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Up Yours Part 2

Studio: Hot House » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 1/14/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


LENGTH - 2:24







OVERVIEW - This is PART 2 of UP YOURS from ClubInfernoDungeon.com, the Fisting and Fetish website from Hot House Entertainment. Totally unannounced, one is treated first to three fisting trailers, from UP YOURS PART 1, HANDY MEN and ASS PIGS, the last two "down and dirtier" than the UP YOURS one. As compared to the darker, more serious scenes from Dark Alley, Cazzo, etc., the scenes in UP YOURS are performed on a brightly colored bright green and yellow platform set and have an overall kinder, mutually encouraging feel.  Both the fistees and fisters seem to be genuinely caring and truly enjoying themselves.  PART 2 features five scenes - 3 duos, a solo and a foursome fisting finale.  No one rushes the action, which considering what they're doing, is probably the safest way to go.  I want to find it all sexy, but none of it really gets me going like I feel it should, although I did fall for James Aaron's smooth muscular body, eager asshole surrounded by a ring of "flaming" tattoos and big dick.  (I would love to see him in a "normal" sex film.)


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SCENE 1 - JAMES AARON & RAY DALTON - James is discovered kneeling, naked except for a black leather vest and a cock jock, on a raised platform.  Ray is standing on the floor, attired in leather straps and jock, and eating out James's ass.  As just mentioned, he has a tattoo of flames ringing his butt hole, and his scrotum is pierced by a ring.  "Want a fuckin' hand in there," Ray asks rhetorically?  He slips on a pair of short black gloves and gets some lube out of a bucket.  Ray is very adept at working his left hand up James's ass past his wrist and turning it around.  James's intestine lining bunches up and pops out of his ass.  Soft background music rhythmically accompanies Ray's fisting, as he pulls out and plunges his fist back in, over and over.  James moans "oh, ah" as Ray's hand pushes all the way in again.  He lubes up some more, softly chuckling all the while.  Now James is on his side, leg held in the air, as Ray shoves his hand and fist in again past his wrist.  He gets his big P.A. pierced dick out briefly to play with it.  Ray bunches up his fingers to dive even farther into James's smooth muscular body.  He rests his elbow on the platforms, so that James can settle his ass down on Ray's hand and ride it.  His big hard on is floating in front of Ray's face, but he resists the temptation to take it into his mouth and suck on it.  That kind of sex isn't on their agenda.  James grabs onto a trapeze overhead to support his body as he lowers his body down onto Ray's fist to ride his hand while stroking his own dick.  Ray now has his big cock out too and is jacking it with his free hand.  James rides some more, but they take time out to grab a kiss.  He switches knees and goes for even more, now in exstacy.  Ray switches the action and offers up his ass for James to eat as they both jack off.  He shoots a massive cum shot on James's face to end the scene.

SCENE 2 - JACKSON LAWLESS & ALESSIO ROMERO - Alessio stands over Jackson, as he kneels in front of him and teases Alessio's cock with his teeth through his jock.  The cover comes off and Alessio's big dick pops out and proceeds to get bigger and bigger.  Jackson sucks and slurps on it until Alessio can't take it anymore.  He puts Jackson on his back so that he can eat his hole in the center of his smooth and hairless butt.  Alessio puts on the a pair of gloves and lubes up.  He pushes a hand in quickly.  Jackson's hole (no pun intended) doesn't look that dilated, that ready to take his fist, but obviously it is.  Alessio reaches in it like he's looking around to find  something to pull out. Jackson kneels down.  Alessio has his big cock out still out and hard.  Jackson writhes around on Alessio's left fist as Alessio strokes his own dick with his right.  I thought for a minute that Alessio was going to fuck his ass, but alas that's not in the cards.  Jackson moves down a step and takes Alessio's hand, kneeling on both knees.  Alessio alternates hands up his ass, stroking his own dick again with the occasional spare hand, and working a fist in above the wrist.  Jackson moves up higher, and Alessio continues to pound him for a long time.  "You gonna cum," Alessio asks, and Jackson gets his hard on out to stroke it.  Alessio fists some more with his left hand and jacks his own with his right.  He shoots his load of cum followed by Jackson letting loose with a fountain of thick white goo, such an impressive flow of jizz that the footage is repeated from another angle.

SCENE 3 - JAMES AARON (SOLO) - James makes a repeat appearance, at first kneeling on a platform and playing with his own "flaming" hole, tugging it wide open with his right hand.  He spots a sizable black dildo (one that looks like two "butt plugs", the smaller one growing out of the top of the larger).  He lubes it up and quickly works himself all the way down on it.  He raises up and encourages his rosy intestine to ooze out.  At this point, he wouldn't even feel a big cock going in. (Strange to mention perhaps, but James has beautiful eyes, not the focus of the scene.)  Then he finds an even thicker dildo and sits on that one.  Someone near by, perhaps the director, quietly comments on his actions and the dildos.  He then lies on his side and fists himself again, eventually raising up on his knees to continue.  He can literally get his whole fist inside his ass.  He lastly grabs an impossibly long flesh-colored dildo and works it far in, but only part way.  No one could take it all.  There is a limit as to how far one can humanly go.  To finish, he pushes his "rose" out and pulls it back in, a committed anal performer.    

SCENE 4 - TUCKER FORREST & SCOTT TANNER - Tucker kneels down and lubes up one of those big black dildos that Club Inferno seem to have so many of and works it up his ass.  He's got on a black vinyl "wife-beater" and jock.  He tentatively rides up and down on it.  Scott calls him over and tries an even bigger flesh-colored one out on him.  Tucker kneels as Scott works it in and rocks back and forth on it.  Scott pulls it out and pushes it back in again, twisting it around, and in and out.  Then on his back. Scott inserts a dildo made up of anal balls, pushed in and then pulled out, over and over.  Tucker then bends over a platform so that Scott can shove another dildo up his ass, much bigger than the first one.  "You like that," Scott wants to know?  "Yes, sir," Scott obediantly answers in military fashion.  The camera pulls back revealing a whole array of huge dildos lying on the platform, but instead they choose to pull their own big dicks out and jack off.  Scott shoots a load on Tucker's face followed by Tucker letting one fly.

SCENE 5 - ALESSIO ROMERO, JAMES AARON, EVAN MATTHEWS & TONY VEGA - This is the first appearance in this DVD of Evan Matthews, one of Club Inferno's star fistees, as well as the mega-hung Tony Vega.  All four are mutually going at it, but Alessio works mainly on James, as Tony works on Evan.  Alessio starts out shoving a long dildo up James's ass while Tony puts a big fat one up Evan.  From PART I and other DVDs, we know Evan can take a lot up his butt.  James and Evan banter back and forth, as Alessio and Tony work dildos in their asses, ones so big that they have to grip them with both hands to ram them in.  Then they rearrange themselves so Evan can rim and eat Tony's ass, while Alessio is fisting James's hole.  They are now stretched out in a line extending from the floor up over two platforms - a chain of fisters.  Alessio is already in James's ass past his wrist, as Evan is waking up Tony's ass with a dildo, and getting fisted by James at the same time.  James remove his pouch and his pierced dick is hanging down.  They're taking it slow and easy, but consistently.  Evan's "rose" pops out, so far that one could grab onto it.  They switch around again and Tony is now fisting James who is lying on his back with his leg in the air and jacking himself off at the same time.  Alessio is fisting Evan who's also on his back with a leg in the air.  Evan gets his cock out of its pouch and lets go with a stream of piss.  James tells Tony to dig his fist in more, but Alessio doesn't need any direction.  He's already in Evan half way to his elbow.  James is super casual about the whole affair, lying back with his legs spread and his "rose" hanging out.  Alessio has another hard on raging as he pounds Evan's "rose" and manipulates it.  Evan moves to lie face down on a second level platform with his butt and legs resting on a higher platform and Alessio still going at pounding down into his hole.  Tony is also sporting a big fat erection as he continues to hammer James, still lying on his back.  Then Evan flips over and lies with his back on the lower platform and his butt and legs on the higher one.  Tony jacks off as he rams his fist in James's pulsing hole.  Both Tony and Alessio jack off and cum on their partners' faces.  Tony shouts, "Holy fuck" as he shoots his super load, one that's so impressive that it's replayed.  And both couples kiss.  Evan and James never cum, but they've seen plenty of action.  All kiss together as the scene ends.

VIDEO - The set and lighting are bright, and  the video is, of course, very professionally shot, with every detail graphically depicted.

SOUND - Normally the sound is clear, but they make no attempt to make their banter come through like dialog.  The sounds of sex are always there and usually accompanied by a light supportive musical track.

EXTRAS - The hardcore Trailers are in front of the feature.  There is a credit for the Mr. S. Leather stores who obviously provided the functional fetish wardrobe for the performers.  And I.D. Lube gets a well-deserved bow.  Without them, none of this would have been possible.

FINAL THOUGHTS - Like PART I, PART 2 was created from scenes shot for the website and then made into a DVD.  Each scene seems longer than necessary, but when one considers that Web viewers probably only watch one scene at a time, it's understandable.  Neither of these DVDs has the kind of passion or action that I prefer to see in a sex video, but again, that's me.  For lovers of fisting and ass play, I would think it would win high marks.  It's made for them and so I'd rate it RECOMMENDED.

Rod Woodman

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