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Skuff 4 Downright Fierce

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Year: 2009

Directed By: Steven Scarborough


Kyle King, Ross Hurston, Johnny Gunn, Ethan Wolfe, Vince Ferelli, Paul Wagner, Josh West, Andrew Justice, Brendan Davies, Luke Davies, Derrek Diamond, and Race Cooper.

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 44 Minutes. Yes. I love that the actors are shown rolling the rubbers on!

Scene one:

Paul Wagner (good-looking with short brown hair, heavy beard stubble and a toned/hairy body) is locked in a cage wearing a chain harness, black jock strap, and black boots. Dude is begging for cock while Josh West (good-looking with short dark hair, beard, hairy muscular body and wearing a leather harness, jock strap, and black boots) verbally abuses his captive man toy in a highly aggressive way. "Fuck you! Fuckin' lower that head!" Paul wants some dick and Josh is more than happy to fill the order. Dude yanks his jock open and out pops a big meaty cut cock. "Come on. Open that mouth up!" Paul grabs that thang and goes to town slobbering up 'n down, cramming his throat full, and performing an excellent jaw job. Josh digs the head and quickly begins fucking Paul's willing face fast 'n hard. Paul is released from the cage forcing Josh down on his knees to suck that stiff clipped dick. Dude fucks Josh's face with force as payback for being locked up for so long.

Josh is definitely up for the task taking the meat deep throat all the way down with plenty of gagging 'n spit. The tables have clearly been turned as Paul becomes the aggressor. Hot! Switching gears, Josh munches down on Paul's tight hairy asshole with plenty of mouth-watering camera shots of wet tongue on winking man-pucker.  "Eat my fuckin' ass!" Josh slides his large tool up Paul's hole from behind and fucks him fast, smooth, 'n hard with excellent penetration shots from behind. The dudes are very into the butt fucking filling the room with all sorts of man-sex sounds. Switching positions, Paul plays the good ol' sink/bounce humping up 'n down like a man out of control. The guys stand facing each other beating their meat. Paul squirts a huge wet load that sprays everywhere. He then kneels in front of his bud leading Josh to yank that thang cutting loose with a big load hitting Paul's face 'n chest. Wow!

Scene Two:

Johnny Gunn (good-looking with closely-cropped brown hair, beard, heavy tats and muscular/hairy body) is hogtied on a wooden table wearing only a black jock strap, black boots, and a black dildo up his asshole. The hunky thang is desperately trying to get loose and making plenty of heavy breathing and grunting noises. The word "oink" is painted in large blue letters on the wall behind him.   Andrew Justice (good-looking with short reddish-brown hair, heavy beard stubble, toned/lightly hairy body, and wearing a black latex costume) wonders in and watches Johnny's struggle enjoying every moment of it. Andrew calls the captive a "piggy", slaps his beautiful butt, and works the dildo in 'n outta Johnny's tight manhole making him loudly moan with pleasure. "What do you want?" "I want your big fuckin' cock in my ass!"

Well, at least we know that these dudes are on the same sexual page. "I want you to fuckin' use my hole! Use my hole!" Andrew straddles Johnny making him eat his tight hairy bunghole. Johnny obviously digs eating ass and there are some very hot camera shots of him tonguing that man-cunt. "Get your tongue in there, piggy!" Andrew rides Johnny's face moaning and working the dildo on dude's chute. Andrew finally releases his large cut cock and gives a groovy face fucking. Johnny loves that meat and goes hog wild giving excellent head. "Take that big dick in your throat!"  "Fuckin' quit teasing me!  Stick your cock in me!"  Andrew pulls the dildo out and slides his prick in fucking Johnny doggy-style fast with excellent penetration shots from above. These guys are totally into each other and the rough action.

"Fuckin' use my ass!" Switching up the action, Andrew chows down on Johnny's big cut meat cramming it down his throat 'n giving some wild head. Holding onto the ropes, Johnny gets his tight shaved butthole eaten with excellent camera shots of the rimming. Turning back to more butt fucking, Johnny plays sink/bounce while continuing to hold on to those ropes. Johnny goes wild humping up 'n down and with Johnny's fast upward thrusts, dude gets banged like there's no tomorrow. The penetration shots are excellent showing that big dong working in 'n out of that butt. Deranged with lust, Johnny jacks off while still screwing and sprays a large wet load all over Andrew's latex covered chest. Johnny then licks up that delicious jizz. Andrew chokes that beef squirting a big wet load on his latex chest. Intense scene! Aggressive

Scene Three:

Kyle King (good-looking with a dark military buzz cut, goatee and toned/smooth body) is in a deserted building wearing only a black jock strap and dog collar. Oh yeah. He also has a large flesh-colored dildo and some lube. Dude greases the sex toy, and slowly slides down filling his tight chute. Breathing heavily 'n pulling on his dog collar, Kyle pleasures his hungry bunghole by riding up 'n down. There are excellent penetration shots from behind of that rubber phallus sliding in 'n outta his most private place. Brendan Davies (handsome with closely-cropped gray hair, beard, and muscular/hairy body) enters the room wearing some groovy black latex. Also on hand is hunky latex-clad Luke Davies (closely-cropped brown hair, goatee, and muscular/hairy body). These horny butch dudes obviously have sexual plans for Kyle. As water begins pouring from the ceiling, Brendan grabs the dildo and gives Kyle's asshole a good workout. Brendan spreads Kyle's butt cheeks and munches down on that tight lightly-hairy hole with plenty of mouth-watering shots of the rimming.

 While having is ass eaten, Kyle chows down on Luke's fat/veiny pierced uncut cock cramming as much as he can down his gob giving some very good head. Brendan and Luke seem to have a "thing" for each other and get down with some highly erotic deep tongue kissing while taking care of their new buddy. Brendan offers his fat clipped 'n pierced dong to Kyle who goes down and begins switching back 'n forth sucking the two tools while the butch dudes continue to make out. Kyle is starved for throbbing man-pork and gorges on those delicious dongs. Dude gives excellent head deep throating with ease. Rolling Kyle over onto his back, Brendan blows Luke like a champ receiving a tasty face fucking. The dudes lift their new pal's legs in the air; Brendan slides a rubber on, and sinks his pulsing manhood up that twitching hole. Dude fucks Kyle in the side/missionary position while Kyle sucks Luke's prick. There are plenty of hot penetration shots from the front as Brendan pounds that snug man-tunnel.

These guys are clearly into each other and the action. It's darn intense! All three are half crazed with lust! Switching up, Luke bangs the heck outta Kyle's asshole doggy-style while Kyle hungrily devours Brendan's beef 'n gets his mouth fucked. There are excellent penetration shots from above as Luke pulls all the way out and slams right back in. Kyle is gonna have very sore butthole by the end of this scene, baby! Changing up again, Brendan screws dude in the missionary position fast 'n hard. Kyle simply cannot get enough! "Please! Harder!" Dude is insatiable....or at least his asshole and mouth are. Tag team time! Brendan pulls out and Luke is right there to sink in leading the guys to take multiple turns on that hot man-pussy with excellent close-ups from behind. Brendan beats off shooting a thick load all over Kyle's jock strap and stomach. Luke works his beautiful foreskin back 'n forth and shoots thick jizz on Kyle's face/goatee. "Cum Pig!"

Scene Four:

Chrome and hot leather! Race Cooper (Good-looking with short black hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body) is decked out in black leather gear looking like one hot 'n mysterious mother fucker leaning against his chopper. Derrek Diamond (good-looking with short brown hair, beard stubble and a toned/smooth body) has his eyes fixed on Race with a look of pure lust. Dude definitely digs what he sees. No words are spoken as the guys size one another up and rub their baskets. Derrek find the courage to make his way over leading Race to place a black dog collar on his new buddy. Deep wet tongue sucking and body feeling ensues making the dudes hot as fire crackers.

Race orders Derrek on his knees ("come on, fucker!), leading the shy guy to chow down on that big cut ebony cock. Derrek is clearly hungry for man meat and chows down giving a high quality blow job. Race digs the sucking and begins guiding Derrek's head for a hot face fuck. "Yeah, come on. Service me. Worship it! Come on fucker, choke on it, fucker!" Derrek straddles the chopper allowing Race to munch down on his tight hairy hole with hot camera shots the rimming and tongue on pucker action. Derrek loves having his manhole eaten and fills the room with loud heavy breathing 'n moans. "Oh yeah! Eat my ass!" 

"Fuckin' tasty butt!" Race manhandles Derrek over to a cement wall and slides his meat in from behind fucking fast, smooth, 'n hard with excellent penetration shots from below. "Open up for me, come on!" The dudes change positions so Race is now porking Derrek missionary style with groovy penetration shots from above. Switching the action once again, Race releases Derrek's meaty cut cock from the confines of his black jock strap and chows down feasting on that tube steak and giving excellent head with plenty of deep throat. The guys then get back to fucking in the missionary position with explicit deep 'm forceful penetration shots from behind. Derrek beats his meat while being pounded shooting a large thick load on his chest and stomach. Race pulls his pork spraying a huge wet load all over Derrek.

Scene Five:

Muscle-hunk Vince Ferelli (handsome with dark hair, smooth body) is dressed in black leather and has been chained up for someone's personal play-thang. Dude loudly grunts as he tries to break free. Sexy culprits Ross Hurston (good-looking with very short brown hair, heavy beard stubble and a toned/hairy body) and Ethan Wolf (good-looking with closely-cropped dark hair, goatee and a toned/smooth body), both clad in black latex, are in for a huge surprise when Vince breaks free. The dudes begin licking 'n worshiping their former captive's huge muscle-bound thighs. "Like the taste of those legs?" Vince is now clearly in control of the situation and will make these guys bow down to his every command. Ethan is so turned on that he starts licking Vince's black boots! "Yeah! Lick up all that sweat!"

Vince releases his hard cut cock from the black leather jock leading the guys to chow down on his man-meat giving some very hot head while Ross jacks his unclipped pork and Ethan strokes his huge meaty clipped flesh-monster. Fucking hot! These dudes are in heat! Vince blows Ethan's mouth-watering slab of man-pork cramming it down his gullet while Ethan get's down on Ross' delicious unclipped prick. All three know how to suck a mean cock! This is some sizzling action with the guys kissing deep wet tongues, guiding cocks into each other's mouths, and simply gorging on anything in clear sight. Ethan straddles Vince and fucks his face without mercy. Naturally, Vince has no problems and allows that thick thang down his throat as Ross blows Vince.

Frantic man-sex at its best! Grunts, growls, and heavy breathing fill the air. Ross spreads Ethan's butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy hole, spits on it, and munches down giving one heck of an ass eating. There are excellent camera shots of the rimming and tongue on pulsing pucker! Ross slides a rubber on and sinks into Ethan's snug hole from behind fucking him with fast 'n hard with excellent penetration shots from behind while Ethan blows Vince. Switching up, Ethan plows Vince's tight hairy hole fast 'n wild with splendid penetration shots from behind while Vince gets down on Ross' rod. Ross wants a piece and screws Vince doggy-style like a man outta control as he and Ethan make out. To finish up this out-of-bounds sex party, the dudes beat off with Ross shooting a large thick load on Vince's stomach, Vince spraying a huge wet load all over the place, and Ethan dumping thick jizz on Vince's thigh. Wow!


Skuff 4: Downright Fierce is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Andre Adair is superb covering all the action with plenty of excellent close-ups of the deep tongue kissing, cock sucking, rimming, and butt sex penetration. The picture quality is excellent: sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk. The wild man-sex noises will astound you!


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, previews for Masterpiece, Dickin' Around, Locker Room, a cumshot compilation, and fuck compilation.


Wow! Steven Scarborough is one of the strongest directors working in gay porn. He directs with a firm hand and knows how to create an excellent film. The Videography by Andre Adair is excellent as is the Editing and Sound Design by David C., Lighting by Richard Board, Art Direction by Roma, and Music by Rock Hard. I would also like to give a big shout out to Creative Director Brent Smith and Director of Production Robert Drake. The guys are all awesome, give no-holds barred performances, and truly look to be enjoying the action and each other. I Highly Recommend!

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