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Man Eaters

Studio: Metro » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 1/11/10

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DATE OF PRODUCTION - 5/18/08 of footage shot 5/6/03

LENGTH - 1:26

DIRECTOR - Roman Pornanski

CAST - Martin, Lukas, Pavel, Michal, Miroslav, Jiri, David & Alan

GENRE - Eastern European Young Men (probably from the Czech Republic) Sucking, Rimming & Fucking

BODY TYPES - Youthful, Lean, Muscular Men (mostly without much body hair or many tattoos), with Generous, Uncut Cocks.


OVERVIEW - This is another flick from Badlands Pictures by way of Metro Content.  It appears to be footage shot seven years ago in Eastern Europe and more recently edited into its current form by Metro.  There are four unconnected sex scenes - three duos and a threesome - which adds up to nine men, but there are only eight credited.  Quite possibly one of them is in two scenes, but there are no identifying photo credits, so it is impossible to tell who is in what scenes.  The cuts within the scenes are frequently abrupt and sometimes jarring, moving the action quickly from one place to another.  The young men are mostly attractive, uncut and well-endowed.


SCENE 1 - "A" & "B" - The two are naked and heading for a big empty bathtub.  There are a couple of palm plants and another bush surrounding it for atmosphere.  They sit on the edge of the tub and stroke their quickly hardening dicks.  Before long "B" drops to his knees in the tub and goes down on "A's" nice big uncut cock, stroking his own dick with his free hand.  There is no dialogue or music, so the only sounds are "ah, ah, ah", breathing and the sounds of sex.  Then "A" goes down on "B", and works more on his own hard dick.  The actions moves quickly to "A" rimming "B's" ass as he is bent over the tub.  The camera is rarely still, zooming in, pulling out, and moving around in an effort to energize the action.  "A" works one, and then two fingers in "B's" butt hole, reaming them around to widen him up.  He gets a nearby dildo, slips it up "B's" butt and fucks him with it.  Suddenly the footage cuts to an exercise room where "B" is bent naked over a bench press.  "A" fucks his friend doggie style, then on his side as he stands on the floor, supporting himself by holding on to the bars.  "B" eventually gets his leg up and over to get fucked missionary, his legs floating in the air, his head hanging off the edge.  After a long hot pounding session in this position, "A" pulls out.  They both jack off cum on B's body.

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SCENE 2 - "A" - BLOND, "B" - BRUNET & "C" - BEST BUILD - "A" comes out of an urban office building, one housing a restaurant where he probably works.  He hooks up with a nice looking brunet who is apparently waiting for him on the steps of the building next door.  They walk away, looking in store windows and finally settle on a park bench where they kiss.  "A" calls "C", another great looking stud, at his apartment and sets up a get together for the three of them.  They two head off to "C's" place.  When they get together, "A" kisses "C".  He takes his shirt off and starts stripping for "B" and "C", who are now sitting on a couch.  The guys are all playing with themselves.  Again, the camera loves to move around, the focus and shadows playing into the look.  A quick cut and "A" is naked, while "B" and "C" are stripped to just their shirts.  They all show off their nice dicks. "C" has the best body and the biggest dick.  "A" goes down on "B", as "C" caresses "B's" leg.  "B's" dick is rapidly growing, as "A" sucks on him.  He then sits on a low counter where "C" pushes his way in to get a taste of "B" as well, eventually taking over the sucking.  A quick cut and "B" is on the floor working on "A" and the favorite "C", eventually walrusing them both at once.  It cuts to all of them naked on a sofa.  "A" gets on his knees as "B" and "C" each work two fingers into his ass.  There's lots of that uniquely distinctive Czech sex sound ("ah, ah, ah") as "B" and "C" kiss across "A's" back.  "A" is now on his back on the sofa, so that "C" can slip a dildo up his ass and "B" can feed him his now thicker dick to suck.  "A" gets on his knees again so "C" can lick and rim his ass.  It cuts to "C" lying back on the sofa and "A" riding his big dick, with only the thinnest of condoms as protection.  "C's" hand is simultaneously jacking and sucking "B's" cock.  There's a quick cut to "A" now bent over sucking "C" dick as "B" pounds his ass.  Now on a bed, "A" is on his back with "B's" dick down his throat and "C" now pounding his ass.  "B" is holding "A's" legs in the air to aid with the fucking.  Soon "C" shoots his load over "A", and "B" cums over his chest.  "A" jacks off and adds to the pool of jizz on his body.  They all kiss and caress as the scene fades out.  Overall, it's a hot scene.

SCENE 3 - "A" TATTOO ON SHOULDER & "B" RED SHIRT -  The two come in the apartment and take off their shoes, something everyone in this video seems to do upon entering from the outdoors.  "A" then removes his shirt slowly and seductively for "B", who is sitting in a nearby chair.  He undoes and drops his pants to the floor and then slowly slides his see-through shorts down his legs.  Both are quickly naked and on their knees.  "B" has an exceptionally large cock, although "A" has nothing to be ashamed of.  They move to lie on a big chair/sofa piece of furniture, caressing and stroking each other.  "B" goes down on "A" who is getting ever larger.  Then they switch so "A" can go down on "B's" already bigger cock.  "A" then gets on his back to 69 with "B" who sucks from on top as he slips his dick in and out of "A's" mouth and throat.  Cut to "B" rimming "A's" hairy ass as he kneels on one of the sofa sections.  A little lube helps him slip his finger in and out of "A's" hole.  He adds a second finger and keeps right on going, slowly and carefully.  He then works some small anal beads (or a dildo shaped like beads) up his ass.  "A", now on his back, is simultaneously sucking on a metallic dildo.  The beads are gone, and "B" slides the dildo in and out, a feeling "A" loves.  He moves to kneel on the sofa so that "B" can really fuck him.  Another quick cut finds them sprawled on a bed fucking, "A" on his back with a leg in the air.  Eventually both legs are raised, and the hot pounding goes on for a long time.  Finally, they both jack off.  "B" shoots enthusiastically on "A", who finally oozes out some goo of his own.  A little disappointing, but sometimes nature just doesn't cooperate.  They both lie back down and kiss.

SCENE 4 - "A" - TATTOO ON RIGHT SHOULDER & "B" - SILVER CHAIN - This couple is butt naked right from the get-go.  They both show off their big cocks as they kiss, sitting precariously on two chairs.  "A" goes down on "B's" cock, as "B" throws his leg in the air and fingers his own ass, getting right to the point.  Then "B" goes down on "A's" huge dick, enjoying the fact that he has such a great piece of meat to suck on.  They too 69, with "B" on top continuing his work on "A's" big piece and "A" beneath sucking up on "B".  "B's" ass hole is camera center, looking like it it's ready for a good pounding.  "A" rims "B's" ass as he kneels and hangs over a chair, quickly moving to get two fingers in there as well.  "A" strokes his big dick as he widen's his friend's hole.  He finds a red dildo to complete the task of opening his ass up to a fuckable size.  "A" finally rams him, holding onto the base of his own cock to keep it hard as he shoves it in.  Now on a bed, "A" pounds "B", from the rear as he lies on his side, leg in the air.  "A" raises up on his knees and continues to pound him.  "B" strokes his dick and finally lets loose with a huge thick white load on himself, followed by "A" shooting his load and creating a big jizzy mess.

VIDEO - The video quality is predictably dated looking, but the sex is always clearly in focus.  Because you can't id the performers, it's a bit anonymous feeling.  The quick cuts and edits, with no flowing action between sex acts, becomes annoying.

SOUND - Again, there is no music, and what talking does take place is in a foreign language and seemingly of little importance.  The sounds of sex keep one connected to the action.  No sound came through on my Sony DVD player, but what there is all came through on my Philips.

EXTRAS - There is a nice selection of hot shots in a Photo Gallery.  The four trailers are from an array of older Metro Content titles from 1997-98: HUMIDITY, WHILE THE CATS AWAY, INSIDE MEN #2, and INTIMATE MOMENTS WITH JEFF & BRIAN, the latter with no sex action on the trailer but some cute, tender moments.  Although the prints look several generations away from the originals, some of the sex looks very hot.

FINAL THOUGHTS - I'm not sure why a DVD which says it was produced in 2008 is just being put out for review.  There are some hot moments throughout, but the overall effect is that of a dated video.  What with so many really hot DVDs out there, why spend your time and money on this one?  Still, for fans of the Czechs, and there are many, it's an OK hour and a half.  But I'd say RENT IT.

Rod Woodman

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