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I'm Dreaming of Genie (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Venom » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/2/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I'm Dreaming of Genie (Blu-ray)


Genre: Sitcum Parody

Director: Jordan Septo

Cast: Asa Akira, Jessica Bangkok, Jenner, Phoenix Marie, Otto Bauer, Trina Michaels, Harmony, Lee Stone, Jessica Lynn, Daisy Marie, Alec Knight

Length: 150:36 minutes

Date of Production: 12/11/2008

Extras: The best extra, as always, was the 35:54 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. Most of the action was situated around the interviews and ladies getting made up for their scenes but it was still worth checking out if you like as much of the cast as I do. There was also a photogallery and pop shot compilation from the scenes but the BTS was the best extra by far.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: I'm Dreaming of Genie (Blu-ray) was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color as originally shot by director Jordan Septo for Exquisite/Venom in this AVC encoded high definition title sporting a 1080i resolution. The lighting was solid in most cases and that led to limited amounts of grain and video noise compared to similar movies by other directors. The composition of the shots was virtually always favorable to the ladies, focusing on their strengths rather than minor flaws in most cases, and that added some measure of fun to the scenes here but a steadier hand would have helped make it look more like the original show. The DVD was mastered well enough and I thought the visual elements worked very nicely generally speaking. The bitrate hovered around the 19.7 Mbps mark when I paid any attention to it and I saw no compression artifacts as a result. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio was slightly hollow in the limited setting of the couch in the living room in most cases. I could not always hear the vocals well enough for my tastes so they were sometimes a bit mixed in terms of quality but once the sex started, everything sounded fine. The audio had the standard bitrate of 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate and was about average in most ways, the musical refrain close enough to the familiar "Jeannie's Theme" to suit my tastes.

Body of Review: Jordan Septo has been a director I've known for some time now, my appreciation for some of his work at Exquisite/Venom well documented over the years. When I last spoke to him in person, he was parading Jessica Lynn in front of me while she wore an "I Dream of Jeannie" costume, the gal looking like a young Barbara Eden at first glance. He regaled me with stories about how he jumped on the sitcum craze, suggesting I keep in mind his budgets being on the low side but the humor should make up for it, my response being that it sounded interesting. Well, one of my fellow reviewers wanted it so badly for review that I gave it up to her and I never saw it, moving onto the dozens of other projects my publisher needed from me, my favorite review of it coming from colleague Dr. Jay. While he was writing for another website at the time, I think he captured the highs and lows of the production so well and in such depth, that I never got around to bugging Jordan for a copy of his then-masterpiece, but that didn't stop me from selecting I'm Dreaming of Genie (Blu-ray) when it came in so belatedly the other day. There was some disconnect about the company sending Xcritic Blu-ray titles that I never heard of and given how many we were already handling (Xcritic reviews most of the Blu-ray material available and has since the format debuted), but I'm glad it came in all the same. The purpose of this review is merely to supplement Jay's coverage and highlight the Blu-ray aspects of the release, a basic look at the movie given as a courtesy as well.

Okay, in terms of the movie compared to the original 1965 show, the plot was decent enough even if the acting was a bit more wooden than expected. The addition of four sex scenes unlike anything the series ever had, or even suggested, was the crowning touch for this version and while Jordan's comments regarding budget and shooting schedule seem to be quite true, I couldn't deny the appeal of the project as a whole. Jessica Lynn was stunning as the magical tart and while Alec Knight was a decidedly weak Larry Hagman imitator, the sexual elements worked most of the time with the comedic portions sufficient to make me wish one of the bigger companies would properly fund Jordan's follow up efforts. He may be no threat to the X-Play empire in terms of sitcum accuracy but neither are most in the industry, at least his failings appeared to be strictly money related. The story itself was yet another zany Jeannie adventure (far more appealing than the Jenna Jameson titles too by the way) where Jeannie used her powers to prevent her master from going on a dangerous mission. The resulting hijinks were predictable (just as they were in the big money series) but with a flair like only Septo can provide. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Asa Akira and Jessica Bangkok, both playing lean dominatrix gals complete with black attire and floggers, were up first double teaming Jenner. He played the Roger Healy role in the flick, the man magically transported to the living room dungeon where the ladies worked him over in standard porn fashion. Of the two women, Asa was my favorite by far, her aggressive sexuality surpassing Jessica by a wide margin. Both of them seemed to find Jenner's modest pecker easy to work with though, sucking him off until he was ready to take turns pounding their pussy's silly. The camera was shaky but the ladies gave each other some attention as he plowed them, the gals showing some active riding chops as he positioned them in a variety of suitable poses. The taste testing was plentiful and the end came after a lengthy bout of boning, the genetic juice landing in the form of a believable vaginal creampie to Jessica that is sucked out and swapped by Asa. The lack of chemistry impaired it a bit but the energy and enthusiasm saved it in my book.

Scene Two: Phoenix Marie, playing a very sexy nurse, was up next enjoying some love from Otto "Dr. Bellows" Bauer, the uptight guy getting some magical assistance after Jeannie messes up Tony's physical. Phoenix inhaled his cock in a wanton manner, clearly showing her love for the manhood positioned in front of her. In my opinion, she is one of the most underrated ladies in porn these days, her willingness to do it all and actually like it being a truly rare commodity. This time, she shook her booty as she knelt before him, savoring his taste even though the moper didn't reciprocate. She then spread her legs far apart in a pleasing manner for him to gain greater access, her outfit no longer needed to showcase her curvy figure. The vaginal and taste testing led to anal with just as much oral accent work, the gal doing a better job than Otto at making things work. There was again a lack of personal chemistry between the two but it was still a strokable scene thanks to Phoenix, Otto having an off day or stuck in a funk since not working with his extreme queen wife. The end of the scene came in the form of his busting a nut of population pudding to her asshole, the gal licking some of it up before the scene bounced away.

Scene Three: Trina Michaels and Harmony, a couple of curvy gals that routinely give top notch performances, were up next with the massive Lee Stone, the guy playing the master of all genie's, Haji. He gives Jeannie some sound advice on handling her human master and she leaves him hanging, the guy sporting a rather large bulge in his pants. Thankfully, he had a couple of slave gals there to cover his physical needs, both of them showing a propensity for oral ministrations. Trina struck me as more into Lee (and Harmony) than her counterpart but both provided a decent overall experience, complete with some very active cock riding (both vaginally and anally). Lee even showed he liked them enough to go down himself, the ladies apparently appreciating his talents enough to get off even before the penetrative stimulation, though given his dick size, they got a heaping helping there as well. Anyway, there was a lot of taste testing and the ladies eventually drained his nuts dry with a mouth shot, the ladies carefully swapping it for release onto Trina's chest, the gals laughing at how well they achieved their respective goals.

Scene Four: Jessica Lynn, Daisy Marie, and Alec Knight were up last as Jeannie tried to distract him from how she interfered with his mission. Dressed up in that hotty outfit so many men have adored over the years, Jessica conjured up a third partner in the form of Daisy so that it would keep her out of hot water (a series standard was Jeannie interfering with Tony's life, him getting mad, and the two making up when all was made right). In real life, most guys would be quite content to have Jeannie alone but this was a double treat, Daisy actually sexually more skilled than Jessica but all three of them engaging in oral acts before the vaginal penetration. On a down note, unlike the other scenes were the two gals would work over the male and each other, there seemed to be the distinctive idea that the ladies were not into one another, the gals preferring to allow one do him at a time rather than jump his bones together as they did during the oral activities. Still, while a generic scene in some ways, the concept was okay and fans will find the ending mouth shot that was swapped between the ladies to be just fine as a manner to cap out the sexual antics.

Summary: I'm Dreaming of Genie (Blu-ray) by director Jordan Septo for Exquisite/Venom missed a few too many marks to be considered one of the best sitcums of 2009 but at the same time, the blu-ray elements certainly enhanced the quality of the action for me since I'm a fan of most of the ladies here. The sexual antics were inconsistent but also offered up enough fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value that after a viewing or two, you'll want to keep your remote control handy so you can skip the dialogue and go right to the action, making my rating of Recommended fairly obvious. As I pointed out earlier in the review, my pal Dr. Jay (click for review with pictures) wrote the definitive review for the SD version of the movie I'm Dreaming of Genie (Blu-ray) and the high definition version might suit many of the series fans better than the Jenna Jameson version from years ago based less on budget than on the sexual exploits themselves, so give it a look to see why Jay and I were in agreement.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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