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Pin-Up Girls

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/8/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Rayveness, Prinzzess, Victoria White, Zoe Britton, Ashlyn Rae, Faye Reagan, Kimberly Kane

Length: 138 minutes

Date of Production: 2009

Extras: Despite not having a Behind the Scenes segment, the promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of its titles in its stable. The eight promos are 2008 Girlfriends Films, AVN 2009, Promo Trailers, Promo Trailers 2, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Seductions, Women Seeking Women, and Road Queen. The six trailers are Backstage Girls 1, Twisted Passions, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 9, Lesbian Seductions 28, Road Queen 12, and Women Seeking Women 57. A nice looking photo gallery is also included. Of course, website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. During the photo session at Rayveness' home, the shots are in black and white.

Overview:  Pin-Up Girls Volume 1 is the most ambitious production that Girlfriends Films has produced to date. Everything is genuine, authentic, and natural. The women cannot have tattos or piercings or boob enhancements. The wardrobe has to be authentic '50s clothing. The camera and projector are genuine from that decade even the bedding. The storyline is about a quartet of friends who model for catalogs and print ads. Rayveness tells her pals that they can make double their money if they pose for an adult girlie magazine. The plot is believable and Rayveness gives her usual outstanding sensual performance. This series was made for Rayveness. However, a particular blonde beauty has the most lingering image in the minds of the viewers and it does not even occur during a sex scene. I shall identify her later.

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Scene One: After Ashlyn Rae watches her stepmother's photo session with her fellow models Prinzzess and Zoe Britton, the turned-on young lady heads to her room. Moments later, the brunette lays on the bed and fantasizes about making love to stepmommy Rayveness. As the sexy model increases the intensity factor by tasting Miss Rae's love spot and humping her, Ashlyn rubs her own uncovered jewel. The transition from the fantasy segment and Ashlyn's solo stimulating behavior flows naturally. After more energized focus on Miss Rae's pretty plaything, Rayveness' demeanor becomes more sensual. Next, Ashlyn sucks on the woman's tits and fingers her passion fruit with adoring fondness and determination. Her application makes her stepmother moan with delight. Rayveness bites her own hair on account of the sensations that are running through her body. They kiss afterwards. Their sexual hotness rises when Ashlyn fingerfucks her more passionately. The pin-up woman's body looks so entincing while she lays on the bed in her sexy black stockings. Their intimacy grows deeper and more personal as Miss Rae tastes and rubs the lady's beauty spot tenderly. More tit sucking by Ashlyn follows. Then, Rayveness kisses her stepdaughter's cute butt and spanks it. Soon, both of them are manually stimulating the other's juicy sponge. Suddenly, Rayveness' fascination for Miss Rae is expressed quite enthusiastically when she delves into her tunnel of love and tastes her budding womanhood. Next, the stepmommy lays on top of Ashlyn and they kiss. Suddenly, they cuddle together.

Scene Two: Zoe Britton and Prinzzess enter a bedroom. They practice their poses since the blond cutie felt uncomfortable during their earlier pin-up session. Zoe kisses her later on by surprise. Prinzzess enjoyed it. Zoe sucks on her friend's nipples briefly. After more nice looking lip lock activity by the duo, Miss Britton sucks on Prinzzess' breasts in a sexy manner. Next, some titty play by the ladies follows. Their sexual chemistry really heats up during their kissing activity. Later, Zoe rubs her fellow model's pearl nicely and sucks her breast. Afterwards, the brunette removes Prinzzess' heels and positions herself in order to kiss her inner thighs. The woman continues her sensuous behavior on her pal's beauty spot. Her fingerfucking action is solid. Then, the blond cutie pie licks Zoe's legs and sexual area sensually. She does a hot job in licking her friend's black panties and eventually, her pink lovebox as soon as she slides her undergarment to the side. Some energetic fingerfucking occurs by Prinzzess. Then, the women change positions. Zoe spanks her hot butt and orally pleasures her from behind. She also provides good manual stimulation to her peach. Suddenly, the blond bombshell is laying on her back so that Miss Britton can hump her with good passion. Some kissing and pussy eating occurs. Lastly, they kiss and snuggle together.

Scene Three: Rayveness calls fellow pin-up model Victoria White over the phone. She tells her to come over and pick up her money. When she arrives, Miss White receives her payment and some encouragement about her body. Rayveness flatters her and they head to the bedroom where she can see her guest's natural body more intimately. Once in the room, she unbuttons Victoria's dress and removes it off her. Rayveness tells her that her body is so pretty. The compliments continue as her bra comes off. After practicing some poses and pretending to feel intimate with each other, Victoria removes the woman's bra. Some tender touchy-feely moments follow. Then, they kiss. Rayveness sucks her friend's nipples. The women caress each other. Later, Miss White sucks the lady's breasts. They continue to feel each other. Afterwards, they lay beside one another. They talk a bit and kiss. Rayveness rubs the blond's panty covered sex spot. Moments later, Victoria stimulates herself. The intensity level increases when the ladies tag team on Miss White's gemstone. Then, Rayveness rubs her finger along the pin-up's pussy slit through her white panties. Later, she fingers her tunnel of love. Next, the woman of the house removes Victoria's panties with her teeth. Then, she caresses her sexy left leg. They kiss. Miss White takes off Rayveness' intimate undergarment. Rayveness puts it in Victoria's mouth. She kisses her friend's cute titties. Then, the blond licks the panties while her fellow model sucks on her honeycomb. Victoria bites the underwear. The energy level heightens when Rayveness fingers her. Then, she lays beside her friend as they kiss. Next, Miss White takes the intiative and runs her hand along her hostess' body and sucks her tit. She works over the woman's jewel box with much adoration. Finally, the twosome kiss as they snuggle together.

Scene Four: After Ashlyn Rae leaves as she feels upset about her stepmom's photo layout in a girlie magazine, Faye Reagan and Kimberly Kane are seen in Faye's mom's bedroom. The redhead is looking for pantyhose. Later on, she puts her mother's nylons on herself as her pal shows off her girdle. Soon, their dresses come off. After some playful behavior, Kimberly kisses Faye. Some tit kissing follows as well as some spanking. Kimberly takes off her friend's panties and kisses her right leg. So far, their playful chemistry is fun and entertaining. Next, Miss Kane licks Faye's ruby and polishes it with her suck technique. The pair act sincere with each other. The atmosphere feels like two good friends making love for the first time. Their behavior is not polished. It's sweet to watch how Faye and Kimberly act towards each other. Miss Reagan's behavior is funny. Afterwards, the redhead eats her pal's pussy nicely. Miss Kane enjoys the intimate sensations that Faye creates. She humps her passionately and also fingers her too. Then, they kiss and caress one another.

Final Thoughts:  Pin-Up Girls Volume 1 takes several trails. Despite the fact that this series is Rayveness' vehicle, it is the first image of a blond Prinzzess at the ladies' initial photo shoot that grabs the viewer's attention immediately. However, it does not take long until Rayveness takes the reigns of the movie with her sensual performances with Ashlyn Rae and Victoria White. When one adds in the entertaining plotline, authentic '50's elements, and fine pairings, this series is off to a flying start. Nevertherless, the one momentous lingering image that is carved into the viewer's mind remains Prinzzess' initial pose in white. I highly recommend this movie.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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