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Bait Buddies 4th Edition

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/31/09

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Production Date: April 2009

Directed By: Edward James


Straight dudes strapped for cash are "tricked" into auditioning for straight porn with the promise of cash and some free pussy. Naturally, the tail never shows up.


Tim Collins, Justin, RC, Billy C., Montana, Cade Devlin, Jordan DiMato, Craig Allen, and Damien Kross

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 56 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Jordan is a cute dude with dark hair, light facial hair, and a toned/lightly hairy body. He's from Coral Springs, Florida and started off straight but now has "a little bit of the funny in him". He knows the scoop and is more than willing to seduce straight Argentinean hottie Justin (short dark hair, cowboy hat, cool skinny/angular sideburns, and a toned/smooth body). The guys laugh 'n shoot the breeze before stripping down and showing off their tasty bodies. Both dudes have dark trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and clipped cocks. They sit back, legs spread wide, stroke their meat, and chatter on about tits 'n pussy.  Jordan chows down on his new buddy's dick giving some very good head as he slides his mouth up 'n down cramming his throat full and jacking the pulsing shaft much to Justin's lusty delight. The hand-held camera work is decent providing some nice shots of the cock sucking. After just a little bit of gentle face fucking, Justin beats off dumping a thick nut on his fist and then rubbing it on his pal's chest. Sadly, Jordan does not cum.

Scene Two:

RC (very good-looking with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) sits on a cheap sofa wearing an Ohio State tee shirt with Damian Kross (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body). An attractive brunette female with cool face piercings is also on hand to "conduct the interviews". Miss Thing is wearing shorts and a very skimpy shirt that accentuates her hard nipples. After the usual bullshitting, the guys strip down showing off their tasty bodies, shortly trimmed pubes, and clipped dicks. Damian is hard in no time and is talked into getting down on RC's tool. Dude gives some good head for supposedly being his "first time" leading RC to admit that it's a better blowjob than his girlfriend provides. Miss Thing gets in on the action my exposing her tits (with pierced nipples) and rubbing RC's chest while Damian continues to suck cock. For some reason Damian gets pissed off and abruptly leaves without even busting a nut. RC jacks off and cuts loose with a small thick load of jizz on his fist. Love pudding then drips from his fingers. The camera work in this scene is very clumsy and the editing is odd (guys repeating themselves a number of times).

Scene Three:

Bobby C. is a good-looking dude with short military-cut brown hair, a toned/smooth body, light facial hair, and tattoos. He wants to do porn to "try something new". After shooting the breeze 'n laughing with the cameraman, Bobby yanks off his clothing showing  his hot body, shortly-trimmed/almost shaved pubes, plump balls, and fat cut cock. That's a mouth-watering piece of man-pork. Bobby plays with himself jacking his turgid tube steak up 'n down, rubbing/cradling his balls, and showing off his hot butt (no bunghole, though). He seems like a good-natured guy and gladly exposes himself for the home audience. The camera work is decent with some nice close-ups of his prick. To finish up, dude shoots a small wet load on his stomach.

Scene Four:

Craig is a cute guy with brown hair, cool little sideburns, and a toned/smooth body. He's in on the secret that there ain't gonna be any chicks that this party. LOL! Enter one hilarious guy by the name of Montana (He's from Atlanta). Dude is ex-military, has a short brown Marine buzz, and a toned/smooth body with tattoos. This guy is a hilarious trip and constantly making references to chicks, tits, and pussy. Removing their tee shirts, the dudes show off their sexy chests and then drop their drawers. Craig has dark pubes and a beautiful fat uncut cock. Montana has almost-shaved pubes and a tasty clipped dick. The sit back with legs spread wide and fiddle with themselves to full erection.

 Once the "cat is out of the bag" that the girls are not coming, Montana is more than happy to receive a blowjob from anyone who is willing.  Craig gets down on that stiff meat giving some very good head sliding his mouth up 'n down and really going to town. Montana fucks Craig's tight asshole doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard with some hot penetration shots from behind of that dick sliding in 'n out. Loud moans, sighs, heavy breathing, and grunts fill the air. These dudes are totally into the action. Switching to the missionary position, Montana continues to bang his new buddy with some okay penetration shots from above. Craig shoots a thick load on his stomach while being fucked. Montana jerks off and cuts loose with a large thick load on his tight stomach.

Scene Five:

Cover dude Tim Collins (good-looking with short brown hair and a toned/smooth body) and Cade Devlin (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body, and a tattoo that reads "Amanda") sit around bullshitting about gals 'n boobs. The camera man gives 'em the usual spiel about auditioning to make sure they can get it up and bust a nut in front of a camera. Both guys are from Atlanta and strip down showing off their trimmed pubes, plump balls, and clipped dicks. Tim is very cute but a little on the goofy side. I had to LOL watching him steal several quick glimpses of Cade's cock. Cade is the more relaxed of the two and his big dick his stiff as a board in no time. Both guys stroke their tools with legs spread nice 'n wide. Cade soon gets down on his new pal's schlong sliding his mouth up 'n down, filling his gullet full and giving one heck of a blowjob. Tim definitely has no complains filling the air with moans and heavy breathing.

Tim fucks Cade's tight bunghole doggy-style by slowly sliding in and then getting on with some nice 'n smooth strokes. "Take that cock in that ass! You like that shit?" Cade's response is honest as this is the first time he's been fucked: "No......yes!" There are some okay penetration shots from the side. Tim is totally into it and orders Cade to, "Take it!" Cade responds with the hilarious, "I am fuckin' taking it!" Switching to the missionary position, Tim continues to bang his buddy and this time there are some hot penetration shots from behind. This is a groovy camera shot because the viewer will also be able to see Tim's tight hairy asshole. To finish up, the guys pull pork with Tim shooting a large thick load on Cade's chest and stomach. Cade wildly beats off spraying a huge load all over himself and then dryly comments, "I'm a cream pie." For some reason, Tim laughs, "Marriage, bitch!" Not sure what he means. Ha!


BaitBuddies 4th Edition is shot directly on video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography is a mixed bag going from decent to clumsy. At least there are good camera shots of the cock sucking, butt sex penetration, and cum shots. There are times with the lighting is much too harsh. For the most part, the picture quality is decent.


The sound is fine allowing the viewers to easily hear as the dudes talk and then get down with all the usual sounds of man-on-man sexin'.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, an excellent photo gallery for each scene that includes plentiful photographs, and previews for Derec's Dilemma and Real Straight Shooters.


Bait Buddies 4th Edition is strictly rental material. I love amateur movies and this one is kind on the lower end with too much talking before the action begins, some clumsy videography, and two missing cum shots. That said the dudes are sexy, look to really be enjoying themselves, make some hilarious comments, and get into the jacking off, cock sucking, and butt sex. The photo gallery is excellent containing plentiful pictures of the guys and is frankly much better than galleries I've seen in more expensive productions. I recommend a Rent It for fans of amateur dudes.

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