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All Wives Cheat

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 2/1/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Vignette

Director: Cezar Capone

Cast: Kate Frost, Michelle Honeywell, Mimi Allen, Anastaysha Benz, Shelby Chase, Jarrod Steed, Sergio, J-Mac, Dave Pounder

Length: 145 minutes

Date of Production: 1/28/2009

Extras: The special features section has a nice looking photo gallery, several trailers, and web site information.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good. As to the video aspects, the video changes from black and white to color several times during each scene when the cheater is fooling around. It is an effective device to create the undercover atmosphere of the situation.

Overview:  All Wives Cheat is a movie by the studio Club Jenna. It's porn legend Jenna Jameson's studio. This film is directed by Cezar Capone who is based in Florida. As to this film, the premise is on trying to catch unsuspecting, unfaithful partners. Someone meets with Tony T who tells him that he or she believes that his or her wife or girlfriend is cheating. Tony sets up a sting in which his investigators try to entice the unfaithful person and to record everything on tape. Once there is enough incriminating evidence, then Tony and the cheated-on person confronts one's partner. Some of the scenes have a follow-up interview or a detailed summary of the status of the couple's relationship.

Scene One: Danny assumes that his wife Kate Frost is cheating on him. As soon as Tony T shows him the stinging evidence, the man gets very upset. Moments later, they are driving to the makeout location to confront her. Meanwhile, Kate and Dave Pounder are on the couch. They get undressed. The attractive woman sucks his cock with effective effort which is a turn-on for the viewer. Then, the man mishes the blond cutie-pie solidly. Her demeanor shows pleasurable joy. Next, she straddles his cock energetically. Her ass looks totally hot. The video changes from black and white to color several times. Kate's bj activity between each sexual position sizzle on screen. Her hip action during the reverse cowgirl screw is sexy looking. The energy level is fair. The doggie activity raises the intensity factor slightly although in black and white footage, it looks more forceful. The penile-vaginal shots look cool. Kate looks very beautiful during the nice looking spooning moments. Her giggles make the viewer fall for her even more. At times throughout the scene, she squeezes something with her hand tightly on account of the sensations that are running through her body. When she rubs her clit, the action becomes more steamier. Suddenly, he cums on her mouth.

Scene Two: Sean is talking to Tony T who suspects his soon-to-be wife Michelle Honeywell of being unfaithful. After getting the incriminating evidence, they get ready to confront her. Meanwhile, Michelle and Sergio makeout on the couch. Their chemistry is good. Suddenly, the woman sucks his dick passionately. Once again, the video changes from black and white to color several times. Her bj technique can best be described as determined sensuality. Later, they get naked and she resumes her cute oral work. She has eye contact with him and the camera. The cowgirl ride is much more energetic, but it still feels intimate. Her butt looks enticing. The lady seduces the camera with her eyes while sucking his dick. He pumps her nicely during the reverse cowgirl action. However, it is not too rapid and lengthy to disrupt their intimate chemistry. The mish activity is slightly more forceful. The penile-vaginal shots during the spoonful of lust session looks hot and memorable. There is more good looking missionary moments that follows. Her facial expressions are cool. Then, he strokes off and shoots his load on her closed mouth.

Scene Three: Cheyenne meets Tony T in his office. She believes that her girlfriend is cheating on her. He sets up the sting. Later in the week, he tells the woman that Mimi Allen is fooling around with one of his male investigators instead. While he takes her to their location, Mimi and Jarrod Steed are talking on the motel room's bed. The color of the scene shifts as in the two previous scenes. Soon, they are kissing. The lady takes out his dick and applies a tender cock suck on it. She looks at the camera quite a bit which is a bit disappointing. Next, the man helps her out of her clothes. A hot looking 69 is shown. The focus is totally on her sensuous oral work. Afterwards, she removes her panties and he fucks her aggressively missionary style. Next, Mimi rolls over for the nice looking doggie activity. Once again, the black and white shots make the action look more forceful especially during the cowgirl ride. The penile-vaginal shots look very cool. Lastly, he jacks off on her chest and tits.

Scene Four: Steve suspects that his girlfriend Anastaysha Benz is fooling around and tells Tony T. A week later, the guy shows Steve the footage. However, he wants more proof. So, he watches her and Jarrod Steed makeout while they head to their location for a confrontation. Anastaysha and the man kiss on the bed and talk about her boyfriend. They caress each other and feel one another's sexual regions. Soon, he is eating her pretty pussy. Moments later, he gets naked and she sucks his dick with good determination. They get along well together. An energetic mish fuck follows. Their spoonful of pleasure has personal intensity. The pair kiss during it and they have good eye contact. The fuck from behind shows off their good chemistry. He fucks her with more enthusiasm. Her glances at Jarrod are cute. Next, Anastaysha climbs on top of him for their determined cowgirl hump. Then, she sucks his cock while seducing the camera. Later, the woman rides him reverse cowgirl style. Her body looks hot as he pumps her rapidly. The video does not switch often for the black and white shots. A mish fuck follows. The strain on Anastaysha's face is hot. Their chemistry sizzles. Finally, the guy strokes off on her mouth.

Scene Five: Anthony assumes that his wife Shelby Chase is cheating on him. Tony T shows the footage of her unfaithful behavior. They get ready to confront her. Meanwhile, she and J-Mac are making out. He removes his pants so that she can suck his cock with swell fondness. He slaps her left tit briefly. Later, they get naked and Shelby bounces on his manhood with good admiration. Her moans sound cute and sweet. His actions are really getting to her. Her facial expressions are memorable. It's the best cowgirl ride of the entire movie. The lady gives the viewer a sense of her own emotional angst and enjoyment all at the same time. The doggie session looks good. Their bodies look incredible together. The fuck from behind gains intensity. A spooning screw is shown next. J-Mac pumps her with steady energy. He sucks her nice looking tit. It too gains in energy and emotion. Then, he shoots his load on her receptive open mouth.

Final Thoughts: The five scenes in All Wives Cheat have addictive and exciting storylines that pull in the viewer. It also makes the audience want to see the confrontations at the end of each scene. This format is an effective device in prolonging the viewer's attention. Kate Frost, Mimi Allen, and Shelby Chase are the standouts. Tony T is good as the guy who shows the incriminating footage and in dealing with his clients. I can tell that All Wives Cheat will become a popular series with fans. I highly recommend this film.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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