1: While Van takes an opportunity to fuck Adrianna's asshole doggie style, Tyler shoots his creamy viscous load onto Adrianna's outstretched tongue. Kylie quickly gets in on the action by licking Tyler's cock and by kissing Adrianna's mouth (to cum-swap).
  • Popshot 2: Van fucks Adrianna's asshole until he's ready to pop and then shoots his load directly into Kylie's wide open mouth. Kylie spits his load into Adrianna's mouth and then the girls kiss to share the wealth.

Scene Three

After legendary Shayla LaVeaux and Carmen take a bath, they dry themselves off under the watchful supervision of Johnny Castle, a male attendant. Shayla, an experienced submissive, tells Carmen the advantages of obedience. Soon, Shayla starts to crave a smoke. Johnny, the attendant, won't allow it because smoking is against the rules. Shayla changes his mind using her mouth, pussy, and asshole in Scene Three. Four and one-half stars.
  • Tease: After Carmen collects her things and leaves the bathroom, Shayla squeezes lotion onto her hands and then, while sitting on the side of the tub, massages it into her naked flesh...especially her pussy and breasts. Meanwhile, Johnny watches longingly and grabs his cock through his pants. Soon, Shayla motions for Johnny to take over the massage. So, he applies lotion to his hands and seductively massages Shayla's back, shoulders, thighs, and buttocks. When she's good and ready, Shayla attaches restraints to her ankles and wrists and then leads Johnny into a bedroom.
  • Foreplay 1: Fellatio. While Johnny kneels on the bed with his king-sized cock fully erect, Shayla kneels doggie style and eagerly strokes, licks, sucks, and swallows Johnny's rod while fondling his balls. Meanwhile, he reaches around and finger-fucks her pussy. He also massages her back and squeezes her ass cheeks while she blows him. (The effective use of a mirror allows you to see both sides of the action!)
  • Fellatio 2: Cunnilingus. Shayla rolls over onto her back and spreads her legs so that lusty Johnny can go down on her. Johnny kisses his way down her thighs until he gets to her precious pussy and then uses an effective licking/sucking technique to tantalize her labia. Shayla loves it and groans appreciatively while rocking her hips to force her cunt against his face. In due course, Johnny uses his tongue and fingers to probe Shayla's pretty pink pussy.
  • Position 1: Missionary. While Shayla continues to lie atop the bed, Johnny takes his rigid rod and uses it to slap and tease her juicy cunt. Then, in one movement, he thrusts his condom-protected cock balls-deep into her as she cries out with pleasure. Within seconds, Johnny is pounding Shayla hard and fast (great close-ups) while using his hands to grope her pretty bouncing boobs and hard belly. Shayla encourages Johnny with shouts of joy and with nearly incoherent nasty talk. And, she pleases herself by squeezing her nipples and by jacking her spit-lubricated clit.
  • Position 2: Doggie. Shayla bends over the bed doggie style so Johnny can fuck her dripping pussy from behind. To keep lusty Shayla controlled, Johnny uses his arm to shove her tightly against the bed. And, he spanks her ass to show her who's boss. Shayla loves it...and tells him over and over again through her words, actions, and groans.
  • Position 3: Doggie anal. After an abrupt edit--and without transitioning footage--Johnny reams Shayla's asshole from behind. Horny Shayla increases her pleasure by holding the tip of a vibrator against her clit. Damn, this looks good. And, it sounds damned good, too...especially when she talks nasty!
  • Position 4: Missionary anal. Shayla lies on her back atop the bed and holds her legs spread wide. Then, as she again holds the vibrator to her clit, Johnny inches his lucky cock into her asshole and pounds her relentlessly (superb camera angles and close-ups). Shayla's pleasure is evident as she groans and taunts, "Yeah...Fuck that ass!" Shayla's subsequent ass-gasm is the stuff of dreams! Orgasms like that are what sex is all about! After Shayla climaxes, Johnny keeps her pleasure flowing by plowing her gently. So, it's no surprise when Shayla cums again!
  • Popshot: Johnny pulls out of Shayla's asshole and jacks himself off until he spews a substantial amount of semen all over her hard belly. Johnny's powerful ejaculations send his little soldiers from as close as her pubic hair all the way to her throat. "It's beautiful...yummy," coos Shayla. Then, she scoops up globs of cum with her fingers and eats it. Great job, Johnny and Shayla!

Scene Four

After a great deal of extremely delicious and erotic plot development, during which we get to watch Carmen take numerous scorching-hot photos of Monica Sweetheart, we learn Tommy's true goal for Carmen, "A man doesn't own a thing unless he can give it away." Carmen eventually finds herself in the home of Evan Stone, who plays Tommy's older brother. Tommy then "presents" Carmen, as a gift, to his brother and tells Carmen to do anything he asks of her. In Scene Four, Carmen lives to up to all of Tommy's and Evan's expectations when she gives Evan her ass--and the time of his life! Five stars!
  • Tease: Believe it or not, the plot and dialog leading up to Carmen's and Evan's scene is wrought with intense sexuality--and lots of glimpses of Carmen's fine flesh as she strips and masturbates--that, in my opinion, is one of the best-staged "teases" of all time. At least my dick thought so! If you like to be teased, you're going to love this segment!
  • Foreplay 1: Cunnilingus. Carmen, at Evan's bidding, plays with herself and, in the process, makes his blood boil. Soon, he approaches her, as she sits back on a comfy chair, kisses her mouth, and then buries his happy face in her inviting cunt. Damn, Evan really appreciates Carmen's pussy and asshole! So, he eats them eagerly--especially when she fucks and grinds his face while jacking her own clit.
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. After assuming a position of submission on her knees with her hands behind her back. Carmen gives Evan's super-sized cock some incendiary oral and manual attention. Soon, Evan's lust is inflamed to the point where he fucks her throat while caressing and pulling her long, flowing, and blond hair. Carmen loves Evan's dick--and tells him so--and enjoys having her spit-soaked boobs slapped with it.
  • Position 1: Cowgirl. Clad in a black leather corset, black nylons, and numerous chains, Carmen straddles Evan cowgirl style and thrusts her magnificent body up and down until her ravenous pussy swallows every single inch of his condom-sheathed cock (his rod is so long that the condom only covers about three-fourths of it!). Carmen's moves--and her overall performance--are absolutely stupendous as she fucks and grinds Evan--and herself--to heaven. Lucky Evan, for the most part, simply lies back and enjoys the ride.
  • Position 2: Missionary. Evan gets his chance to do the in-and-out action after they transition to missionary. Tight close-ups highlight the action as Evan plows Carmen's pussy balls-deep while she jacks her clit, squeals with delight, and encourages him with hot and nasty Spanish and English. Carmen's subsequent orgasm causes her eyes to roll back in her head!
  • Position 3: Doggie. Boob lovers, like me, will really enjoy watching Carmen get fucked like a dog from behind as she arches her ass up high (damn, she's gorgeous!). Each time Evan plows his cock deep into her pussy, Carmen's magnificent tits bounce gleefully! And, her long blond hair flows gracefully in reaction to his thrusts. Carmen sweetens the action by screaming for joy and by talking nasty in Spanish. Even better, she cums again!
  • Position 4: Doggie anal. While Carmen pleasures her clit and labia with a vibrator, Evan forcefully reams her tight asshole. Although I know I haven't seen most of Carmen's movies, I've know I've never had the pleasure of watching her take it up the ass before (great close-ups). Gorgeous! Carmen really appears to like having her sphincter penetrated and groans with ecstasy to prove it.
  • Popshot: Evan pounds Carmen doggie style at redline speed until he's ready to explode. In just the nick of time, he pulls out, and rips off his condom while, at the same time, Carmen moves into position to take his load into her wide-open mouth. Grinning with delight, Carmen looks wickedly into Evan's eyes as spasm after spasm of his semen coat her outstretched tongue. Afterward, she teases his rod with the tip of her tongue and sucks him dry. Without a doubt, this is the best of Carmen's boy/girl scenes that I've ever had the privilege to review.

Later, Evan gets a chance to whip Carmen's extraordinarily beautiful--and completely naked--body. While Carmen jacks her own clit and bends over a pool table, Evan gives her shapely butt 20 blows with a crop (the Behind the Scenes Footage shows how Carmen was not hurt during this segment). Later, Carmen, stark naked, plays a game of pool while Evan carries on a business conversation on the phone and gropes her precious flesh. As the plot unfolds, Carmen shoots some more extremely erotic bondage photos of Monika. Then, Evan sends Carmen back to Madam Nina for more training and discipline that will eventually result in Carmen being "marked" as his property. He also informs Carmen that her mission, after becoming totally his, is to procure her model Monika for Tommy and then give her to him at a ceremony at Madam Nina's house.

Scene Five

Sometimes a scene is so fucking good that words simply cannot do it justice. That's the way I feel about Scene Five. In it, Carmen gets her first taste of being a dominant rather than a submissive. Back at Nina's whorehouse to receive advanced training, Carmen "wins" the chance to dominate more-experienced Justine Joli through the luck of the draw. Wow! Both Carmen and Justine perform flawlessly and, I believe, use their respective talents to provide the hottest--and most extensive--scene in O: The Power of Submission. If you love Carmen or Justine or if you are hooked on girl/girl sex like I am, you'll love Scene Five. How much did I love it? Truthfully, I blew my load twice while watching this scene...once when I previewed the movie and just now, as I wrote these words. Carmen and Justine are going on my short-list of potential nominees for the 2007 XRCO Best On-Screen Couple Award. Enough said. Five stars!

Scene Six

Even though Carmen passes all Madam Nina's "tests," including being "branded," Nina feels deep in her bones that Carmen is rebellious. Nina is right. Something inside Carmen snaps when she finds that Tommy has seduced--and fucked--her model Monica in Scene Six. Even though this boy/girl scene includes anal sex, it pales in comparison to the incendiary lust displayed by Carmen and Justine in Scene Five. Three and one-half stars. 

  • Tease: As Monica is seated at a makeup table preparing for a photo shoot, Tommy approaches her from behind, gently brushes her long flowing hair, kisses her on the neck, and tugs down her royal blue robe to reveal her pretty all-natural breasts. Then, he has her dress in a scorching-hot, topless and bottomless black and red latex outfit that is guaranteed to get your blood flowing! Monica then seductively teases Tommy (and us) by posing and moving erotically. Soon, she approaches Tommy and lets him caress her delicious boobs, squeeze and suckle her nipples, stroke her curves, probe her ass cleavage with his tongue, and kiss her oh-co-inviting mouth.
  • Foreplay 1: Cunnilingus. Tommy and Monica slowly undress each other and then Monica lies on the floor so that Tommy can go down on her luscious pussy and asshole with his voracious tongue. Monica loves Tommy's touch and moans appreciatively as her pleasure builds. Eventually, Tommy adds his fingers to his bag of pussy-pleasing tricks and thumb-fucks her pussy while licking her clit.
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. After Tommy stands and slips down his trousers, Monica kneels before him and attacks his achingly-hard cock (and balls) with the tip of her tongue, mouth, and spit-lubricated hands (she uses very pleasing twisting motions when she strokes him). She also swallows his rod balls-deep and slaps it against her spit-soaked boobs.
  • Position 1: Doggie. Monica bends over and presents her gorgeous ass to Tommy who, as you might expect, immediately spits on her pussy and then inches his cock inside. As Tommy reams her vagina with increasingly deep strokes (nice close-ups), he uses his thumb to massage her tight--yet so inviting--asshole. He also uses his hands to slap her ripe ass cheeks. And, he often pulls out momentarily to tease Monica's labia and clit with the tip of his dick. Monica responds by groaning ecstatically in sync with Tommy's thrusts.
  • Position 2: Cowgirl. Monica straddles Tommy cowgirl style as he lies on his back atop a black mattress. Monica look extremely erotic as she fucks and grinds him while he grabs her butt cheeks and enjoys her sexy moves. Wow, she looks good! In due course, Tommy's passion becomes so inflamed that he simply must fuck her back, matching her moves with his. However, from a visual perspective, I think the sex is hottest when Monica takes control because her moves are hot! I particularly like when Monica sits vertically atop Tommy and, while jacking her clit with her fingers, uses her powerful thigh muscles to raise and lower her body up and down on Tommy's erect rod. "Ride that fuckin' dick," exclaims Tommy! This is great sex captured with very effective camerawork!
  • Position 3: Spoon anal. Monica and Tommy lie on their sides so that he can ream her tight asshole from behind while simultaneously jacking her clit with his fingers (excellent close-ups!). And, he finger-fucks her twat, too! Monica squeals with delight as Tommy pleases her pussy, her clit, and her brown eye....all at the same time!
  • Position 4: Doggie anal. In perhaps the most visually appealing segment of the scene, Monica once again assumes the doggie position. However, this time Tommy reams her asshole instead of her pussy. Meanwhile, Monica squeals with delight and uses her fingers to forcefully massage her labia, probe her vagina, and jack her clit.
  • Popshot: Tommy pounds Monica's ass until he can no longer hold back. Then, he pulls out and shoots his load all over her shapely ass.
While Monica and Tommy relax and enjoy some sweet after-sex glow, Carmen walks in on them and is, of course, devastated that Tommy has been unfaithful. Even so, Carmen does Evan's bidding and brings Monica into Madam Nina's fold. However, as soon as Monica has submitted herself to Tommy, Carmen gives Evan back the jewels that bind her to him...and leaves his life forever even though he professes his love for her. Yes, submissive Carmen liked being the dominant one with Justine...the apprentice becomes the master.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): I have mixed thoughts about the video. Overall, I must admit that the wide-screen picture is exceedingly well crafted. The camera movements and angles, color balance, and editing are all top-notch, although I would have appreciated footage showing the transition from one sexual position to another. The image is crisp and clear with no hint of grain or digital compression artifacts. That said, I am not crazy about the lighting. Although I understand the director's desire to make O a dark movie, I think the lighting is too stark and too contrasty. The highlights are often too bright while much of the imagery hides in abundant shadows. That's fine and good...until the shadows interfere with the visibility of the sex. Or, until the contrast defiles the beauty of the womens' bodies. Nonetheless, I must admire the crew's obvious attention to detail and apparent professionalism. The starkness of the imagery, while not the most flattering, is definitely by choice and not by incompetence. Four stars.

Audio (technical): The Dolby Digital Sound is very good. Music accompanies the action and supports the dialog when appropriate, but does not overshadow the sweet sounds of sex or the clarity of the dialog. I did notice, however, some background noise--especially during Scene Five, when the voices of the crew mumbling in the background can be heard. There's only one audio soundtrack and there are no subtitles. Four stars.

Extras: Disc One of this two-DVD set contains the feature, a full-motion chapter selector, and the trailer for O The Power of Submission. Disc two contains a 31-minute interview with director Ernest Greene (I've heard Ernest interviewed before, so I didn't watch the whole thing); a 34-minute Behind-the Scenes feature (very erotic glimpses of the movie being made, including footage demonstrating how the whippings were staged, as well as rehearsal footage and lots of impromptu interviews); a very well-made extended slide show, accompanied by music, that plays for, believe it or not, more than one hour!; a bonus slide show that features images from Nina Hartley's Anal Kinksters; two full bonus scenes (Austyn Moore and Tommy Gunn in Headmaster II and Harmony, Vanessa Lane, Trent Saluri, and Joey Ray from Tailgunners.); Phone Sex ads; Trailers; Web site ad; Free Speech Coalition information; and DVD credits. This is an extraordinary set of Extras. Five stars.

Aesthetics: The visual aesthetics are extremely good. First-class locations and sets were used during the filming of the movie. Superb wardrobe was chosen and the make-up is of mainstream quality. Some of the scenes are supported by music. However, the music is not particularly noteworthy...I don't think it was written especially for this movie (it seems too mundane). However, it is appropriate and adds depth to the action without overpowering the sounds of passion. Four and one-half stars.

Dr. Jay

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