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Deep Impact

Studio: Latino Fan Club » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/16/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Dates: March-May 2009

Directed By: Rob Greco


Treshawn, Jizz, Nubius, Laquan, Chaos, Aquarius, G-Stunna, and Ferrari

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 29 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:


Ferrari (cute wearing a black wave cap, fem/glam eyebrows, and a slender/lightly hairy body) is casually leafing through a magazine 'n stealing glances at his buddy LaQuan (wild dark hair pulled back, slender/smooth body) who's doing sit-ups in bed. Reading and exercising are thrown to the wind as the dudes begin making out with wet tongues 'n deep soul kissing. Ferrari straddles his pal and slowly works his way down sucking those beautiful brown nipples 'n licking that chest in a highly erotic fashion. He pulls LaQuan's briefs down revealing dark pubes, a big plump uncut cock, and begins licking the throbbing manhood. Dude gives excellent head jacking the thick shaft, sliding his mouth up 'n down, and providing some tasty deep throat. There are plenty of hot close-ups of the dick sucking that will make the viewer feel as if he/she is right there in the room.

Ferrari climbs back on top of his pal allowing LaQuan to spread those butt cheeks, expose that tight lightly hairy bunghole, and begin teasing and finger fucking the rosebud. There are excellent close-ups here of the sensual butt-play. LaQuan sinks his big dick in from behind and screws Ferrari long, fast, 'n smooth doggy-style making both fill the room with lusty sighs, heavy breathing, and moans of pleasure with groovy penetration shots from above and from behind. Switching to the missionary position, LaQuan continues to bang his buddy and jack Ferrari's big clipped pork. Ferrari takes over jacking his fat cock and shoots a thick load on his stomach. LaQuan stands pulling his meat and sprays a large load all over Ferrari's chest. Ferrari then takes that big fucker down his throat for a taste of jizz.

Scene Two:


Treshawn (good-looking with closely-cropped dark hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body) is a personal trainer at the Deep Impact Gym. He's ready to high-tail it home until he notices sexy Chaos (good-looking with short dark hair, a li'l facial hair, and a toned/smooth body) doing crunches. Treshawn takes the lead and the dudes slowly kiss in a highly erotic manner with lots of deep wet tongue action.  The gentle foreplay is a huge turn on and I applaud director Greco for including this type of action. The guys are soon fully naked with Treshawn munching down on Chaos' tight hairy bunghole with some excellent camera shots 'n close-ups of the rimming.  Dude definitely has a talented tongue (Can I get his telephone number? Ha!) He then teases Chaos by sliding his large cut cock back 'n forth against that pulsing pucker.

Chaos sinks to his haunches and takes care of his new pal's throbbing meat grasping the shaft root and sliding his mouth up 'n down. Dude takes as much of that ebony pork down his gullet as possible and gives some groovy head. Treshawn digs the blowjob and is soon fucking that face with a nice 'n smooth tempo. The camera work during the cock 'ball sucking is strong allowing the viewer to feel as if he/she is right there in on the man-lovin'. Treshawn ain't no slouch and returns the oral favor my making love to Chaos' hairy nuts and deep throating that beautiful uncut dick all the way down to full pubes. Dude slowly slides his big business up Chaos' tight man-hole doggy style and begins fucking him long 'n smooth with nice penetration shots from above.

He kicks up the speed but the screwing maintains a gentle love-making feel to it that I think is very hot. There are some excellent penetration shots/close-ups from behind as that cock slides in 'n outta that snug hairy manhole. Switching up, Chaos plays a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce while the dudes engage in some heavy soul kissing with deep wet tongues. There are more tasty penetration shots provided from behind as the two totally get into each other and the action. Chaos goes nuts and rides that pole fast 'n hard like he has a deep itch to scratch. The guys finish their love session by jacking off and more kissing. Chaos yanks his skin flute and dumps a big o' thick load on his stomach. Treshawn breathes heavily busting a thick nut on his friend's stomach. The scene is a huge turn-on.

Scene Three:



Aquarius (good-looking with long 'n wild hair pulled back, cool mutton-chop sideburns, and a toned/lightly hairy body) wants personal trainer Nubius (good-looking with short black hair and a toned/hairy body) to show him a workout routine. After a little flirting, Aquarius gets right to sucking 'n licking hard nipples and down with some very hot deep 'n wet tongue kissing. Dude unzips the personal trainer's pants, pulling down red briefs, and reveals Nubius' dark pubes and large cut cock. He grabs that meaty bone giving it a few tugs before sliding it down his hungry gullet 'n giving some excellent head deep throating all the way down. Loud wet slurping sounds and moans fill the room as Nubius fucks his new client's mouth. Aquarius also uses his talented mouth on those hangy nuts making oral love to each one like he's never gonna have another chance. Nubius pulls the horny guy's cycling shorts down and out pops a long clipped dick.

Aquarius bends over allowing dude to munch down on his tight hairy hole with excellent close-ups of the pouting pucker and rimming. Tasty! Nubius knows how to give one heck of a tongue 'n finger fucking! Nubius slides in from behind and bangs Aquarius fast 'n hard while yanking on his long frizzy hair. There are some hot penetration shots from above as this horny fella porks his new buddy long 'n deep making him fill the air with heavy breathing and grunts of delight. The guys switch to some side/missionary with delicious penetration shots (and excellent close-ups) from the front and Aquarius holding his leg high in the air like a dancer completing stretching exercises. Well, it ain't his leg that's gettin' stretched! Ha! He then jacks his long dong and squirts a thick nut all over his chest 'n stomach. Nubius beats off dumping thick jizz on his friend's chin and tongue. 

Scene Four:

Jizz, a good-looking dude with short dark hair and a muscular/smooth body, is at the gym working out while wearing only a black tee shirt and jock strap. He soon strips off the shirt so that we can see his beautiful chest as he completes some sit-ups. After giving himself a rubdown with plenty of baby oil, Jizz shows the goods: shortly tripped pubes, large hangy nuts, and a big clipped tool. Dude is quickly hard and begins playing with himself stroking the shaft up 'n down, rubbing those delicious balls, and waggin' that one-eyed monster back 'n forth. There are plenty of close-ups of Jizz's meaty cock that will definitely have the viewer's mouth watering. Lying back with legs spread wide, we get a nice close-up look at that tight hairy bunghole and winking pucker. Jizz bends over showing us his hot bum while continuing to pull that pork. Moaning loudly, this horny guy dumps a big thick load of spunk on his stomach.

Scene Five:

G-Stunna (good-looking with very short dark hair and a toned/smooth body) is laying on the sofa pissed off when Treshawn (scene two) shows up trying to make nice after being gone for two days. G ain't too happy about his man alley-cattin' all over town. Treshawn's natural charm wins out and the dudes get down to some romantic soul kissing. Treshawn licks 'n sucks nipples on the way down, yanks G's blue jean 'n briefs off revealing full dark pubes and a meaty clipped piece of man meat. Dude strips down showing off his own big fat cut cock leading G to take that thang into his mouth and blow baby blow! Grabbing that thick shaft, G slides his gob up 'n down giving some very tasty head.

There are plenty of nice close-ups here of the dick suckin' while the air is filled with loud slurping sounds and moans of pleasure. After a slow face fuck and some delicious ball suckin', Treshawn munches down on G's tight shaved hole with some excellent close-ups of that pouting pucker and rim job. Hot! G clearly digs having his asshole eaten and fills the room with groans and little pouts. Treshawn slides his beef-stick into his lover's tight chute from behind and fucks him with nice 'n long strokes doggy style. G really cries out and makes all sorts of lusty pleasure 'n pain noises. I can't blame him. Treshawn's cock is large. There are nice penetration shots from above. Switching to the missionary position, Treshawn continues to plow G quick 'n lubed with excellent penetration shots from behind of that big dick sliding in 'n out and Treshawn's hangy nuts floppin' around.  

There's also a nice shot of Treshawn's tight hairy butthole.  "Fuck the shit outta me! Just like that, dog! Oh shit! The spot!" G is definitely lost in the moment with a stream of ramblings, groans, moans, and some sounds I've never heard before which is a huge turn on since it's all obviously real with no pretending. The guys groove into G playing a fun game of the ol' sink bounce without losing penetration. He rides up 'n down while Treshawn humps upward to keep on drilling for love juice. "Oh my ass!" There are more excellent penetration shots provided from behind. Treshawn beats off shooting a big thick load of jizz all over G's face. Dude this sucks that big cummy knob. Sadly, G doesn't bust a nut.


Deep Impact is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The handheld videography is strong providing full coverage of all the action with lots of mouth-watering close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex penetration. The picture can be a little grainy at times but this simply adds to the grittiness of the movie. Most of the picture quality is sharp 'n clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk and then get down with some hot man-on-man sexin'.....and there are some wild sex noises to be heard by G-Stunna!


The disc contains an interactive menu and scene selections. There are no bonus features.


This is one gritty 'n hot movie that successfully combines fast 'n hard sex with slow 'n tender moments.I found the plentiful soul kissing with deep wet tongues to be a huge turn-on. For some reason, I don't see this very often in movies featuring Black and Latino men so I applaud director Rob Greco for including this. The guys give wonderful sexual perfornaces and look to be very into each other and this sizzling combination of love-making and down 'n dirty butt fucking.  I Highly Recommend.

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