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Double D DP Party

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 3/7/10

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Genre: Genre
Director: Jordan Septo
Cast: Cheyne Collins, Chris Cannon, Chris Charming, Daphne Rosen, Jada Fire, Joel Lawrence, Kami, Andrews Nicki, Hunter Sascha, Talon, Trina Michaels, L.T.
Length: 02:18
Condoms: None
Bonus: There aren't any condoms. So, I'm giving a bonus point for that. However, for the first time ever, I'm going to subtract two points for the repetitiveness of the sex. So, I'm giving an overall negative one point for intangibles.


Double-D Daphne Rosen hosts a 2 1/3 hour big-titty party that's light on foreplay but long on double penetrations. Daphne welcomes four of her girlfriends--Trina Michaels, Jada Fire, Nicki Hunter, and Kami Rosen--into her plush and well-appointed home. Within seconds, each girl is partying hardy with not one but two guys who, as the movie's title implies, plug both her pussy and asshole with their lucky cocks.

When Double D DP Party found its way into my in-box, I had mixed thoughts about what I might see when I got a chance to preview the movie. If you read my reviews, you know that I simply cannot imagine myself as part of a b/b/g threeway. So, the DP part of the title did not really motivate me to watch the movie. My fantasies tend more toward two (or more) girls with me! Frankly, I don't think I'd like having my cock a thin layer of skin away from another guy's rod. On the other hand, two female mouths on my dick--that's the life! However, over the years I've asked a lot of girls if they like to be with multiple guys and, as you might expect, they say that the really enjoy it. So, when I watch b/b/g movies, I try to put myself in the girl's shoes rather than my own. And, when I do just that, I tend to get an appreciation of the sensations a girl must feel when she gets both of her holes reamed at the same time.

The "Double D" part of the title is what really convinced me to pop Double D DP Party into my computer's hard drive. While some guys tend to define "T&A" as "toes and assholes," I'm really a "tits and ass" guy. Give me a big pair--real or nicely enhanced--and I'm in heaven!

The cast list gave me even more incentive to take a peak at Double D DP Party. Although I haven't reviewed Jada, Daphne, or Kami before, I really adore Trina Michael's hard body and superbly-sculpted tits. And, Nicki Hunter is superb in so many ways that her name on a cast list is enough to perk my interest! And, I also admit that the stunning photo of Nicki Hunter on the box cover (her cleavage is superb!)--as well as the photos of generously stacked Trina Michaels and Daphne--really caught my eye.

So, before I even popped Double D DP Party into my disk drive, I was positively disposed to having a first-class experience. However, with the exception of one stellar scene (Nicki Hunter with Daphne and Wesley Pipes), I was somewhat disappointed. Here's why:

  1. There's little to no foreplay. I don't know about you, but before I fuck a girl I want to get to know her body with my hands and tongue. And, I want her to know every square inch of my body, too. Instead, in Double D DP Party, Daphne introduces each of her girlfriends to two guys and, within seconds, her holes are stuffed. Yes, there's a little bit of fellatio. But, there's NO pussy eating. When pussy is the center of the universe (at least my universe!), why not get in there and enjoy some when you have the chance?
  2. The sex is very repetitive and predictable in all but the last scene. One guy fucks her pussy while she blows another. The guys change positions. Eventually, one guy works his cock up her ass. Then, the other guy takes a trip up her Hershey highway. Next, while one guy's in her asshole (either cowgirl or reverse cowgirl--take your pick), the other stuffs her pussy. Then, she changes position from cowgirl to reverse (or visa-versa). Then, they pop. End of scene. She doesn't cum. Four of the scenes follow pretty much this pattern with little (if any) variation. Too much of a good thing ends up being a BAD thing! In fact, I'd almost go so far as saying, "The sex is the same. All that changes from scene to scene are the bodies." That's sad.
  3. Only conventional (vaginal/anal) double penetrations are attempted. A little double vaginal or double anal would have mixed things up a bit. 
  4. Too few positions are used. In fact, almost all the DPs take place in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. I know that double stuffing somewhat limits the possibilities. However, John Strong and Michael Stefano always seem to find interesting positions when they double-penetrate girls. In fact, those two guys can even DP a girl while standing! This movie really needs a little imagination!
  5. Double stuffing limits the actions a girl can use to help herself cum. It's hard for her to fuck them. Instead, they fuck her. So, there's very little chance she will cum. At least some of the time in a sex scene should be devoted to the girl getting off. I for one, love to see girls cum and feel disappointed when the scene ends without a female orgasm. 

There's a notable exception to beefs 1-5 above: Scene Five, featuring Nicki Hunter, L.T., and Daphne. That's probably because it's not a b/b/g scene. Instead, it's a b/g/g scene in which a strap-on cock completes the DP. I'll tell you more about the scene under "Review." Suffice it to say, that, at least in my opinion, Scene Five is the best scene in the movie. Most of the others feature good solid fucking. They're just not noteworthy or innovative.

Note that none of the problems I've mentioned were caused by the cast. Instead, they are the result of slipshod directing--or, perhaps, the entire lack of direction. Or, perhaps more volcanic footage was edited out.

On the positive side, there are a couple of things that I really like about Double D DP Party. First, I like the fact that Daphne appears in most of the scenes (including her own DP scene--after all, the hostess has to get hers, too!). Of course, Daphne is always involved in the scene set-ups when she introduces her girlfriend to a couple of guys. However, things get really interesting when Daphne cum-swaps with the "leading" lady of a scene or when she laps up cum off of the featured girl's big and bountiful tits. And, Daphne is most welcome when she dons a strap-on in Scene Five and helps L.T. fuck the shit out of magnificent Nicki Hunter.

Bottom line recommendation? If you really like DPs and/or busty girls, this is a good solid movie--especially if you don't watch it straight through (it won't seem so repetitive then). And, Scene Five is really worth a look--Nicki and Daphne are awesome and, of course, Wesley Pipes is no slouch, either!

Check out some photos of the girls in Double D DP Party here. Enjoy!

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Scene One

Scene One features superbly sculpted blond Trina Michaels. During the scene set-up, Daphne explains to Trina that they're having a "titty and dick party." Trina is immediately intrigued, especially when Daphne suckles Trina's large and inviting nipples. Daphne soon strolls off screen to "get (her) some cock." Sascha and some guy who's not identified in the credits (too bad--he's an attractive guy and a good woodsman!) soon join Trina and, without further ado, strip off their clothes so that she can suckle their big and already-fully-erect dicks. Trina does a nice job licking, sucking, swallowing, and stroking their shafts, alternating her mouth's attention from dick to dick as the guys groan in ecstasy. She can even shove both dicks into her mouth at once! And, she lets the guys fuck her throat. Meanwhile, Sascha is mesmerized by Trina's bountiful boobs and simply cannot keep his hands off of them. Sascha soon strips off Trina's panties to reveal her colorful tailbone tattoo, bejeweled (pierced) clit hood, attractive pussy, and shapely ass. Then, he begins the oft-repeated pattern I mentioned in #2 in the Synopsis: He fucks her spit-lubricated pussy doggie style (nice close-ups) while she continues to blow the other guy's cock, scream with pleasure, and encourage the guys with nasty talk. Then, as predicted, the guys change roles: nameless fucks her pussy missionary style (her big boobs bounce joyfully!) while she suckles and strokes Sascha's cock, jacks her own clit, and fondles her tits. The guys continue to take turns fucking her spit-lubricated pussy in missionary and reverse cowgirl (her body looks great in this position). Meanwhile, she, as predicted, blows the other guy's cock while screaming ecstatically. While nameless is fucking Trina reverse cowgirl style, she lifts herself off his cock and then, after an inexcusable edit that destroys the scene's continuity, Sascha takes nameless's place underneath Trina. Then, Trina slowly inches herself down as she guides Sascha's cock deep into her asshole (this is a beautiful and well captured insertion). Once Trina's sphincter has accommodated Sascha's shaft, she ecstatically hurls her body up and down, forcing his cock into her balls-deep. Meanwhile, he reaches around to jack her bejeweled clit and probe her pussy with his fingers (this is great anal sex). Trina soon discovers that she's missing a cock. So, she calls for it: "Where'd my second cock go? BRING IT HERE!" No-name complies and brings his cock back to her so that she can guide it into her inviting wet pussy to double-stuff her holes. Nice camera work captures the action as both guys fuck her reverse cowgirl style. Trina loves getting double plugged and screams her pleasure so that we can share in her ecstasy. During this segment, Trina repeatedly takes time for ATM so that she can clean Sascha's ass-covered dick with her mouth and lick it with her pierced tongue. Predictably, the trio eventually transitions to cowgirl so that she can frantically fuck no-name while Sascha reams her asshole (very effective camera work captures the action while Trina passionately screams motivating and nasty talk). After a break for some more cock-cleaning ATM, Trina turns around to the reverse cowgirl position so that no-name can enjoy a little anal sex. Meanwhile, of course, Sascha does his part and pounds Trina's pussy: "That's it. FUCK THOSE HOLES!" In due course, Trina sucks both cocks clean and then enjoys some straight anal sex as no-name pounds her fast and deep while she sucks and strokes Sascha's rod and jacks her own clit: "That feels SO good!" Then, Sascha gets one last turn to fuck Trina's spit-lubricated asshole (nice gapes) while she performs ATM on no-name's dick. To finish up, both guys deposit their loads into Trina's oh-so-welcoming mouth. Then, in the best part of the scene, Daphne joins Trina so that Trina can cum-swap into Daphne's mouth. Then, after the girls share the semen, they spit it onto Trina's big boobs and massage it into her flesh. This is a good scene during which, unfortunately, Trina never seems to have cum. Four stars! 

Scene Two

Our blond and bountifully endowed and voluptuous hostess, Daphne, has an opportunity to get double-fucked in Scene Two. After showing us her remarkable big natural tits (she squeezes them together for our viewing pleasure), she calls for her penises--they are gleefully provided by Sascha and Joel Lawrence. The trio then proceeds to give us the same scene as Scene One...only the bodies are different. She blows Joel while stroking Sascha. Switch. Switch again. Switch again. You get the picture. Variation: Sascha fucks Daphne's tits while she blows Joel. Missionary sex begins anally instead of vaginally when Sascha shoves his dick up Daphne's immediately accommodating anus. Meanwhile, she continues to blow Joel while fingering her pussy. After ATM, the guys switch positions so that Joel can fuck Daphne's ass while she blows Sascha (nice video) and talks deliciously dirty. After some very spirited ATM, the guys begin to double-fuck Daphne cowgirl style: Sascha stuffs her pussy while Joel energetically bangs her asshole (of course, Daphne takes "time outs" for ATM during this segment). Predictably, the next position is reverse cowgirl with Joel in Daphne's ass and Sascha in her pussy. (Please understand, I'm not trying to denigrate this scene in any way. I'm just pointing out how predictable it is and how similar it is to Scene One.) Daphne seems to enjoy having both her holes reamed at the same time and screams, "fuck, Fuck, FUCK...It feels so fuckin' good!" Again, nasty ATM is used to segue to the next position: cowgirl (Joel in her pussy and Sascha in her ass). As the guys pound her relentlessly, punctuated by bouts of ATM, Daphne screams and shouts, "Fuck those fucking holes! Give it to me fucking good! I really fuckin' love that!" As the scene nears the end, Daphne gets some anal-only sex as the guys take turns, round-robin style, fucking and gaping her pretty ass. While one guy fucks her, she cleans the other's dick with her mouth and fingers her clit. To conclude the scene, Sascha shoots a generous load on her gigantic tits. Then, after a little more pussy pounding, Joel fills her mouth with his semen. After Joel cums, she spits it out to join Sascha's "little soldiers" on her boobs. As the scene fades out, she licks the semen off of her tits, smiles, and purrs, "That's what I call a PARTY!" Again, this is a solid scene marred only by Daphne's apparent lack of an orgasm. It disappoints me, however, that the scene is SO similar to Scene One. Four stars. 

Scene Three

To begin Scene Three, hostess Daphne escorts her busty brunette girlfriend Kami Andrews to a sitting room where hugely hung Chris Charming and Cheyne Collins await. Daphne slips the straps of Kami's top off her shoulders so that Kami's humongous hooters are released from bondage. Then, the two girls fondle each other for a bit and Daphne takes an opportunity to suckle and pinch Kami's inviting nipples. Kami then naively inquires, "Which one do I get to fuck?" "You get to fuck both of them," Daphne replies. "Both of them????!!! WOW!" After Daphne finishes undressing Kami for the guys--and sampling Kami's fat pussy--the scene progresses in the same manner as Scenes One and Two. Kami begins by sucking Cheyne's cock to full mast (and gobbles his balls). She's very good at fellatio and even deep-throats Cheyne's dick. Chris is raring to go and doesn't bother with any foreplay. Instead, while Kami is orally servicing Cheyne, Chris slips his cock into Kami's pussy and fucks her doggie style: Kami exclaims: "Holy cow!" when she feels Chris' huge dick stuff her pussy. Kami soon transitions to reverse cowgirl so that Cheyne can slip his cock balls-deep into her commodious asshole (per puffy labia look fantastic!). Once Kami's sphincter has relaxed, she and Cheyne fuck each other frantically (great teamwork, guys!) for a very short time. Then, Chris, determined to get back into the action, shoves his huge cock all the way into Kami's pussy so that the guys can double-fuck Kami's holes (nice close-up video). Kami loves it: "That's right. Fill me with both those fucking cocks! This feels really good...I LIKE THAT! Oh, that's right. Make 'em come out of my mouth--you fuck me so deep!" Throughout this reverse cowgirl DP segment, Kami keeps the guys' dicks clean by sucking her cunt- and ass-juices off of them: "Ass...pussy...ass...pussy...all my favorite flavors!" After one bout of ATM, the trio transitions to cowgirl: Chris fucks Kami's pussy (and slaps her tits) from below while Cheyne reams her ass from above. During this sequence, Cheyne's cock accidentally slips out of Kami's asshole (nice gape). She gets furious..."mine...Mine...MINE!" As soon as Chris gets his cock back inside Kami, she's more than satisfied: "Holy shit, that's a lot of cock...Come on, DOUBLE STUFF ME! Fill that two-car garage!" Eventually, Cheyne pulls out of Kami to let her perform ATM on his cock. Chris takes advantage of Kami's empty--yet relaxed and open--asshole to get his first trip up Kami's Hershey highway. Damn, her ass is accommodating--it can take Chris' huge dick balls-deep! As they continue to please each other, Kami energetically fucks Cheyne's dick vaginally in the cowgirl position. Then, again anxious to be inside Kami rather than outside, Chris eagerly shoves his cock into Kami's ass. As the guys thrust their cocks in and out of Kami's holes, Kami responds by forcing her body back and forth as much as she can...it's obvious that she LOVES being double-plugged! To finish up, Kami uses both of her hands to stroke Chris' super-sized dick until he showers his load onto her left tit. Meanwhile, Chris jacks off onto her right boob. "Oh, that's pretty. Oh my God, those are big loads!" I agree, Kami. After Kami sucks each dick dry, Daphne enters the picture and laps up the semen from Kami's boobs. Then, the girls cum-swap repeatedly. Kami, grinning broadly, eventually swallows a mouthful of semen. Awesome. It's too bad that Kami never came during the scene. And, it's a shame that the scene mirrored so closely those that came before. Four stars.

Scene Four

I really don't want to talk much about Scene Four. It features bounteous black beauty Jada Fire, Talon, and Sascha. Although the scene has a lot going for it, I don't think that Jada really enjoyed herself. In fact, I think that Jada hated being double penetrated. And, I don't think that much chemistry developed among the performers. On the plus side, Jada has incredibly attractive, huge, soft, and inviting boobs. And, her bright pink cherry ringed by delicious dark chocolate flesh is too beautiful for words to describe. In addition, it's really obvious that Jada gets a LOT of pleasure by sucking cock. And, she takes both guys' loads into her oh-so-willing mouth (she spits out their semen onto her big tits). Finally, Jada even allows the guys to do nasty ass-to-pussy and fuck her ass piledriver style (it's the first time in the movie that sex wasn't in cowgirl, reverse, or doggie!). Even given those positive factors, I really had the urge to fast forward through this scene because I don't think Jada was really having any fun (I didn't give in to my urge so that I can report to you exactly what I saw). Sadly, it is my impression that Jada, Talon, and Sascha "fucked for the buck" rather than "fucked for the fuck." Sorry, but that's what I think. Three stars. 

Scene Five

On the other hand, Scene Five is absolutely superb and is the main reason I'd recommend that you watch Double D DP Party. There are several reasons I like it so much. First, and foremost, it features Nicki Hunter who, in my opinion, simply cannot do a bad scene. Second, it's a b/g/g scene (Nicki, Daphne, and L.T.) and, as such, appeals much more to my fantasies than b/b/g scenes. Even though it's a b/g/g scene, there is lots of double stuffing. Both Daphne and Nicki wield a strap-on so that both girls can be double penetrated. Third, there's squirting! Although I would have expected Nicki to squirt her cum all over the place (she's a champion female ejaculator!), it's Daphne who actually squirts in this scene. Fourth, at long last there's cunnilingus...I simply cannot understand how anybody could bypass pussy eating when sweet and tasty vaginas are available and willing! Fifth, both Daphne and Nicki cum! I waited through four previous scene to see a girl cum. It's about time! Sixth, you just gotta admire L.T. What guy wouldn't want a cock like his? And, what woman wouldn't want to be filled so full? Seventh, everybody has a fucking good time! It's completely obvious that real pleasure was had by all and that everybody really enjoyed each others' bodies. Real chemistry developed! That's what I like to see in a sex scene! Eighth, both girls engage in lots of delicious nasty talk that is guaranteed to inflame your lust. Ninth, the girls used toys (vibrators and strap-ons) to please themselves and each other. Tenth, the scene was edited in such a way that nothing is left to the imagination. It's like you're really there! In fact, you'll even get to see Nicki dribble lube all over her pussy to prepare it for Daphne's strap-on! Finally, I enjoyed how L.T. milks his cock until he showers both sets of super-sized tits with an enormous amount of cum. Then, as in previous scenes, Daphne sucks up the semen so the girls can cum swap. I really liked Scene Five, watched it repeatedly (and plan to watch it again!), and award it five stars! WATCH IT!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The video is decent. The lighting is appropriate (no sign of blasted-out overexposure, underexposed shadows, or excessive contrast) and the color balance is usually natural and flattering (the flesh generally looks very tasty!). There's no grain or sign of digital compression artifacts. Although some of the camera movements are a little jerky, I didn't find them annoying. However, I do have an issue with several abrupt edits (in one case, Trina is fucking one guy and then all-of-a-sudden another guy is under her!) and numerous edits that, after which, result in a color balance shift. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): It's my guess that the audio was recorded with a camera-mounted microphone instead of with a boom-mounted mike. Unfortunately, quite a few of the girls' delicious nasty words (especially during the scene set-ups) are so quiet that I had to turn up the volume. Also, a lot of the audio sounds like it was recorded in an echo chamber...another hint that a camera-mounted mike was used. There's no annoying musical soundtrack to cover up the sounds of sex. Three stars.

Extras: The Extras are about average. There's an interactive full-motion chapter selector; a three-minute cumshot compilation; a five and one-half minute self-running slide show; 23 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage that features lots of bare big boobs, rehearsals, shots of the videographer capturing the action (and breaks during the sex), photoshoot video, and so on; trailers for six other Exquisite releases; and website access info. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Double D DP Party was shot in some very nice locations. In addition, the girls' outfits and makeup are attractive. No musical soundtrack accompanies the sex scenes, so I cannot comment on the music's suitability. Four stars.

Dr. Jay

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