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Alluring Girls

Studio: Abbywinters.com » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 2/15/10

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Alluring Girls
An Abby Winters Release Distributed by Wicked Pictures
Starring:  Anneke, Giselle, Blaire & Jette.
Runtime: 1hr 52min
Keywords:  Girl-Girl, All-Natural, Where Did Our Love Go?

Brief Synopsis:  Another in a long line of chapters in Abby Winters' girl-girl series, and the first I've seen of them since their initial success-filled run via their distribution deal with Wicked Pictures in the United States.  Glory days they truly were, but what's happened since?  Let's find out!

[Scene One]  Anneke & Giselle  (56min)

We open with the girls chatting on a couch, Anneke (the slightly curvy blond) soon pointing a video camera at Giselle (the cooly gangly brunette) as she begins peeling off her layers of clothing.  The camera switches hands, and soon the two are kissing, topless, and hands-free.  Closer, the girls rub themselves together, with Giselle on top first, sitting upward and wrapping their legs around each other in a brief humping session.  Giselle picks up the camera again and records Anneke fingering her, pov-style, afterward setting it down on the floor and gripping her partner's ass cheeks before she's treated to and underwear-parting bit of oral sex.  Meanwhile, Giselle fingers Anneke as they strive to climax together, culminating in a crack of shrieking thanks to Anneke's well thrummed tongue.  

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The fingers keep flying every which way, and the girls settle back, legs cranked open, and fiddle themselves silly, loosely entwining their limbs, eventually evolving into a grinding spell of tribbing.  The two swap lips to hips, Giselle setting the camera up to Anneke's crotch as she laps away (we don't see much, unfortunately, but I suppose it's the thought that counts?), sticking one of her wary fingers into Anneke's flipped over booty with her index.  Giselle strokes her crotch against Anneke's thigh until her quells die down, falling into a cuddle session moments afterward.  We fade into comedown time, with both girls glowing and complimenting one another, and with Giselle particularly fond of the power of wielding a camera on her partner, and vice versa.  It all devolves into a final moment of Anneke noticing a cat outside their kitchen door, which she promptly lets in.  Though only a precious amount of sex actually does take place here (34 minutes, to be exact), what remains is light, breezy, and curious: Giselle poking Anneke's ass is probably the only risque moment, though the girls' close humpings are stroke-worthy indeed.  More curious is giving the pair a camera, which results in a few interesting angles, even as another two capture the action as it's happening; it feels like a dugout cam, if you will, though the we barely are offered a full glance of either girls, well, dugouts, in clear.  The sex is gently heated, though the overall chemistry is resolutely average.  Tame, baby, just tame.

[Scene Two]  Blaire & Jette  (56min)

Predating the action, we find Blaire (sandy blond, stout) and Jette (dyed redhead, supremely & beautifully pale) sorting through the hangings in a wardrobe, trying a few quick outfits on and critiquing their fits before catching each other in half-dress, compliments turning into kisses as they settle down onto the floor.  Undoing their underwear (and tearing at least one pair of tights), the girls giggle and slowly but surely work towards an oral play on Jette.  Blaire quick licks flutter between her fingers jutting into Jette, leaning up to kiss soon after she's mildly pleased with the results of her partner's mouth workings.  Setting Blaire atop a chair, Jette sets her kisses between her other's thighs, tickling her piercing while, somewhat oddly, a flurry of street noise seeps into the soundtrack.  The girls turn's of fingering continues, with Blaire taking control, somewhat, and swatting Jette with a tiny toy drum a few times before diving back head-first into her scene sister's slit, enough to cause Jette to balance herself on the tips of her toes before settling down again.  Jette returns the favor by folding herself on Blaire, wiggly until she screams.  The two conclude with a scissoring trib, writhing until they peak and rushing to kiss each other in the final moments. 

Afterward, wrapped in blankets, the girls suggest pro tips for future enthusiasts between their high-reaching smiles.  Jette is the true draw here, as she's fit both being lightly tossed around by Blaire (that toy swatting is quite cute) and forms more closed-eye passion overall.  Blaire keeps her end of the twisting up to par, though her mood is slightly more solemn.  Once again, the sex is exclusively only a half-hour chunk of true material, but all of that pre/post footage only makes me yearn to see the wardrobe department (more beautiful girls, two to be exact) naked, cheery as they are.  Or perhaps the mildness of the scene kept my mind elsewhere?


Bonus Features
Six Trailers apiece per Abby Winters line (Girls Solo & Girl-Girl categories) are included (12 total, 1min per), along with an eight minute Slide Show featuring high quality pics, and an additional online teaser, to boot.  As the bulk of the usual behind the scenes material is included before and after the scenes themselves, it's no wonder why most of this section is bare and a little limp.

Audio/Visual Quality
Presented in 1.85:1, 16x9 enhanced HD, the picture is clean and wavers along a white-edged spectrum.  Both scenes are shot indoors with plenty of supplied, balanced light, handy for whatever corners those girls tend to disappear in while lost in the heat of the moment.  Blaire and Jette's scene is framed slightly voyeur-esque style while Anneke and Giselle's romp is aided by the brief sections of point-of-view capture by the girls themselves.  Though the style of the shooting eschews up-close or even clear shots of anyone's privates, some peepers (myself included) will find more disappointment among the highlighted action, even with all that tribbing happening every which way.  The camerawork is mostly controlled overall, though the self-shooting of the first scene may leave a few woozy.  Audio-wise, the curious incident of the passing traffic in the second scene is odd (an open window?  We may never know.), but the overall track is moderate, free of distortion but occasionally losing the close patter during the post-glow.

Overall Thoughts
Though I still hold high value in the Abby Winters aesthetic, Alluring Girls feels truly tepid when considering their truly great titles of yore.  The highest possible recommendation would be to Rent It first, and seek out the titles from their back catalog according to your specific wants and desires (softer, rougher, pinker, etc.).  The disc just teeters the line of being truly exciting, though the subdued and quieter nature of the film will appeal to those less excitable types.  As I've said before, I found myself drifting away from the actual action, lusting after members of the crew behind the camera on more than one occasion, especially during Jette and Blaire's scene (sadly).  However, plus one camera antics of Giselle and Anneke did liven up their scene, even if their final moments of coitus seemed all to brief, and, well, quiet.  But maybe what hurts is the chemistry between the girls feels so middle-of-the road (a common complaint with the firm, but usually overshadowed by the veracity of the sex - usually).  The overall run time, even in this day and age, is skimpier than ever, with the actual action occupying just a hour or so of the disc: never one of the company's strong points, but what once felt like restraint now feels like getting the short end of the stick.  For a company that once stood as the pinnacle of girl-girl material, their evolution seems to have stopped, maybe even regressed.  Try harder, Abby Winters.

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