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Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground

Studio: Teravision » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 2/10/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Paul Thomas
Cast: Aaliyah Jolie, Chloe Morgan, Chris Cannon, Erika Jordan, Faith, Jean Val Jean, Lanny Barby, Marcos Leon, Penny Flame, Shy Love, Spyder Jonez, Steven St. Croix, Tera Patrick, Tommy Gunn, Trent Tesoro.
Length: 02:00.
Condoms: In one scene.
Bonus: In this space, I normally give a bonus point if the movie is condom-free. Since a condom was used by Marcos Leon in Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground, I can't award that bonus. However, I'm going to use this space to penalize the movie one point because the DVD forces you to sit through six minutes of advertisements before the main menu can be selected. At least you can fast forward through the crap. However, you cannot jump to the menu. Vivid treats you, a DVD viewer, as if you were watching a VHS tape. There's no excuse for this.


Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground is a well-crafted movie that nicely balances the sometimes contradictory goals of the adult feature: plausible plot development and exciting sex. And, it does it in such a way that there's plenty of time for both storyline and sex. That's impressive. On the other hand, it's what one would expect of legendary director Paul Thomas and a superb female cast that includes superstar Tera Patrick, alluring Faith, hard bodied Chloe Morgan, busty beauty Shy Love, and ever-so-delectable Penny Flame. Of course, the guys are noteworthy, too, and include Steven St. Croix, Tommy Gunn, and Jean Val Jean.

The primary story revolves around the culmination of Tera Patrick's contract with the Fashion Underground show. Since this is a porn movie, Tera finds it to her advantage to fuck friend and foe alike in order to secure for herself a lucrative future after she leaves the runway. It seems like everybody is out to get poor Tera...including fashion designers and the models.

In addition to Tera's quest for a profitable future, Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground supports several subplots. In particular, two Fashion Underground guests, played by Faith and Marcos Leon, are inadvertently assigned the same hotel room. Why? Their names are both Sam Kelly (she's Samantha and he's just plain Sam). At first, the two Sams act like mortal enemies. In due course, however, they become intimate in more ways than one and share an intense sexual encounter that, shown in installments, spans most of Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground's two hours. Without a doubt, both Faith and Marcos so an excellent job of playing their roles!

Another subplot involves a sweet southern belle fashion reporter, played by Penny Flame, who tries to get juicy gossip from the fashion show's participants. Sadly, Penny is blown off again and again by people who have been burned too many times by the paparazzi. In the end, however, Penny gets the last laugh when she gets to blow off a little pent-up steam by, as you probably guessed, blowing and fucking one of the male characters (Chris Cannon). Frankly, I think that Penny Flame does an excellent job acting and fucking. Her portrayal of the Southern Belle reporter is superb!

The third subplot relates to a supposedly gay fashion designer, played by Steven St. Croix, who fucks two of the models (Aaliyah Jolie and Erika Jordan).

The final subplot revolves around Tera's rocky relationship with an ex-partner (played by her real-life husband, Spyder Jonez) who, believe it or not, escapes from prison so that he can try, unsuccessfully, to get back together with his former associate. Unfortunately for Spyder, Tera catches him with his pants down (literally) when she finds him fucking one of the models (delicious Lanny Barby) in one of the hotel rooms!

The story is set in and around the runway as Tera and her fellow models strut their stuff for the Fashion Underground. The show, which becomes hotter and more explicit as the story unfolds, is nothing like any fashion show I've ever seen. In fact, the models, played mostly by porn stars in sex- or non-sex roles, strut the runway topless and bare-assed naked on occasion. Yum! Even better, sumptuous Tera Patrick even fucks her new-found partner, played by Jean Val Jean, on the runway. Believe me, you'll never experience a hotter fashion show!

Overall, I found Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground to be a very enjoyable two hours. The story is appealing, if not overly cerebral, and the characters are well played by the cast members. I must also emphasize that the production values are superb (see my review of the aesthetics below). Although not edgy, the sex is indeed enjoyable and is very appropriate for couples viewing.

Check out some photos of the girls in Tera's Fashion Underground here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Tara Patrick and uber-luscious Lanny Barby! Enjoy! 


Scene One

Scene One
is a traditional boy/girl vaginal-only scene featuring Tera Patrick and Tommy Gunn. As always, Tera looks marvelous, However, I particularly enjoyed the expert use of naughty language that she uses throughout the scene to inflame both Tommy and us at home. This is an above-average and quite enjoyable scene that rates four stars.
  • Scene set-up: Tera needs a business partner. So, she snares Tommy Gunn, a magazine publisher, and tries to win him over with her scrumptious assets and wily ways. During a "business meeting," Tera strips and kisses Tommy. And, she lets him spank and run his lascivious hands over her fine flesh and, in particular, her firm ass cheeks. Meanwhile, she fondles his cock through his pants.
  • Foreplay 1: Cunnilingus. While Tommy fingers Tera's glorious cunt, she grinds her hips and dances on his fingers. Then, she straddles him and fucks his face as he darts his lucky tongue in and out of her pussy. Tera screams with delight and encourages him with lots of naughty language ("Tongue my hole!") as she grinds her vagina against his face. Nice moves, Tera!
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. Tera bares her superbly-sculpted breasts and then kneels in front of Tommy as he pulls his cock out of confinement. Then, she tenderly licks his shaft for a moment before taking it into her insatiable mouth. Soon, Tommy is fucking Tera's pretty, warm, and moist mouth with long and luxurious strokes. Tera helps out by stroking his rod with her pretty hands.
  • Foreplay 3: Titty-fucking/fellatio. Can you imagine sliding your cock between Tera's tits? There's really nothing more to say! Lucky Tommy! Afterward, Tera again blows Tommy's rod and uses superb hand motions and suggestive words to enhance his pleasure: "Your dick's so big. It's fuckin' BIG! Shove it down my throat!" And, she gobbles his balls, too. Of course, he proceeds to deep-throat her!
  • Position 1: Doggie. Tera kneels on all fours, atop a colorful carpet, and erotically rotates her hips while fingering her pussy. Wow! Then, she grabs him by his rigid cock and pulls him toward her: "Stick that big cock in me. Fuck yeah...FUCK YEAH!" Once Tommy's rod has penetrated her spit-lubricated hole, Tera begins to fuck him using extremely erotic and very appealing moves while cooing contentedly and encouraging him with explicit language: "Baby, you're so fucking good!" Tommy responds by matching her strokes with his own and by spanking her perfect ass cheeks.
  • Position 2: Reverse cowgirl. Tera mounts Tommy reverse cowgirl style and then tosses her body up and down to fuck Tommy's oh-so-lucky cock. Tommy grabs her curvy waist and holds on appreciatively as she fucks them both to heaven. And, he takes several opportunities to squeeze her sculpted breasts and finger her clit, too. Damn, Tera looks magnificent in reverse! And, her nasty words sound good, too!
  • Position 3: Cowgirl. Tera transitions to the cowgirl position so that she can ride Tommy face-to-face. This time, Tommy does most of the work as Tera rides his pistoning cock like a champion cowgirl. Can you imagine looking at Tera's face--and tits--as you fuck her? Again, Tommy's too lucky for words.
  • Popshot: Tera steps off of Tommy, sits on a red leather couch, and masturbates while Tommy gazes on her flesh adoringly and strokes his mammoth rod. "You gonna shoot it, baby? I wanna taste your big hot load." In due course, Tommy pops all over Tera's sumptuous tits. "Give me all of it," she demands. Then, she sucks him dry so she can, indeed, taste his load.

Scene Two

In Scene Two, Sam Kelly (Marcos Leon) and Samantha Kelly (Faith) exchange passionate abhorrence (based upon their uncomfortable position of having to share a room--see the Synopsis above) for passionate sex. The vaginal and anal scene, which is shown in four installments throughout the movie, is very good. I am reviewing all four installments as "Scene Two." Five stars.

-- sponsored by --

  • Scene set-up: Both Marcos and Faith call their respective spouses and then turn to each other and agree that this is going to be a one-time-only thing.
  • Foreplay 1: Striptease. Faith gingerly opens her nightgown to reveal her naked and oh-so-hard body. Marcos gazes at her lustfully as his cock rises to the occasion. Soon, emboldened by Marcos' attention, Faith begins to play with her cute all-natural boobs. That move drives Marcos to action...he joins her and starts to stroke her fine flesh.
  • Foreplay 2: Cunnilingus. While Faith stands provocatively, Marcos drops to his knees so that he can kiss, lick, and probe Faith's delectable and cleanly-shaven pussy (she has a bit of pubic hair directly above her clit). Marcos doesn't neglect Faith's clit and uses expert side-to-side tongue action to pleasure it (nice camera angles and close-ups). Meanwhile, Marcos runs his wandering hands over her thighs and belly and squeezes her nipples while she moans ecstatically.
  • Foreplay 3: Fellatio. Faith helps Marcos out of his shorts and then he sits on an ornate throne-like chair so that she can go down on his already-rigid cock. Faith tosses aside her nightgown and, bare-assed naked, kisses his mouth before attacking his aching penis with her talented mouth as she kneels before him. Faith also uses her practiced hands to please Marcos' rod. While Faith blows and strokes him, Marcos grabs handfuls of Faith's pretty reddish hair and runs his lucky hands over her shapely back and heart-shaped ass.
  • Position 1: Missionary. Faith lies on a platform and spreads her legs wide so that Marcos can fuck her missionary style. Faith's pleasure is real, as evidenced by her ecstatic moans and by her body's involuntary pleasure-laden moves. However, Faith wants MORE! So, she reaches down and jacks her clit while Marcos reams her cunt with his condom-sheathed rod. The result? Her first orgasm of the scene. It's almost as much fun to see as it must have been to experience. After she cums, she scoops some of her cum out of her pussy and tastes it. Then, she kisses Marcos on the mouth so he can taste her, too. Then, he pounds her some more so that pleasure continues to course through her body (end of segment one).
  • Position 2: Doggie. Damn, Faith looks absolutely superb in the flattering light used when lucky Marcos got to fuck her pussy from behind. Even better is the obvious pleasure that Faith experiences as Marcos reams her cunt with increasingly powerful strokes while squeezing and spanking her ass cheeks and kissing her lips. Superb camera angles and close-ups highlight Faith's beautiful vagina as Marcos thrusts in-and-out of its slippery depths (end of segment two).
  • Position 3: Doggie anal. While gorgeous Faith lies on her belly, Marcos slips a finger into her asshole to relax it before slowly finger-fucking it knuckle deep. He and Faith talk about how good he's making her feel as the camera zooms in tight on Faith's stunningly-gorgeous asshole and butt cheeks. Meanwhile, Faith masturbates and coos with genuine pleasure (end of segment three). Later, Marcos slips his cock into Faith's relaxed anus and fucks her with frenzied and powerful strokes while she squeals ecstatically (great camera angles highlight Faith's labia as they wink open and closed in reaction to Marcos' anal thrusts).
  • Position 4: Spoon anal. After Faith rolls onto her side, Marcos slips his cock back into her asshole and pounds her from behind. Meanwhile, she uses her fingers to jack her clit and massage her swollen pink labia. God, she's gorgeous! Faith loves having her anus stretched wide and moans contentedly.
  • Position 5: Doggie anal part two. Faith and Marcos return to doggie so he can ramp up to his orgasm by fucking her asshole hard and deep while she fingers her cunt.
  • Popshot: To finish up, Marcos pulls out of Faith's asshole and sprays a considerable amount of semen onto her perfectly-shaped butt cheeks and curvy lower back. Then, they kiss sweetly (end of segment four).

Scene Three

Two of the models, adorable Chloe Morgan and busty Shy Love, take on Trent Tesoro in a luscious vaginal and anal threeway in Scene Three. High-energy sex, multiple female orgasms, and anal sex earn this scene four and one-half stars!
  • Scene set-up: During a party for the cast, Chloe and Shy dance erotically for Trent, who's seated comfortably on a couch. Busybody Steven St. Croix, who's supposed to be gay, butts in and asks Trent what he'd do if his wife found out. Although Trent's initially nervous about the repercussions of what's about to happen, the girls soon convince him that it's a private party and his secret will be secure.
  • Foreplay 1: Fellatio. Shy and Chloe quickly strip naked and kneel on the floor in front of Trent, who has removed his pants so his full-mast dick can come out to play. Shy takes the lead and voraciously strokes, sucks, and swallows Trent's cock while Chloe fondles Shy's womanly curves. In due course, Chloe gets her chance to deep-throat Trent's rod. And, the girls work together to please him, too. Is there anything better than two girls on one cock?
  • Foreplay 2: Cunnilingus/fellatio. In a very attractive position, Chloe straddles Trent's face and fucks it while Shy, who's kneeling next to Trent, blows his cock. Superb! Believe me, everybody enjoys this position!
  • Position 1: Cowgirl. As her big tits bounce inches from Trent's face, Shy fucks the shit out of his dick by tossing her hot body up and down. Even better, she grinds him, too (great moves, Shy!). Believe me, Shy loves what she's doing and screams out her pleasure as she fucks herself to orgasm. Meanwhile, Chloe sits on the couch next to them, masturbates with her spit-soaked fingers and licks her feet. After Shy cums, she lifts herself off of Trent so that Chloe can have her turn.
  • Position 2: Doggie. Cute-as-a-button Chloe kneels on the couch and presents her fine pussy to Trent doggie style. Then, as Trent pounds her cunt from behind, Chloe jacks her clit with her beautifully manicured fingers (nice camera angles and close-ups). Meanwhile, Shy keeps herself busy by licking Chloe's flesh.
  • Position 3: Cowgirl part two. Chloe, too, gets her chance to dance on Trent's rod when she mounts him cowgirl style (this is a great opportunity to admire her tailbone tattoo). Chloe pounds Trent with increasingly frenzied strokes as her passion builds and her cunt drips a river of girl-juice all over Trent's cock (her dripping pussy is fucking BEAUTIFUL!). Shy notices Chloe's bounty and simply must have a taste. So, Shy pulls Trent's cock our of Chloe's vagina and sucks it clean. Later, while Chloe fucks Trent, Shy kisses and squeezes handfuls of Chloe's butt flesh and rims her asshole. I'll bet some anal is coming. What do you think?
  • Position 4: Missionary anal. I guess I was right...anal is next. However, I'm surprised that Trent reams Shy's asshole instead of Chloe's. Nonetheless, I'm glad he decided to fuck Shy's ass because she really loves it! Shy adds to her pleasure by knowingly stroking her clit as Trent plows her anus. And, her reward is a body-shaking, breathtaking, and prolonged ass-gasm. Oh, yeah!
  • Position 5: Doggie revisited. Chloe again gets fucked doggie style as she kneels atop the couch. Trent pounds her frantically with balls-deep and redline-speed strokes as she squeals with delight.
  • Position 6: Missionary. Before the scene comes to a close, Shy gets her pussy pounded one more time...this time in mish. Shy's incredible lust is partially sated when she cums yet again (Chloe sucks Shy's cum off of Trent's rod).
  • Popshot: To finish up, the girls kneel tit-to-tit so that Trent can shower both of their chests with his semen. Wow, what a voluminous load! After his spasms recede, the girls lick and suck his still-twitching rod.


Scene Four

I must admit that I was extremely impressed by stunning raven-haired and superbly busty Lanny Barby in Scene Four. In it, she takes on Spider Jonez in the cramped confines of a closet and in a dark hotel room. Frankly, I enjoyed Lanny's sumptuous flesh so much that I'm putting her on my watch list for my 2008 Must See Girls Award (Click here to see the 2007 winners). Sadly, however, this scene doesn't go too far...it contains only two positions and ends without Lanny climaxing. Lanny is awesome to behold, but this scene doesn't come through as I hoped it would. Three and one-half stars minus a one-half star penalty for less than three positions.

  • Scene set-up: Spyder, Tera's ex-partner who has recently escaped from jail, makes his way to the hotel at which the Fashion Underground is being held. He steals some clothes so he can change out of his prison uniform and then breaks into one of the hotel rooms where, unbeknownst to him, Lanny Barby, one of the models, is hiding in the closet after searching the room for damning evidence to be used against one of Tera's associates. Spyder, too, searches the room and soon encounters Lanny in the closet. Spyder likes what he sees and decides to take advantage of the situation. After all, he hasn't had any pussy (or tits) since he was incarcerated.
  • Foreplay 1: Breast worship. Spyder pulls one of Lanny's delectable tits out of her top and then nurses on it like a starving babe while squeezing it possessively. Meanwhile, Lanny strokes Spyder's cock though his pants. Soon, the two conspirators burst out of the closet and into the hotel room. They shove each other around a bit and then end up on the bed with Lanny on top of Spyder, pinning him down. Meanwhile, Spyder continues to worship Lanny's delectable tits with his mouth and hands.
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. Lanny shoves Spyder back onto the bed, opens his pants and begins to aggressively suck his cock. She sucks, strokes, and deep-throats it fervently while enticing him with sexy French words. Then, to further inflame his lust, she strips slowly and provocatively.
  • Foreplay 3: Cunnilingus. While Lanny kneels on the bed, Spyder slides his head under her pussy and ravenously gobbles her tasty twat. Meanwhile, she groans pleasantly and strokes his rod with her spit-soaked hand.
  • Foreplay 4: 69/cunnilingus. While Spyder continues to gorge on Lanny's cunt, she bends down so she can blow his dick in the 69 position. Damn, I love 69 and wish it were more often used in adult movies. Later, Spyder fucks Lanny's mouth while spanking her gorgeous ass cheeks. As the foreplay continues, Spyder shoves Lanny onto her back, licks and spits on her pussy, and then teases her clit with his swollen rod. Lanny's pussy, crowned with a chevron-shaped patch of pubic hair, is gorgeous!.
  • Position 1: Cowgirl. After several sumptuous minutes of foreplay, Lanny mounts Spyder cowgirl style and then pounds him with energetic strokes as he pretty much lies back and enjoys the ride. He does, however, take numerous opportunities to spank her ass and inflame her by shouting, "Fuck me, FUCK ME!"
  • Position 2: Reverse cowgirl. Lanny turns around, reverse cowgirl style, and then leans back to enjoy the ride as Spyder pistons in-and-out of her pretty vagina at redline speed. Meanwhile, she encourages him with lots of deliciously nasty talk. And, she pleases herself by stroking her clit.
  • Popshot: Too soon, I think, Spyder pulls out of Lanny's awesome pussy and blows his load all over her shapely tits. Then, she sucks him dry.

Scene Five

The cat's out of the bag! In Scene Five, a "supposedly gay" fashion designer, played by Steven St. Croix, proves he's hetero to the bone by boning two luscious ladies, hard bodied Aaliyah Jolie and busty--and very shapely---Erika Jordan, in a vaginal and anal threeway. Even though Steven has been in the adult business for decades, he still has what it takes! This threeway does not result in an orgasm for either girl. However, it is a b/g/g threeway and Steven does get to fuck Aaliyah's asshole. Four stars.
  • Scene set-up: Steven, overcome with self doubt because he's been asked to put together a fashion show in just a few days, moans and groans that even God needed more than a couple of days to make the world. To comfort him, two of the models, Aaliyah and Erika, beckon them to join them as they sit on a cutting table watching him work. They kiss and stroke him, yet he tries to resist their advances because, after all, he's supposed to be "gay." Undeterred, the girls, still sitting on the bench, begin to kiss, strip, and play with each other. Of course, the sight of two girls getting it on is guaranteed to inflame Steven's hetero passions.
  • Foreplay 1: Breast worship. Aaliyah pulls down Erika's blouse and takes her big breasts into her hands and her swollen nipples into her mouth. Aaliyah also helps Erika remove more of her clothes so she can lick and stroke her body. In due course, Erika repays the favor by kissing and fondling Aaliyah's hard flesh.
  • Foreplay 2: Cunnilingus. By this time, Steven is so inflamed with lust that he simply must go down on Aaliyah's tasty cunt. Meanwhile, Aaliyah munches on Erika's nicely manicured pussy. Both girls have a hell of a good time and encourage each other with nasty talk.
  • Position 1: Doggie. Supposedly "gay" Steven's cock reacts to cunnilingus just like mine by swelling and hardening. So, while Aaliyah kneels in the doggie position and ravenously eats Erika's pussy, Steven slips his cock into Aaliyah's pussy from behind and pounds her fast and deep. As the scene progresses, Aaliyah sucks her girl juices off of Steven's rod. Then, Erika joins in to give Steven a delectable two-girls-on-one-cock blowjob. Sweet! Inflamed even more, Steven is soon fucking both girls' throats. Then, it's back to doggie when Steven again plows Aaliyah's dripping pussy from behind. Meanwhile, Erika watches the action from the sidelines and blissfully multiple-finger-fucks herself.
  • Position 2: Doggie anal. Steven shifts his rod from Aaliyah's cunt into her asshole and reams her balls-deep while she, in turn, finger-fucks her saturated and dripping cunt.
  • Position 3: Missionary. Aaliyah and Steven transition to missionary for a moment. Then, Steven recognizes that he's been neglecting shapely Erika. So, he pulls out of Aaliyah, crosses the room to where Erika's masturbating atop a table, slides his cock into her welcoming pussy, and blissfully fucks her missionary style. Of course, Erika shouts and moans with pleasure and encourages Steven to "fuck me like a wild animal." Meanwhile, Aaliyah keeps her pleasure flowing by watching the action and by three-finger-fucking herself.
  • Position 4: Doggie part two. Soon, Aaliyah tires of pleasing herself. So, she joins Erika and the two girls bend over a workbench, doggie style, so Steven can take turns fucking one pussy after the other. While he fucks each girl in turn, the girls share open-mouthed kisses. What more could a mortal man want?
  • Popshot: Steven fucks Aaliyah doggie style until he's ready to explode. In just the nick of time, he pulls out and sprays a powerful and voluminous load of cum all over her ass cheeks while laughing maniacally. "God, I needed that," he exclaims.

Scene Six

I'm not going to tell you about Scene Six because it is fucking awesome and I advise you to see it for yourself. It features Penny Flame and Chris Cannon in a coupling so hot that, had I seen it a month ago, I would have nominated it for the 2006 X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) best couple award. The scene isn't particularly "edgy" and contains no anal sex. However, what I found particularly intriguing is how Penny stays in character as a gossipy southern belle fashion reporter throughout the scene. She fucks Chris, who plays her cameraman, like a wild woman. But, the way Penny does it--and her amazing commentary as they fuck in a kitchen in front of numerous kitchen workers--makes this scene five-star quality. Of course, Chris is no slouch, either. In fact, this is probably one of his best scenes that I've had the privilege to watch.


Scene Seven

Tera Patrick fans are really going to love Scene Seven, during which she fucks handsome hunk Jean Val Jean. This is, I think, one of Tera's best scenes in years...her scenes with hubby Spyder Jonez notwithstanding, of course! During this scene, I particularly liked the lighting (which simulates the pulsing and ever-changing colored lights that one would expect during a fashion show) and the ethereal music that makes it appear that time has stopped. Nice job! Five stars.

  • Scene set-up: During an amazing fashion show that's short on clothes and long on shapely female bodies, naked butts, panty-less pussies, bare tits, and girl/girl foreplay, Tera "consummates" her partnership with designer Jean Val Jean...right there, on the runway. Bold and ambitious, no?
  • Foreplay 1: Erotic dancing and fondling. Tera, wearing only a black bikini bottom and black fishnet stockings, informs the crowd that she's retiring from the runway to form her own fashion house with Jean Val Jean. Jean joins her on stage and the two kiss passionately while they dance and he rubs her stupendous body with his lusty hands. He also gets to lick her curvaceous flesh and suckle her tremendous breasts during momentary breaks while they dance.
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. (From this point on, the scene is really a dream sequence.) Once Jean is naked, Tera strokes his rod with her hand for a moment and then drops to her knees to take his rigid rod into her voracious mouth. Of course, Tera also uses her skilled hand to please Jean's penis while she blows him. Damn, Tera looks magnificent!
  • Position 1: Doggie. Tera bends over, doggie style, and presents her pussy to Jean. Naturally, Jean stuffs his rod inside and fucks her with increasingly vigorous and deep strokes while pulling on her long brunette hair. Tera moans blissfully as pleasure courses through her stunning flesh: "Your cock feels so fuckin' good!" To increase Tera's pleasure, Jean slaps her butt cheeks and squeezes her bountiful breasts.
  • Position 2: Missionary. While Tera lies on her back. Jean reams her vagina with long and deep strokes. Tera's lusty body heaves with delight as pleasure overwhelms her. And, her big boobs dance joyfully, too. While Jean pounds her cunt and squeezes and slaps her tits, Tera increases her pleasure by jacking her clit.
  • Position 3: Reverse cowgirl. Tera's body looks beyond amazing as she leans back on Jean's chest and enjoys the ride as he pounds her incessantly. She shows her appreciation by talking nasty and by panting ecstatically. Soon, Tera takes over and tosses her fine body up and down on Jean's cock as the camera captures the action close-up and personal. Later, Jean begins to match her strokes so that the two fuck each other like a well-designed sex machine.
  • Position 4: Standing doggie. While Tera stands on her left leg, Jean lifts her right leg high against his chest so that he can fuck her while they both stand. This position definitely shows off Tera's succulent flesh and bouncing boobs. As Tera's pleasure builds inexorably toward orgasm, she demands that Jean fuck her harder. He complies and even slaps her clit and squeezes her nipples to increase her pleasure.
  • Popshot: When Jean can no longer hold back, he explodes all over Tera's bountiful boobs. Then, as Tera's chest heaves with pleasure, Jean uses his still-erect cock to massage his semen into her flesh.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen video, shot, it appears, on film instead of with a digital camcorder, was captured by people who really know what they're doing. There's really no appreciable difference in the quality of the video in Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground and any other reasonably-budgeted Hollywood movie or TV program. I particularly enjoyed the lighting...two cases come to mind. Although Spyder Jonez and Lanny Barby fuck, literally, in a closet and dark hotel room, the minimal light ensures that we can see what we want to see. Later in the movie, Tera and Jean Val Jean fuck on the runway and the rotating stage lights used during the scene make for a very interesting overall effect. There's only one thing I would have done differently...I prefer to see the performers move from position to position and to see the penetration after the transition is completed. These aspects were often edited out of the video. Nonetheless, five stars. First rate! Well done, director Paul Thomas!

Audio (technical): Again, the audio is first-class and was captured by people who really know their jobs. Every word of dialog, every sound effect, every nuance of passion is perfectly audible and is of an appropriate--and consistent--volume. Music and sound effects support much of the action, and was made to sound natural, as if part of the story. The music was definitely not tacked-on at the last minute. Nice job. Five stars.

Extras: Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground boasts a nice array of Extras. In addition to the ubiquitous full-motion chapter selector and interactive menus, the disc contains a "positions room" that allows you to choose compilations of pussy eating, blowjobs, missionary, doggy, or cumshots. There's also a 19-minute Behind-the-Scenes featurette that includes impromptu interviews with cast (Chloe Morgan confesses that this was her first scene), director, and crew, and a behind-the-camera look at the making of the movie. You'll also find five bonus scenes (Monique Alexander and Derrick Pierce; Stefani Morgan and Courtney Simpson; Mercedez and Steven St. Croix; Lanny Barby and Lexie Marie (YUM!); and Briana Banks with a guy I don't recognize). And, Tera Patrick's biography is presented in text form. Two self-running slide shows (one of hard shots from the movie and the other of Tera-centric shots), previews of other Vivid releases, phone sex ads, ads for sex toys, and a website promo round out the Extras. Four and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Superb. This big-budget feature was shot in lots of first-class locations, including a fashion runway, sumptuous sleeping quarters, and verdant outdoor locations. Even better, unusual sets within the locations were employed, including a closet, an industrial kitchen, a fashion workshop, and the runway itself. No expense was spared on wardrobe or makeup, either. Both the "runway" outfits and the performers' street clothes (including a prison uniform) are effective. Regarding the music...real thought seems to have gone into the choice of music that superbly supports the on-screen action, whether it be sex or plot development. However, the music never interferes with the sounds of sex. The aesthetic quality even extends to the DVD package. Instead of a ubiquitous black plastic box, Tera's Fashion Underground comes in a chic clear-plastic box that is the same size (but a little thinner) than a standard DVD box. This allows the colorful graphics to appear on both the inside and outside of the box. The inside imagery contains the cast list in printed form. Five stars.

Dr. Jay

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