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Peep Show 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 1/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Peep Show 4
A Mike John Production Released by Jules Jordan Video
Directed By Mike John
Starring:  Gracie Glam, Kylee Reese, Roxy Reed, Carmen McCarthy, Vanessa Leon & Andy San Dimas.
With:  Steve Holmes, James Deen, Sean Michaels, Steven French & Erik Everhard
Runtime:  2hrs 28min
Condoms?:  None.
Keywords:  Gonzo, Semi-Tough, Interracial, Drool

Brief Synopsis:  Director Mike John ganders at a few choice pairings in lieu of his classic point-of-view style, bringing out several storied stars of the pro circuit.  Previous entries into this series has featured a bit of rougher action (choking, copious amounts of spitting); may the faint be warned.
- Disc One -

[Scene One]  Gracie Glam  (with Steve Holmes & James Deen)

In a killer pivot, Gracie's purple two-piece threatens to snap off at any moment, though she poses for a few minutes as Steve and James leer down atop a set of winding stairs.  Meeting up on her knees, Gracie takes a prick in each hand and widens her smile, sucking away as the three eventually settle on a nearby couch.  She plants herself in reverse cowgirl with Steve while jerking James off, with either dude tightening their free grip around Gracie's neck.  She's a little skittish at first, warming up as the bumping rises up, and as both James and Steve trade places.  Steve licks her sweet little button while Gracie inhales James' pole, getting her hair pulled on in the process.  James flips into spooning, allowing Steve to kiss, choke and serve his wang in between Gracie's huffing lips, always with an extra hand to hold her by the throat (and he does just that).  He plows into her, doggy-style, at which point Gracie trombones James, tugging on his horn amidst all that deep licking - in the meantime, Steve fingers her exit hole.  James settles on in reverse cowgirl, morphing into side-saddling, all while Steve is served his own portion of hole munching, Gracie lapping between his cheeks as James bumps along steadily.  The fellas smack every and any jiggling part of our young lady, twhapping her face and leading her around by her sweat-filled mane.  Classic cowgirl for Steve beckons James to swap Gracie into doggy, eventually using her feet to rub one (James) while the other is treated to an upside-down blow job (Steve).  All of that gymnastic battery pays off for Gracie, earning a pulled-off dose from James (and swallowing his drops), as well as a rocket spurt of white from Steve (who overshoots, bouncing goo across the couch, sparing a few for Gracie straightaway).

Amidst all the madness, Gracie is a fine sport, indeed.  During the times she's able to properly vocalize her enjoyment (that is, when she's not being choked, tattered or lightly slapped), her crowing is as ample as the curves of her body.  While most performers would balk at being tossed around as she is here, the nineteen year old Gracie seems proto-olympian in both the nastiness (all that salad tossing) and her cool flexibility (that final stretch of foot jobbing).  It's a dazzling display, though the extent to which she's able to be manhandled may turn off the more timid sort, if only for a time.  As the kids say, up up and away!

[Scene Two]  Kylee Reese  (with Sean Michaels)

After a poolside preen, Kylee slinks out of her neon pink bikini indoors, her nipples and clit pierced with tiny barbells.  The camera shifts to catch Sean, who's been taking it all in, mosey toward Kylee with a leather blindfold.  Affixed, he kisses and whispers sweetly to her, drifting down between her thighs and attending to what Kylee's fingers have already begun to fiddle with.  On her knees, she wraps her tongue around his pole, letting Sean hold her head and jolt and hold it in.  Kylee jerks him between open mouthed pouts before settling down, couch bound, in a swift cowgirl rumble.  A little gliding onward, blindfold off, she leans over for a taste, sliding herself against a wall and presenting her ass outward for Sean to marvel at (in exchange, he tongues her asshole).  He pulls on Kylee's hair in doggy, shifting to the couch with another interlude of ass worshiping afterward, Sean taking out a small leather crop perforated with a heart, swatting away.

The oomph continues in even more doggy action, reverse cowgirl allowing Kylee to pump into Sean between hand strokes, all until she shatters into orgasm and flies backward into him.  Sean dines once again on her sweet snicket, Kylee filling herself up with four of her own fingers in the process.  He spoons and folds her legs up in missionary, deep dicking his way into her until he jumps up, already jizzing in-process as he spills his juice over her chin and chest, with Kylee wagging her tongue around the throb afterward.  While Sean takes every chance he can to ogle, both gently and with that small crop in hand, Kylee's ass, the pair's momentum flourishes throughout the scene quite nicely, with an even amount of tension from either partner along the way.  With all that finger-stuffing, cheek thwapping and spit dripping, and along with their continual amount of grinning and smiling all the way through, it's hard to find fault with their work here.  A great scene!

[Scene Three]  Roxy Reed  (with Steven French)

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Oiling herself up by the pool, sleek Roxy keeps mum in between a few bends for the camera, going indoors where a purple butt plug and canister of lube await her.  Arching her legs apart, she slowly waddles the plug between her cheeks, prodding it into her ass in long stretches.  Steve appears and licks both her holes, poking Roxy's mouth with his knob while her self-toying continues.  Cowgirl begins the straight-on coitus, with Roxy tightening up those buns as she bounces her ounces down onto Steve's slippery wick, he fiddling with her ass with a free hand and bringing his fingers up for her to taste.  Spooning, she wiggles her clit into a frenzy, pulling Steve's pork into her rump easily and gripping the arms of the couch as the fucking goes ass-bound and heady. 

He lifts her up for reverse cowgirl, filling the air with the sound of balls swatting in a rhythmic pump.  Turning around for cowgirl (again, anally), Roxy oohs and ahhs her own way down Steve's prick, keeping the humping at a swelled pace, fading out and into doggy position for even more anal antics.  Legs spread apart, Steve goes in for missionary, eventually splicing Roxy's legs together right before showing off her now well-worn gape, juice bubbling out (!).  They revert back to pussy-bound chicanery for even more missionary, Roxy tasting the benefits as they go onward into doggy.  With those very last plugs away, Steve delivers a cream pie into her slit, squeezing it out and letting it drip across her legs.  While the copious amount of delicious ass-mastery is a sight to see (especially with buns as tight as Roxy's), the overall enthusiasm seems to be lacking on Roxy's end, even though she does perk up during the final run.  Overall, she says nary a word to Steve, which is a tad frustrating, but her close-lipped mannerism do well up and tear away eventually (even if only for a few moments here and there).  Otherwise, the creamed finish is glorious, though you may wonder if you're watching a silent movie at times.

- Disc Two -

[Scene Four]  Carmen McCarthy  (with Steve Holmes)

When we find Carmen she's already slinking across the floor, staring down the camera, tarted and glossy.  Just a few feet above, Steve keeps watch, waiting for her to climb up the stairs latch onto his unzipped pants through the iron rails: briefly, in point of view style, he gets his wish.  Eventually they meet on a single level, wherein Carmen inhales his tube steak, continuing atop a couch as his digits wander and poke into her slender sherbet.  Once she points her rump outward, Steve dives in and laps up her holes in preparation for doggy-style fucking, causing Carmen to purr and moan.  Afterward she keels in for a taste, furiously rubbing her snatch as she slobbers on Steve's dick.  The wiggle waggle continues once they spoon, with Carmen still in her heels as she stands to serve up a titty fuck. 

Missionary against the edge of the couch leads to Steve partaking in more of Carmen's ass by mouth, leading to a fine bit of stroking in classic cowgirl.  Reverse and a deep pile in doggy follow, with Carmen sucking on Steve's balls before she hollers away in side saddle.  It all concludes with a fine release of yelp by our girl, with her fella delivering his seed into her open jaws (she streaks it out and rubs his prick against her nipples).  Though the sex does deliver quite a few noteworthy moments, Carmen plays more toward the camera than to Steve; a minor annoyance, but one that does cause the scene to dip in quality.  Carmen seems to be lost in a kind of semi-permeable pose-happy zone, coming up to meet her partner only on occasion, but always with her eyes to the lens.  Still, she's quite a wonder to witness, though I wonder if she'll remember Steve a year or so later.

[Scene Five]  Vanessa Leon  (with Erik Everhard)

We fade in on Vanessa masturbating alone in bed, eyes closed and giggling once director Mike and his crew begin to chat her up, mentioning how pleased she'll be once her scene partner Erik arrives.  He gently cranks her legs apart once he does enter the frame, causing Vanessa to nervously rattle off a series of "oh my god"s as he sucks on her already worked-up clam.  After a spell of fingers and whispers, Vanessa unzips Erik's pole for a good stroking session via her open mouth, continuing onto the floor.  Bending her over, he indulges in her brown hole, digging his tongue inside before bopping her pussy in doggy. 

The jacking chugs onward in reverse cowgirl atop the bed, Vanessa clasping her hand in frequent rub as Erik thumps away.  Such energy gets the best of Vanessa, who sputters and writhes uncontrollably, hopping away into a spooned position, running out of breath as her partner sucks her clit yet again.  In side saddle, the pair takes turns fucking Vanessa's slit with their able and willing fingers, switching to cowgirl and back again, with plenty of mid-tastes dotting their path.  Missionary finally leads to Erik standing above her, Vanessa jerking his cock and planting the resultant goo across her eyes and nose.  While she is quite the excitable sort, Vanessa does have quite a fine time with Erik, even if her incantations may turn some off (there is such a thing as being too excited).  Her specialty seems to be being fucked, letting Erik take the wheel as she keeps her eyes closed and focuses on achieving all of those orgasms that she so expertly loosens.  For some, perfect, but for others it may seem semi-detached.

[Scene Six]  Andy San Dimas  (with Sean Michaels)

Once again we're poolside, this time with Andy keenly misting in the sunlight, crouching down beside a standing Sean and kissing his prick for a bit before heading to the bedroom.  Untying what remains of her ensemble, Andy fondles and holds his sturdy trunk, twisting her hands and slobbing it with spit, letting Sean push her head close for maximum oral depth.  She shivers when uncorked, gasping and coating her chest with the results as she steadily soldiers on.  He, with a cigar between his teeth, holds her close before setting her ass toward the ceiling, licking her lean spread of booty and wetting her tiny hole with his darting tongue and thumbs.  Andy's intake of that massive knob in cowgirl is quite intense, slowly flexing down onto Sean until she's well enough for longer pulls, with cunnilingus assists via her partner. 

The goosing continues with Andy cranking her legs up high (still in heels!), braying away happily as the two shift into missionary (and, again, with those stems of hers held even higher!).  Between clenched teeth and more southern kisses, Andy keeps the room echoing with her delight as Sean hits into via pile driver plunging.  Reverse cowgirl, along with more ass patter, leads into a shoulder-holding doggy run, with Andy constantly capping her clit with a free hand as Sean humps away once again in missionary.  Spooning brings him to the cusp, raising himself up and coating Andy's face and open mouth with his spuzz, which she foams and gurgles before sending it down her gullet.  As with Sean's previous scene, the chemistry between he and Andy is electric, with plenty of slobbering, ass teasing/tasting (of her), and smooth gliding, along with the requisite course bellowing that she does so well.  Such a fine bang is a swell way to end the disc on a high note: it's a simple as that! 

Bonus Material

A Behind the Scenes (38min) section is exactly that, with Carmen candidly explaining her mysterious leg bruises to the crew (which begs one to wonder where that affable energy went to once her scene began), Kylee goofing around with Sean and cameraman Tim Von Swine pre/post scene, Erik's preparatory rituals before his jaunt with Vanessa, and the near-feral James and Steve latching onto Gracie as director Mike gasps at her very presence ("you're the type of girl that could destroy a guy twice your age," and he's right).  The two can't help themselves enough, and they indulge in a bit of preliminary fucking before disappearing into the shadows once again.  A Cum Shot Recap (6min) is handy enough for all those spurts, and an additional scrolling Photo Gallery (6min), Cast List, and six Trailers for other Mike John releases are also included (with the requisite Web Site links, as well).  Being that the movie itself is generous, length-wise, as it is (each scene clocking in around 45 minutes per), the bonus content offers a nice glance into the production, even if much of it is fluffy to the touch.

Audio/Visual Quality
Presented in 1.78:1, 16x9 enhanced format, the picture quality mostly sticks to a genuine palette veering on the earth-toned part of the color spectrum, skin tones appearing slightly softer than usual (especially in all the scenes, save Vanessa's, which was shot in a brightened white room).  Shadows tend to overtake the less spacious shots (Roxy's scene, in particular, suffers a bit of low-ground exposure), with most close-ups attuned accordingly.  Sharpness does become an issue from time to time, though nothing that will cause you to squint all too much.  The standard 2.0 audio is problematic, as it flattens the lower register more often than not, causing a great deal of that aforementioned close whispering to be muffled and chunked.  The dynamic range is free of hiss, however, peaking without any distortion to speak of.  Semi-problematic as it is, the presentation is fine enough, though probably not quite up to par for close listening (sadly).

Final Thoughts
This being the fourth of Mike's Peep Show series, the material treads fine line between his other related series, though the focus on partnered, sometimes rougher sex is certainly the biggest draw here.  Gracie and Andy's scenes, respectably, are quite pleasure inducing, with the former being choked by her partners (in a semi-loving fashion I might add), and the latter vaulting atop her partner's cock with glee.  Likewise, Kylee's work with Sean similarly brings the best out of their conjoined beasts, though Carmen and Vanessa's enthusiasm may cause you question what the fourth wall really is in the first place.  And though her ass is poked and prodded, Roxy's hush hush behavior leads her scene to be more of a slog than a truly excited viewing experience.  Overall, it's Recommended, especially for those who are seeking a bit of a harder edge than most, especially when refracted within those truly dynamite pairings that work out so well.  Yippee!

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