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Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 29

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/31/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian, Milf

Director: Kay Brandt (first and third scenes), Dan O'Connell (second and fourth)

Cast: Ariella Ferrera, Rebeca Linares, Hayden Night, Persia Monir, Katrina Kelley, Kita Zen, Chloe Dash, June Summers

Length: 171 minutes

Date of Production: 2009

Extras: Despite not having a Behind the Scenes segment, the promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of its titles in its stable. The eight promos are AVN 2009, 2008 Girlfriends Films, Promo Trailers, Promo Trailers 2, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Triangles, Women Seeking Women, and Road Queen. The eight trailers Backstage Girls, Imperfect Angels 6, Twisted Passions 5, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 9, Bus Stops, Road Queen 12, Women Seeking Women 58, and Field of Schemes 6. A nice looking photo gallery is also included. Of course, website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview:  Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Volume 29 is the twenty-ninth installment of Girlfriends Films' very popular and successful Lesbian Seductions series. This studio sets forth the objective of creating "... the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video." It's in the pursuit of this goal that allows the actresses to be gentle and act sincere towards each other. The viewer really feels the chemistry between the performers. It's both highly sensual and heartwarming. As to the magic of June Summers, her friendly demeanor and sensuous foreplay generate the top-notch sexual heat in her scenes. Ms. Summers' on-screen personality makes the audience fall in love with her. As to Ariella Ferrera, Persia Monir, and Katrina Kelley, they are fast becoming valuable players for this studio and continue to marvel the Girlfriends Films' loyal fans. As to who wrote these scenes, Kay Brandt wrote three of them. The one vignette with June Summers had no script.

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Scene One: Ariella Ferrera is talking to her new assistant Rebeca Linares. After spending some time in the laundry room, they eventually end up in Ms. Ferrera's master bedroom. I like the on-again, off-again Spanish banter between them. It creates an even more sensual and sexy atmosphere. Rebeca tries on her new employer's panties since the assistant mentioned that it is a Spanish tradition to wear one's boss' intimates. Moments later, Ariella blindfolds her and kisses her neck. She also removes the woman's clothing. They kiss nicely. After Ariella kisses Rebeca's body, the assistant takes off the blindfold and they kiss and caress each other. Soon, Ms. Ferrera's dress is removed. After more liplock activity, Ariella tastes the cute woman's peach. The action moves onto the couch where Miss  Linares climbs on top of her. They kiss briefly before Rebeca focuses on pleasuring her new employer's lovely womanhood. Rebeca's oral technique is a huge turn-on for both Ariella and the viewer. Her eye contact is hot. Ariella's body is so beautiful. Rebeca's rub-a-dub really turns the lady of the house on. Then, she pleasantly tongue fucks her assistant's feminine jewel with much determination. Next, her manual and oral workout becomes more passionate. Afterwards, Rebeca sucks Ariella's snatch with good energy. The playful women kiss again. Soon, Rebeca rubs her pretty employer's flower rapidly. A scissors hump follows with Ariella being the instigator. The energy level is solid. Afterwards, while kissing, they rub each other's loveboxes. Their bodies look hot together. Next, Ms. Ferrera rubs and sucks Miss Linares' peach with adorable fondness. Rebeca's facial expressions tell the viewer that her inner sensations are getting to her. Next, the woman sits on her assistant's mouth so that Rebeca can taste her honeycomb and quench her thirst. Their laughter is cute. A 69 follows with Miss Linares on top. The intensity level rises and there is a good balance of showing both ends of the action. Rebeca's moans sound very emotional. Nevertheless, there is still laughter afterwards. They kiss next. Then, the lady scissors Ariella. The duo's chemistry is sexy and steamy. They sizzle on screen. It is quite evident that they are enjoying each other immensely. Rebeca sucks the woman's tits. There is more exciting humping action that follows while Miss Linares caresses Ms. Ferrera's breasts. Finally, the ladies kiss again as Rebeca lays on top of her.

Scene Two: Hayden Night shows up at Persia Monir's home. After talking about personal matters, Hayden heads upstairs and sneaks into the closet. Moments later, Ms. Monir finds her and takes Hayden's mother's ring away from the young lady. After briefly locking herself in the bathroom, Hayden lets Ms. Monir in. The woman of the house puts the moves on her and leads her to the bedroom. Hayden lays on the bed as Persia kisses her despite Miss Night's reluctancy. Soon, Persia gets on top of her and more kissing occurs. Their lip lock activity becomes more sensual and less rigid. All of a sudden, their sexual chemistry rises to another level. After Ms. Monir's bra comes off, Hayden sucks and caresses her bosoms very nicely. The shots of her titty play are a huge turn-on. The titty play and their kissing activity feel steamy. Next, a beautiful Persia caresses her guest's breasts and Hayden squeezes the woman's tits solidly. After more kissing action, Persia removes Miss Night's bra. Then, she sucks her boobies and plays with them. Their eye contact is good. Later, Ms. Monir humps her effectively. Then, she rubs Hayden's muffin while Hayden orally and manually works on her rack. Persia looks so enticing that it is very easy to fall for her especially when you look into her eyes. Afterwards, Persia focuses on pleasuring Hayden's pink love pastry. Their adorable kissing moments occur briefly. Suddenly, she positions herself closer to Miss Night's sexual playground where she places her full attention on it. Persia's smile is cute as well as her vocal comments. The finger fucking moments feel sensual especially when the woman shows her guest on how to pleasure her the right way. Later, Persia lays on her back so that Hayden can work on her sexual plaything with more intensity. They kiss as Hayden humps her with good enthusiasm. Their chemistry remains high and sweet when Ms. Monir sucks on the lady's peach again. The intensity heightens as Hayden moans louder and squirms on the bed. Their lovely smiles are touching and endearing. After more hot pussy eating by Persia, she climbs on top of the adorable Hayden and they kiss.

Scene Three: Kita Zen is at Katrina Kelley's place. She misses her military boyfriend who is over at Iraq. Ms. Kelley also misses him too. Later, Katrina takes a saddened young lady to her bedroom where she shows her some letters that her guy had written to her back in high school. Kita cries because she misses him so much. The woman comforts her and they end up kissing. Their chemistry builds nicely and smoothly. It gains in intensity as Miss Zen caresses her breast. Some sensuous looking titty sucking by the women occur as well as sexy kissing action. The pussy rubbing moments are sweet. Suddenly, Katrina focuses on Miss Zen's feminine jewel with a tender oral suck. Later, she applies added manual stimulation that makes Kita moan louder. Her rub-a-dubbing technique is quite effective in turning the woman on. Then, Ms. Kelley humps her nicely while Kita sucks her bosoms. Her humping action gains more energy. The tit sucking shots are hot. Then, Miss Zen places her attention on pleasuring Katrina's lovely looking womanhood with good adoration. Her determination is steady. The lady of the house looks very enticing. Afterwards, they kiss. Next, Ms. Kelley sucks her snatch passionately. Kita's moans sound cool. They kiss. Katrina rubs the woman's clit and Kita moans uncontrollably with glee. Finally, they kiss.

Scene Four: Chloe Dash shows June Summers her cheerleader's outfit. Much later in the day around bedtime, June climbs into Chloe's bed. Since she wants to see her boobs, Ms. Summers unbuttons her shirt and caresses the young lady's titties. Moments later, June exposes her own lovely rack. Next, they touch each other's breasts. Suddenly, the woman runs her hand down Chloe's cute body. They kiss despite Miss Dash's reluctancy. Later, Chloe rubs the woman's crotch. They kiss again, but this time it feels more personal. June feels underneath Chloe's pajamas bottoms and rubs her love spot. The women continue to kiss. Ms. Summers' rubbing action is very lengthy and steady. Her technique assists in building their intimacy factor. Later, she removes Chloe's pants and continues to concentrate on her pretty peach. The shots of June's manual actions are turn-ons. Afterwards, the woman of the house tastes Chloe's love juice in a personal manner. Her sucking actions become more passionate. Next, June removes her own robe and Miss Dash sucks her tit. Then, they feel each other's jewelboxes briefly. But, Chloe continues to thumb rub the woman's sexual plaything nicely. Suddenly, she sucks on it with sensual fondness and then, with eagerness. Then, they kiss in a sweet manner. Soon, June lays on top of Chloe and humps her sweetly as they kiss. Her humping activity gains passion and energy. Miss Dash's heavy breathing sounds hot. Their sexual chemistry feels emotional. My toes and fingers curled. Then, June rubs her left breast on Chloe's pussy. She also sucks Miss Dash's toes and kisses her leg and body. They kiss to end this fine scene.

Final Thoughts: Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Volume 29 is a super addition to this fine series. It showcases some of their newest gems as well as a fan favorite. Ariella Ferrera and Persia Monir have natural sexiness that oozes through the screen. They have solid futures in lesbian porn and defiintely with this studio. As to June Summers, her sensuality is only matched by a few actresses. When her name is associated with a movie, the fans know that she will give 100 percent effort in creating a sensuous scene regardless of who she is paired up with. It's important to give recognition to Katrina Kelley who is quietly becoming an adorable talent for this studio. As to the series Lesbian Seductions, Girlfriends Films has recently raised the level of sensuality for it that it has now rejoined Mother-Daughter Exchange Club, Twisted Passions, Lesbian Legal, and Women Seeking Women as the studio's best line of films. Thus, I highly recommend this movie.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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