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Strap It On #3

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 3/13/10

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Genre: All girl/all sex
Director: David Luger
Cast: Aaliyah Jolie, Ariel Summers, Ashley Steel, Azalea Lee, Brea Bennett, Codi Milo, Heather B., Neveah, Ryder, Sonya Vidal.
Length: 02:53
Condoms: NA.
Bonus: None.


The title of this movie, Strap It On #3 literally tells you everything you need to know about it. There are five girl/girl scenes in which the girls fuck the shit out of each other with strap-on dicks.

If you read my reviews, you know that I'm a sucker for all-girl sex. Frankly, I prefer to see naked girls than guys and doubling the number of girls in a scene from one to two doubles the chances that I'll see what I'm really looking for in a sex scene: female orgasms. And, I really enjoy watching girls please each other with toys. So, I had very high expectations when I popped Strap It On #3 into my computer's disk drive.

Sadly, Strap It On #3 isn't one of my favorite girl/girl movies. In fact, I got bored during four of the scenes for four reasons. First, and foremost, the scenes are too long. The movie is almost three hours long and is composed of just five scenes. That averages out to more than 35 minutes per scene. Of course, a long scene can keep my attention if there's a lot going on. However, the sex is quite repetitive in Strap It On #3. I've spoken to directors who justify extra-long scenes by saying those of us watching can fast forward through parts of the scene we find tedious. I disagree. I think that the movie should keep us enthralled from start to finish. That's the job of a competent editor--to cut out extraneous footage so that we see a coherent and concise scene that encapsulates the sexual encounter shared by the performers. Of course, extra footage must be captured in order to ensure that we'll see enough effective action during each segment and/or position. However, a skilled editor or experienced videographer knows when to move on to something else so the action doesn't get tedious. Truthfully, I think 20 minutes is the best length for a sex scene. Twenty-five is OK. Thirty-five is too long. Any extra footage that is edited out of the movie can be included in the DVD extras so those of us who really want to see a bit more of a performer can do so.

A second problem with Strap It On 3 is the limited selection of toys employed by the girls. I, of course, like to see a talented girl wield a strap-on. Frankly, I think it's exhilarating to watch, say, Jewel de'Nyle or Jenna Jameson brandish a big toy dick. In fact, I sometimes think that when Jewel dons a strap on she becomes a guy. However, there are other toys on the market! In Strap It On #3, strap-ons are used exclusively...except for a beaded anal toy used in Scene Two.

Third, the girls use a very limited palette of positions: they fuck primarily in missionary and occasionally use cowgirl or doggie. Piledriver is employed only once--in Scene Five.

Last, there is a real difference between watching girls who like to fuck other girls and those who are "gay for pay." I think too many of the girls in Strap It On #3 wouldn't touch another girl off set.

That said, Strap It On 3 is still a worthwhile watch. On the positive side, I must admit that two of the cast members are absolutely stunning. In particular, 19-year-old Codi Milo and 18-year-old Brea Bennett are spectacularly beautiful. As of the date of this review, Codi had only appeared in two movies while Strap It On #3 was Brea's only release. Therefore, I recommend that you take a look at this movie mainly to get an eyeful of these two magnificent babes.

Even though I've singled out two of the featured girls, I must admit that Azalea Lee and Ryder both score very high on the adorable scale. And, the rest of the girls are damned good eye candy, too.

Bottom line: the girls are adorable, but the predictable and rather repetitive action goes on too long in most of the scenes. 

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Check out some photos of the girls in Strap It On #3 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of spectacular Codi Milo and cute-as-can-be Brea Bennett! Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One features big-titted blond Ryder with all-natural dirty-blond girl-next-door hard-bodied Neveah ("heaven" spelled backward). Both girls are 19. While sitting on a couch, they introduce themselves to us and chat with the director a bit. They both admit that they like girls and spend a few minutes talking about each others' physical assets. Believe it or not, Ryder prefers Neveah's real boobs to her own enhanced DD tits. However, Neveah craves Ryder's "juicy" big breasts. After the "interview," the girls share a real and passionate kiss and then Ryder starts to suckle Neveah's nipples while Neveah slaps Ryder's firm heart-shaped ass. Ryder then kisses down Neveah's firm belly and, after tugging off Neveah's shorts, spends several minutes licking and finger-fucking her beautiful bald pussy. Ryder's gentle tongue-to-clit touch causes Neveah to moan in ecstasy and Ryder's expert finger-to-g-spot action sends Neveah straight to heaven. After a while, the girls change positions so that Neveah can please Ryder. Neveah positions Ryder missionary style on the couch, removes her denim shorts, pink blouse, and white panties ("I want you butt naked!), and then kisses and suckles Ryder's mouth, neck, boobs, and belly. Then, Neveah buries her head between Ryder's legs, performing expert cunnilingus that causes Ryder's body to undulate while she shouts with pleasure. In fact, Ryder cums very quickly when she experiences a back-arching orgasm. Neveah doesn't immediately let Ryder come down from her orgasmic high. Instead, she keeps licking and fingering Ryder's clit while wave after wave of pleasure wash over her. After Ryder comes back to earth, the girls ardently embrace, French kiss, and fondle each others' bodies. Then, Neveah announces, "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you!" After an abrupt edit, Neveah has miraculously donned a strap-on and Ryder has reclined missionary-style on the couch (her body is stunning in this position). Neveah slaps Ryder's clit and genital area with the tip of the toy and then slowly penetrates Ryder's willing and accommodating pussy. Then, Neveah uses the toy to fuck Ryder while Ryder fingers her own clit and cries out with pleasure. Ryder, who appears to have a very short pleasure fuse, is soon ramping up to her second orgasm of the scene. Here's an example where a good editor could have cut out a lot of extraneous time...After Ryder cums, Neveah keeps fucking her even though she's spent. Eventually, after another abrupt edit that omits the transition, Neveah slaps Ryder's butt cheeks with the plastic dick and then fucks her pussy doggie style. Believe me, Neveah does a superb job wielding her "cock!" Meanwhile, Ryder shouts out her appreciation: "Oh my God, it feels SO GOOD!" As the scene progresses, Ryder sucks her juices off the toy and then, after a terribly abrupt cut, Ryder fucks Neveah cowgirl style while taking repeated opportunities to spank and squeeze her fine ass cheeks. Why is it a terrible cut? Because, during the interview, Ryder indicates that she's never worn a strap-on. Neveah offers to teach her how to use one. That "instruction" would have given added meaning and continuity to the scene. Anyway, the cowgirl position gives both girls an opportunity to show off their voracious pussies (Ryder's shows through the straps of the toy while Neveah's eagerly swallows the toy). And, cowgirl gives Neveah a chance to show off her erotic fucking and grinding moves. Neveah works the cock like a champion cowgirl while screaming in ecstasy. Ryder, too, does an excellent job wielding her fake dick (considering that she's new to strap-ons). After a while, Neveah sucks her juices off Ryder's dick. Then, after an abrupt cut, they transition to missionary so that Ryder can pound Neveah until she (finally) cums--it takes a long time (again, some of the footage should have been edited out). To finish up, the girls share an open-mouthed kiss. Normally, this scene would have scored 4.5 stars on my scale. However, since it is too long, I'm subtracting one-half point. Four stars. 

Scene Two

Scene Two features Ariel Summers and Ashley Steel. Although both of the all-natural blond girls are quite attractive (Ashley has an incredible ass that jiggles delightfully and Ariel has a very attractive puffy pussy) the scene didn't do much for me. Primarily, the scene is way too long. This is a case where I was dying to click the fast-forward button to relieve the monotony of the scene. However, I watched every single second (twice) just so that I could report to you what I think. Second, I really don't think either of these two very cute and otherwise desirable girls is into girls! At least, they don't seem to be into each other (even though they pretend to be). Bottom line...very little chemistry develops, so the sex is strained and mechanical...so much so that I had trouble keeping a hard-on. This scene really seems like "gay for pay" sex. Even worse, I didn't see one real-looking orgasm (both girls have what appear to be fake orgasms) during more than 30 minutes of strap-on pussy banging and clit licking and jacking! On the positive side, the girls talk deliciously nasty to each other and Ashley uses a bulbous anal toy to fuck Ariel's asshole. I think that's enough said. Three stars. 

Scene Three

Things heat up tremendously in Scene Three, a very good outdoor scene that features really passionate sex by cute-as-a-button Azalea Lee and Sonya Vidal. Azalea is an adorable dirty blond while Sonya is an exotic raven-haired babe. Both girls have very attractive, large, and very attractive breasts. And, they really get into each other--real sparks fly when they fuck each other. The scene begins with a few minutes of solo striptease action provided by Azalea. Azalea, initially dressed in flowery pink panties and matching top, smiles sweetly at us as she fingers her pussy and fondles her tits (inside and outside of her top) while seated on a lawn chair. Damn, her tan-line-accented boobs are superb! In due course, Sonya, positioned off-camera, reaches into the frame to squeeze Azalea's ripe breasts and big erect nipples POV style. I sure wish it were my hands instead of Sonya's! Meanwhile, Azalea giggles with delight as her body absorbs the pleasant sensations. Eventually, the videographer steps out of the way so that Sonya's body is visible (she's dressed in a tinyblue g-string and matching halter top). Then, Sonya really begins to play with Azalea's body, kissing her mouth, squeezing her breasts, and suckling her nipples. And, Sonya gives Azalea a lap dance! For the most part, Azalea lies back on deck chair and lets Sonya pleasure her body. However, she does grab a few choice handfuls of Sonya's flesh--especially her ripe fleshy ass! In due course, Sonya's mouth finds Azalea's pussy and she soon buries her tongue between Azalea's tasty lips and suckles on her erect clitoris. Meanwhile, Azalea pants with genuine pleasure. After an inexplicable cut, Sonya and Azalea have been transported inside a house. Sonya lies back on a red couch and announces: "Now it's time for you to eat MY pussy!" Azalea really wants to please Sonya and asks just how best to eat her pussy. "Start off licking it...just be nice and kiss it! Get your tongue in there...rub my clit...bite it a little bit...smack it a little bit...stick a finger in there..." Azalea does exactly what Sonya requests, and Sonya is not afraid to say just what she wants. So, Sonya is quickly transported to a dreamy state of bliss: "That feels SO FUCKING GOOD!" Damn, after Scene Two, it is SO nice to see two women actually enjoy pleasing each other! After a while, the girls share an open-mouth kiss and then Azalea begins to explore the remaining parts of Sonya's body--especially her big ripe tits--with her mouth. However, the lure of Sonya's pussy is so strong that Azalea is soon tongue fucking it again. Meanwhile, Sonya erotically undulates her hips and grinds her cunt against Azalea's face. Sonya so enjoys Azalea's attentions that she simply must reciprocate: "Sweetie, I'm gonna go get my strap-on and I'm gonna fuck you! I'm gonna fuck you good, OK?" How could Azalea resist? After another abrupt edit, Azalea reclines on the couch so that Sonya can fuck her pussy missionary style. Sonya begins by expertly teasing Azalea's clit and labia with the tip of the toy. Then, when Azalea's good and ready, Sonya plunges the plastic dick deep into her pussy and fucks her fast and deep. Both Azalea and Sonya have a fucking good time, and it shows by their nasty words, smiles, giggles, murmurs, and shrieks. And, from my point of view, the two women look superb together. Azalea's pleasure engine ignites immediately--and her pussy drips to prove it. And, to increase Azalea's pleasure, Sonya squeezes Azalea's bountiful boobs with her hands and shares delicious open-mouthed kisses. As the scene continues, Sonya reams Azalea's pussy from behind, doggie style, while Azalea jacks her own clit and encourages Sonya with nasty words. During doggie sex, Azalea takes breaks so that she can suck her girl-juice off of the toy. Then, it takes Sonya just a little more fucking-from-behind action to make Azalea cum volcanically. Damn, I love to see girls cum like that! Afterward, Sonya announces, "Now it's you're turn to fuck me!" Azalea is only too happy to comply. So, Sonya assumes the doggie position and, after teasing Sonya's butt crack, asshole, and pussy with the toy, Azalea thrusts it completely into Sonya's vagina and rams her sweetly, slow, and deep. As she continues to please Sonya's pussy, Azalea's thrusts become steadily wilder, deeper, and more aggressive (nice moves, Azalea!). And, Azalea takes several opportunities to sharply spank Sonya's shapely ass. Of course, Sonya loves it and smiles gleefully. Eventually, the girls decide that it's time for Sonya to ride "this long hard cock." So, Azalea lies back on the couch so that Sonya can mount her cowgirl style. Sonya gets really physical, hurls her tight, hard body up and down on Azalea's cock, and grinds the dick, too (great moves, Sonya!). Meanwhile, Azalea slaps Sonya's ass and pulls on her hair. All of this action soon pays BIG dividends when Sonya has an intense body-wrenching orgasm. Afterward, Sonya sucks her cum off of the toy and then the girls kiss to share the bounty. Unlike during the other scenes in this movie, I never had the urge to fast forward. Azalea and Sonya gave a real, passionate, and very watchable scene. Four and one-half stars! 

Scene Four

Scene Four has the best set-up of any of the scenes in this movie. From the second story balcony of a house, Heather B. looks down at a pool surrounded by lush vegetation. Adorable 19-year-old Codi Milo is down there, too, soaking in some sun. Heather watches Cody stroke her hair, caress her own curves, and take a stroll around the pool (the video is shot in POV fashion so that it's YOU who's doing the watching). Eventually, she looks up and catches Heather's eye. Once eye contact is established, Codi begins to tease, stripping off her top to reveal her (gasp!) huge tits. She also tugs down her panties and strokes her firm, hard belly. The videographer then steps back so that you can see that Heather has her hands inside her own panties, masturbating to the sight of Codi's delicious flesh. Codi, looking up, likes what she sees, too. After a few more minutes of pussy-drenching tease, Heather walks outside and nearly attacks luscious Codi...the women share an erotic open-mouthed kiss while they feel each other out and tug at each others' clothes. Heather goes wild squeezing and groping Codi's fine tits while Cody strokes her own pussy. Eventually, the girls decide that it's better to take their lust inside. So, Heather leads Codi indoors to a couch where they both sit and expound on the virtues of each others' bodies. Heather takes control, literally demanding that Codi strip off her top (I'd do the same, because Codi is really built!). Once Codi's boobs have been released from bondage (did I say that Codi is stunningly gorgeous), Heather grabs and squeezes them with her hands and licks them with her greedy tongue. She also pinches Codi's nipples. Heather is insatiable and wants to see all of Codi's body. So, she insists that Codi remove her tiny panties, too. As soon as they've been tugged away, we all get to see the tattoos around Codi's genitals and her absolutely perfect ass. "Your body is SO beautiful," exclaims Heather. She's right! "I just want to fuck you!" pleads Heather. "That can be arranged!" Codi lies back on the couch so that Heather can lick her all over. Of course, Heather spends lots of time on Codi's nipples ("I love it when you do that!"). In due course, Codi strips off Heather's clothes so the two nude women can fuck each other to heaven. Before they get to the in-and-out action, they, of course, spend a few more minutes in foreplay--getting to know each others' bodies and desires. Heather, always the dominant, soon asks Codi, "Do you know what I would love to do...which I've never done before? Get fucked by a strap-on! Would you be in to that at all?" Grinning broadly, Codi replies, "Oh yeah! It just so happens that I have one you might like!" While the girls continue to stroke each others' flesh, Codi goes on to tell Heather exactly what she's going to do to her. Of course, Heather loves the thrill of anticipation--her pussy drips for joy: "I want you to fuck me hard!" So, after Codi straps on her toy dick, Heather lies down on the couch so that Codi can fuck the shit out of her missionary style. Believe me, the sight of these two women fucking is absolutely magnificent! Codi begins with short, slow strokes and, little-by-little, goes deeper and faster. Meanwhile, Heather jacks her own clit, gasps for breath, fondles Codi's and her own tits, undulates her hips to increase her pleasure, and encourages Codi with nasty talk. The girls continue to fuck missionary style for several minutes (a bit too long, I think--some footage should have been edited out). Then, Heather takes a break to suck her juices off of Codi's toy dick (Codi looks superb!). After the dick is squeaky-clean, they return to missionary (I wish they would have changed positions) for a couple of minutes. Then, after an abrupt edit, Heather is on the floor, doggie style, so that Codi can fuck her from behind. Codi uses very erotic moves to thrust the strap-on in-and-out of Heather while Heather shouts, "Fuck me, fuck me, oooh!" Again, this segment seems too long to me--even though it is quite pretty. Even worse, they fuck for an interminable amount of time without Heather ever cumming! Eventually, after another bad edit, the girls change roles so that Heather wears the strap-on. Codi spends several minutes suckling the toy (I wish it was my dick!)--getting it all nice and wet--while Heather greedily strokes Codi's body and squeezes her inviting boobs. Then, after yet another poor edit, Codi rides Heather's dick cowgirl style, fucking the toy intensely and with increasing fervor as her pretty hair is tossed all around (her ass looks amazing!) Meanwhile, Heather grabs, spanks, and squeezes Codi's perfect butt cheeks. As the scene continues, they transition to missionary (Hooray! The transition wasn't edited out.). After Heather gently inches the toy deep inside Codi's slippery-wet pussy, she slowly plunges the toy in-and-out while both girls use their fingers to jack Codi's swollen clit. Eventually, Codi has a sweet orgasm and then the girls and change roles: Codi gets to make Heather cum. Instead of using a toy, Codi expertly uses her fingers to frantically rub Heather's clit ("I love it when you rub my clit like that...That feels SO good!") until she cums like a volcano. Afterward, the girls kiss as the scene fades to black. This would have earned 4.5 stars on my scale. However, some segments were allowed to go on just too long. So, I'm subtracting one-half point. Four stars. (This penalty does not reflect either darling Codi's or Heather's appearance or performance...it's a result of poor editing).

Scene Five

The movie finishes with a spirited coupling between 18-year-old and stunning strawberry-blond Brea Bennett and platinum blond Aaliyah Jolie. During the outdoor scene set-up we're treated to a provocative look at Aaliyah's never-ending legs, long blond hair, and cute tiny titties as she relaxes on a lawn chair. And, in interspersed segments, we also get to watch dazzling Brea as she dances erotically while stripping off her clothes. Wait until you see this girl's pretty face and superb all-natural body! You're gonna love it. The action cuts back and forth between the two girls and gets progressively hotter as the girls strip off their clothes and masturbate for the camera. The girls soon move indoors, sit facing each other on a plush red couch, and gaze wantonly into each others' eyes. Damn, they really want each other! Their faces move together slowly until their lips touch and they enjoy a sweet and deliciously prolonged open-mouthed kiss. While their tongues do battle, they slowly strip off each others' clothes and caress each other. After a very inappropriate edit, the two girls sit next to each other on the couch. Aaliyah says to Brea, "Describe how you'd like to suck my dick." Darling Brea responds, "First, I'd like to start by licking up and down your shaft...and all around your head. And then I'm gonna shove it down my throat as far as I can...I'm gonna run my lips up and down!" With that, Brea kneels on the couch and does exactly what she promised--she gives that plastic rod one of the best, sweetest, and most erotic blowjobs ever! Damn, it's beautiful! Too bad it's plastic and not my flesh! Aaliyah fondles her own body, watches in wonder, and says the obvious, "WOW! You're a great cock sucker!" I agree. As Brea continues to please Aaliyah's cock, Aaliyah encourages her by telling her what she's going to do to her body. Later, after some more sumptuous kissing, gorgeous Brea lays back on the couch so that Aaliyah can fuck her missionary style. Aaliyah handles the strap-on with true finesse, sliding it in-and-out of Brea's accommodating clean-shaven pussy with practiced expertise (Brea looks magnificent!). Brea's pleasure level builds quickly, especially after she starts to rock her hips in sync with Aaliyah's strokes. After a while, Brea decides to just lie back and enjoy the sensations that Aaliyah's pounding is providing. Happily, those sensations soon culminate when Brea experiences a magnificent body-quaking orgasm! God, she looks fine when she cums! Afterward, she exclaims, "You know what I wanna do? I wanna sit on your cock. I wanna ride it! You wanna see me do that? God, I wanna ride your cock!" So, after another abrupt edit, Brea does just that. Brea, the most spirited cowgirl in the movie, tosses her lovely body up and down on Aaliyah's dick while she shouts: "Oh my God, my cunt feels so GOOD!" While Brea joyfully bounces up and down, Aaliyah helps out by spanking and squeezing Brea's superb young ass (sadly, she looks bored most of the time!). Brea's high-energy fucking soon pays off when she cums for the second time during the scene (for some reason, the editor cut out part of her orgasm???). Insatiable Brea keeps on fucking, and continues to pound and grind Aaliyah's plastic dick with fervor and passion for several more minutes--but doesn't cum again. Why did the editor leave in that segment? It doesn't lead anywhere! Anyway, eventually, Aaliyah asks: "Wanna fuck me now?" Even though Brea is obviously within a hair's diameter of cumming again, the girls change positions: Brea wields the strap-on as she fucks Aaliyah missionary style. Of all the girls in this movie, I think that Brea wields the strap-on best. She does an excellent--and extremely energetic--job of reaming Aaliyah. In fact, she acts like a very horny guy...her moves and passion are both very effective as she pounds Aaliyah who, sadly, looks more pained than ecstatic. However, she must have been feeling better than she looks because she does cum--or pretend to. After her less-than-stunning orgasm, Aaliyah sucks the toy dick clean (Brea looks superb as she fucks Aaliyah's throat). Then, nastier-than-she-looks Brea announces, "I wanna fuck you piledriver style, baby!" Aaliyah agrees and reclines on her neck so that Brea can fuck her pussy from above (the close-ups would have been nice had the cameraman not moved around so much!). Again, Brea's superb moves prove than she's really a guy in very cute female clothes. It's really too bad that Aaliyah doesn't look like she's enjoying being fucked by Brea. Looks, however, might be deceiving. It's possible that Aaliyah came toward the end of the piledriver segment. She appears flushed, but doesn't shout or outwardly demonstrate an orgasm. Anyway, Brea is convinced that Aaliyah came. So, she bends way down so the two women can share a sweet kiss as the scene fades to black. Four and one-half stars minus one-half point for too-lengthy segments. Four stars. This penality is no reflection of Brea, who is a must see babe.

While the credits roll, some behind-the-scenes interview footage plays.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Average to amateurish. The video is marred by excessive jerky and too-fast camera movements and zooms (the image never seems to stay put for more than a second!), abrupt edits, and missing transitions. I think the editing is quite sub par. The scenes should have been shortened and the transitions between position to position (including the insertions) should have been shown. On the bright side, the video is crisp and clean, well lit, and is properly color balanced. Two and one half stars.

Audio (technical): About average. The audio is generally crisp and clear during the sex scenes and any initial conversation during the scene set-ups is quite audible. The audio continuity is correct even though the video edits are many and poorly executed. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: There's a 27-minute Bonus feature that is composed of two very good solo masturbation scenes. The first features huge-breasted Lexxi Tyler. If you're into big enhanced boobs and tight muscular flesh, you'll enjoy every second of her bone-stiffening solo that she accompanies with lots of provocative nasty talk. Codi Milo does an absolutely superb tease in the second half. Not only does she masturbate to orgasm, but she also provides delicious blow-by-blow commentary throughout the scene. Excellent! Damn, Codi is so stunning that I could watch her masturbate for hours! Additionally, there's a five-minute self-running slide show and a web-site access feature. Although the Extras are few, the two solo scenes are very worthwhile. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: The sets/locations are pleasant but not particularly noteworthy. Ditto with the girls' make-up and wardrobe. I must admit that the use of the location during the set-up of Scene Four is quite creative and effective. There's no musical soundtrack (except during some scene set-ups) to evaluate. Three and one-half stars.

Dr. Jay

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